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The GLOCK Report
The Newsletter of the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation®
Volume III, 2000
New Century,
New Ways to GLOCK
New Century, New
Ways to GLOCK
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Gun Issues Defy Easy
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Match Results
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The 1999 Gold Medal Team for the California Police Summer Games.
Left to right: Michael Horne (Match Director), Dave Wheeler, Tony Huerstel,
Bill Parmelee and Chris Christensen
ith this edition, as we have at times in the past, we’d like to review
the GSSF year of shooting and some other shooting disciplines
where GLOCKS are making their presence known. Some new classes in
other established shooting sports are giving more people around the
world more chances to shoot their GLOCKS!
We must say here that GSSF has had another record year! Most of the
matches have had more entries than they did last season, and for that, we
at GSSF and GLOCK are very grateful to our members and customers.
The new “Stockmeister” Division is becoming popular and is interesting
to watch top “Master” competitors see just how well a stock GLOCK can
be shot. Some of the scores rival those of highly customized pistols. If
you want to see how you compare with some of the best, give this class
a try sometime. We are also quite pleased that ladies, young people,
seniors, whole families really, seem to be discovering handgun shooting
sports through GSSF matches.
GLOCKS make a good showing in other handgun sports, too. The
International Defensive Pistol Association is one of the fastest
growing handgun disciplines today. The sport presents practical
exercises and possible defensive scenarios to competitors to test skills
Members Corner
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The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
© GLOCK, 2000
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and equipment. It has been said by IDPA match organizers that GLOCKS are one of the most
popular makes in the Stock Service Division. It has certainly seemed that way in state
championships and at the National Championships in 2000. Dave Sevigny, a GSSF member, used
a G34 with Triton ammunition to capture numerous state championships, beginning with the
Indooor Championships in Springfield, MA.
After numerous state championships won with the same G34, the season ended on a high
note with Dave and his trusty G34 winning 1st place Master in the SSP Division (2nd overall,
the GLOCK outperforming numerous customized pistols!) If your interests include “practical”
shooting, take your GLOCK and give these matches a try.
Speaking of practical shooting, “the grandaddy” discipline of that style of shooting,
IPSC/USPSA, has created a new class where GLOCKS fit perfectly. The new class is known as
Production class, and the G17, for example, is already proving to be one of the more popular
choices. GLOCKS continue to be seen in Limited Divison where the G35 and other models
continue to increase their numbers in this Division. Competitors Debbie Ross and Milford
Lovett, Jr. will be GLOCK competitors to look for in their respective Divisions. If you like
action, movement, and to shoot a lot, then try this game.
Steel target shooting, perhaps best represented by The Steel Challenge, sees its share of Glock
pistols. This year, GLOCKS did well at this internationally famous event. Because of GLOCK
pistols reliability and accuracy, competitors can concentrate on their shooting, safely and
speedily. And once again, at the annual SOF Championships, where a number of steel targets are
utilized, the LAPD Shooting Team used GLOCKs to take them to victory for the third year in a row.
In conclusion, we would like to sincerely thank all those who are competing with GLOCK
pistols. We hope to see you on a range somewhere, sometime soon!
If you enjoy the outdoor activities of target shooting, archery, hunting or
fishing, consider passing your knowledge on to someone you know.
28, 20
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The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
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Reprinted with permission of the NSSF.
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
© GLOCK, 2000
page Three
Old Dominion
Regional Classic VII
Cavalier Rifle & Pistol Club
Richmond, Virginia
April 29-30, 2000
1st A Class: J. McLaughlin
1st B Class: R. S. Leeber
1st C Class: M. M. Hutchens
High (Adult) Female: D. A. Nosse
High Junior Male: D. Theye
High Senior: D. V. McMullen
High Challenger: N. P. Sanders
1st Civilian Team: Team Rivanna –
Red; Richard McHaffa, David Perkins,
Vince McMullen
2nd Civilian Team: Team Bypass;
Cortes Pauls, Gregory Gay, Richard
3rd Civilian Team: Pistol People
#1; Rich Barlow, Paul Benjamin, Bob
1st A Class: R. D. Raiford
High L.E. Female: T. Dragotta
1st L.E. Team: Fort Mill Police
Department; J. T. Long, A. R. Cole,
Bryan Zachary
1st Unlimited Class: T. Costanza
1st Competition Class: L. White
1st Subcompact Class: R. D.
1st Stockmeister Class: P. R.
1st Stockmeister Team: Longshots;
Al Sinclair, Philip Dedmon, Paul
2nd Stockmeister Team:
GLOCKTALK Stockmeisters; Tom
Costanza, Jim Costanza, Danny Ryan
Lone Star Classic IX
Dallas Pistol Club
Carrollton, Texas
May 6-7, 2000
1st A Class: R. H. Patton
1st B Class: R. A. Bolam
page Four
1st C Class: J. C. Miller
High (Adult) Female: D. Clemens
High Junior Male: M. Sosa
High Senior: R. E. Suchan
High Challenger: B. Ensign
1st Civilian Team: Wilhite
Shooting Academy; Mark Tapp, Joe
Kwan, Bill Carlter
2nd Civilian Team: Springbok
Gold; Will Cox, Marty Taylor, Skip
3rd Civilian Team: Repercussions;
Dwain Myers, Jerald McKinley, Jim
1st A Class: R. D. Magg
1st B Class: E. Boyd
High L.E. Female: D. Selman
1st L.E. Team: Brazos County
Attorney; Jerry Mosley, Eddy Boyd,
Kenny Mallard
2nd L.E. Team: Bryan Police
Department; Larry Locke, Don Davis,
Will Hooge
3rd L.E. Team: Pistol People;
Richard Gonzales, Syndor Hall,
George Hyde
1st Unlimited Class: B. E. Carver
1st Competition Class: T. Phan
1st Subcompact Class: T. Phan
1st Stockmeister Class: B. E.
1st Stockmeister Team: Springbok
Green; Charles Burford II, Wil Cox,
Tod Casasent
Capitol Classic VII
St. Charles Sportsmens Club
Waldorf, Maryland
May 13-14, 2000
1st A Class: D. Costanza
1st B Class: L. Strohm
1st C Class: J. R. McCready
High (Adult) Female: M. D. Shinn
High Junior Female: A. Fortune
High Junior Male: C. Foster
High Senior: D. Polk
High Challenger: N. P. Sanders
1st Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Paul Benjamin, Rod Maile, Rich Barlow
© GLOCK, 2000
2nd Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Noah Gladstone, Ken Jankowitz, Bob
3rd Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Rich Lidholm, Linda Strom, Bob
1st A Class: D. Nelson
High L.E. Female: T. Dragotta
1st Unlimited Class: R. Read
1st Competition Class: G. R.
1st Subcompact Class: G. Sullivan
1st Stockmeister Class:
T. Costanza
1st Stockmeister Team: Triton;
David Sevigny, Tom Costanza, Jim
Beaver State
Ballistic Challenge VIII
Roseburg Rod & Gun Club
Roseburg, Oregon
June 3-4, 2000
1st A Class: T. E. Hogue
1st B Class: S. J. Smith
1st C Class: R. W. Munce
High (Adult) Female: A. M. Rhea
High Junior Female: W. Mohar
High Junior Male: A. J. Cail
High Senior: W. Dudley
High Challenger: K. Jones
1st Civilian Team: Boenings
Custom Guns; Tom Cail, Andy Cail,
Marcus Pruss
2nd Civilian Team: The Baron’s
Den; Wayne Dudley, Jeff Hough, Earle
3rd Civilian Team: Slick Kart
Track; John Radka, Ray Sherrill,
Cindy Mohar
1st A Class: P. Cicero
1st L.E. Team: Albany Police
Association; Aaron Davis, Curtis
Hyde, Ryan McHuron
2nd L.E. Team: Jackson County
Sheriff’s Office; James Gyllenskog,
Phil Cicero, Travis Giboney
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
ch Results
3rd L.E. Team: AT Systems; Matt
Harmon, Greg Schapp, Craig North
1st Unlimited Class: D. T. Rhea
1st Competition Class:
C. Anderson
1st Subcompact Class:
C. Anderson
1st Stockmeister Class:
D. Newquist
Empire State
Regional Classic VII
Pathfinders Gun Club
Fulton, New York
June 10-11, 2000
1st A Class: G. R. Hobart
1st B Class: S. W. Gent
1st C Class: D. H. Cooper, Jr.
High (Adult) Female: S. Lake
High Junior Female: A. Bennett
High Junior Male: A. Rawcliffe
High Senior: F. Carlin
High Challenger: M. J. Lee
1st Civilian Team: Randy’s
Shooting Center; Randal J. Ellman,
Ken MacAlpine, Brian K. Smithers
2nd Civilian Team: Tauris
Holsters; Henry J. Bick, Gary
Thompson, Michael Lape
3rd Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Noah Gladstone, Tom Ambler, Rod
1st A Class: K. W. Brown, Sr.
High L.E. Female: T. Dragotta
1st L.E. Team: NYS Encon Police;
R. Gillan, R. Henry, E. Wood
2nd L.E. Team: Onondaga County
Sheriff’s Dept.; Dave Doyle, George
Sanhueza, Matthew Bucci
3rd L.E. Team: NYS D.C.
Services/Mohawk C.F.; Ben Farda, Jr.,
Gary Klumbach, Steve Williams
1st Unlimited Class: T. Costanza
1st Competition Class: J. M. Mola, Jr.
1st Subcompact Class: G. R. Hobart
1st Stockmeister Class: T. Costanza
1st Stockmeister Team: Triton;
David Sevigny, Tom Costanza, Frank
Garden State
Regional Classic VI
Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club
Jackson, New Jersey
June 17-18, 2000
1st A Class: H. Shio
1st B Class: D. Cavalli
1st C Class: B. E. Thorn
High (Adult) Female: L. Strohm
High Junior Female: E. DeMarco
High Junior Male: B. P. Jones
High Senior: R. Rauch
1st Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Noah Gladstone, Ken Jankowitz, Bob
2nd Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Rod Maile, Rich Barlow, Paul Benjamin
3rd Civilian Team: X-Ringers; George
M. Jones, Bryan Jones, Alan Kelley
1st A Class: J. L. Meyers
1st B Class: M. J. Lychock
1st C Class: J. Montalvo
High L.E. Female: H. Mathern
1st L.E. Team: P.B.A. #105 Silver;
Gene Zaiss, Bill LaGraff, Frank Jackson
2nd L.E. Team: Manchester Police;
Michael J. Lychock, Joseph Hankins,
James Sharkey
3rd L.E. Team: Morris County
Sheriff’s Office; Mark Chiarolanza,
Paul Carifi, James B. Smith
1st Unlimited Class: R. Read
1st Competition Class: G. J. Meyer
1st Subcompact Class: S. Graziano
1st Stockmeister Class: T. Costanza
1st Stockmeister Team: Triton; David
Sevigny, Tom Costanza, Mel Hockwitt
Inland Northwest
Regional Classic VII
Fernan Rod & Gun Club
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
June 24-25, 2000
1st A Class: T. E. Hogue
1st B Class: J. R. Smith
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
© GLOCK, 2000
1st C Class: K. B. Jackson
High (Adult) Female: J. R. Smith
High Junior Female: K. M. Rowning
High Junior Male: A. Sahlberg
High Senior: C. Benson
High Challenger: J. H. Parker
1st Civilian Team: One Shot
Firearms & Accessories; Jordan
Bulger, Sam Fletcher, Sam Fletcher, III
2nd Civilian Team: Piper Plumbing
& Heating; Brian Myers, Lane Myers,
Charlie Benson
3rd Civilian Team: AAA Guns; Bill
Sahlberg, Adam Sahlberg, Terry Rogers
1st A Class: T. L. Bunke
1st Unlimited Class: R. C. Huneywell
1st Competition Class: W. Dudley
1st Subcompact Class: C. C. Bierma
1st Stockmeister Class: D. T. Rhea
Northern Lakes
Regional Classic IX
Oakdale Gun Club
St. Paul, Minnesota
July 29-30, 2000
1st A Class: D. P. Kirchoff
1st B Class: L. J. Longeway
1st C Class: J. Parsneau
High (Adult) Female: J. Stafford
High Junior Male: S. Froyum
High Senior: M. C. Greenfield
1st Civilian Team: Dakota Dudes;
Mark Berg, John Weber, Bruce
2nd Civilian Team: River Hills Dental;
Paul Degallier, Steve Clark, Mark Siem
1st A Class: J. P. Zubay
High L.E. Female: L. J. Sturgeon
1st L.E. Team: American Security
Corporation; Troy Oberg, Tom Kunst,
Chris Warner
1st Unlimited Class: J. Metzinger
1st Competition Class: C. C. Bierma
1st Subcompact Class: D. P. Kirchhoff
1st Stockmeister Class: B. Barton
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page Five
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New England
Regional Classic VIII
Harvard Sportsmens Club
Harvard, Massachusetts
July 29-30, 2000
1st A Class: T. H. Moore
1st B Class: J. F. Dilley
1st C Class: J. A. McAdams
High (Adult) Female: B. J. Ryder
High Junior Female: R. Dilley
High Junior Male: J. Moore
High Senior: R. Dusche
1st Civilian Team: Danvers Fish &
Game Club; Jeff S. Brennan, Dave
Quartarone, George Boyd
2nd Civilian Team: Kittery Trading
Post; Eric Blanchard, David
Michniewicz, John Klosenski
3rd Civilian Team: Pistol People; Rod
Maile, Noah Gladstone, Ken Jankowitz
1st A Class: M. Poirier
1st B Class: B. P. LeBlanc
High L.E. Female: E. Eisenbise
1st L.E. Team: Nashua Police Dept.;
Nelson Gerow, Tim Goulden, Scott Reidy
2nd L.E. Team: Lynn Police; James
O’Brien, John Scannell, James Shorten
3rd L.E. Team: Lynn Police; Bill
Alphen, Frank Gomez, Scott Wakeham
1st Unlimited Class: T. Costanza
1st Competition Class: R. Adams
1st Subcompact Class: R. Adams
1st Stockmeister Class: T. Costanza
Long Island
Regional Classic VII
Long Island
Practical Shooting Association
Westhampton, L.I., New York
August 5-6, 2000
1st A Class: K. Jankowitz
1st B Class: D. M. Dolio
1st C Class: R. Dusche
High (Adult) Female: M. Oswald
High Junior Female: A. Fortune
High Junior Male: B. P. Jones
page Six
High Senior: J. F. Sullivan
1st Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Ken Jankowitz, Noah Gladstone, Bob
2nd Civilian Team: X-Ringers; Alan
Kelley, George Jones, Bryan Jones
3rd Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Rich Barlow, Rich Lidholm, Bob Strom
1st Unlimited Class: B. E. Carver
1st Competition Class: T. Phan
1st Subcompact Class: T. Phan
1st Stockmeister Class: C. Anderson
1st Stockmeister Team: Albany
P.D.’s Top Guns; Doug Newquist,
Travis Giboney, Curtis Hyde
Keystone State
Ballistic Challenge IV
1st A Class: G. J. Meyer
1st B Class: M. P. Schuler
1st C Class: R. G. Rosenfeld
High L.E. Female: P. A. Sarubbi
1st L.E. Team: Suffolk County
Police Dept.; John P. Koenig, Jeff
Linn, Robert Rosenthal
2nd L.E. Team: Morris County
Sheriff’s Office; Paul Carifi, Mark
Chiarolanza, Jim Smith
3rd L.E. Team: P.B.A. #105 Silver;
Eugene E. Zaiss, Jr., Bill LaGraff, Pat
1st Unlimited Class: T. Costanza
1st Competition Class: G. Jones
1st Subcompact Class: K. Kisatsky
1st Stockmeister Class: T. Costanza
Regional Classic IX
Shelton Rifle & Pistol Club
Topton, Pennsylvania
August 19-20, 2000
1st A Class: G. Sullivan
1st B Class: T. Rachiele
1st C Class: T. Waterman
High (Adult) Female: D. A. Nosse
High Junior Female: J. Waterman
High Junior Male: B. McElroy
High Senior: F. Carlin
1st Civilian Team: Pistol People; Ken
Jankowitz, Noah Gladstone, Rod Maile
2nd Civilian Team: X-Ringers; George
Jones, Bryan Jones, Jerry Sullivan
3rd Civilian Team: Pistol People;
Rich Barlow, Paul Benjamin, Brian
Shelton, Washington
August 19-20, 2000
1st A Class: S. J. Smith
1st B Class: R. L. Roeh
1st C Class: J. Davis
High (Adult) Female: A. M. Rhea
High Junior Male: B. Bennett
High Senior: W. Dudley
High Challenger: S. L. Guthrie
1st Civilian Team: The Baron’s Den;
Wayne Dudley, Jeff Richey, Gary Smith
1st A Class: P. Cicero
1st B Class: C. T. Clayton, III
High L.E. Female: E. Koepke
1st L.E. Team: Albany Police
Association; Aaron Davis, Curtis
Hyde, Travis Giboney
2nd L.E. Team: J.C.S.O./A.P.D.; Phil
Cicero, Jenn Williams, Scott Anderson
3rd L.E. Team: Mason County
Sheriff’s Office; Michael Foster,
Michael Western, Bruce Bennett
© GLOCK, 2000
Topton Action & Practical
1st A Class: J. L. Meyers
1st B Class: K. Kisatsky
High L.E. Female: T. Dragotta
1st L.E. Team: DEA Quantico; Paul
Kaczmarek, Tom Davis, Ralph Iorio
2nd L.E. Team: Onondaga County
Sheriff’s Office; Paul Brennan, Dave
Mason, Mike Poland
3rd L.E. Team: Morris County
Sheriff’s Office; Paul Carifi, Mark
Chiarolanza, Jim Smith
1st Unlimited Class: T. Costanza
1st Competition Class: M. E. Stout
1st Subcompact Class: G. Sullivan
1st Stockmeister Class: T. Costanza
1st Stockmeister Team: By Chance;
Gene Sullivan, Paul Kaczmarek, Ralph Iorio
2nd Stockmeister Team: Triton;
David Sevigny, Harry Simonsen,
Martin Johnson
3rd Stockmeister Team: John
Rawcliff, William Thomas, Andrew
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
ch Results
Rocky Mountain
Regional Classic VI
Weld County
Fish & Wildlife Range
Greeley, Colorado
August 26-27, 2000
1st A Class: D. P. Kirchoff
1st B Class: A. M. Rhea
1st C Class: M. Olson
High (Adult) Female: D. Lucero
High Junior Female: S. R. Hatch
High Junior Male: T. Sanders
High Senior: M. C. Greenfield
High Challenger: Otto
1st Civilian Team: Colorado Gun
Works #2; Lee Fulton, Rod Goodall,
Brad Pierce
2nd Civilian Team: Home on the
Range Shooting Shop; Dave Hatch,
Savana Hatch, Ros Hatch
3rd Civilian Team: Colorado Gun
Works #3; Claudia Honeycutt, Teri
Johnson, Michelle Olson
1st A Class: W. S. Peterson
High L.E. Female: H. Davis
1st L.E. Team: Barton County
Sheriff’s Team #1; Jim Daily, Chris
Nixon, Warren Peterson
2nd L.E. Team: Barton County
Sheriff’s Team #2; Roland Smith,
David Smith, Richard Unrein
1st Unlimited Class: D. T. Rhea
1st Competition Class: M. Finch
1st Subcompact Class: C. C. Bierma
1st Stockmeister Class: E. A. Miller
1st Stockmeister Team: Colorado
Gun Works; Bud Bond, C. Royce
Honeycutt, Randy Raymer
Tarheel State
Regional Classic VII
F.O.P. Range/Practical
Shooters of Statesville
Statesville, North Carolina
September 9-10, 2000
1st A Class: D. F. Faggart
1st B Class: D. A. Pearce
1st C Class: K. Edwards
High (Adult) Female: J. Reep
High Junior Female: J. Crook
High Junior Male: D. Theye
High Senior: J. F. Woidyla
1st Civilian Team: Precision Gun
Works; Tommy Abernathy, John
Woidyla, Julia Reep
2nd Civilian Team: Pistol People;
David L. White, Gary Moon, Phil
Ofrias, III
3rd Civilian Team: Ohinky; Barton
G. Coonce, Richard P. Shennberg,
Mike Joyner
1st L.E. Team: U.S. Marshal’s
Service No. Calif.; Brett Lemmon,
David Lemmon, Preson Browning
2nd L.E. Team: Alameda County
Lawmen; Jeff Reed, Igor Pisnoy, Blair
3rd L.E. Team: Bart Police Dept.;
Kevin Franklin, Paul Garcia, Tim
Regional Classic IX
1st A Class: R. D. Raiford
1st B Class: F. O. Little
High L.E. Female: A. R. Cole
1st L.E. Team: Yadkin Co. S.O./Gaston
Co. S.O.; Doug Groce, Jim Rutledge,
Ray Raiford
2nd L.E. Team: Salisbury Police
Department; Robert Harrison, Mark
Hunter, Marvin Jones
3rd L.E. Team: Fort Mill Police
Department; Bryan Zachary, Audra
Cole, J. T. Long
1st Unlimited Class: P. R. Dedmon
1st Competition Class: J. McLaughlin
1st Subcompact Class: R. D. Raiford
1st Stockmeister Class: T. Costanza
Northern California
Regional Classic VIII
Richmond Rod & Gun Club
Richmond, California
September 9-10, 2000
1st A Class: M. D. Lee
1st B Class: A. M. Rhea
1st C Class: K. P. Callahan
High (Adult) Female: A. M. Rhea
High Senior: T. Frenkel
1st Civilian Team: Buffiness Boys;
Tom Frenkel, Mitch Lee, Tom Jung
2nd Civilian Team: Team NoName; John Geisness, Russ Spilker,
Rich Theilen
1st A Class: P. Garcia
High L.E. Female: A. M. Caudle
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
© GLOCK, 2000
1st Unlimited Class: D. T. Rhea
1st Competition Class: T. Frenkel
1st Subcompact Class: A. Samuel
1st Stockmeister Class: D. T. Rhea
Green Valley Rifle & Pistol Club
Hallsville, Missouri
September 16-17, 2000
1st A Class: D. P. Kirchoff
1st B Class: G. Beck
1st C Class: J. Kline
High (Adult) Female: J. Stafford
High Junior Male: S. Porting
High Senior: R. Heinie
1st Civilian Team: Targetmasters
#1; Alan Porting, Bill Tinsley, Mark
2nd Civilian Team: GLOCK DOGS;
W. A. Green, Leon Neely, Stan Neely
3rd Civilian Team: Elko Gun
Supply; Daniel Beyers, Scott Sabotta,
Norman Allen
1st A Class: G. E. Greene
1st B Class: J. E. Snead
1st L.E. Team: Barton County
Sheriff’s Office; Jim Daily, Chris
Nixon, Roland Smith
2nd L.E. Team: Putnam County
FOP in 92; Jim Baugh, Jerod Baugh,
Kevin Akers
3rd L.E. Team: Federal Protective
Service; Timothy Stanley, Danny R.
Estes, Stanley Nowak
1st Unlimited Class: B. E. Carver
1st Competition Class: F. M. Pizzimenti
1st Subcompact Class: D. P. Kirchoff
1st Stockmeister Class: B. E. Carver
page Seven
Member’s Corner
Volume II, 2000
Pistol Giveaway Winner
I Made This Mistake…
n January, 1997 I was looking for a new concealed
carry gun. I’d been a revolver man for years, and
really liked my 4" .357 Magnum, but I was getting the
itch for something more easily concealed. I also
thought I’d put off working with a semi-auto long
enough. My problem—which one?
I had never shot a GLOCK, but they have become
almost legendary for their reliability and durability. I
also liked the fact that functionally, it might as well be
a double-action revolver, as safety lies in the trigger,
just as with my other guns. Still, I wasn’t sure. A
GLOCK or a 1911 style semi? So I decided one Saturday
to go and look at some guns. I didn’t plan on buying one
that day—just planned to look, feel and compare.
Well, eventually I found myself at Lone Wolf Guns &
Ammo, a shop with quite a selection of handguns,
including many GLOCK models. After handling many
guns, I spotted a line of used G19s. Pre-ban, with 2
hi-cap magazines each. Factory refurbished, with
warranty for $419. Looking them over, I found one with
Trijicon night sights for the same price. OK, I can read
fiery letters in the sky. Shortly, it was mine, along with
a few boxes of PMC hardball.
After I got it home, I learned disassembly and
reassembly, then loaded a magazine. It took 17 rounds.
A G19 was supposed to hold only 15—what happened?
That’s when I saw it on the slide—17. I had bought a
G17, not a G19. Was this a mistake? No, it was OK. I’m
a big enough guy to conceal a G17 as easily as a G19,
no problem.
Sunday morning, my wife and I went to the range. I
fired the first magazine, and the gun functioned perfectly.
Ditto the second. I reloaded both and asked my wife if
she’d like to try it. Of course she did. So I explained how
it functioned (didn’t take long), handed her the pistol,
and she proceeded to run it dry. At that point she turned
to me and said, “Oh, this is great! Much better than my
revolver! When do we buy one for me?”
About an hour later, we were back at Lone Wolf, and
she was trying on a G26. Perfect fit. of course, so out
the door we go with another GLOCK. Altogether, we
spent over $1,000 in those 2 days, but it was money well
spent. I’ve carried my G17 both open and concealed
daily, and my wife never shot her .38 Special revolver
again. The G26 makes an ideal CCW gun for her.
Oh, my MISTAKE? Letting my wife shoot my
GLOCK! If we hadn’t bought her one of her own, I’d
page Eight
never have gotten mine back! I truly don’t mind,
though. I know my wife is armed with a tool we can
trust with our lives—one that she handles better than
her old gun and enjoys shooting much more. But boy,
it took awhile for our bank account to recover.
P.S. I just learned today that GLOCK announced their
refusal to capitulate to the gun-grabbers’ demands to
sign the agreement that Smith & Wesson did. Good for
GLOCK, and good for us! It confirms my belief in
GLOCK as a defender of freedom. It makes me proud to
be a customer of such a company. It looks like my next
pistol will be a G30. I’ve always wanted a .45ACP, and
that other company certainly has nothing that I want
anymore. While we have not yet made it to a match,
we’ve kept up our GSSF memberships, and will be sure
to renew both this year.
Thank you, GLOCK. For your guns AND your guts.
S. F.
GLOCK Lets You Compete
ere I am, shooting my stock G17 at the Trenton
Fish & Game Club. I was shooting in the NRA
2000 R1 Regional Action Pistol Championship, July
14th-16th. It was only my second such competition
since a GSSF match earlier in the summer. I was lucky
enough to win the Stock Gun class at the Regional.
I am unwilling to pay a great deal of money for a
tricked-out race gun. GLOCK’s unique design allows
me to participate without worrying about special
safeties, and it is so reliable that it never jams. These
features give me a small chance of competing, and I
thought you would be interested to know this.
Thanks for a great product, and a great newsletter.
R. M.
New York
© GLOCK, 2000
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
Help This GLOCKoholic!
he purpose of this correspondence is to gain your
assistance in locating a GLOCKoholics Anonymous
chapter near Rochester, MN. I was recently diagnosed
as a GLOCKoholic by a clinical psychologist at a
local clinic, and was informed that I should attend GA
meetings to begin a 12-step program.
For your information, symptoms of GLOCKoholism
consist of one or more of the following:
1. Shooting GLOCK handguns exclusively.
2. Being contemptuous and dismissive of all other
makers and models of handguns.
3. Losing friends at the local gun clubs by outshooting
their $2,000 combat custom gee-whiz pistol with
your $500 stock piece of polymer perfection.
think I have all the GLOCKs a man could want, you
bring out something different that I can’t live without.
STOP! PLEASE! You take a perfectly fine shooting arm
and make it better. You add finger grooves to the grip
frame, rails for attachments (which cost money) and
introduce new models that are so appealing that
they’re difficult to resist.
When will it stop? My wife asks me “How many
guns are enough?”, and I truly don’t know the answer
to that when it comes to owning GLOCKs. I really
do have a love/hate relationship with GLOCK. Keep up
the good work!
R. K.
4. Extolling the virtues of Safe-Action, Tennifer
finish and polygon barrels to anyone who will
5. Having more than three GLOCKs in your gun safe
and having intrusive thoughts/daydreams about
getting more.
In that I met most of the criteria above, my counselor
recommended that I find a local GA chapter.
Additionally, he felt that I was well on my way with
the 12-step program, as I currently own 6 GLOCKs
(another 6, and I should be cured).
Your assistance in this matter would be greatly
appreciated, because I would like to associate with
others who recognize perfection when they see it.
V. P.
A Lifetime with GSSF
would like to thank GSSF for offering a lifetime
membership. The price is a bargain at any age. The
GSSF membership has grown so large that a lifetime
membership benefits both GSSF and its members—
less paperwork for the GSSF staff, and less of a chance
of an individual’s membership expiring. I know of no
better way to support GSSF than purchasing a life
membership for yourself or a loved one.
Providing the opportunity to use a stock firearm at
any skill level and improve your marksmanship, as
well as have a great time with family and friends, is
certainly the best idea in the shooting sports yet.
T. O’N.
New York
No More New GLOCKs!
y wife and I recently shot in our 3rd and 4th
GSSF matches. As usual, we had terrific times,
which were over way too soon.
The only complaint I have about GLOCK is that you
keep changing the styles of the firearms. Just when I
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
A Great First Match!
lease pass along our thanks to all the great
GSSF folks who did so much to help my son
and me enjoy our first competitive shoot (Hallsville,
MO, 2000).
We were both a little intimidated by the whole thing,
since we’d never done anything like it before and have
no formal training in shooting skills. The staff worked
so hard to ensure our confidence. My son and I learned
a lot from the staff and the other shooters.
The armorers were terrific. We had our guns
inspected, a magazine updated and stood gawking as
they made every GLOCK they touched “fly apart” and
back together in minutes!
We’re certainly hooked on GSSF now! We’ll see you
in Lexington, KY in October.
Best wishes and many thanks.
B. & L. F.
© GLOCK, 2000
page Nine
Member’s Corner
Here and Abroad
’m working as a civilian police officer in Kosovo for
the United Nations. I retired from LAPD after 26
years, and then worked for the Island County Sheriff’s
Department in Washington State. I own 5 GLOCK
pistols, and carried my own G22 on duty in Island
County. I own over 50 handguns, and could carry any
one of them. I carry GLOCK, because it is by far the
best choice for law enforcement.
Here in Kosovo, I’m required to carry the issued
weapon, the Beretta 92F with ball ammo. The 92F is a
good weapon, but my choice is still GLOCK.
The photo is of my partner in the new Kosovo Police
Service. He is very happy to be armed with a G19 and
the new GLOCK Safety Duty Holster. I’m very
impressed with the new holster, and I’m ordering two
for my GLOCKs. When my 1-year contract ends soon, I
will be glad to go home and start carrying my GLOCK
pistols again in the good old U.S.A.
G. D.
Washington State
A Grand Mistake
n December, 1986 the Marshall County Sheriff’s
Department in Kansas had the opportunity to
test G17s before possibly purchasing them for the
page Ten
department. They were skeptical about the “new plastictype gun.” During the testing they froze it, drove over it
in a Ford Bronco and dropped it from a two-story
window. It didn’t fail once. They decided to purchase
them. Shortly after that, the Sheriff took his new G17 to
orientation training, and had to qualify with it. The
weather was very cold and rainy. While the only two
GLOCKs carried at the training session had no trouble
performing in the adverse weather conditions, several
other models jammed or malfunctioned.
In 1994 I joined the department, and the 9 year old
G17s shot as accurately as they did the day they were
purchased. In March, 1995 they traded the G17s for the
new G23. It proved to be just as dependable a gun as
the G17. I went full time in June, 1995, and in May, 1998
I became the department’s first armorer. The GLOCK is
the easiest and quickest weapon I’ve ever worked on
or cleaned.
Over the last few years, all of the departments in our
county have switched to GLOCKs. The Marysville
Police Department decided to go with the bigger G21.
They used this gun until the city hired a new Chief of
Police, and he traded six G21s for six Smith & Wesson
Sigma .40 calibers, originally purchased by his old
department in Kansas City in 1997. All six of the
Sigmas had to be returned to the factory because of
malfunctions—good investment!
The City of Marysville hired me as their new Police
Chief on April 18, 1999. One of my first official acts was
to ask the city to replace the Sigmas. After pointing out
the Sigmas’ failures and the city’s liability, I was gladly
given permission to buy eight new GLOCKs to replace
the six Sigmas. I ordered two more GLOCKs for my
reserve officers, as well. I called Joe Lienemann, the
GLOCK District Manager for Kansas. Joe brought
several models for me to test. We decided on the G22C
with night sights. This weapon had everything we were
looking for. Needless to say, the trade-in allowance for
the Sigmas wasn’t much, but we felt lucky to get what
we did. Simply knowing that we once again had a
dependable and durable weapon at our sides was
worth paying the extra money. The “Grand Mistake”
had been corrected.
The funniest thing is that a couple of weeks ago, my
old chief called me and asked for Joe’s phone number,
so that he could outfit his new department in Missouri.
I guess he finally realized, and admitted to his mistake.
My family, friends and I all own GLOCKs as personal
weapons, and plan to shoot in a GSSF match in 2000.
Thanks for the most dependable weapons I’ve ever shot.
T. A.
© GLOCK, 2000
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
Sport Shooting Convert
t work I am known as a GLOCK fanatic. If we
don’t talk GLOCK, we don’t talk. My wife is the
real trooper, though. She patiently listens to all I have
to say, and has now taken an interest in shooting and
in our GLOCKs. Being British and having never been
exposed to the positive aspects of shooting and
firearm ownership (the media in the U.K. is as anti-gun
as in the U.S.), she used to tell me to buy whatever I
wanted, showing no particular interest.
Recently, however, she took me up on my offer to
go to the range together. After some instruction and
familiarization, she tried her hand with the G26. After
firing only three rounds, she became discouraged,
thinking she was missing the entire 10 yard target. Her
first round was a miss to the lower left. After further
inspection, we found the other two to be hits stacked
on top of each other, approximately 1" above perfect
center. Her confidence restored, she fired the rest of
the ammo with tremendous results. Sport that she is,
she even tried the G20.
She has now claimed the G26 as hers, and we plan to
spend more quality time together at the range. Many thanks.
Meant to Own a GLOCK
et me begin by applauding Mr. Paul Jannuzzo’s
efforts to keep the “oversight commission” away
from GLOCK. I have just finished reading the article
Two Gun Makers Reject Safety Locks on USA Today’s
website (3/22/00), and I, along with countless GLOCK
owners, appreciate this decision. Way to go, Mr.
Jannuzzo! We already have thousands of gun laws on
the books—why not enforce them?
I am a new gun owner, and before deciding to buy
one I did some research. I read a lot of articles on
different handguns, and I have tested quite a few at a
nearby indoor range. I must confess that I was partial
to GLOCKs from the start, and even before doing any
research, my inclination was to purchase a GLOCK. I
spent all those research hours just to find out my
instincts were right. Now, the only problem was to find
the right caliber. The G22C was perfect! I have shot
about 1,000 rounds without a single jam. I have also
accidently dropped the gun from a height of about
4 feet—it did not go off, and it did not damage the
hardware. I like the way it looks, the finish and its
concepts. I honestly believe that this gun will outlast
me. The bottom line is that I am very satisfied with it.
I will say to future handgun owners: Owning a gun
is a big responsibility. Buying a GLOCK shows
that you are responsible. GLOCK is synonymous
with responsibility.
GLOCKing all the way.
M. S.
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
B. R.
A GLOCK Family Feeling
recently purchased my first GLOCK this spring—a
new G17. Like many people here in Maine, I grew up
fishing, hunting and just enjoying the great outdoors.
My family is also very important to me. Shortly after I
bought the GLOCK, my wife’s father came to stay with
us for a few weeks. He’s a great guy, and I love him,
but outside of family, we haven’t found anything we
mutually enjoy.
One lazy Saturday afternoon, he and I got to talking
about our experiences with family, camping, fishing,
hunting and so on. The conversation then drifted to my
recent GLOCK acquisition. He’d never seen a GLOCK
before, let alone fired one. Well, one thing led to another,
and we headed out to my favorite shooting area. We each
used up a brick of shells that afternoon, talking and
admiring the fine craftsmanship of the GLOCK. It was
almost like drinking a bottle of fine wine. Enjoying each
shot, appreciating and commenting on the balance, fine
aim and light recoil of the GLOCK.
I want to thank all of the people at GLOCK who
have created a product that captures the imagination
and hearts of people. These are the things that help
bring family together. That’s what happened between
my father-in-law and me that Saturday. Here’s to many
more such Saturdays. Thank you, GLOCK!
J. P.
© GLOCK, 2000
page Eleven
Member’s Corner
I’m happy to have helped her to become a “New
GLOCK Shooter,” and an NRA and GSSF member.
W. L.
Unlimited G24
or the past six years or so, I have been competing
in local IDPA- and IPSC-type shooting events,
along with the annual GSSF match, in which I participate faithfully. My pistol of choice in limited class
shooting events has been a GLOCK and I have competed regularly with a G22, G23, G24 and G35, all
chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge.
After having achieved my goals as a limited class
shooter, I wanted to try my hand at unlimited class
competition. While other competitive shooters tend to
build their “race guns” on frames made by other pistol
manufacturers, I wondered just how efficiently a
GLOCK would perform with the additional equipment
required for this class of competition.
My unlimited pistol is a G24 longslide and a Tasco
ProPoint red-dot scope with a GLOCKMEISTER scope
mount and magazine well. Nothing more has been
added or done to the pistol, and, needless to say, it has
performed flawlessly. In just four weeks with my G24,
I was able to secure the three wins necessary to
advance and keep pace with other unlimited shooters.
The versatility of GLOCK pistols seems endless, and
I now shoot them exclusively. Thanks to Mr. Gaston
Glock for his innovation, and to GSSF for promoting
such a wonderful sport with such a versatile pistol.
New GLOCK Shooter
arly this year, a young neighbor woman asked me if
I would teach her to shoot a pistol. She was finishing her last year in college—studying for a Bachelor of
Science degree in Criminal Justice. She wanted to be in
law enforcement and decided she should learn to shoot.
I introduced her to the G22. She was a very good
student and quickly learned the safety protocols, proper
sight picture, trigger control and even the disassembly
and cleaning of the G22. We started shooting once a
week at the local range. She was soon shooting the
X-Rings out at 7 and 10 yards. We moved back to 15
yards and she continued to shoot well, if not fast.
When she asked how she could “pay me” for all the
help and shooting instructions, I told her to join the
NRA. I also told her about the GSSF Lone Star Classic
IX match, and that she needed to join GSSF. She
agreed, and said she wanted to shoot the match in May.
We shot the Lone Star Classic IX match on Saturday,
May 6th. I don’t know the scores yet, but I know she
shot very well. She didn’t leave a steel plate standing,
and most of her D-1 targets were X and Zero rings. Yes,
there were a few +2s and +5s, but not many. She didn’t
shoot fast, but she shot well! We had a great time, and
are looking forward to the next match.
My neighbor graduated with Honors from Tarleton
State University on May 19, 2000, receiving a Bachelor
of Science degree in Criminal Justice. She will be
attending the Texas Department of Public Safety
Academy in the fall. Her ultimate goal is a career in
Federal law enforcement, but no matter what happens,
I think she will always own a GLOCK. As she says, “It
is the best and most reliable handgun available.”
page Twelve
R. H.
© GLOCK, 2000
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
An R.O. Speaks
his past weekend, I had the pleasure of competing
in the Long Island Regional Classic for the fourth
time. I also served as a range officer for the second time.
I want to thank Chris Edwards and his crew for the
usual top-notch job they did in putting on this match.
The match was not without its problems, however.
With over 200 entries, it seemed that most of the
entrants showed up between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM on
Saturday. Also, we had fewer volunteers for R.O. duty
this year, so we couldn’t spare workers to just keep
track of score sheets and answer questions for the
people waiting. Add to that the fact that more
competitors are shooting in multiple categories, and
you start to get extended waiting times.
I have to say that most people were gracious and
understanding, but we did get a few folks who got pretty
vocal— even one who went so far as to grab a range
walkie-talkie and complain to the match director.
Without trying to sound like I’m patting myself on
the back, I hope everyone realizes that the R.O.s are
volunteers who’ve given up their weekends to come
out and support the shooting sports. We do our best to
keep things moving along, and I’ve never seen anyone
dragging their feet at these matches. Keep in mind that
the number one responsibility of an R.O. is SAFETY.
The shooter on the line may be a Grand Master or a
first-time competitor (or a first-time shooter, for that
matter), but he or she deserves our full attention. The
last thing we need is a distraction that leads to tragedy.
My thanks go out to all of the participants who
assisted by taping targets and just generally helping to
move things along. I don’t recall anyone leaving our
stage without saying thanks, or being wished good
luck by my partner and me.
Let’s keep in mind that GLOCK has been one of
shooting sports’ greatest allies. Their courageous
stand in the face of the government’s extortion tactics
is something we should all support. One way to do this
is to ensure that the GSSF matches remain incidentfree, and continue to be as much fun as they’ve always
A. S.
New York
GSSF Online
t first I had no desire for a GLOCK. Then, after
shooting a G19, I was hooked and purchased my
first G19 in December, 1997. Shortly after that I joined
GSSF, but did not compete until May, 1999 in
Richmond, Virginia. I enjoyed the match so much that
I became a Lifetime Member that very month.
I was so impressed with the fellowship and spirit of
helpfulness that I petitioned to
add a GSSF Forum. It was added and was a year old in
September. GSSF members from across the country
The GLOCK Report® / Volume III, 2000
have found the site and share their knowledge with
newer members of GSSF.
I now try to shoot at least six matches a year. After
watching American Shooter, my wife may compete.
All I have to do is win her a GLOCK. I offer a special
thank-you to Gaston Glock for making GSSF possible,
and another to the GSSF staff members, whose long
hours and many travel miles are appreciated by all the
D. R.
Stubborn No More
hen I first became interested in the shooting
sports, I was stubborn. I convinced myself that I
wanted a 1911 style pistol. Despite my gun dealer’s
recommendation to buy a GLOCK, I ordered an expensive 1911 pistol that I thought was a premium brand.
When it arrived a few weeks later, I took it to the range
expecting nothing but the best. However, I quickly
found out this 1911 was far from the best. The very first
round jammed rather solidly, at an angle in the chamber.
The magazine was jammed in the gun as well. Luckily, I
was able to shake the round loose by pointing the gun
down-range, holding the slide back and turning the 1911
upside down. The 1911 continued to jam round after
round. I did manage to fire it a few times. I took it apart
and noticed that the barrel ramp was machined offcenter, and at an angle. There was no chance for a round
to chamber. I quickly sent it back to the factory. The
factory representative called my house and offered a
refund or a repair job. I took the money.
Still stubborn, I was back at the dealer buying another
expensive, “premium” 1911 pistol. This gun functioned
fine, but was showing premature signs of wear. The slide
was made of stainless steel. Apparently, the steel was too
soft—the slide stop notch was rounding off and beginning
to fold back at the corners. Moreover, both the front and
rear sights became loose. Not good performance from an
expensive pistol. Back to the dealer it went.
I was no longer stubborn. I purchased my first
GLOCK, a G26. I was amazed at the GLOCK’s accuracy
and quality. In addition, I was impressed that it was so
easy to field strip and clean, compared to a 1911. My
G26 always performed perfectly. I bought the G26
in 1998. In June of this year I bought another fine
GLOCK, a G21. Again, perfection. It is highly accurate
and dependable. I am happy to say that yesterday I
purchased a third GLOCK pistol, a G23. I haven’t
fired it yet, but I know it will perform perfectly. The
registration card is in the mail. Thanks for making
finely engineered, high quality pistols. It is no wonder
that GLOCK enjoys the fine reputation it has.
K. R.
© GLOCK, 2000
page Thirteen
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IS MARCH, 2001.
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hours are finished or we lose daylight, whichever happens first.
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___ Female
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___ Junior Male/Female (under 18)
Stock G26, 27, 29, 30 AND 33 GLOCKS
___ AMATEUR G36 CATEGORY (When available)
Stock G36 and other subcompacts (limited to 7 rounds)
Stock G17L, 24, 34, 35, all “C” models and all other “stock” models
ALL SHOOTERS ELIGIBLE. Same models as “Amateur Civilian and LE” above
Master Shooters and all modified GLOCKS
Registration and Payment Information
Range Officer and Preregistration Fee is $25 per category. “At the Match” Fee for Non-ROs is $35 for the first
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