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April 1, 2015
Dear DesignCrete Dealers and Decorative Concrete Installers,
Welcome to spring. Helen’s birthday is April 9 (88). Make sure you wish her happy birthday. She’s
already used 3 vacation days and summer is just starting.
Things are getting off to a fast start. I mentioned Poly-aspartic in the last news letter and received
numerous phone calls. Also, the truncated dome pricing was correct. Come to find out, a lot of
people are being gouged on the truncated domes. The pricing will be in effect for the season, not a
HP Spartacote:. Polyaspartic system incorporates colored layer, specles and top coat. Product
will cost about $2.25/ft. Please call for more details. Dan will be attending training May 1 and be up
to speed. Can be used on pools, repair exterior concrete and the traditional garage floor dress-up.
Commercially used in auto garages, high traffic factories, warehouses etc.
E-Con: I recommend this product in the spring on sunny windy days when surface crusting is
prevelant. E-Con is a sacrificial barrier which should be allowed to dissipate before finishing. It is
NOT to be floated into the surface. Floating E-Con into the3 surface increases water/cement ration
on the surface and will cause flaking. (My driveway!)
ROLLER COVERS: This season we will be stocking 18” roller covers and handles for use with
the Spartacote and sealer. Our reformulated DC-22 and DC-22-CS can be back rolled. Please use
caution when back rolling any sealer or polyaspartic. When the sealer “webb’s” this means it is
beginning to “harden”. Only back roll once.
Liquid Release/ Antique-It: Sales continue to increase dramatically. Used probably 30% of
the time. Make sure Antique-it is put on fairly thin. Can act as a bond breaker if applied to thick. It
is reported that sealer failures seem to increase with this technique. Don’t use Antique-It thick. Also
allow to dry for a day and blow off excess. Slab needs to be DRY before sealing—white means
Construction Supplies: Our construction supply business continues to grow rapidly. I was flattered
when a new customer said we have “a lot of good stuff”. He didn’t realize “we had this much”. We
will be open Saturday mornings in April for guys that would like to come from out of town with
trailers. Please call with your order and we will get the bulk of it together ahead of time.
To save time and money we aren’t mailing everybody’s discount schedule and color charts. A lot of
people use the internet but I encourage you to call if you need charts. In regard to pricing, no real
price increases. Trucking companies upped the price but lowered fuel surcharge so freight is about
the same. We strive to have the best service, fair pricing and economical shipping.
Please fill out the credit card authorization and return it. The spring promotions gives dating with
credit card on file.
From class at World of Concrete: Please respect your customer when working at their residence.
Keep the site neat, no swearing and be congenial with children. Ask for referrals when leaving.
Rob Byrnes
DesignCrete of America
Spring Start UP PROMOTION:
48 Integral Color, 6 Sealer, 6 Release, 2 Antique-It,1 case Fiber, 1 case
Mini Delay Set, 3 Shark Grip, 3 E-Con with Freight: $ 2,695.00
NET 45
Choose Your Stamp Set, 24 Color, 3 Sealer, 3 Release, 1 Antique- It, 24
Fiber, 6 MDS, 1 SG, 1 E-Con: $2,995.00
NET 45
2014 Top 15 Items:
Integral Color: $23.48/avg. price
Release: $62.47/ avg.
DC-22-CS: $156.18/avg.
8” Nom. Form Tie: .27
L & M Cure & Seal: $57.56/ 5 gal.
6 mil poly (20 x 100): $64.78
Chapin Extreme Sprayer (19049): $130.03
½ x 4 x 10 Expansion: $2.07/Snap Cap: $1.09
4 ft. Grade Stake: .65
Marking Paint: $2.41
Jackson Wheelbarrow: $101.44
Green Monster Diamond Blade: $118.00
Razorback Long Hdl. Rd. Pt.: $16.45
Razorback Asphalt Rake: $49.32
OSHA Rebar Safety Cap: $1.08