Home sales show strength in first four months of 2015

May 20, 2015
Speakman’s e-commerce
site goes live. 5
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Industrial gas
company seeks
permit for new plant
at refinery 7
Home sales show strength
in first four months of 2015
ew Castle and Kent Counties posed
double-digit increases in home sales for
the first four months of 2015 when
compared to the same period a year earlier.
Average Days on Market 173 157 180 160 Peltz’s short-term
focus was on display
at annual meeting.
Speaker at Bassett,
Dawson & Foy 30th
anniversary event
says Bull Market is
not over yet. 14
Figures from Patterson-Schwartz, the state’s
largest residential real estate broker, showed most
measurements pointing upward, including the
average number of days homes are on the market.
(See graph at right).
New Castle with a 15.5 percent jump in sold
homes when compared to the same period a year
The median price in New Castle County was
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140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 76 123 96 81 2014 2015 2015 New Castle County 2014 Kent County Sussex County Source: Pa+erson Schwartz Graph by Sharon Rainey
Home sales stats point to stronger overall market in the region
under contract in the first four months of 2015 increased 14.1 percent from
2014. The National Association of Realtors reported that nationwide home sales
up 9.2 percent during the same period increasing from $190,000 to $207,458.
The number of homes that went under contract in the first four months of 2015 are expected to finish the year at their highest pace since 2006, but price growth
and rising mortgage rates have the potential to slow sales.
increased 16 percent from 2014.
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Kent County saw a 14.3 percent increase in the number of sold homes
compared to 2014. The median price rose 3.6 from $183,400 to $190,000 in a
comparison of the four-month periods. The number of homes that went under
contract in the first four months of 2015 increased 19.4 percent from 2014.
Home sales rose 4.6 percent in Sussex County from the first four months of
2014. The median sales price posted a 2 percent decrease from $250,000 to
The number of homes that went under contract in the first four months of 2015
increased 24.2 percent from 2014.
Sussex had been the strongest housing market in the state in recent years and
a double-digit decline in the number of homes for sale may have contributed to
slower rate of increase.
Southern Chester County recorded a 15.9 percent increase in the number of
sold homes in the first four months of 2015 compared to 2014 and a 1.6 percent
decrease in the median price of sold homes, from $320,000 to $325,000. The
number of homes that went under contract in the first four months of 2015
increased 18.6 percent from the first four months a year earlier.
For the first four months of 2015, Cecil County, Md. Saw a 35.5% increase in
the number of sold homes compared to 2014 and a decrease in the median sales
price of 2.7 percent ; from $185,000 to $180,000. The number of homes going
Railroad regulators order train controls as derailment probe continues
terms of its configuration remains much the same as
it was a century ago.
he Federal Railroad Administration
ordered Amtrak to take actions that include
the installation of equipment that could have
prevented the recent derailment in Philadelphia. The
order came in a letter to the passenger railroad.
Plans remain afoot to boost speeds and track
conditions. However both Democratic and
Republican Congresses have made moves to cut
Amtrak budgets and limit capital improvements.
Public-private partnerships have also been proposed,
but have been shot down for various reasons.
Technology that would have automatically slowed
down the train had not yet been installed at the
curve in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia.
The Railroad Administration ordered the immediate
installation of the equipment.
The technology is in place for southbound trains in
the area of the derailment.
While no final determination has been made, the
train is believed to have been traveling well above the
speed limit for the curve, perhaps at more than 100
miles an hour.
Full service along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor is
was being restored this week following the derailment
that claimed eight lives. The derailment had snarled
travel in some areas.
Amtrak was also ordered to assess conditions on
all curved sections of the corridor. and add more
speed limit signs along corridor. Trains often travel
more than 100 miles an hour on the route that in
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Located in New Castle, DE | 302.262.9905
Dogfish Head gets another shot at brewpub project
ogfish Head will make its case for a
second time on an expansion of its popular
brewpub in Rehoboth Beach.
The Cape Gazette and other media outlets in
coastal Sussex reported the city’s board of adjustment
approved another hearing for the project. The board
had rejected plans to renovate the pub, citing current
restrictions that limit the size of restaurants.
The restrictions are aimed at discouraging large
entertainment establishments n Dewey Beach and
Ocean City, MD. Exceptions have been made at
various times, making the decision by the board
Derailment wreckage sent to Delaware
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Meanwhile, reports have indicated that Amtrak
and the National Traffic Safety Board have taken
wreckage to facilities in Delaware for further
Amtrak has maintenance, operations and training
facilities for engineers in Delaware. The federally
owned system employs more than 1,000 in the
In Delaware and elsewhere, the Railroad
Administration has also been working on issues
related to oil tank trans that carry crude to
Delaware City and other refining areas.
A series of rules call for changes in car
construction, maximum speeds for trains,
depending on the type of tank car and other
measures aimed at reducing the impact of
derailments that often become fiery crashes that can
result in environmental damage.
a little shaky, according to critics of the decision.
Moreover, Dogfish had no plans to expand
seating, but came under the restrictions, since new
construction would take place.
Dogfish has its roots with the brewpub The
company went on to build a brewery in the Sussex
County town of Milton and grew into one of the
nation’s 15 largest craft breweries. The brewery and
brewpub are visitor attractions in the tourism-driven
economy of the coastal area.
Speakman Co. rolls out new e-commerce site
olling out a
website is not
always big news.
But for Speakman Co.,
the new e-commerce
site that went live this
week is essential in helping the 146-year-old
company reach its customer base.
Speakman CEO Rob
Cook says the site is a top priority for the company as
more people look online for the right shower head or
faucet. Speakman is based in New Castle and employs
From left; The iconic speakman showerhead; a home with Speakman fixtures and Speakman employee Dona Colt.
tive of another homegrown company, Corporation
Services Co. (CSC). Ward is a member of a founding
family at CSC, which has grown from a Delaware
incorporation company to a nationwide provider of
corporate services.
The privately held company, credited with inventUnder Ward, Speakman posted higher sales during
ing the shower in the U.S., enjoyed a record financial
a tough period for the economy.
year in 2014 and Cook wants to build on that momentum.
Cook says Speakman has worked to maintain that
momentum and build on the already strong followCook says the e-commerce site is an important
ing for the company’s showerheads.
way to reach customers in an industry populated by
large competitors like Kohler and Moen.
Over the years, Speakman shower heads have been
popular at hotels, thanks to their durability and qualCook became CEO of the company in 2010, sucity. Guest often went home and looked for the showceeding Rodman Ward, who became the chief execu-
erheads. While available at home centers and other
locations, consumers are also looking to the web for
information, inspiration and products.
For Speakman, a new e-commerce site allows the
opportunity to engage customers in a way that can be
done on sites like Amazon.com.
Another trend in the marketplace has been the popularity of do-it-yourself remodeling projects as well as
the use of interior designers.
The Speakman site works to appeal to both trends,
with a focus on designers as well as bath product
lines anchored by shower products.
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(Video) Speakman uses multimedia
approach with new e-commerce site
From previous page
customers where they increasingly prefer to shoponline,” Cook states “As a brand that was born nearly
150 years ago, we know that innovation is at the heart
of our continued success. With this new strategy, we
are making our products even more easily available to
an even broader set of customer.”
The site also features a Performance Video Series
that shows how each showerhead model performs, as
well as a showcase with bathroom renovations from
interior designers in the Speakman Designer Spotlight
Click on the image to view video on the Reaction.
The work includes a marketing campaign focusing
on showering, as well as promotions and giveaways on
During an interview at the company’s headquarters, social media, live events, and advertising.
Cook picked up one of the company’s newest prodFounded in 1869, Speakman invented the first
ucts, the Reaction showerhead.
shower as an alternative to the tub bath. The company
The water-saving product, unlike the competition, produced plumbing equipment for the hospitality,
offers a good showering experience while conserving
designer, and contractor markets.
water, Cook says.
Cook says another important part of Speakman is its
Speakman is now working to get the story out on the line of safety products, including eye washes and conwater-saving showerhead in drought-stricken Califor- tamination showers.
nia. The company is also offering other bath plubing
Speakman, which has a large market share in the
under the “Reaction” brand.
safety market, has continued to design new products
“Our investment in e-commerce reflects our comthat meet the needs of the heavily regulated market.
mitment to delivering performance and quality to
Praxair seeks permit to build
industrial gas plant at refinery
The Delaware Department of Natural Resources
and Environmental Control (DNREC) has received
an application for a Coastal Zone Act Permit from
drink beverage machines at restaurants and other
The gas extraction sites are commonplace at
The nitrogen unit will be used to separate nitrogen
from ambient air for use at the refinery.
The carbon dioxide site will be replacing an
existing plant that has been operational for years
and which will be ceasing operations once the new
Praxair facility is operational.
Praxair, Inc., an industrial gases company that
operates a plant at the Delaware City Refinery site.
The company is seeking a permit to build a
carbon dioxide purification and liquefaction unit
and a nitrogen separation unit at the refinery 4550
Wrangle Hill Road.
The carbon dioxide unit will generate beveragegrade liquid carbon dioxide for use outside the
refinery. The carbon dioxide units are used in soft
The nitrogen facility will be a new use within the
refinery’s footprint, but has no air, water or waste
emissions. Emissions from the new Praxair carbon
dioxide acility will be less than those from the
current facility.
The Coastal Zone Act regulates and limits
development in areas along the Delaware River and
Bay and typically limits new projects to developed
areas. The act was aimed at halting the development
of additional refineries in the stare.
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Medicare physician group shows strong growth in early going
startup company of member physician practices that cover retirees
under the Medicare program is reporting strong growth in the early
In the first four months 2015, Aledade’s Delaware-based Accountable Care
Organization (ACO has become one of the largest independent practices in the
state, according to a release.
After launching on January 1 with 13 physician practices and 10,500
attributed Medicare patients, the Delaware Aledade ACO has already recruited
an additional 11 practices and now covers 18,000 a Medicare
patients this year. Quality Insights of Delaware will continue
to act as Aledade’s partner in day-to-day operations of Aledade
in Delaware.
Maryland-based Aledade, Inc. partners with independent
doctors to create and run ACOs, defined as networks of
physicians who band together to deliver coordinated care
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Investment good news for future of Delaware City refinery
From previous page
Under the provisions of the act, public hearings are
closed. Critics of the Delaware City Refinery have
that the gas boom could result in more industrial
development around Delaware City, which has seen a argued that a new rail handling facility for crude oil is
not allowed under the act.
number of plant in recent decades.
However, the Coastal Zone Act remains a
The investment by Praxair would be good news for
the refinery, which reopened about half a decade ago formidable barrier to projects that would bring blue
under the ownership of PBF Energy, after closing due collar jobs that were lost in Delaware over the years.
to massive losses during the economic downturn.
The act remains popular with Delaware residents,
A number of East Coast refining sites remain closed with many environmentalists arguing against any
change that would allow more flexibility for projects,
and are headed for demolition.
even those that might have a minimal environmental
Others, such as the Sunoco site on the Delaware
line at Marcus Hook, Pa. are being converted for
uses related to the boom in natural gas production
in western Pennsylvania. There has been speculation
A few activists argued that the Delaware City
Refinery, which employs 500, should have remained
A lingering concern is the effect of the water
discharges of the refinery on aquatic life in the in the
nearby Delaware River.
Praxair, Inc., a Fortune 250 company with 2014
sales of $12.3 billion, is the largest industrial gases
company in North and South America and one of the
largest worldwide.
Praxair operates retail sites for gases used in welding
and home health care in northern Delaware.
Aledale teams up with Quality
Insights on Medicare treatment
From previous page
quality care, cost savings, and better health outcomes.
to patients. Physicians operate under a payment
”We’re excited to be a part of Aledade’s growth
structure that rewards positive health outcomes for
patients, instead of the volume of health care services and, most importantly, to continue assisting
these practices who have demonstrated their
commitment to patient-centered, data driven care,”
John Wiesendanger, Quality Insights CEO said.
“Delaware and Quality Insights have been leaders
“Together, we can continue to improve care quality
in health care IT for over a decade, and the state
and lower costs. That’s a win for everybody, especially
has some of the most dedicated, community-based
for health care consumers in Delaware.”
independent physicians in the country,” said Dr.
Farzad Mostashari, CEO and co-founder of Aledade.
Aledade also brings regulatory expertise to
“That’s why the state was a natural fit for us, and one
Delaware physician practices, ensuring all
of the first places we started. Our success so far –
participating doctors meet necessary ACO and
and the interest in our model since we launched on
January 1 – speaks to a recognition that value-based meaningful use standards.
health care is here to stay, and Delaware physicians
are willing and eager to embrace changes taking place Internally, the ACO will establish quality
benchmarks and a governing board to develop and
across the health care industry.”
share best practices for patient outreach, engagement,
and treatment.
In addition to expanding existing ACOs in
New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Arkansas,
Aledade CEO and co-founder Mostashari, is the
Aledade recently announced partnerships to form
additional organizations in West Virginia, Tennessee, former National Coordinator for Health Information
Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas and Florida. In each Technology at the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services, and has already established
of these states, Aledade will recruit independent
primary care physicians to create a Medicare Shared successful organizations in New York, Delaware,
Savings Program ACO, dedicated to delivering high- Maryland, and Arkansas.
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Peltz’s short-term focus was apparent at annual meeting
By Doug Rainey
elson Peltz revealed his intentions and
underlying philosophy in one comment at
the DuPont annual meeting last week.
When the votes were counted, DuPont and CEO
Ellen Kullman had won an important victory over
Peltz as its slate of four directors beat out Peltz’s
forced it to sell off a nearly 25 percent chunk of
General Motors.
DuPont went on to follow the fads of the time,
acquiring coal, petroleum and other companies as it
became a conglomerate.
Decades later, DuPont had been stripped down
to a far more focused company that will become
slimmer when the Performance Chemicals business is
spun off into Chemours.
The meeting was held at what will soon be the
In a now iconic photo from DuPont Co., Kullman and Peltz
headquarters of the company at Chestnut Hill Plaza,
greet one another.
But after the trip down memory lane, Peltz got to
west of the company’s offices in the massive structure
the issue at hand. With his Trian Partner’s slate of
,spoke of being a long-term investor who wanted to
that also houses the Hotel duPont. The hotel and
four board members on board, DuPont stock could
see DuPont return to its zenith in the 1950s.
country club are reportedly up for sale.
rise to $117 share in the next year or so.
As Peltz noted, the company, at one point, was the
Chemours will move to downtown Wilmington, at
So much for the long-term view. Peltz revealed
most valuable on the planet in terms of stock market
least in the short term.
that he is looking for short-term gains that would
justify the $8 million or so the billionaire spent in the
Shortly before the vote was announced, Peltz was
Left out of the statement was the fact that DuPont DuPont proxy battle.
offered the opportunity to give a 10-minute speech.
This came after frequent appearances on CNBC, the was booming in the Mad Men era, after World War
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II. This was true, even after the federal government
cable network that loved the unfolding drama. He
From previous page
Any number of things
could move DuPont’s
stock price past $100.
By cutting overhead
costs which are down
considerably from past
eras, profits could show
a brief surge. Peltz also seems willing to further
separate DuPont, with spin-offs of agriculture and
the remaining businesses of the company.
A slimmed down DuPont, with
Peltz riding in the backseat,
has little room for error.
work likes ahead in spinning off Chemours and
keeping DuPont focused. At a slimmed down
DuPont, with Peltz riding in the backseat, has little
room room for error.
Then again, there may be other well-known
Long-term, this would bring the end of DuPont
companies that might prove tempting for his brand
as behemoths would swallow up those pieces.
Chemours is likely to see a similar fate post spin-off. of stock buying and what some see as bullying.
The stock market itself could resume its climb,
although some are predicting a correction at some
point that would blow away Peltz’s analysis.
In other words, making short term predictions
about short-term stock market gains is a political
speech more than a true evaluation of the company.
Meanwhile, Kullman is now widely viewed as the
strong CEO DuPont needs in coming years.
Peltz, clearly relishing the limelight, will also stick
around, perhaps waiting for a misstep or truly bad
earnings report at DuPont. We do not know the
extent of his support, but the final vote was close.
Indeed, Kullman told shareholders that much
Few are doubting Peltz’s determination. After all,
he has stuck around for two years and during that
period DuPont shares have risen and is quite willing
to take full credit for that trend. For now, corporate
America owes a debt of gratitude to Ellen Kullman
for taking a stand.
In a way, it seems unfair that an investor, like
Peltz, would continue to hound a company that has
performed well in an effort to extract an extra bump
in the stock price.
There are any number of poorly run companies
that might benefit more from his strategy.
But with hundreds of billions of dollars available
to hedge funds, more than one CEO of a wellrun company is likely to see Peltz on his or her
OSHA recommends $122,100 fine for safety
violations at Dollar General store in Bear
he Federal Occupational
Safety and Health
Administration has
recommended hefty penalties for a
for a Dollar General Store in Bear The review by OSHA inspectors
was conducted in November 2014
at the store at 1679 Pulaski Highway, where four
violations were found.
continues to put its employees at
risk,” said Erin Patterson, director
of OSHA’s Wilmington Area Office.
“In a fire or emergency, every second
counts. A blocked exit route can lead to
tragedy. The company needs to address
these serious issues immediately.”
OSHA’s inspection found one willful violation and
other violations, including electrical panel and fire
extinguisher hazards at the Bear store.
Proposed penalties total $122,100. The inspection
Based in Goodlettsville, TN, Dollar General is the
found exits to be blocked by boxes,
nation’s largest “small-box discount retailer.” It employs
more than 11,000 and opened its 11,000th store in
The recent violations continue a six-year history of
similar safety hazards found in more than 70 inspections 2013.
of Dollar General Corp.’stores nationwide, OSHA
The Bear-Glasgow area is blanketed by Dollar General,
which competes with Walmart with low prices and
smaller sizes of products like laundry detergent.
The company has received more than 40 citations
since 2009. Many involved blocked emergency exits
and electrical panels, and improperly maintained fire
“Again and again, our inspectors have found similar
hazards at Dollar General stores, yet the company
Earlier General competitor, Dollar Tree was also
assessed a six-figure fine for violations similar to those at
Dollar General, at a store in north Wilmington.
Dollar General has 15 business days from receipt of its
citations and proposed penalties to comply, request a
Perdue putting
740-acre Showell
property on market
John McClellan, and Ben Alder, both
Senior Advisors with Sperry Van Ness – Miller
Commercial Real Estate have been retained by
Perdue Farms to represent them in the sale of
the former Showell poultry complex. Sperry
Van Ness -Miller has offices in Delaware and
The property was acquired as part of Perdue’s
purchase of Showell Poultry in 1995 and
is comprised of 740 acres; 300 tillable, 297
wooded and 143 facility acres. The zoning
ranges from agriculture to heavy industrial,
with the railroad bisecting one large industrial
parcel. Parcels are primarily located in Showell
and Bishopville with one parcel located in
McClellan and Alder are conducting a
marketing campaign targeted at agriculture,
timber and industrial land buyers. They stated,
“These properties offer a range of values and
utility to land buyers and we are looking
forward to working with Perdue to make this
a successful project.”
Regulators in DE, MD OK merger
of Exelon, Delmarva Power parent
y a 3 to 2 vote, the Maryland Public Service
Commission has approved the merger of Pepco
Holdings with Exelon. That was followed by
approval by its counterpart in Delaware, the News
Journal reported.
The following stories in
DelawareBusinessDaily.com recorded
the most visits in the past week.
1. DuPont prevails in proxy battle
2. Dollar General in Bear faces $122,100 fine
3. Riverfront miniature golf course opens
The merger would give Exelon control of a vast
stretch of territory extending from Washington, DC
though the Philadelphia area. (PECO) and the Jersey
Shore (Pepco’s Atlantic City Electric).
4. (Photo gallery) 500 attend 50th
anniversary for Mitchell Associates
Exelon’s Conowingo Dam in Maryland.
The BG&E system has been book-ended by PEPCO’s
Delmarva , which operates Delmarva Power on the
Exelon operates the nation’s largest collection of
Eastern Shore and Delaware, and PEPCO, which
nuclear power plants, but does not own coal-fired
operates in Washington, D.C. and its Maryland
generators. It also operates the Conowingo Dam
and its hydroelectric pant on the Susquehanna River
Potomac Edison serves the western area of Maryland between Harford and Cecil counties.
and some rural areas are served by cooperative like
Choptank Electric on the Eastern Shore.
The response to the proposed merger has been more
muted in Delaware, with the Sierra Club focusing
on more local issues like the wastewater plan for
Rehoboth beach and the now-dead Data Centers/
power plant project in Newark.
The merger was met with stiff opposition
in Maryland, with the Sierra Club and other
environmental organizations worried that Exelon
would throttle alternative energy efforts. Exelon has
vowed to wall off its utility and generation businesses to “In this Order we approve the merger of Exelon
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avoid conflicts.
5. Chemours secures financing related to
DuPont spin-off
6. Business people: May 13-19, 2015
7.Tiger Direct closing Christiana store
8. Christiana Mall area moves into the fast
9,SEC claims ex-Wilmington Trust
president, 3 other officers understated loan
10. Cinemark to open 12-screen theater at
Christiana Mall this month
11. E-ZPass offering free transponder for new
Investment strategist says bull market could last several years
n investment chief for a large brokerage
firm says the current bull market is not
ending. “We’re in a secular bull market,”
says Jeff Saut, chief investment strategist for
Raymond James. Saut spoke at a dinner marking
the 30th anniversary of the financial planning firm
of Bassett, Dawson & Foy, Inc.
Bassett, Dawson & Foy, based near Wilmington,
offers securities through Raymond James.
The term secular bull market refers to a longrunning bull market. Saut did caution that a market
correction of 10 percent or so is likely at some point.
could last another eight or nine years, Saut says.
The Dow Jones Average has been unchanged so
far this year after a 7.5 percent gain in 2014 and a
nearly 30 percent jump in 2013.
Saut made the case for active management of
portfolios in the current market with an eye on stocks
that have not performed particularly.
Jeff Saut
He added that a rare “black swan” event, like the
911-like attack or a nuclear exchange could also
derail the market. Overall, the current bull market
Power plants worry environmentalists
better off for it.” The looming retirement of Pepco’s
CEO and regulatory struggles in Delaware and
and Pepco Holdings, Inc. because, simply put, the
evidence demonstrates that Delmarva and Pepco will Maryland are believed to have played a role in the
merger that had been anticipated for decades, even
be better utilities because of the merger, and that
when Delmarva Power and BG&E were freestanding
the statutory requirements are satisfied,” the order
From previous page
“Exelon has demonstrated that it knows how
to run electric and gas distribution companies;
indeed it is nationally recognized for its standards
of excellence, and Maryland’s consumers will be
Earlier, the Delaware PSC had been critical of the
amount of spending for Delmarva Power’s system
and issued a rate increase that was far smaller than
the amount sought by the utility.
The reason for Saut’s optimism are forces at work
in the American economy – innovation, an affordable
manufacturing environment and growing energy
Innovation continues to drive the American
economy, he said, pointing to the performance of
companies like Apple and automaker Tesla.
Saut pointed to the growth of automaker BMW in
the United States, noting that the company is poised
to build more vehicles in South Carolina than in its
home country of Germany.
This is due to a location in a right to work state
where the average wage is half the $67 or so in
Germany., he said. Saut also noted that the US is
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Bassett Dawson & Foy celebrates its 30th anniversary
From previous page
moving toward energy independence thanks to
continued growth in oil and gas production. He
also notes that “gigantic amounts of capital remain
available” for expansion and modernization as
companies continue to post healthy earnings.
Short-term, he sees at least faint signs of bipartisanship by Congress and the president that
could accelerate the pace of economic expansion,
Saut says.
Saut admitted that economic growth has been
slow in the first and perhaps second quarters, but is
expected to pick up during the rest of the year.
One key indicator, auto sales, remain strong and
housing could also be picking up, according to the
investment strategist.
About 150 clients and friends were on hand for the
anniversary celebration of Bassett, Dawson & Foy,
which has clients in more than two dozen states.
The company’s offices are at the E.A. Delle Donne
Corporate Center west of Wilmington.
In left photo, are founders Joseph Bassett, left and Frederick Dawson, receive awards. In right photo, are principals
of the firm, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. They are, from left: Brad Foy, vice president; Fred
Dawson, executive vice president; Holly Chappell, attorney; Joe Bassett, president; and Brian Dawson, vice president
of operations.
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May 20,
Capital One,
US Airways flying into history as reservations merger approaches
he name of US Airways is disappearing
from the travel scene, with a major milestone
coming this summer and fall.
customer service problems of its own, according to
a story in USA Today that reported on some fliers
avoiding the airline when possible .
American has continued to assure customers
and staff that it plans to maintain a major hub in
Philadelphia. That hub is a key factor in the economy
of northern Delaware, a short drive from the airport
on the western edge of Philadelphia.
American Airlines, in a letter to travel agents,
outlined its plans that include the end of flights
carrying the US Airways name in October.
Martha Thomas, communications manager
for American, said the US Airways reservations
platform will move over to the American SABRE
changes will occurs over time, including new signs,
repainting of planes to the American colors and
moving boarding gates.
Thomas said the process will take place in a process
that is sometimes known as a drain down. The process US Airways suffered through many merger-related
moves reservations over to the American system over problems as it acquired airlines over the years.
a period of time. That could minimize problems
Carriers have since have become more skilled in the
of a quick conversion seen in other reservations
integration efforts.
Unlike previous mergers for US Airways, the
Frequent flier systems of US Airways and American American integration is not facing the cost-cutting
have already been merged as a way to avoid too many pressures that often led to labor-management and
changes taking place at one time, Thomas said. Other other battles. At the same time, American has
At one point, Delaware was believed to be the
home of hundreds of US Airways employees., some
of whom relocated years ago when Piedmont Airlines
was bought by the carrier.
Despite the care taken by carriers, airline mergers
have seen mixed results in recent years.
A nearly half-decade-long integration of Southwest
and Airtran went relatively smoothly. Southwest has
emerged as a higher fare carrier that has reduced its
presence in Philadelphia as US Airways fought back.
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DuPont fined $99,000 after gas leak that claimed four lives
he Occupational Safety and Health
Administration fined DuPont $99,000 for
violations in a fatal gas link at its LaPorte,
Texas site.
OSHA cited DuPont for 11 safety violations and
identified scores of safety upgrades the company
must undertake to prevent future accidents at its
Lannate/API manufacturing building in La Porte, a
release stated. The company employs 313 workers
who manufacture crop protection materials and
Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David
Michaels. “Had the company assessed the dangers
involved, or trained their employees on what to do if
the ventilation system stopped working, they might
“Four people lost their lives and their families lost
have had a chance.” The fatal incident occurred as one
loved ones because DuPont did not have proper
safety procedures in place,” said Assistant Secretary of worker was overwhelmed when methyl mercaptan gas
Combined airlines face challenges
United is working to beef up its less than stellar
Southwest claims that when luggage fees are added in, reputation for customer service, the Chicago Tribune
reports. American faces similar challenges that could
its fares are competitive.
get much worse if the integration process goes awry
at some point.
The merger of United and Continental is widely
viewed as less successful, although lower fuel revenues
Often viewed as the most successful mega merger
and various fees paid by fliers have kept all carriers in
was the integration of Delta and Northwest.
the black.
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was unexpectedly released when she opened a drain
on a vent line. Two co-workers who came to her aid
were also overcome.
None of the three wore respirators. A fourth
co-worker - the brother of one of the fallen men attempted a rescue, but was unsuccessful. All four
people died in the building.
DuPont was cited for one repeat, nine serious and
one other than serious OSHA violations. The repeat
violation was assessed for not training employees
on using the building’s ventilation system and other
safety procedures, such as how to respond if the fans
stopped working. In July 2010, DuPont was cited
for a similar violation. The company has 15 days to
(Photos of the plant are from the U.S. Chemical Safety
Delaware State U signs agreement with software giant SAP
elaware State University, SAP SE SAP),
and the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group
(ASUG) recently announced the launch
of an initiative “Project Propel Empowered by SAP”
that will enable Historically Black Colleges and
Universities and students to have access to software.
“HBCUs represent a tremendous source of early
talent that will help SAP, our customers and our
partners to fuel innovation and succeed in a rapidly
changing world,” said Bill McDermott, CEO of
SAP. “I am thrilled that SAP University Alliances
SAP University Alliances and SAP’s Black Employee
Network are teaming with ASUG and DSU to drive
strong engagement with HBCUs to enhance their
students’ academic and career outcomes.”
“ASUG members are seeking graduates with skills
in SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA and analytics
solutions from SAP, as well as knowledge of the latest
industry trends including the Internet of Things,
the business network, big data and user experience/
design innovation,” said Geoff Scott, CEO of the
users group. “We look forward to connecting our
community to early talent at HBCUs skilled in
these areas to enable our members to further drive
innovation with their SAP investments.”
century workforce. ASUG is the world’s largest
independent SAP users’ group, made up of more
than 100,000 individuals at 3,800 companies in
more than 17 industries across the SAP ecosystem,
with a mission of providing ASUG members with
“Delaware State University is honored to be
the resources, tools, and connections they need to
partnering with SAP, one of the tech industry’s biggest maximize the return on their SAP investment.
leaders,” said DSU President Harry L. Williams. “We
are excited to be the HBCU Center of Excellence
Tech Trends event tonight
for this initiative. As a result of this partnership,
Delaware State University will support faculty from
wo hundred people are expected to attend
HBCUs across the U.S., enabling students to gain
the Top Tech Trends celebration, tonight,
hands on experience in SAP’s latest technologies as
beginning at 5:30 p.m.
part of their degree programs. This initiative is truly a
monumental movement in ensuring the exposure of
The event is presented by the Technology Forum
emerging technologies to students.”
of Delaware and will be held at the Capital One
SAP University Alliances is a global initiative that
builds the next generation talents for the digital
enterprise, and drives innovation from universities
to the SAP ecosystem. At more than 2,000 member
institutions in over 85 countries, SAP University
Alliances partners with faculty to develop highly
qualified graduates with critical skills for the 21st
Building on Delaware Avenue in Wilmington. Walk
up registration and payments are accepted.
The latest tech trends will be covered and Capital
One will hold a career fair for tech professionals.
kudos (business honors)
LIA Diagnostics wins national honors
for pregnancy test technology
he Women’s Business Center at First State
Community Loan Fund (CLF) received
national recognition when Delaware’s
contestant LIA Diagnostics won the first-ever
InnovateHER Business Challenge, sponsored by the
US Small Business Administration.
Along with a $15,000 prize, as the local winner,
LIA Diagnostics received $500, sponsored by M&T
Bank, and support from First State CLF’s Retail
Assistance Program.
LIA Diagnostics, created by Anna Couturier,
Bethany Edwards, Frances DiMare and Sarah
Rottenberg, developed a rnew pregnancy test that
incorporates biodegradable materials and protects
the user’s privacy. The young firm has drawn notice
in the $730 million pregnancy test market, which,
according to Edwards, has seen little innovation in
product design over the past 30 years.
“LIA is the next generation pregnancy test. And
the test has been designed by women, for women,”
“This recognition validates the impact of Delaware’s
new WBC and is a testament to the amazing heights
in innovation Delaware businesswomen can reach,”
said Jessica Carmona Gibson, the Women’s Business
Center Program director.
WSFS’ Eddens honored by alma mater
Peggy H. Eddens, executive vice president, chief
human capital officer, WSFS Bank was inducted
the Distinguished Alumni Circle at her alma mater,
La Roche College. The distinguished Alumni
Circle was established in 2013 in conjunction
with the college’s 50th Anniversary and recognizes
the outstanding contributions of alumni to their
professions and their communities.
Edwards said. “LIA’s use of innovative materials
allows our tests to be cheaper, more sustainable and
easier to use...privacy and empowerment are the two
biggest roadblocks in women’s health. LIA will finally
Sir Speedy sales reps honored
allow women the freedom to control the pregnancy
Jim Hewitt and Brynn Hudson, sales reps at Sir
test experience on their terms.”
Speedy in Newark, recently received an Application
Innovation Award (AIA) at the annual Sir Speedy
The SBA received hundreds of InnovateHER
Sales Forum event. The AIA contest recognizes the
applications for unique products and services from
across the country. The winner needed to demonstrate sales efforts of those who develop innovative solutions
to solve customer challenges. The entry process
an impact on women navigating the challenges
requires salespeople to submit detailed reports that
of work and family life. After winning the local
competition six weeks ago, LIA Diagnostics defeated outline the challenge their customer faced, the
marketing solution they created for the client, and the
14 other national finalists in Washington.
results of the marketing solution.
not for profit
SoDel restaurant event raises $5,005
for Meals on Wheels
SoDel Concepts, a Rehoboth Beach, DE-based
hospitality group, recently presented a check for
$5,005 to Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth. The
funds were raised during a series of truffle-themed
dinners, known as “Let There Be Truffles.” The events
took place April 21-23 at three of SoDel Concepts’
Since last October, SoDel Concepts has been
preparing 360 meals a day for home bound seniors
from Fish On’s kitchen. “We know firsthand how
many homebound seniors Meals on Wheels LewesRehoboth helps every day,” said Scott Kammerer,
president and CEO of SoDel Concepts, which in
addition to eight restaurants owns Plate Catering,
Big Thunder Roadside Kitchen, a food truck, and
hospitality management and consulting divisions.
“We will do anything we can do to help them
continue their good works.”
The multic-ourse meals at each restaurant featured
truffles from Susan Alexander, president and CEO
of Black Diamond French Truffles and Susan Rice
Truffle Products. “It was really exciting for the SoDel
team to create menus all around truffles,” said Doug
Ruley, corporate chef for SoDel Concepts. “I think
all of the chefs who hosted the ‘Let There Be Truffles’
event did an amazing job of incorporating truffles
into their restaurant’s cuisine while highlighting their
own personal style.”
Cape Business Network makes donation
The CAPE Business Network presented a check
to Mary Rio, Founder of Clothing Our Kids, at
the Ocean Grill restaurant in Lewes DE. Clothing
Our Kids is a non-profit organization that provides
clothing to Sussex County school aged children in
need. Their mission is to improve the lives of at-risk
children by providing them with essential school
clothing. To learn more about how you can volunteer,
donate or support their efforts, contact Mary Rio at
302-864-5437 (KIDS). The Cape Business Network
includes representatives of the following businesses: Bank of Delmarva, Bernstein Communications, Best
Fireplace, Caliber Home Loans, Delaweb Designs, Delmarva
Distributing, Diamond State Financial Group, Donna’s
Touch, Fitness After Fifty, Freddie-Fix-It, Henlopen
Chiropractic, Hot Steam Carpet Clean, Little Paws & Big
Adventures, Man-Maid Cleaning, Inc., Marie’s Cleaning
Service, Melaleuca, Inc, Money Mailer, Parcel Plus, Portraits
In The Sand, Remax Realty Group, Silver Electric, Tax &
Accounting Advisors, Top Notch Heating & Air
Conditioning and Weaver Real Estate Appraisal.
off the clock
Beer gardens on selected
Fridays at Winterthur
Winterthur, taking inspiration from by the A Colorful Folk: Pennsylvania Germans &
the Art of Everyday Life exhibition, will have a pop-up beer garden on selected Fridays,
beginning this week.
The events will feature German food, including bratwurst, strudel and pretzels, regional
craft beer and live entertainment, all in the tradition of beer gardens that were part of the
German culture in this region.
The exhibition focuses on the world of the Pennsylvania Germans and their folk art,
including decorated manuscripts (fraktur), textiles, furniture, metalwork, and pottery. No
tickets or reservations are required. The beer gardens are open to the public. For further
details visit: http://www.winterthur.org/?p=764 or call 800.448.3883.
The beer garden will run from 4 p.m to 9 p.m. The garden will operate on Mary 29,
June 19, June 26, July 17, July 24, August 14 and August 21 at the Winterthur Museum
and Gardens, off Route 52, near Greenville.
Winterthur features collections of American decorative arts at the former home of a
duPont family member. Winterthur gained national renown with a Downton Abbey
exhibition tht came out of the hit PBS TV show.
Gospel brunch at Food & Wine fest
A rousing concert by the Combined Choir of Calvary Baptist
Church, Dover, highlighted the final day of the MidAtlantic Wine +
Food Festival.
The event at World Café Live at the Queen Wilmington, featured
a walk-around brunch with the creations of regional chefs, , as well
as wine, beer and specialty drinks.
The five-day event featured dozens of food and wine offerings from
around the region.
off the clock/calendar
business calendar...
Doing Business with Germany
Mini golf new riverfront amenity
With upwards of $1 billion invested in the Wilmington Riverfront, the
state-owned Riverfront Development Corp. is adding amenities that will
bring families to the area.
Opening last weekend was a miniature golf course near the Delaware
Children’s Museum, now managed by the Riverfront Corporation. The
course is open seven days a week with an admission fee of $8.
The new course comes after the opening of new apartments, hotel and
cinema in the once desolate area of Wilmington that housed the city’s shipbuilding industry.
When: Thursday, June 11 8:30 a.m. – 10:30
Where: Delaware Biotechnology Institute, 15
Innovation Way, Newark, DE
Cost: $25/members of World Trade Center
Delaware or German American Chambers of
Commerce, $50/non-members
Register: http://www.wtcde.com
Details: World Trade Center Delaware hosts
seminar on trade with Germany
Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia,
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and
Gates & Company.
Speaker Ulrich Britting, CPA and managing
director of BEST AUDIT GmbH, will lead
the seminar, starting with a general introduction to trade with Germany and some key cultural difference. Stephanie Chapman, manager
of Tax & Small Business with Belfint Lyons
and Shuman, will cover considerations of U.S.
tax obligations and reporting requirements for
U.S. companies doing business in Germany.
Germany is the fourth largest economy in
the world, a powerhouse in the European
Union, and a vital trading partner for
Small Business Conference End-ofAmerican businesses as European governments Session Legislative Brunch
continue to negotiate with the United States
When: Wednesday, June 3 from 9:00 a.m. to
on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment
12:30 p.m.
Where: Dover Downs Hotel & Conference
Center 1131North DuPont Highway Learn more about trade with Germany at
Ballrooms A & B Dover, DE 19903
“Doing Business with Germany,” a seminar
Cost: $50 Members and $75 Nonmembers.
hosted by the World Trade Center Delaware
$175 / Member exhibit tables (additional $75
and presented by Belfint Lyons & Shuman,
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and sponsored by the German American
business calendar
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charge for electric). $275 / Non-member exhibit tables (additional $75 charge for electric)
*No charge, if you choose to attend Small Business Day in
Dover. only. However, pre-registration is required o
Register: Online at WWW.DSCC.COM or phone (302)
Details: Each June, the Small Business Conference &
End-of-Session Legislative Brunch features remarks by
State House and Senate leadership as well as a trade show
highlighting some of the state’s small businesses. The event
is designed to bring together small business owners and
their respective legislators to foster and strengthen the
relationships between state government and the private
sector. Bound by a common goal, the two can work
together to improve Delaware’s economic climate.
Peabody Award-winning host of WHYY-FM’s
Fresh Air, Terry Gross
Renovation, Repair, and Painting
compliance workshops
When: Sunday, June 7 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Where: The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE
Cost: VIP reception and lecture ticket package is $200 (two
tickets) and includes a $50 membership to WHYY. Regular
tickets start at $25.
Kent County – Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 9:00 a.m.11:30 a.m., DPH TraininCenter, Edgehill Training Center,
43 S. DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901.
Sussex County – Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 9:00 a.m.11:30 a.m., First State Community Action, Stanford L.
Bratton Bldg., 308 N. Railroad Ave., Georgetown, DE
19947. VIP reception from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. VIP tickets
entitle guests to a catered reception and “the best seats in the
house” during Gross’s lecture.
Cost: Free
Register: WHYY.org/events or call The Grand Opera
House at 1-800-37-GRAND.
Register: Registration includes a free continental breakfast
and a complimentary lead test kit for the first 25 to regisDetails: Peabody Award-winning host of WHYY-FM’s
ter at each location. To register, contact Jo Ann Freddo at
Fresh Air, Terry Gross, will be at The Grand Opera House
[email protected] or 302-744-4772.
in Wilmington, DE. Gross has hosted Fresh Air from
WHYY-FM’s studios for 40 years.
Details: Attendees to this free Renovation, Repair, and
The morning session will spotlight Delaware businesses
Painting compliance workshop will receive information on
with table top displays and a timely discussion on issues
At Off Air with Fresh Air, Gross will share some of the
maintaining proper records and given forms to ensure comfacing the business community as the legislative session
stories she’s collected over the years and play clips of her
pliance with state and federal requirements.
draws to a close. President Pro Tempore Patricia Blevins and
favorite and most interesting interviews.
Speaker of the House Peter Schwartzkopf are the keynote
Registrants will receive advice from an experienced prospeakers for brunch. They will discuss the current state of
Illustrations by the late Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist
gram auditor and will take home tips on documenting
affairs as we near the end of the legislative session. New this
Tony Auth will accompany her on stage.
receipt of the “Renovate Right” pamphlet, current work site
year is a post-brunch event, Small Business Day in Dover, to
requirements, and sample marketing materials.
take place in Tatnall Rm 112 where you will have the
After her talk, guests are invited to give Gross a taste of
opportunity to meet with committee chairs and discuss how
her own medicine during a question-and-answer session.
decisions made in Dover might impact your business.
Anastasio (58) currently serves as
executive chair of GasLog Partners
Chemours board members named
LP, a global owner, operator,
The Chemours Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of
DuPont announced that eight individuals have been and manager of liquefied natural
selected to serve on the company’s board of directors gas carriers and as vice chair of
Par Petroleum Corporation, a
following its spinoff from DuPont. Chemours is
comprised of the Performance Chemicals business of diversified energy company.
DuPont. The spin-off is expected to occur on July 1,
with Chemours moving to DuPont’s former corporate Bell (62) currently serves
headquarters in downtown, with DuPont going to the as non-executive chair of the
board of directors of Momentive
Chestnut Run site, where Chemours has offices.
Performance Materials Holdings Inc., a global
manufacturer of silicones, quartz, and ceramics.
The new board members will be Richard Brown,
chair of the board, as well as Curtis Anastasio,
Brown (67) currently serves as chair of Browz, LLC,
Bradley Bell, Mary Cranston, Curtis Crawford,
Dawn Farrell, Stephen Newlin, and Mark Vergnano. a global leader of contractor pre-qualification and
compliance solutions. He is a former DuPont board
“I am extremely pleased with the formation of the
Chemours Board of Directors,” said Vergnano,
Cranston (67) is a retired senior partner and chair
executive vice president, DuPont and CEO designate
emeritus of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLC,
of Chemours. “Our Board brings together the
an international law firm. Prior to her retirement in
full range of experience and technical knowledge
required to oversee Chemours, drawing on a wealth 2012, Cranston served as chair, chief executive officer
and senior partner of Pillsbury. She currently serves
of experience in the chemical industry, finance,
on the boards of Visa, Inc. and Juniper Networks,
operations, innovation and risk management
Inc. Crawford (67) currently serves as president and
combined with solid business judgment.”
chief executive officer of XCEO, Inc., a consulting
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firm specializing in leadership and corporate
governance. Prior to founding XCEO Inc., he served
as president and chief executive officer of Onix
Microsystems and Zilog Inc. He is a former DuPont
board member.
Farrell (55) currently serves as president and
chief executive officer of TransAlta Corporation, an
electricity power generator and wholesale marketing
company. Prior to becoming president and chief
executive officer,
Newlin (62) currently serves as executive chair of
PolyOne Corporation, a global provider of specialized
polymer materials, services and solutions. Formerly,
he served as the chair, president and chief executive
officer of PolyOne.
Vergnano (57) will serve as president, chief
executive officer and director of Chemours. He is
currently executive vice president of DuPont and
has had several leadership positions throughout the
company including the areas of manufacturing,
technology, marketing, sales and business strategy.
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SevOne appoints VPs
announced it has
appointed Jeff Melvin and
Shiva Pillay as vice presidents
for Enterprise Sales for the
Americas and Asia-Pacific regions,
respectively. Melvin and Pillay will Melvin
report directly to Bill Conners,
senior vice president of worldwide
sales and business development.
Melvin will be leading the
Americas Enterprise Sales team,
accelerating growth and adding
new customers to SevOne’s current
list of world-class organizations,
which includes Lockheed Martin Pillay
Melvin is an industry veteran with more than
two decades of sales management experience. Most
recently, Melvin served as executive vice president for
worldwide sales and service at Axeda. Prior to joining
Axeda, Melvin held roles with Agiliance, Apparent
Networks, Network Intelligence and Engage
Systems. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Bates
College in Lewiston, Maine.
Green new chair for
Delaware Tech
Pillay is responsible for building and expanding
SevOne’s success in the Asia-Pacific region, expanding
SevOne’s sales team and forging new partnerships
with world-class master distributors and resellers.
Pillay previously worked as Director for RSA, the
Security Division of EMC, overseeing the company’s
global services leadership team for the Asia-Pacific
Governor Jack A. Markell
nominated, and the Delaware State
Senate confirmed, Scott A. Green
as chair of Delaware Tech’s Board
of Trustees.
During his seven years with RSA, Pillay established
a diverse bench of sales professionals and developed
strategy for driving efficiency across all of RSA’s
services to deliver better outcomes for customers.
He was also responsible for spearheading
improvements and innovation for the company’s
customer satisfaction program, profitable operations,
employee satisfaction and practitioner development.
Prior to joining RSA, Pillay worked as a business
development manager for ICT Security. He holds a
Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wollongong
in New South Wales, Australia.
Green is the executive director
of the Delaware River and Bay
Authority (DRBA). In his role, he serves as the
agency’s chief executive officer. He is responsible
for management and operations of the Delaware
Memorial Bridge, Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Delaware
City-Salem Ferry, and five regional airports. In
addition, he previously served as a commissioner and
vice-chairman for DRBA.
Prior to joining DRBA, Green was a senior
executive vice president with MBNA/Bank of
America. He served as a partner in several Delaware
law firms and counsel to the Delaware State House
of Representatives, county attorney for New Castle
County, law clerk for the Superior Court of Delaware
and legislative aide for U.S. Senator William Roth. .
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Green holds a bachelor’s degree in international
relations from the University of Delaware and a
juris doctor from American University, Washington
College of Law.
He is a member of the Delaware Judicial
Nominating Commission.
Early College High School
leader named
The Early College High School
at Delaware State University has
announced the appointment of Dr.
Evelyn A. Edney as the school’s
new leader. She will assume the
position following her term as
principal at Dover High School.
Dr. Alton Thompson, provost and executive vice
president for Academic Affairs at Delaware State and
chairperson of the Board of Directors of the [email protected]
DSU, noted that “Dr. Edney thoroughly understands
and appreciates secondary education because of her
visionary and contemporary leadership in several
teaching and administrative positions in secondary
schools in Delaware for the past 24 years. In addition,
she has worked with intensity, passion and design
thinking to create a strong school community
that motivates teachers and staff to ensure student
achievement,” Thompson said.
She has served on a number of important boards in
the state including the Delaware Women’s Alliance for
Sport & Fitness, the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic
Association, the National Association of Secondary
School Principals, the Delaware Association of School
Administrators, the Delaware Association of School
Principals, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and Delta
Kappa Gamma Educational Sorority International.
In addition, Edney has participated in Vision 2015
Delaware (executive leadership training) and Vision
Network (establishing guidelines for student efficacy).
She graduated with both Bachelor and Master
of Arts in English degrees from the University of
Delaware and a Doctoral Degree in Educational
Leadership with a concentration in Curriculum and
Instruction from the University of Phoenix.
The mission of the Early College High School
at Delaware State University is to provide highly
motivated students with a curriculum concentrating
on science, technology, engineering and mathematics
that is integrated with the relevant curriculum at
Delaware State University such that all students
graduate with one to two years of college credits and
are in a favorable position to graduate from college.
The school shall provide a safe, caring and
nurturing environment that develops students’
academic, social skills and personal character traits
necessary for successful college completion, with a
special focus on high school students who will be the
first generation in their families to become college
Oursler named to Freeman board
The Joshua M. Freeman Foundation announced
the appointment of Marnie Oursler to its Board of
The founder and president of Marnie Custom
Homes, Marnie Oursler builds community by
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giving back: whether by using
locally-sourced materials, helping
students get hands-on learning
opportunities, or supporting arts
education for underprivileged
“I am honored to join the
board of the Joshua M. Freeman Oursler
Foundation. They have made the
Delaware Beaches a premier arts
destination and I look forward to furthering their
mission of providing inspired arts education for all,”
says Oursler.
Marnie has been nationally recognized as
Professional Builder Magazine’s “40 Under 40” and
was awarded 2015 Best of Design by Houzz.com.
Additionally, she received one of the world’s most
distinguished business honors, the Gold Stevie®
Award as Entrepreneur of the Year for Women in
A graduate of the Cross Continent MBA program
at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business,
Marnie is a guest lecturer at the University of
Maryland’s Graduate School of Architecture and a
frequent public speaker on topics.
The Joshua M. Freeman Foundation, a 501(c)3
nonprofit organization, was established in 2007 to
honor Josh Freeman, the former Chair of the Carl
M. Freeman Foundation, after his untimely death in
December of 2006. The Joshua M. Freeman Foundation seeks to
honor Josh’s passion and commitment to excellence
by creating projects that he would have been proud
of. Our mission is to partner to present memorable
performances & provide inspired arts education for
all, while creating opportunities to elevate the human
spirit. With The Freeman Stage at Bayside, an outdoor
performing arts venue located near Fenwick Island,
DE, the foundation’s acts on that mission by
providing unique arts experiences to over 50,000
visitors a year.
Biddle named AVP at Aristans’
Artisans’ Bank announced that Laura A. Biddle,
Assistant Vice President, Branch Operations has
been promoted to Vice President,
Branch Sales and Operations
in the Bank’s Retail Banking
Division. Biddle will provide
operational and sales support for
the entire branch network.
Her new responsibilities will
include implementing new and
updated policies and procedures,
monitoring/coaching branch sales,
overseeing branch staffing, providing tracking and
reporting on branch sales, and overseeing operations
and controls for all branch banking activities.
Biddle joined the Bank in 1995 and has held a
variety of positions within the Bank’s Operations and
Branch Administration departments.
She earned her bachelor’s degree in business
administration from Goldey- Beacom College.
She is a member of Alpha Chi National College
Honor Society and is a member of the New Castle
County Chamber Of Commerce.
business licenses
Editor’s note: Business licenses are
issued in Delaware as a revenue raising
Professional/Personal Services
PO BOX 5151
11712 GLEN CIR
330 S TRYON ST STE 500
CHARLOTTE, NC 28202-2041
DOVER, DE 19904-3588 ALAN HOOD
PO BOX 7362
NEWARK, DE 19713-3341 44 OLD FORGE DR
704 N KING ST STE 100
WILMINGTON, DE 19801-3586 Wholdesaler
BEAR, DE 19701-1614 Manufacturer
MIDDLETOWN, DE 19709-4626 Contractor
NEWARK, DE 19702-4141 AKDR LLC
BEAR, DE 19701-1453 Retailer
WILMINGTON, DE 19802-4146 Contractor