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Issue 2— Autumn 2015
A Newsletter for Toowoomba and surrounds families with
information about upcoming events and general goings on
around Toowoomba as well as helpful tips on coping with
defence life, plus fun stuff, recipes and much more….
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Support For Your Family
Spouse Business Register
Promoting Helpful Ways of Thinking —
article provided by DCO
Kid Zone—Find the Words
Kid Zone—Connect the Dots
DCO Community Welcome Expo
Kids Recipe Corner
News from the TDFSA
Colouring in Competition
TDFSA Activities
Community Connections
Local School Holiday Activities
Coffee Club Venues List
TDFSA Upcoming Events
TDFSA Membership
Defence Family Helpline
Local Markets
Support For Your Family
Defence Family Helpline
Defence families seeking advice, support or connection with their local
community can call 1800 624 608. The Defence Family Helpline operates
24 –7 and is staffed by qualified human service professionals including
social workers and psychologists. All calls will receive assessment and
support from a human service professional. Families can also email the Defence Family Helpline at
[email protected] & you will receive a response within 24 hours.
DCO Support During Deployment
DCO recognises that a deployment can be a stressful time for families. To assist
you during these times, DCO can provide you with a range of services and
support including information, brief counselling, referral to specialist community services, regular
telephone contact and various support activities. If you would like to receive regular phone contact,
deployment information, newsletters and updates regarding DCO services and group programs while your
defence member is absent, then it is essential that you contact DCO to register your contact details and
the level of assistance you require. Email [email protected] or Tel: 1800 624 608.
Defence Special Needs Support Group
The Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc is a non-profit benevolent volunteer
organisation established to assist Navy, Army and Air Force families with a family
member with special needs. The Defence Special Needs Support Group has support
groups in each State and Territory which are able to assist with information and support
and assistance at a local level. Visit their website: http://dsnsg.org.au/ or Ph: 1800 037 674
Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association
TDFSA is a Community House and Playgroup providing a range of services and activities for
all Defence families and civilian families. The Centre is friendly, welcoming, airconditioned/heated, child friendly, and always open to new ideas and suggestions. We
provide support, fun and friendship for all ages. The Centre has a toy room, fully equipped kitchen, baby
changing facilities and a lounge area. Outdoor facilities include a sandpit, swings, slide, climbing gym and
plenty of outside equipment and toys for the kids.
Where: Corner O’Quinn and Anzac Ave, Toowoomba
Co-Ordinator: June Evans
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Toowoomba Defence Families Community House and Playgroups
In the last DCO article, we shared some ideas about supporting your child in starting school for the first
time, beginning a new school or going into secondary school. Following on from this theme, we would
like to share further ideas about teaching children coping skills and promoting helpful ways of thinking.
As they grow older and develop, all children encounter situations where they feel worried, nervous and
sometimes even scared. Helping your child to learn coping skills will allow them to develop and practice
strategies that will enable them to cope with future challenges and changes.
Coping skills are what we think and what we do to help us get through difficult situations. Children will
begin to learn coping skills from the time they are born. However, you can build on the skills they are already using as well as assist them to learn new ones. The following are ways you can help your child to
cope during worrying or challenging situations:
Listen and talk – help children identify their concerns and acknowledge how they are feeling.
Comfort – there may be times when you child needs comfort before having the opportunity to talk.
Reassurance – it is important to acknowledge and support your child with reassurance when they are
feeling worried.
Demonstrate and model – for example you could say, “I am going to take five deep breaths to help
myself relax”.
Prepare – talk positively with your child about upcoming changes or challenges.
Encourage help-seeking – encourage your child that it is ok to ask for help at different times and discuss who they could ask, for example, their teacher.
Another way to support your child to cope is by helping them understand that how we think affects the
way we feel and how we behave. This therefore means that how we think also affects how we cope with
a challenging situation. These are called helpful thoughts and unhelpful thoughts.
An easy way for children to understand this is by using the language of “dolphin and shark thinking”.
While dolphins like to swim, dive and jump out of the water and generally have fun, sharks like to swim
deep down, eat lots of things and swim in circles so they are dangerous, unfriendly and scary. Therefore if
you have dolphin thinking, it helps you get by, keeps you on top and pulls you along when things are challenging. While shark thinking tends to drag you down and eat you up.
An example of dolphin thinking: this might be hard but I can try to do this, I do not like this but how can I
make it a bit better, I did not win but I tried my best.
An example of shark thinking: this is so unfair, it will always be like this, no point trying, I am never any
good at things, I always lose.
Overall, it is dolphin thinking that makes you feel better and can take you forward while shark thinking
drags you down, keeps you stuck and going around in circles.
It is important that children understand it is not wrong to have unhelpful thoughts or shark thinking. It is
important however, that children can learn to recognise when they are thinking like a shark and to find
ways to think more like a dolphin. This is a better way to manage their feelings. Young children need
adult support to find more helpful ways to think, but as they get older they can slowly start to learn to do
more for themselves.
The following are strategies you can use to support your child with dolphin thinking:
Acknowledge and validate how they are feeling.
Help your child to look at the situation from a more positive and helpful perspective.
Remind your child of a time they coped with something similar in the past.
Model helpful thinking by thinking out loud to teach your child how to come up with helpful thoughts.
Helpful thinking is about promoting positive coping skills and encouraging children to feel good about
themselves. This will help your child to feel more confident in new situations.
KidSMART is a program offered by DCO to children who have a parent within the ADF. The program aims
to enhance resilience and to assist them to develop a tool kit of skills, such as those listed above. These
skills are designed to support them in managing their life within a Defence family and to encourage the
ability to thrive in this changing environment.
If any parent is interested in their child being a part of this program please make contact with DCO Amberley and Darling Downs through the Defence Family Helpline on Tel: 1800 624 608 to express your interest.
For further information on coping skills and helpful ways of thinking please go
to www.kidsmatter.edu.au.
From all at DCO Amberley and Darling Downs - happy dolphin thinking!
Image courtesy of www.kidsmatter.edu.au
News from the
Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association
As the new co-ordinator of the Community House I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive, welcoming and understanding of this position. It has been wonderful to meet so many new people and have an ongoing
association. Coffee mornings and playgroups are well underway with the proposal to have “bring your own” craft
mornings on Mondays.
Although coffee mornings were planned to be in one place for a month feedback has shown a preference for rotating venues so this will begin again in March. Watch the TDFSA Facebook group to stay in touch. If you are not
currently a member please join us, this is our main source of communication. Please promote it with your friends.
If you have other suggestions of activities that we can run beyond our usual events please let us know. We are here
to provide a network of support and meet needs but this can only happen with good communication.
To those who came to our “Meet and Greet” in Queen’s Park – “Thank-you”, we had a great turn out and it was
lovely to meet so many new people.
Our February Ladies Dinner Date was at the Parkhouse Café on the 27th. A big thank you must go to husbands and
partners for taking care of the children to make this possible, I know the ladies who came along really appreciated
Planning is well underway for the Easter Party to be held on 28th March – 2-4pm. Don’t forget to RSVP by 26th so
we have some idea of the numbers we are catering for. We encourage you to make the most of the afternoon and
connect with each other while the children are well entertained for a fun afternoon. We will be putting on a sausage sizzle as well as Face painting, an Easter egg hunt and balloon creations are on the agenda so if this presents
difficulties in any way please let me know so some alternative pre-planning can happen e.g. allergies, dairy intolerance. And don’t forget about our colouring in competition, the form is included at the back of the Bush Telegraph
and also on the Facebook Group. We have some great prizes for the different age groups.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at future events.
June Evans.
Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association
Cnr Anzac Ave & O’Quinn Street
Weekly Events
Coffee Club
Tuesday mornings at 9:30am. We go to various locations throughout Toowoomba
& Highfields. Come and meet some new people over coffee & cake. Children are
Please bring along a hat and some morning tea for you and your little one. Tea and coffee provided. Cost
is $3 per family.
Dinomites Playgroup
Wednesday 9:30—11:30am at the Community House
Come join us for lots of fun with heaps of space for kids to rule!! All you need is
their energy and some morning tea. Each week there is a different activity for the
children to participate in.
Kiddies Troupe Playgroup
Thursday 9:30—11:30am at the Community House
A great reason to get the young ones out of the house for some play with others.
All ages are welcome, from pregnancy through to school age. Please don’t feel
shy about coming along without kids; we would love to meet you. We have plenty of indoor and outdoor equipment and toys to keep the littlies busy, as well as craft activities.
Drop In
The Community House is open from 9:30am—2:00pm Wednesdays & Thursdays we have a coffee pod
machine so please call in, have a chat and a cuppa, flick through our magazines or borrow a book from
our library. Come and view the Centre’s services and facilities first hand.
Additional Activities
We also have ladies dinner dates, family dinner nights plus our Easter Party and other events throughout
the year. Keep an eye on the Facebook Group for other events that we may put on.
For more information about any of our activities please do not hesitate to contact our coordinator June
by email at [email protected] Plus don’t forget to like the Facebook page for updates on
all events and if anything new gets organised.
School Holiday Activities
Cobb & Co Museum
Science Magic Holiday Program—7 April—17 April 10am—3pm
Explosive fun for the whole family at Cobb+Co Museum!
Our popular Science Magic holiday program returns in 2015 with the theme 'Don't Do This At Home'.
Discover how fireworks are made, get blown away by our giant air cannon, help create a giant erupting volcano, see a snap
frozen flower smashed into bits, watch CO2 gas extinguish candles, and more!
Blacksmithing Teen Workshop— Thursday 16 April 9am—12pm
Banish the holiday blues and send your teenager on a creative experience they’ll never forget
We want young people to experience the absolute thrill of creating something beautiful from raw materials with their own
hands. That's why we designed three hour workshops especially for 13-17 year olds. While learning from our expert tutors,
each participant will also make something to take home with them.
Jewellery Making Teen Workshop— Friday 17 April 9am—12pm
Banish the holiday blues and send your teenager on a creative experience they’ll never forget
We want young people to experience the absolute thrill of creating something beautiful from raw materials with their own
hands. That's why we designed three hour workshops especially for 13-17 year olds. While learning from our expert tutors,
each participant will also make something to take home with them.
For more information visit: http://www.cobbandco.qm.qld.gov.au/
Toowoomba Regional Libraries
Toowoomba Regional Libraries have quality literature for young children. The libraries offer many activities during the year
and support to help find the right book.
Story time is available at many of our libraries in the Toowoomba Region. Story time incorporates storytelling, music and craft
activities. Sessions are usually 45 minutes long and bookings are not necessary. It is a wonderful way for your child to socialise
and be introduced to literacy and the joy of reading.
Rhyme Time is held at both the Oakey and Toowoomba Libraries.
For more information visit: Toowoomba Regional Council Libraries
TRC Youth Photography Competition 2015
TRC Library members, in grades 7-12, have the chance to win great prizes in 2015 with their original photographs, thanks to the
Toowoomba Friends of the City Library and Owens Camera House. The competition runs from March 2 to April 24, with the
winners announced on May 16.
There are three prize packs to give away. Each pack includes a Nikon Coolpix AW120, camera case, mini gorilla tripod, 2 GB SD
card and a Nikon lanyard. Every entrant will receive one free 8"x10" photograph enlargement from Owen's Camera House.
Participants can enter their original photographic work into one of three categories - edited, unedited or black and white.
There is a limit of one entry per person.
For more information visit: TRC Youth Photography Competition
Toowoomba Defence Families
Support Association
COFFEE CLUB Venues—9:30am Tuesdays
Enjoy a coffee and meet new people
Term 2 2015
Tuesday April 21st
Campfire Café, Shop 5 Abbie Lane, 10522 New England
Hwy, Highfields
Tuesday April
28th 2015
Café Inferno, The Southern Hotel – 839 Ruthven St, Toowoomba
Monday 4th May
The Chocolate Cottage, 10475 New England Hwy, Highfields
Tuesday 12th May
Ground Up Espresso Bar, 501 Ruthven St, Toowoomba
Tuesday 19th May
Kingfisher Café, The Springs Centre, 333 Spring St,
Kearneys Spring
Tuesday 26th May
Danish Flower Art, 10347 New England Highway, Highfields
Tuesday 2nd June
Parkhouse Café, 92 Margaret St, Toowoomba
Tuesday 9th June
Café Inferno, The Southern Hotel – 839 Ruthven St, Toowoomba
Tuesday 16th June
Campfire Café, Shop 5 Abbie Lane, 10522 New England
Hwy, Highfields
Tuesday 23rd June Engine Room Café, 1 Railway St, Toowoomba
If you would like more information please contact June:
Email: [email protected] Phone: 0456 670 007
Or Check out our Facebook page –
Toowoomba Defence Families Community House and Playgroups
What’s On In The Coming Months
Easter Party
Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association Inc
Date: Saturday 28th March 2015—2pm—4pm
RSVP by Thursday 26th March 2015
We will be having an Easter Egg hunt , sausage sizzle, colouring competition winners will
be announced & more. Come along and meet some other families and have some fun.
There will be snack food available (savoury to counteract all the chocolate )
Cost $5 for Community House Member Families, or
$10 for Non-Community House Member Families
To RSVP or for more information please contact the TDFSA Coordinator June on
0456 367 007 or by email at: [email protected] or visit the Facebook page:
Toowoomba Defence Families Community House & Playgroups
Don’t Forget to enter the colouring competition, the form is at the back of the
Bush Telegraph
Produce & Wine Tour of Stanthorpe
Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association Inc
Full day tour —Date & Price: TBA
We are currently seeking expressions of interest for our next produce and wine tour of Stanthorpe.
Please email [email protected] and we will add you to the list. Once we have finalised details you
will receive an email with all the information and a registration form. 50% deposit will be payable upon booking
with the balance payable 2 weeks before the tour date.
All participants must be 18 years and over. TDFSA encourages responsible drinking.
TDFSA is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal items.
TDFSA is not responsible for any personal injury or illness
Suggested Inclusions
Return bus transport from Toowoomba to Stanthorpe
Wine tasting at a minimum of 2 wineries
Gourmet Lunch (at own cost)
Specialty Desserts (at own cost)
Produce picking and tasting (subject to season)
TDFSA Stanthorpe Survival Kit
TDFSA Membership
Membership to the Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association has many
benefits including discounted entry into TDFSA events like the Easter Party and
the Christmas Party. Plus receive discounted entry into iPlay Toowoomba and discounted membership to
Fernwood Fitness Toowoomba.
By becoming a paying member of the TDFSA you will also help to keep the community house open for
everyone to enjoy.
Cost is $10 per year for Defence Families and $15 for Non-Defence Families
For more information about the Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association visit our Facebook
page. Or email our coordinator June at [email protected]
Monthly Markets Around Toowoomba
1st Saturday of Month
2nd Sunday of Month
Toowoomba Handmade
St Luke’s Church Hall, Cnr Herries & Ruthven
Streets, Toowoomba 8am – 2pm
Ph.: 0413 354 635
Web: toowoombahandmade.weebly.com
Black Forest Hill Markets
Cuckoo Clock Shop Centre, Cabarlah, 9.30am –
Ph.: 07 4696 6006
Web: www.black-forest-hill.com.au
Nobby Country Markets
Nobby Hall, Sister Kenny Street, Nobby, 7am –
Ph.: 07 4696 3207 (Nicole)
Web: www.nobbycountrymarkets.com
3rd Sunday of Month
Queen’s Park Craft Markets (in support of St Vincent's Hospital)
Queen’s Park, Lindsay St, Toowoomba 8am - 1pm
Ph.: 07 4690 4186
Last Saturday of Month
Pittsworth Country Markets
(Wildlife Care & Rescue Fundraiser)
Pittsworth Showgrounds Sports Pavilion, Pittsworth
8am – 2pm
Ph.: 07 4693 5165 or 0438 641 088 (Karryn)
Web: pittsworthcountrymarkets.webs.com
Last Sunday of Month
Cabarlah Markets
(Except December – 2nd Sunday for pre Christmas
New England Highway, Cabarlah, 8am – 12.30pm
Ph.: 07 4696 8152
Web: www.cabarlah-markets.org.au
Every Sunday
PCYC Markets
219a James Street, Toowoomba, 7am – 12.30pm
Ph.: 07 4632 8316
Web: toowoombapcyc.com.au
Oakey Lions Markets
Oakey Railway Station, Oakey 8am—2pm
Ph: 0400 673 008
Check out the Facebook Page for dates
1st Sunday of Month
Crows Nest Lions Village Markets
Centenary Park, Crows Nest, 7am – 12 noon
Ph.: 0429 678 120
Web: www.crowsnestvillagemarkets.com
Spouse Business Register
Rachel Norris
07 4687 6306 or 0415 108 662
June Evans
0409 271 867
[email protected]
Ania Freeman
0403 279 516
Kathy Beamer
0409 812 242
[email protected]
Do you have a home business or a party plan business that you would like added to
our product register? Simply send an email to
[email protected] with all the details and we will add it in.
Kid Zone
Connect the Dots
Kids Recipe Corner
Easter Egg Bikkies
200g white chocolate melts
25 milk arrowroot biscuits
Coloured sprinkles, to decorate
Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan half-filled with simmering water (make sure the bowl doesn't touch
the water). Use a metal spoon to stir for 5 minutes or until the chocolate melts and is smooth.
Use a small palette knife or butter knife to spread chocolate over 1 biscuit. Transfer to a wire rack. Carefully sprinkle 1 colour
of sprinkles across the centre of the biscuit to form a wide stripe. Carefully sprinkle 2 other colours over either end of the biscuit to form 2 more stripes. Repeat with the remaining chocolate, biscuits and coloured sprinkles (if the remaining chocolate
starts to set, repeat step 1). Set aside for 20 minutes or until the chocolate is completely set.
Recipe sourced from taste.com.au
Colouring in Competition
Colouring competition will be drawn at the TDFSA Easter Party Saturday 28th March 2015. Winners must be
present to receive prizes. Age ranges for draw will be 0-2 years, 3-5 years, 6+ years. Entries can be handed in to
the TDFSA Community House (Cnr Anzac Ave & O’Quinn St, Toowoomba)
or posted to PO Box 295, Toowoomba QLD 4350
Community Connections
Toowoomba Defence Families Support Association
Cnr Anzac Ave & O’Quinn St, Toowoomba
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Toowoomba Defence Families Community House & Playgroups
Milne Bay Depot, O’Quinn St, Toowoomba
Ph: (07) 4631 4470
Email: [email protected] Web: www.defence.gov.au/dco
Defence Families Australia
Southern Queensland Delegate
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hinterland, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Darling Downs
Contact: Caetlin Watch
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1800 100 509
Defence Special Needs Support Group
Website: http://dsnsg.org.au/
Ph: 1800 037 674
Defence Housing Australia
Ph: 139 342 Website: www.dha.gov.au
138 Margaret St, Toowoomba
Toll Transitions
Ph: 1800 819 167 Website: www.tolltransitions.com.au/defence
462 Ruthven St, Toowoomba
Toowoomba Regional Council
Ph: 131 872 Website: www.toowoombarc.qld.gov.au
Email: [email protected]