Carolyn Spellacy / #3

Carolyn Spellacy / #3
Primary Position: Pitcher
Secondary Position: Outfield
Bats R / Throws R
Other Sports: Swimming, Squash, Soccer
Softball Achievements:
- Pitched a perfect game April 19, 2013 as a
- Starting Friends Central Pitcher as a freshman
- Friends League champs 2013, 2014
DOB: 2/24/1998
Player Email: [email protected]
- Fourth year of pitching lessons with Maria
Dibernardi- Villanova Head softball Coach
Wynnewood PA
Here is a link to my softball video:
Graduation Year: 2016
Parent Contact:
- ACT = 27
- GPA= 3.75+
- College Interest: Attend a great liberal arts
college. Then pursue an Ivy League Law
High School: Friends Central School,
Name: Robert Spellacy
Phone: 610-306-6378
Email: [email protected]
Delco Force Contact:
Community / Activities:
Coach: Pat Brough
Phone: 610-209-3186
Email: [email protected]
High School Contact:
Coach: Tony Coladonato
Lifeguard and swim instructor for
young children at Aronomink Swim
A week of service for the last 2 years
at Thorncroft- a center for disabled
therapeutic horseback riding.
Week of service this year at
Operation Ava- a rescue animal
Phone: 610-764-1096
Email: [email protected]
A quote / thought that inspires me: Hard work,
intelligence and perseverance can defeat just about
any problem