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Audi Vorsprung durch Technik
Genuine Accessories
The models and equipment versions
illustrated and described in this brochure,
and also some of the accessories, are not
available in all countries. Some of the cars
illustrated are equipped with optional
equipment for which an extra charge is
made. It is possible for deviations in
colour, shape and material to occur in the
pictures as shown. The details concerning
the delivery specifications, appearance,
dimensions and weights of the accessory
items were correct to the best of our
knowledge at the time of going to press.
The right to introduce modifications is
This brochure is printed on paper made
from pulp bleached without the use of
85045 Ingolstadt
Valid from July 2009
Printed in Germany
Audi Q7 Accessories
2 | 3 Contents
Audi Genuine Accessories: if you are looking for adventure,
you should be equipped accordingly.
Provisions, map and sturdy shoes. Now you are ready for the next adventure. And your car? You can equip that just as well –
with top quality accessories, adapted to your Audi Q7 right down to the last detail. Enjoy the comfort and the level of
functionality of the intelligent solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories or enhance the dynamics of your Audi Q7 for a unique
driving experience. The following pages will show you a wide range of Audi Genuine Accessories.
Shaped by a century of success: in every one of our vehicles you can feel
the beating heart of Audi. Convince yourself of our passion for technology, design and efficiency. And enjoy your own Vorsprung durch
Technik with Audi Genuine Accessories.
Sport and design .............. 4
Transport ......................... 10
Communications ... 14
Family .................... 16
Comfort and protection ............ 18
4 | 5 Sport and design
The combination of sport and design
Cast aluminium wheels,
Cast aluminium winter wheels,
8-arm design with protection ring
7-arm design,
The special feature of the cast alu-
Available as complete winter wheels
minium wheels in size 8.5 J x 19 in Royal
suitable for snow chains in size 7.5 J x 18
You can see at first glance that dynamism radiates from the Audi Q7. So that a closer look reveals even more, you
Silver is the replaceable titanium grey
with 235/60 R 18 tyres.
can equip it with the comprehensive offroad style package. Alternatively, you might choose the elaborately
plastic protection ring. It reduces dam-
processed cast aluminium wheels which offer a suberb combination of elegance and sportiness, no matter which
age to the wheel. For tyre size 265/50
design you select.
R 19.
is dynamic – and so is your imagination.
Snow chains
Cast aluminium wheels,
Cast aluminium winter wheels,
The Audi Genuine snow chains are ideal
10-double-spoke design
5-arm design, Royal Silver
for getting you through the winter with
The cast aluminium wheels in size
The high-quality complete winter
an improved grip on snow and ice.
9 J x 20 impress with their three-
wheels in size 9 J x 20 are available in
Available in comfort or offroad
dimensional design and their two-tone
Royal Silver. With 275/45 R 20 tyres.
versions. For example to fit wheel size
colour. Outside with a chrome finish,
235/60 R 18.
inside the wheel in anthracite grey.
For tyre size 275/45 R 20.
Anti-theft wheel bolts
Cast aluminium wheels,
The special supplied adapter is required
5-arm design, two-piece
Add extra refinement to your Q7 right
to loosen the anti-theft wheel bolts.
The striking feature of the 9 J x 20, two-
down to the smallest detail. The four
piece cast aluminium wheels in 5-arm
metal valve caps with the embossed
design are the titanium screwed die cast
Audi logo provide better protection for
trims. For tyre size 275/45 R 20.
the valve against dust, dirt and
Valve caps
moisture. Available for rubber, metal
and aluminium valves.
6 | 7 Sport and design/offroad style package
With an Audi Q7, you can be
seen anywhere.
Whether in the city or on the open road: enjoy every moment of your journey. With the offroad style package, everyone's
eyes will be on you. The striking design of the Audi Q7 gains a sporty, robust flair. It indicates that your vehicle is ready to
take on any challenge, even if it is off the beaten track. Ultimately, the Audi Q7 embodies the offroad mindset like no
other Audi. Choose striking accents or the entire package and emphasise the powerful side of your Audi Q7 with style. You
are sure to draw admiring looks.
8 | 9 Sport and design/offroad style package
Door cover strips
Rear apron panel
Reduction of the damage caused by, for
The rear apron, painted in Stone Grey
example, stone chipping is provided by
metallic, accentuates the dynamic rear
the door strips painted in Stone Grey
end of the Audi Q7 whilst at the same
metallic, situated below the doors. Due
time protecting the rear underbody of
to their wide shape they give the vehicle
the vehicle by means of a stainless steel
an even more striking appearance.
underbody guard.
Wheel arch extensions
Exhaust tailpipes
The extensions for the four wheel
A sporty alternative to the standard
arches, painted in Stone Grey metallic,
trims are the polished stainless steel
underline the striking design of the
tailpipes which are perfectly matched to
vehicle and offer additional protection
the design of the rear apron panel from
for the side section.
the offroad style package. The tailpipes
can also be combined with the standard
rear apron.
Front apron panel
Running boards
The front of the Audi Q7 signals
The stainless steel running boards
determination. Emphasise this attitude
impressively accentuate the width of the
with the front apron panel in Stone Grey,
vehicle and enhance comfort. They make
metallic, in combination with a stainless
it easier, for example, to stow items in
steel underbody guard and offroad
the ski or luggage box on the roof.
grille. This provides additional protec-
Rubber pads reduce the risk of slipping.
tion for the front and front underbody of
Each board has a load capacity of 300 kg.
the vehicle.
10 | 11 Transport
Organise your free time to suit you.
Cycle fork mount3, 4
Carrier unit for various
roof rack
Beginning with your Audi.
The fork mount ensures the safe
The profile section is made from
transport of your bicycles. Easy to
anodised aluminium tube. The carrier is
handle. Lockable. Suitable for cycles
Free time is simply the nicest time. Then you can do anything you fancy. What is your idea of
easy to install and features an anti-theft
with a quick-action lock on the front
relaxation? Skiing down the highest mountains? Relaxing on the most beautiful beach? Plan your
locking device.
wheel. Particularly suitable for racing
holidays in peace – your Audi Q7 is prepared. With the practical solutions from Audi Genuine
bicycles. (Can only be used in
Accessories, your vehicle is just flexible as you are. So the thrill of anticipation starts from the first
conjunction with the carrier unit.)
Cycle mount
Cycle rack for the
The lockable bicycle mount consists of
trailer towing hitch3
specially shaped plastic profile. The
Lockable carrier for up to two cycles
bicycle can easily be mounted on the
with a maximum carrying load of 50 kg.5
high-gloss chromed steel frame bracket.
The simple plug-in mechanism enables
(Can only be used in conjunction with the
it to be mounted quickly. With the fold-
carrier unit.)
away cycle rack, it is possible to open
the luggage compartment.
Bicycle mount for the interior2
Trailer towing hitch6
The weather-protected variant for the
Electrical swivel device including elec-
transport of your bicycles. The tension
trical installation set. The sphere bar
belts supplied and the storage pockets
with the 13 pole socket swivels elec-
for the front wheels enable the bicycles
trically into the non-visible region under
to be secured in the luggage compart-
the bumper apron panel. Also available
ment. (For up to two bicycles with a
as a removable trailer towing hitch.
wheel size of up to 26 inches.)
The maximum roof load when using a carrier unit is 100 kg.
Maximum permissible load of 17 kg must be observed.
Not in conjunction with a full-size spare wheel.
Optional: extension kit for a third cycle.
For information on when this feature will be available, please contact your Audi partner.
For more detailed information, please contact your Audi partner.
12 | 13 Transport
Luggage box (370 l)1
Ski and snowboard rack
With the lockable luggage box the
For the convenient transportation of up
storage space of your Audi is increased
to six pairs of skis or four snowboards.
by up to 370 l. The practical box is easy
Lockable. (Can only be used in
to open and its surface is easy to clean.
conjunction with the carrier unit.)
Its aerodynamic shape reduces wind
noise more effectively. (Can only be used
in conjunction with the carrier unit.)
Ski and luggage box (450 l)1
Kayak rack
This lockable ski box is particularly
The kayak rack has been specially
suitable for winter holiday use. The ski
developed for transporting a kayak. It
box can be opened and loaded from both
enables you to carry a 1-seater kayak of
sides. Suitable for skis up to 2.10 m in
up to 25 kg. (Can only be used in
length. (Can only be used in conjunction
conjunction with the carrier unit.)
with the carrier unit.)
Ski and luggage box (480 l)1
Luggage rack2
This attractively designed and compact
Additional luggage can be transported
ski box is suitable for winter sports
on the roof using the luggage rack. It is
equipment as well as for other items of
lockable. The high-gloss profile section
luggage. It is lockable and can be
is made from high-quality anodised
opened from both sides. Its smooth
aluminium and is corrosion-resistant.
surface makes it easy to clean. (Can only
(Can only be used in conjunction with the
be used in conjunction with the carrier
carrier unit.)
Maximum permissible load of 50 kg must be observed.
Maximum permissible load of 80 kg must be observed.
14 | 15 Communications
There are many ways to communicate.
Use them all.
Multifunctionality is on the rise. That also applies to your Audi Q7. Whether you want to relax with your favourite
music or talk using the mobile phone fitting, your vehicle offers you plenty of entertainment opportunities. If you
then combine various details, you will experience your own personal form of multifunctionality on every journey.
Rear Seat Entertainment
The impact-resistant system is
attached to the seat backrest and
enables an ideal angle of vision for the
viewer. Upon request, two players with
their own headphone connections are
available, which can be separately
operated and can be used outside the
Mobile phone adapter for the optional
mobile phone fittings (Bluetooth)1
The mobile phone adapter uses the
optionally-fitted mobile phone preparation and enables calls to be made using
the hands-free function. The adapter
includes holder and charger and connects the mobile phone to the aerial.
Suitable for many popular mobile phone
Adapter cables for
Audi music interface2
Various iPod models and other portable
media players can be connected in
conjunction with Audi music interface.
Operation via the MMI system, if the
function is supported by the media
For more detailed information, please contact your Audi partner.
Various adapter cables are required to connect portable media players; for further information, please contact your Audi partner.
16 | 17 Family
A feeling of security.
For the offspring, too.
So that your youngsters arrive safely, too, the high-quality child seats from Audi Genuine Accessories offer improved
protection for your children. So that you can sit back and relax when you start off on your next family outing.
Audi baby seat
Audi child seat youngster
Designed to meet the needs of the
The seat offers excellent comfort
small child; can be secured using the
thanks to intelligent belt guidance. The
three-point belt. The integral full-belt
backrest is adjustable in height and
safety harness provides good restraint,
width. Adaptations can be made via a
whilst the attached cover offers
viewing window for size adjustment.
protection from sunlight. Suitable for
Suitable for children from 15 to 36 kg
children weighing up to 13 kg (approx.
(approx. 3½ to 12 years).
15 months).
Audi child seat with ISOFIX
Child seat colour variants
The child seat is adjustable so that your
All child seats are available in the
for Audi baby
child feels comfortable. The 7-fold
combinations classic silver/black and
For improved restraint of the Audi baby
The comfort pillow and blanket, neck
height adjustment of the belt is made
sporty signal orange/black . The fabrics
seat. Enables seat to be installed and
support, comfort towel and baby sleep
with just one move of the hand. The
used are gentle to the skin, breathable,
removed quickly. The adjustable suppor-
sack offer a feeling of security for your
fabric cover is washable. Suitable for
non-fading and washable. Spare covers
tive base ensures additional stability.
child. The Audi plush steering wheel,
children from 9 to 18 kg (approx. 1 to
are available from your Audi partner.
Optimises the protective effect for
baby toy chain and cuddly animal ensure
fun and games.
Audi ISOFIX fastening
4 years).
For information on when this feature will be available, please contact your Audi partner.
Audi children's world1
To match the child seat designs.
18 | 19 Comfort and protection
Functional solutions
Vehicle cover
Securing set
Boot tray
The perfectly tailored vehicle cover in
The telescopic bar and securing belt
The boot tray features a lip all the way
anthracite with Audi logo is made from
enable individual partitioning of the
round, providing the boot floor with
breathable, anti-static material.
luggage compartment for better
better protection against soiling. The
The Audi Q7 is full of ideas. Yet there is still enough room for more
Including piping, which accentuates the
securing of objects. (Can only be used in
non-slip pattern reduces any slipping of
intelligent, functional solutions which make driving as pleasant as possible.
shape of your Audi. Optimally protects
conjunction with the optional rail
the load. The tray is easily stowed away
Audi Genuine Accessories offer you versatile protection, practicability and
your vehicle from dust and dirt. For
system with variable lashing eyes.)
and takes up little space. (Available for
comfort in all areas, even when you are driving offroad.
indoor use.
make space for new ideas.
5- and 7-seaters.)
Partition grille
Boot liner
With the practical partition grilles (long-
The custom-made luggage compart-
ways and sideways), the luggage
ment protection is washable, robust and
compartment can be separated from the
resistant to acid. The lip around the edge
remaining interior and can also be
can better protect the luggage compart-
divided lengthwise. The partition grille
ment floor from any leaking fluids.
can be attached simply and conveniently
(Available for 5- and 7-seaters).
– without any drilling.
Mud flaps
Rigid load-liner
The sturdy mud flaps made from high-
The high-cut plastic insert is ideal for
quality plastic reduce paint damage and
use with any item that leaves marks
dirt around the sills and the rear apron
behind during transport. It is robust and
panel. Available in sets of two for the
practical to clean. Wide grooves prevent
front and/or rear.
the load from slipping out of place. (Can
only be used in 5-seater.)
20 | 21 Comfort and protection
Premium textile floor mats
Storage pocket
The textile floor mats consist of hard-
The practical all-purpose pocket offers
wearing velour and offer excellent
versatile storage space to keep the
protection from soiling. They are
vehicle neat and tidy. It is attached to
attached to the vehicle floor by means of
the backrest. The pocket can be easily
fastening points. With Audi Q7 logo.
folded up and taken with you.
Rubber floor mats
Coat hanger
The exact-fit rubber floor mats with
Ensuring that jackets and coats reach
extra-high side edging improve
their destination without creasing. The
protection from heavy soiling. The floor
coat hanger is fastened to the front head
mats are attached to the vehicle by
means of the fastening points on the
vehicle floor. With Audi Q7 logo.
Audi Tracking Assistant and
Audi Tracking Assistant
plus1, 2
Garage door opener2
The operating buttons with three
Enable a stolen vehicle to be located and
programmable presets are incorporated
tracked via GPS/GSM technology in 27
underneath the sun visor. The garage
European countries. Available in two
door opener can be used to open and
variants. Audi Tracking Assistant plus
shut garage doors and exterior gates. In
with automatic driver identification and
addition, the control of security and
intelligent restart obstruction.
lighting systems is possible.3
For more detailed information, please contact your Audi partner.
For information on when this feature will be available, please contact your Audi partner.
If the stated systems are compatible.
22 | 23 Comfort and protection
Protective film for wheel arches
High-visibility vest, warning triangle,
The transparent film reduces damage
first-aid pouch
from stone chips and other damage.
If, at any time, some of your emergency
Attached to the rear wheel arch of the
equipment becomes no longer useable
or is missing, you can quickly remedy the
situation with the orange high-visibility
vest with reflective strip, warning triangle and first-aid kit, thereby ensuring
that you are once again well-prepared.
Loading-sill protective sheet
Reversible mat with
The exact-fit loading-sill protector made
bumper protection
from transparent sheeting provides the
For the luggage compartment: velours
bumper with better protection against
on one side, rubber on the other, covers
damage when loading or unloading the
the luggage compartment even with
rear seat folded down.
Cooling bag1
Care products
The bag is suitable for cooling food.
The Audi range of cleaning and care
With connection cable to fit 12 V socket.
products is specially tailored to the high-
The plastic interior offers up to 12 litres
quality materials in your Audi. Suited to
of space. The adjustable carrying strap
exterior maintenance or many applica-
makes it practical to handle.
tions inside the vehicle, depending on
the product.
For information on when this feature will be available, please contact your Audi partner.