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Desert Star Systems PSAT Selection Questionnaire
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Thomas Gray - [email protected]
What type of species are you tagging?
Where is the tagging location?
Is knowing the horizontal migration of the fish important in this study?
All tags come with temperature sensors; however, is knowing average daily temperatures important?
Does your study species demersal and/or sedentary?
Does it enter the photic zone for more than a few hours each day?
What are the deployment durations for the majority of the tags:
No If so, what is the % of daylight hours spent.
<30 days
Is vertical migration (ie: depth sensing) important to your study question?
30-90 days
90-180 days
180+ days
If so, what is the maximum depth that the fish might go to (in meters)?
What is the total body weight of the fish being tagged (in grams)?
All tags report daily averages, but some tags report raw sensor data as well. Are you interested in collecting, storing, and transmitting raw
sensor data?
If yes, what is your preferred sampling rate of data collection in hours
Industry standard for PSAT reporting rate is approximately 80% meaning that only 80% of tags deployed will send messages to the Argos
system successfully. Is this acceptable or do you prefer 100% reporting rate or having those non-reporting tags replaced for free?
I prefer 100% reporting rate or that tag being replaced at no additional cost, Or
Do you plan to physically recover tags once they have released from the animal?
Is this your first tagging study?
Industry standard is acceptable for my study.
If no, what other tags have you used?
And what were the pros / cons with those tags?
Do you have an attachment system that you plan to use with these tags?
Will you be the person deploying tags or do you send tags to qualified taggers?
Myself & Colleagues
Qualified Taggers
For cost benefit considerations please provide us with your total budget for tags in USD,
and the number of tags that you want to deploy within this given budget.
What tag are you most interested in? SeaTagIs the interest in just a single deployment or a multi-year deployment?
Single year
If multi-year, enter the number of years.
When are you planning to deploy tags (month/year)?
Thank you for your time in filling out this basic questionnaire. It will better help us address any concerns that you have and assist in
pointing you towards the proper tags for your study. Please make sure to email me a copy and I will get back to you promptly. I have left
the above area blank for comments.
Thomas Gray
[email protected]
Desert Star Systems