Knowledge and Information Service Guidance for using 7ZIP Encryption Software

Knowledge and Information Service
Guidance for using 7ZIP Encryption Software
What is 7-Zip?
7-Zip is a piece of encryption software that enables you to encrypt documents when
emailing sensitive information. In order to decrypt these types of encrypted files you
and the recipient of the document will need to have 7-Zip or another zipping
application installed on your computer/laptop. It enables robust encryption.
If you are sending information to a member of the public consider whether you can
use an encryption tool such Axcrypt which uses a weaker level of encryption but is
more user-friendly for the public.
Is 7-Zip compatible with all devices?
An encrypted zip file will be possible to open if the recipient has the appropriate
software. Third Parties are responsible for finding the appropriate un-zipping tool
compatible with their device. For example ipad users would be able to use Winzip to
decrypt 7-Zip files.
Using 7-Zip to create encrypted archives.
1. Right click on the files or folder you wish to compress and encrypt and select ‘Add
to archive’
August 2012
2. Firstly change the Archive format to 7-Zip, then change the encryption method to
the robust AES-256, thirdly enter your password. Then click OK. The rest of the
options can be left as default.
3. You will then be able to attach the encrypted file to your email message ready for
 Do not to put any personal or sensitive information in the subject
line or body of the email.
 The password to decrypt the document must not be sent in the
email containing the encrypted file; this must be provided to the
recipient over the telephone.
Using 7-Zip to Decrypt archive files
Simply right-click on the file, select extract then enter the password when requested.
If you require further advice and guidance with regards to emailing sensitive
information please contact the Information Security Team
[email protected] Tel: 01432 260497
August 2012