General Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Position Title: General Manager
Reporting Arrangements:
The position reports to the Managing Director or Board of Directors, if in place.
General Manager Duties and Responsibilities:
The primary responsibility of the position is to perform the duties and responsibilities assigned
by the Managing Director, or if so formed, the Board of Directors, and includes the following:
Develop and maintain familiarity with the company’s specific issues related to pharmaceutical,
technology, and in particular be familiar with the general financial, marketing and field services
in the veterinary industry and be able to develop strategic plans to guide the company.
Organize regular staff meetings and build an environment that promotes employee satisfaction
and productivity.
Work with the Managing Director to develop the operating budget and all project budgets and
oversee their execution.
Maintain familiarity with the veterinary technical, sales and marketing team and facilitate the
implementation of promotional plans by controlling and coordinating production logistics and
other section teams as required.
Develop sound relationships with company suppliers and customers in the community to gain
mutual benefits.
Plan and assign work to reporting staff and monitors the progress and productivity and the
general welfare of all staff and team efforts.
In co-operation with the Technical and Marketing Manager, manage all field staff’s safety, health
and their general wellbeing, noting that field staff are isolated from head office and may
wonder if their efforts are known outside marketing. Be aware of marketing activities, results
and expectations and to communicate to field staff that their work and effort is known and
appreciated by head office. This role is to be conducted in a non-intrusive manner, but
incidental to their normal manager’s efforts and role.
Ensure product sale forecasts are prepared by the Supply Chain Manager to enable the MD to
prepare financial reports for effective management and to clearly show operational
effectiveness. This can be used for positive staff feedback.
Supports the MD in formulating policies and project plans and to make policy and project
Participate in reviewing insurance, banking, auditing and other board related aspects of the
company, in conjunction with staff the MD allocates to these tasks.
Involvement in the negotiation, drafting, review and renewal of contractual agreements.
Manage the company’s Intellectual Property portfolio.
General Manager Skills:
General skills:
Strong communication skills, performance and proficiency management, staffing management, time
management, coordination, training, financial planning and strategy management, efficiency in
standards development, sound in decision making and strategic management, positive approach.
Language skills:
Well-developed written communication skills to read, write and interpret documents in English.
These documents relate to any aspect of the position, which include, but are not restricted to,
documents on Work Health & Safety, instructions about operating and maintenance of
machines and procedure manuals etc, legislation and guidelines, scientific and technical
Able to professionally correspond with clients, scientific colleagues, and business associates
using appropriate formats or business letters, summaries, and reports in clear and correct
English, following appropriate scientific or client relations or standard business format.
Ability to speak English fluently to/in front of various groups such as customers and employees.
Computer skills:
General Manager should have strong skills in handling computers and software related to general
manager job in a veterinary pharmaceutical industry such as:
MS office (MS word, MS excel)
Knowledge of Payroll software.
Company issued internet examples of marketing and technical information of a semiconfidential manner specifically designed to support the company’s agents or licensees or
distribution network.
Company issued electronic mail programs such as MS outlook.
Logistics software
Reasoning ability:
The General Manager should apply common sense to understand and carry out instructions and
be able to present instructions to others that are well presented in written, oral, or
graphical/diagrammatic form as appropriate.
Good mathematical skills and knowledge to apply it to the interpretation of financial
information, budget preparation and distribution networks functioning.
Ability to Read, understand, and interpret different scientific literature, business records and
statistical reports of company, and to apply knowledge gained in their role.
General Manager Qualifications and Experience:
A university degree in a biological science field or related qualifications
Extensive experience in management of projects involving multiple teams of staff and teams of
varying skills and backgrounds in a research and/or manufacturing setting.
Demonstrated leadership experience within staff responsibilities with proven success in either
the pharmaceutical or research or veterinary area.
Appropriate postgraduate degrees, such as technology management or business degree
(preferably M.B.A)
At least four years in a high level management role in a similar sized
biopharmaceutical/veterinary company.
Experience in pharmaceutical or veterinary manufacturing and/or research environment.
Knowledge and experience of APVMA or TGA licencing and regulations, including quality
assurance and GMP
For experienced candidates, the company prefers a combination of both education and relevant
Experience in Intellectual Property and contract management would be highly regarded.
General Manager Salary:
The General Manager position will have broad responsibility including staff safety, supporting and
managing administrative, research and technical staff involved in product development, regulatory,
Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance, Research and Development, Manufacturing, and
includes planning and writing documentation in all fields all ultimately ensuring the success of the
company and thus staff job security. The candidate must have good communication skills, leadership
and agreeable personality and a positive attitude melding your career and the company’s goals. A
general order of a successful person in this industry and company size would be over $100 000 and
less than $ 200 000
The company follows Taxation advice and does not offer inappropriate car or loan extras. It will
cover transport costs to an interview and by negotiation moving costs.
Applications should look to the company website under positions vacant for a fuller description
should be emailed to
[email protected]
Phone calls about the position cannot be accommodated as it interrupts company functioning.