Heads of Terms for Community Transfer – Alexandra Bowling Club

Heads of Terms for Community Transfer – Alexandra Bowling Club
Bath and North East Somerset Council and the Trustees of Alexandra Bowling Club will enter
into a contract to grant a lease to Alexandra Bowling Club on expiry of the current lease in April
2016, based on the principle terms and conditions set out below:
Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES)
Alexandra Bowls Club (ABC)
Land and Buildings at Alexandra Park Bath as shown outlined in red on the
99 years
£1076 per annum, subject to review on similar terms to existing lease.
Abatement of
The rent will be abated to nil subject to the tenant satisfying the landlord
that the Tenant has:
a constitution that is robust and sufficient, which has the explicit
support of the wider community and does not conflict with the
Visions and Values of Bath and North East Somerset Council.
a current and viable business plan.
competent members/trustees (or access to appropriate advice) who
can manage money, understand maintenance and repair of buildings
adequate funds or able to raise adequate funds.
And agreeing to submit to the landlord annually, at the landlord’s request,
information that will satisfy the landlord that this condition continues to be
complied with. If, upon review, concerns are raised regarding compliance a
more regular programme may be put in place at the Landlord’s discretion.
Permitted Use
Not to use the premises otherwise than in accordance with the aims
objectives and constitution as set out in the governing articles of the
Organisation, for the general community benefit of the people of Bath and
North East Somerset. Primarily to provide for recreational and/or
educational purposes.
Continuation of
Tenant to make the building available for the Permitted Use throughout
the term of the lease.
Permitted to another organisation with similar aims
and objectives for community benefits
Not permitted
The tenant to be responsible for keeping the Property in good and
tenantable condition throughout the term of the lease and to yield it up in
this condition at the end of the term.
Either the tenant will put and keep in place, with a reputable provider,
buildings insurance covering the normal risks. Alternatively, the landlord
will insure with a reputable provider, covering the normal risks and the
tenant will reimburse the landlord the full cost of putting this insurance in
The tenant to be responsible for providing their own contents and public
liability insurance.
Not without the consent the landlord (such consent not to be unreasonably
withheld) shall the tenant make any major alterations to the structure or
exterior of the premises.
Break Clause
The Tenant may terminate the lease upon six month’s written notice at any
time, subject to all terms and conditions of the lease having been complied
with. In the event no compensation will be payable for any improvements
carried out.