Bijou KanKan LLC. Business Plan for 2014  

Bijou KanKan LLC.
Business Plan for 2014
Privately Owned Exporter
Owned and Operated by: Aminata Salisbury
Bijou Kankan provides customers with the finest quality of used clothing currently for over
two years. It is primarily a wholesale industry. It is purchased directly from local distributors in
the United States. The majority of the designated contacts are along the Florida panhandle.
This allows the finest selection of used clothing to be readily available anywhere. Currently, the
business is designated only to Guinea; however, the goals of this company are to expand the
sales to the neighborhood countries. With the expansion of this business it will bring forth
more commitment of the quality already received, and better prices to the public. The purchase
of large quantities will produce a path to distribute more savings towards the consumer. A
predication of a sale increase is at 50% over the next two years.
Bijou Kankan is working with industries that have over 22 years of experience, providing topnotch Closeouts, Surplus, Liquidations, Deals, Used Recycled Clothing, Second Hand Jeans,
Used Apparel, and Garments. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise we can
promise to offer “The Best Used Clothing.”
Bijou KanKan has Serious Suppliers of Used Clothing and we are looking for SERIOUS and
REAL BUYERS ONLY. All inquiries from interested parties will be qualified regarding their
position and financial ability to finalize the transaction in an expeditious manner, once all
terms are agreed upon. We will not work with “casual lookers” due to unprofitable, unpaid
time, and unrealistic endeavors.
When a SERIOUS BUYER walks into our warehouse store, our well trained sales person will be
working with them closely to ensure we are meeting their needs and giving them the best
quality of products on the market. The initial planned budget will cost $20,000 to expand the
Bijou Kankan will establish a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!
The main objective for this wholesale industry would be to establish Bijou Kankan LLC as a
leader in wholesale and distributors world of used clothing’s to the public in Guinea. This is
all with an expectation to expand to the rest of West African countries. If successful through
this objective, this will increase profit by 50% on top of its current rate within two to five
years. Once this objective is deemed successful it will establish a used clothing/tires Discount
Club to retain customer loyalty.
The operations and mission is not only here to override all the competition in wholesale, but
to maximize the reputation throughout the entire area of Guinea with Bijou KanKan LLC
products, in order to ensure inspiration with every bale of clothing provided to our buyers.
1.1 Keys to Success:
Superior products will promote customer loyalty and generate more clientele.
A location that will assure walk-in traffic.
A program that will create customer loyalty.
Predictions of Highlights Chart
Success Location
Bijou Kankan is primarily a wholesaler to the cities in Guinea. Bijou Kankan, owner of, Bijou
Kankan has utilized a wholesale background with extensive experience in the distribution of
used clothing, and has a large clientele base which can be very lucrative to build a loyal
customer base with the expansion. The greatest prediction of the company is the grand
opening of a warehouse to the public by renovations of the building’s storefront, which will
accommodate the public.
Bijou KanKan LLC 3 2.1 Company Ownership
Aminata Salisbury is the owner of bijou Kankan, llc.
2.2 Company Locations and Facilities
Bijou Kankan, LLC is located at 1962 Dipper Loop; Post Falls, Idaho. The warehouse is
located in Conakry, Guinea and is 1800 sq. ft. space for storage of goods. This space is used
for walk-in customers.
2.3 Business opportunity
This is an opportunity to import from an area (Guinea) that is profitable in more ways than
one. It will supply any market possible with profitably and quality material.
2.4 Financial projections
All financial projects that have been estimated will bring the maximum amount of profit
above a 50% ratio. However after the first year, it is highly feasible that it will maximize at a
much greater level within five years.
2.5 Products:
Bijou Kankan currently provides a different variety of used/closeouts clothing to Guinea.
Bijou Kankan's new public warehouse outlet will focus on popular clothing selections as its
main attraction to attract new clientele and retain existing ones.
2.6 Bijou Kankan will have the following wholesale products:
Towels; Bed sheets; Intimates Apparel; Adult Shoes; Kids Clothing; Kids Shoes; Winter
Clothing; Jeans; Mixed Summer Adult Clothing
Bijou Kankan, LLC has a population of over 10.22 million of residents but the area receives
thousands of day to day tourists each year because of the neighborhood countries such as
Mali, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.
Bijou Kankan is located in the busiest commercial section of Conakry with abundant foot
traffic. And, expanding the market's storefront by 2500 sq. ft. will create a very visible and
inviting environment for the public. The store's interior design will focus on the motif of for
Bijou KanKan LLC 4 the used clothing dissplayed. Advvertisementss will demon
nstrate the store as a plaace where th
ng at wholessale prices.
public caan get qualitty closeouts//used clothin
3.1 Marrket Segmen
u Kankan ussed clothing store is focu
used on twoo customer groups:
Suburban Diistributors
Urban Disttributors Suburban Distributors 3.2 Breakdown:
Shipping from Florid
da to Gunieaa (1,000 lbs.)
Mixed Cllothing – (Small: 220 B ales = 22,0000lbs) – Ship
pped 1x 20fft. Containe r
Main Goal – 480 Balles (40ft. Coontainer)
d primarily on
o the Guinean Market
Clothing will be sold
n Market (1100% of Salees)
Primarilyy Guinea Rettailers; Open
Bijou Kaankan LLC is
i located in Guinea primarily as itss beginning location and
d headquartters;
it is a greeat location and marketable area (p roven profitt location). The
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clothing will be in laarge quantities, and willl be the main goal of th e industry, while
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locatiion to markket to the
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nd will monopolize in th
he retail bussiness due too this fact.
Bijou KanKan LLC 5 Retailing includes subordinated services, such as delivery, fashion, and quantities of deliveries
in an abundant of different styles and sizes. It will provide services for the needs of a large
number of individuals within the areas to and from Guinea. Shops may be on residential
streets, streets with few or no houses, markets, or in a shopping mall. Shopping streets may be
for pedestrians only. With time and expansion many transactions can be a mail to order based
on sales and inventory.
All fashion under this brand will be for recreational shopping, which often involves window
shopping, catalogs, internet advertising, retail stores, and many other parts of social
networking within advertising. It will be based on current fashion for seasonal or incoming
new trends, and cater to many different sides within the fashion industry.
4.1 Projected position for the future and challenges
To achieve and maintain a profit in an existing market and gain a reputation, the prospective
retail establishment must overcome the following hurdles: profits versus shipping cost,
advertising, staffing, and product choices. The regulatory barriers can include restrictions with
certain purchases and the business has to ensure that all legal documentaries and permits are
approved by local governments abroad, along with in the States. Other challenges only
include competition and determination of that by the style we choose to sale.
Again, high competitiveness among existing market participants and resulting low profit
margins will vary the first year caused in part only by the numerous amount of retail.
However, branding a name like Nike or BeBe can override this challenge, as it is the goal of
Bijou KanKan LLC.
4.2 Potential customers
Wholesale clothing will have a variety of options to offer, along with opportunities at an
endless rate to add on other products. The expansion of the store and in the wholesale
industry we welcome any distributors/retailers as clients.
The main goal for Bijou Kankan, will be to provide the best quality, build a brand name for
the company, and provide great customer service, giving the customer our full, undivided
attention by helping them find what type of merchandise they are looking for and providing
store knowledge for additional future sales. This will contribute to the customer’s satisfaction
and will be what Bijou Kankan LLC will be known for.
Bijou KanKan LLC 6 4.3 Direct competitors
Direct competitors would be any other wholesalers in the industry with the same quality,
product, and pricing.
4.4 Company strategy
Bijou Kankan, LLC’s marketing strategy will utilize targeted print media advertising and direct
selling to retailers/importers in Guinea. Regarding those who supply the rest of the markets to
ensure minimized budget spending is assessed. This will capitalize on existing relationships
with importers/retailers who have stated their willingness to contact Bijou Kankan, LLC. This
company will position itself as a differentiated provider as the highest quality of a used clothing
supplier. The primary goal of all marketing efforts will be to communicate this to existing and
potential customers as far as we can expand or reach maximizing and doubling profit each year.
Bijou KanKan LLC 7