Subaru Impreza N14
Car specification:
RHD gravel
Chassis number:
PRO GPN 08 009
Reg istration:
Year of manufacture:
Car history:
South African Rally Championship
2008 - five rounds
2009 - three rounds
Visser du Plessis
Contact information:
Andrew Williamson
Tel +44(0)1295 754147
Mob +44 (0)7736 399650
Spares packages:
Further information on spares included on the following page.
Additional information:
Fitted with Reiger dampers that have done less than 600 km. Geabox
rebuilt at start of 2009 and has run 510kms since. Engine has done
approx 1500km. Turbo has done 600km. Mapped for 98 ULP. Never
been in any accidents and is only being sold due to driver injury.
Spares included:
Brand new radiator just put in car now, and good 2nd hand one in stock.
New front right wishbone.
New bearing housing assemblies both sides rear.
New headlights just fitted. Second hand ones in stock.
New rear left tail light just fitted. Secondhand in stock, but cracked.
Brand new front bumper just fitted. One used one in stock and new one.
One used rear bumper in stock.
Right front fender used.
17 WORX light weight rims (7JJ) and about
12 x SPEEDLINE wet rims (6J).
Set of spotlights and mountings.
Brand new windscreen on car and spare with crack top left, still legal.
Various assorted bolts (quite a lot), cam belts, anti roll bar links, set of rings,
Front diff retainer housing.
Brand new power steering pipes.
Washer reservoir bottle.
One new lower control arm rear. 5 x used lower control arm rear.
2 x front and 2 x rear new wheel bearings.
New turbo down pipe.
Used throttle body.
New accelerator pedal.
5 x Piper cross air filters.
8 x oil filters.
2 x fuel filters.
1 x left and 2 x right front bumper slides.
Steering rack boot.
1 x CV boot.
2 x new rear toe links and 4 x used.
3 x used tie rod ends.
3 x used tie rods.
2 x front and 2 x rear new standard driveshafts.
Left and right new rear caster links.
3 x new wheel speed sensors.
2 x new standard air filters.
many nuts and bolts.