Off to a good start with ABB Switzerland

Off to a good start with ABB Switzerland
Careers for the talented and motivated
As a global leader in power engineering
and automation, we are an active force in
shaping the future. With commitment and
respect for others as a solid foundation,
we attract talented and dedicated individuals who enjoy challenges and want to
achieve more with us. This is the basis of
our success – today and in the future.
4 Job & Learning Paving the way for the future:
We offer a variety of options for starting a career – from internships and trainee
programs through to direct hire.
8 Career & Competence Your career gets going:
As a company that believes in continuing professional development, we offer numerous
internal and external programs for advanced training and education.
12 Social & Balance Grasping opportunities but staying flexible:
Striking the right balance between work, family and leisure means a lot to us.
16 Safety & Responsibility Building on experience:
Our social responsibility ranges from the start of your career right through to retirement.
19 Facts & Figures
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Thomas Hermann (24): As assistant production team leader at ABB Turbo Systems in Baden, Thomas is responsible
for manufacturing control systems and training employees. Following a four-year apprenticeship as a polytechnician
(toolmaking and design for manufacturing) at Lernzentren LfW training centers, he went on to take a three-year
course at the ABB Technician School.
“I really appreciate the excellent social
benefits at ABB and the opportunity
to take on responsibility even at a
young age.”
4_Job & Learning | ABB Switzerland
Paving the way
for a successful future
Job & Learning
>Careers for talented individuals
>Immediately following graduation
>Routes for vocational training
ABB Switzerland is an attractive employer, with unflagging pioneering spirit, a range of innovative products
and services, and the ability to identify trends at an early
stage and translate these into profitable business. In
our company talented and committed individuals of all
age groups and professions work in an international
­e nvironment to create the cutting-edge technology of
ABB is shaping tomorrow’s world. As a global leader in power
and automation technologies we invest heavily in research,
development and manufacturing facilities in order to offer
­innovative products, systems and services. Not only do our
customers around the world benefit from this, but also our
employees, who enjoy an exciting range of international
projects, interdisciplinary and international teams along with
a host of opportunities for professional development and
­attractive career prospects.
> Careers for talented individuals
Right from the start the key to ABB’s success was our talent
pool. This consists of young people fresh from their apprenticeship, technical college or university, as well as experienced craftsmen or seasoned specialists with a wealth of expertise. All share an enthusiasm for technology, a common
vision and a drive to realize it within a team. These teams with
their potent mix of skills give our company the vitality of a
­living organism. Another decisive factor is the high degree of
empowerment and individual responsibility, with the oppor­
tunity to develop and apply one’s own personality in line with
his or her ability. Our best talent has been a motivating force
in creating spectacular successes in the past and will con­
tinue to ensure new products and solutions in future. Our
commitment to the holistic and systematic management of
talent therefore means nothing less than being constantly
on the lookout for talented individuals, offering them exciting
challenges and encouraging their professional development,
both in-house during regular employment and externally.
Teamwork is one of the crucial factors in our success. ABB
sets great store by its international profile, its cultural diver­
sity and its equality of opportunity. Over 40 percent of ABB
­S witzerland employees are from other countries. This influx
from over 80 different nations requires a workplace culture
imbued with appreciation and respect in order to foster peak
> Immediately following graduation
At ABB higher education is the basis for excellence and
­in­g enuity in all our fields of activity. Roughly half of those who
work for ABB Switzerland have qualified at a university of
­a pplied sciences or an institute of technology. There is a long
tradition of regular technology transfer and links between
ABB and academia, both in Switzerland and in other countries; the cooperation between industry and university
­researchers continues to flourish.
An attractive option for young people contemplating a given
vocation is to complete an internship at our corporate
­r esearch center in Baden-Dättwil or at one of the local business units (LBUs) of ABB Switzerland. This offers students
who have completed their first degrees a three- to six-month
period of first-hand experience in the research, development
and project work of a large technology company. We also
­offer good opportunities to do the groundwork for dissertations and theses at bachelor, master and doctorate levels.
We are always interested in employing graduate electrical
and mechanical engineers and physicists, as well as engineering graduates who have also studied business administration, and graduates in IT and business studies. Every year
many graduates from universities of applied sciences and
ABB Switzerland | Job & Learning_5
Luisa Coppola (30), Ragnar Schierholz (32): Luisa is Italian and wrote her doctoral thesis on electromagnetic compatibility in power electronics. In the ABB research center she is in charge of a project investigating the thermal prop­
erties of components. Ragnar studied in his native Germany and in the USA, gaining his doctorate in Switzerland.
­Today he is carrying out research in the IT security team to protect ABB products against threats from the Internet.
“The creative international atmosphere in
the research center provides an excellent
breeding ground for the development of
innovative technologies.” Luisa Coppola
i­nstitutes of technology are employed directly and gain a profound insight into the work of ABB Switzerland – in the various
departments or at the research center or in the local business
units, for example. These new graduates develop their skills
rapidly on the job. A prerequisite for applicants is that they
possess excellent competencies in their subject and in methodology, have a good sense of team spirit and well-developed
interpersonal skills, are prepared to shoulder individual re6_Job & Learning | ABB Switzerland
sponsibility and work hard, and have a passion for ­innovating
and communicating.
Graduates from universities of applied sciences or institutes of technology who display above-average potential may
opt for a trainee program at ABB Switzerland, where they
are trained in various areas. Graduates in mechanical and
elec­trical engineering, engineering with business studies and
business administration, IT or related subjects are given the
­o pportunity to take part in a training program lasting about
15 months and specially tailored to suit their personalities.
Business administration graduates can gain experience in the
fields of finance and management. Throughout the program
the trainees are supported by a mentor in the field selected
for them. In addition to training on the job, they attend rele-
“ABB has so many facets that most other companies cannot
match. I really appreciate being able to work independently
and put my own ideas into effect.”
Gil Fischer (25): Gil took part in the trainee program after
gaining a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and a
master degree in engineering with business studies. Initially
assigned to Corporate Strategy at the ABB Group in Zurich,
he was then involved in various business analyses in the
­finance team of ABB Robotics. From Zurich he was transferred to Barcelona, where he investigates the market potential at automotive industry suppliers for ABB Spain.
vant seminars along with customized programs for training
and professional development. The trainee program offers an
extremely diverse start to professional life, and as a rule includes a placement of about three months in another country.
and forwarding agent, plus a three-year apprenticeship in
the commercial field. Work-experience weeks are offered
in all these vocations to help young people about to start
work decide which avenue to pursue.
> Routes for vocational training
Apprenticeships at ABB Switzerland are known for project
work that is closely geared to industrial practice and cus­
tomers’ needs. Apprentices are trained professionally in the
Lernzentren LfW training association founded by ABB and
now boasting over 80 member companies. Basic training
takes place in a business environment specific to the student’s vocation. Assignments extend beyond departmental
and company boundaries. Modern instruction methods impart and challenge technical skills, promote independent
thinking and behavior, and enhance personal development.
Training then takes place at individual workplaces within ABB
Switzerland. Today apprenticeships are offered in eight professions that serve as a proven foundation for subsequent
employment in the company. These comprise the four-year
apprenticeships as instrumentation and control technician,
polytechnician, CAD operator, fitter and welder, IT technician
An apprenticeship is highly regarded for nurturing competence and enabling learners to excel. The way in which knowledge is imparted is highly important to the Lernzentren LfW
training centers and ABB Switzerland. Going beyond facts
and figures, we encourage apprentices to contribute as many
of their own ideas as possible and take every opportunity
to acquire expertise. The learning process takes place in a
challenging and personal environment, with continual attention paid to industrial practice. Apprentices must achieve their
training targets by completing customer orders whenever
possible, in order to progress, step by step, into working life.
ABB Switzerland | Job & Learning_7
Munaf Rahimo (41): A British electrical engineer with Iraqi roots, Munaf has been working at ABB Semiconductors
in Lenzburg for the past eight years. As chief technology engineer he has a major role in developing new semiconductor technologies for power transmission. He prefers a technical career to a management position.
“At ABB I can take part in new technol­
ogy breakthroughs while at the same
time laying the foundations for the future
success of the company.”
8_Career & Competence | ABB Switzerland
Your career gets going
Career & Competence
>Continuing education
>Personal and technical development
>Management and technical
career paths
>Going abroad
Every employee starting at ABB can set a career path
that taps into his or her abilities, whether they involve
project development, specialized technical expertise
or management. Prerequisites include a sound track
record, commitment, and a willingness to engage in
­c ontinuing professional development.
ABB is constantly evolving, anticipating innovative technol­
ogies, staying competitive and seizing unexploited opport­
unities for sales. Against this extremely dynamic backdrop,
our employees are also called upon to continue their personal development and to take on new tasks. At ABB Switzerland continuing education is therefore a key factor and is
supported across the board, whether on the job or through
internal and external courses. This policy enables employees
to adapt the training they already possess to meet the latest
­r equirements and hence maintain their employability. The
company benefits as well from this policy, since it can count
on a competent, motivated and self-confident workforce at
all times.
> Continuing education
This means that we accord our well-trained employees in­
teresting and challenging tasks – and much individual re­­s­p on­s ibility. Our systematic talent management ensures that
we can offer our skilled employees interesting prospects.
The annual performance review and assessment of potential
­a llows us to present employees with suitable career path
­o ptions and then take action.
At ABB it is customary to assign responsibilities to young
­e mployees at an early stage to give them the opportunity
to develop professionally. This is illustrated by a couple of
­examples. In one case, after several months of successful
project work, ABB commissioned a university graduate to
develop a drive in a new power class. In another, a controller
who started his career as a trainee was after two years
in a local business unit given the task of setting up a joint
­venture in China. Regardless of age, anyone displaying commitment, technical and social competence, and the ability
to work in a team can take on a widened field of activity or a
larger project in Switzerland or another country, or can diversify within the local business unit, make a key contribution
to innovation in the Dättwil research center or switch from
­r esearch and development to an operating division.
Continuing education can also involve coursework, both
­internal and external. Employees must exercise individual
­responsibility by arranging their professional development and
requesting appropriate support from the employer. Following
an apprenticeship, for example, further courses are possible
in the ABB Technician School, ranging from power engineering, logistics and IT to production engineering and CAD. Parttime courses at a university of applied sciences, postgraduate
studies or MBAs while the employee continues to work are
­a lso a possibility, provided that they relate directly to the employee’s present or future position.
> Personal and technical development
Life-long learning, however, does not consist of technical
components alone. Interpersonal skills and self-competence
are just as important to us, because in our international en­
vironment the ability to work in a team and relate to foreign
cultures is a key asset. Communications and negotiating skills
or intercultural competences can be enhanced in-house.
Workshops on team and strategy development or conflict
management and individual coaching are also popular, as is
professional advice on individual career paths. The “Route
45” assessment, for example, has been introduced for persons in their mid-40s or older who want to reflect upon their
personal and professional track records and desire fresh
­impetus for their subsequent careers.
ABB Switzerland | Career & Competence_9
“ABB provides excellent opportunities for people from all corners
of the world. Such a multicultural environment is fascinating –
8 different nationalities are represented in my team of 17 people.”
Gabriela Crosley (43): Born in Slovakia, Gabriela started working at ABB in South Africa as a software engineer
­a lmost 20 years ago. After gaining experience in various positions, including product management, she is now Head
of Operations at the LBU Minerals & Printing in Switzerland. Together with her team she is responsible for deployment of production optimization projects in the cement and mineral industry worldwide.
Leadership needs to be learned. For this, there are various
comprehensive development programs that are adapted
to the management level concerned. They are designed both
for staff who have only recently taken on managerial functions
and for those who have been managers for several years. The
seminars take place at intervals over several months without
disrupting the managers’ normal work, and focus on cultural,
organizational and strategic topics, management philosophy
and style, and strengthening entrepreneurial abilities.
nals potential upward mobility, provided that individuals ­p os­sess due potential and offer the necessary performance and
commitment to the team and the company. Promotion is not
reserved for older staff. Numerous examples show that employees can be assigned responsible management positions
while relatively young. Recently a 35-year-old employee was
entrusted with setting up a production unit, and a woman under 40 took the helm of an ABB national subsidiary with some
2800 employees.
> Management and technical career paths
ABB offers extensive and exciting opportunities to shape
­individual career paths nationally and internationally. This is
simply demonstrated by the fact that we recruit a very large
proportion of management from within ABB. This clearly sig-
Not everybody wants to become a line manager, but it is
possible to pursue a career nevertheless. Such employees
also enjoy interesting prospects with us: as an alternative
to the management career path, ABB offers technical careers
that do not involve a management role. By acquiring addi-
10_Career & Competence | ABB Switzerland
tional technical expertise and taking on more complex tasks,
employees can rise within the company and attain a leading
position as a technical or project manager with the help of an
individually tailored and formally agreed career path. A development engineer, for example, can work his or her way up
through various departments, such as estimating, sales or
engineering, to become a project manager.
> Going abroad
Many people find working abroad to be of great benefit, personally and professionally. Moreover, experience with diverse
cultures and work environments is attractive in today’s job
market. In various functions it is quite normal to work for several weeks or months at a customer’s site, possibly in con-
“ABB invests a lot in ongoing training so
that its employees can improve themselves. We have an open and uncomplicated interaction with one another."
nection with a project or for service, installation or commissioning tasks. In addition, ABB as an internationally active
company offers its employees the option of longer spells in
other countries. Expatriates can work abroad for up to five
years and assume key positions in ABB national subsidiaries.
Ueli Spinner (54): Following his apprenticeship and subsequent course at the Technician School, Ueli first took
a short break and then went into sales at ABB Normelec.
Today he is a sales manager for motors and drives and
is head of the Swiss Northern regional office. Younger
employees can benefit from his extensive experience.
ABB Switzerland | Career & Competence_11
Yvonne Zickermann (32): An electrical engineer, Yvonne worked in systems engineering at the LBU Power Electronics
in Turgi. After her son was born, she was able to fulfill her wish to move over into project management. Working
70 percent of full time, she has overall project responsibility for frequency converter systems.
“The day nurseries offered by ABB
are really progressive. This allows me
to continue in my profession.”
12_Social & Balance | ABB Switzerland
Grasping the right opportunities
but remaining flexible
Social & Balance
> Flexible working hours
> Family and health
> Social responsibility
A finely tuned balance between work, leisure and family
is one of the recipes for success for motivated and fulfilled employees. As a socially committed employer, ABB
Switzerland has created a flexible working environment
by means of various HR solutions, thus allowing individ­
ual freedom for the health as well as professional and
­p ersonal development of employees.
Demographic shifts and economic and social developments have blurred the once rigid separation of profession,
leisure and family, and have given way to new dynamic
forms of lifestyle and work. This development is ongoing,
aided also by the increasing use of IT and telecommunications. ABB Switzerland has long recognized the changed
­r equirements in individual working lives and has created
­a ppropriate working models and structures to accommodate
this societal change. These include flexible working time
models to enable the hours worked to be arranged to suit
the individual. Part-time work and teleworking assist employees in striking their own personal balance between profession, family and leisure.
At the same time we invest in the health of our staff. Suitable
measures are taken to assist in preventing hazards and occupational illnesses at the workplace, while an active health
promotion policy increases employee awareness of health
and safety issues, both at work and elsewhere.
Variable career planning takes into account the increasingly
individualized career development of employees striving for
a dynamic balance between private and working life, without
needing to forgo an exciting, challenging and responsible
occupation. As early as the 1960s, ABB identified the need
for company-supported childcare, and later created the
ABB Day Nursery Association.
> Flexible working hours
Our working time model essentially enables an employee’s
hours of work to be arranged flexibly by agreement between
the employee and his or her superior and other team members. It includes the annual working time system, in which
employees take individual responsibility for checking their
working hours. In addition, there is the option at the end of
the year of transferring any excess hours worked, topped up
by a 25 percent bonus, to a personal long-term credit account. These credited hours can be used later for long vacations, sabbaticals, flexible retirement or individual training
and further education programs.
Part-time work and job sharing are two working models open
to all employees of ABB Switzerland. Telework is also an
­o ption, enabling employees to perform certain duties when
traveling or at home. Modern means of communication allow
them to be reached at any time. In particular, employees who
need to care for children can arrange with their ­s uperior to
perform some of their duties at home outside normal working
The flexible working time policy at ABB Switzerland also includes the option of taking a sabbatical of up to three years.
The employee’s superior and the HR department decide on
the granting of a sabbatical together with the employee. Part
of the employer’s contributions to the pension fund can be
maintained. After a long break of this type, ABB as a rule ensures that the employee can return to a comparable position
with at least the same salary as before.
> Family and health
ABB day nurseries, the first of which was set up in 1966,
­e nable employees to combine a busy career with a satisfying
family life. The ABB Day Nursery Association considers ­itself
an institution that complements the family, making it possible
ABB Switzerland | Social & Balance_13
Claude Favier (61), Cyril François (27): Both men are responsible for the quality control of traction transformers
at ABB Sécheron in Geneva. Claude Favier trained as an electrical fitter and began his career as a fitter at ABB
40 years ago. Cyril François studied mechanical engineering and has been with ABB for about 3 years. The two
­e njoy an ideal blend of manufacturing experience and software skills and work together frequently.
“We work together closely in a team and
give each other fresh impetus. Age is of
no consequence, it is interpersonal and
technical skills that count.”
to care for children in close cooperation with parents who
share family and work obligations. Today there are ten day
nurseries together with a kindergarten offering all-day care.
They employ more than 130 staff, have over 350 available
places per day and care for some 550 children. All nurseries
are operated on educational principles and offer an environment for healthy everyday childcare. Parents-to-be also enjoy
benefits at ABB: mothers receive 16 weeks paid pregnancy
14_Social & Balance | ABB Switzerland
ABB Switzerland attaches particular importance to the subject of workplace health promotion. This is because health is
concerned not only with the welfare of the body but also of
the mind – all helped by a balanced diet, adequate exercise,
regular relaxation and ergonomic workplaces. Should medical conditions arise in connection with overwork, stress,
shift work or other occupational factors, our employees can
consult one of our health centers in Baden, Birr, Turgi or
Oerlikon. In the event of acute illnesses or serious accidents,
the specialists in the health centers are also the right people
to turn to. The health centers are operated by the Swiss Institute for Occupational Medicine (IfA), which cooperates
closely with ABB Switzerland in healthcare. In addition, the
centers offer counseling in personal crises, plus advice on
addiction problems, diet, travel preparations and vaccinations. There are also training sessions for management on
such topics as stress, work-life balance, addictions and
“My wife also works part-time at ABB. This means we can both
do our jobs yet still find enough time for the family.”
mobbing. ABB Switzerland also participates in other campaigns and projects for the promotion of health.
> Social responsibility
As a modern and socially committed employer, we offer our
employees in-depth counseling in the social arena. This personal service is available in the event of social and psychosocial problems in the workplace, private life or even in matters
relating to personal health. A team of social workers provides
this counseling, free of charge.
The Works Council is a mouthpiece for our staff. It looks
after the interests of ABB Switzerland employees and acts as
their representative in discussions with upper management.
As a social partner of ABB Switzerland, the Works Council
has a say in important issues and is involved in the decisionmaking process. Together with other internal offices, the
Works Council advises employees in times of economic hardship and supports them in career reorientation.
Robert Pelzer (44): Robert trained as an export specialist
and since 1997 has been manager of transport logistics
and invoicing at the Turgi site. He is responsible for ensuring that drives and power electronics systems arrive
on schedule all over the world. The father of two works
four days a week in the office and half a day at home.
ABB Switzerland | Social & Balance_15
Max Pally (36): Max travels all over the world to start up or overhaul generator switchgear in power plants, typically
spending one to four weeks at each site. A service technician in the LBU High Voltage Products, he thoroughly
­e njoys the technical challenges in his work along with the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures.
“At ABB workplace safety is a big priority. When on site in other countries I insist
on upholding our standards – with a lot
of patience and tact.”
16_Safety & Responsibility | ABB Switzerland
Building on decades of experience
Safety & Responsibility
>From Route 45 to 57plus
>Careers at Consenec
>A secure future
Our commitment to social responsibility does not stop
with employee health. At ABB Switzerland a sound company pension plan is just as much a part of our stan­
dards as safety at the workplace and equality of opportunity for all employees, regardless of age and origins.
Career paths extending beyond retirement and flexible
models for leaving work complete our extensive welfare
Safety and health in the workplace are complex tasks that
cannot be achieved by manuals alone. Preventing accidents
and occupational illnesses calls for campaigns, projects and
everyday practice. ABB Switzerland runs specific programs
and training sessions for a broad preventive approach in the
fields of workplace safety and health protection, with the goal
of developing a common understanding of safety in the workplace. Proven organizational procedures help to avoid misunderstandings or flawed agreements that could result in accidents. Although the number of workplace accidents at ABB
is very low for this branch of industry, interdisciplinary teams
at individual ABB companies regularly analyze problems and
challenges on site and implement appropriate measures to
improve safety. This also makes it possible to quantify successes in accident prevention and health protection. We
make daily efforts to predict possible hazards, reduce risk
and ensure the health of our employees.
> From Route 45 to 57plus
ABB Switzerland considers it a great opportunity to take on
and employ people with practical knowledge and many years
of experience, so we welcome a broad range of ages across
the company. It is our aim to combine the abilities of older
employees optimally with the strengths of the younger ones,
and to familiarize even the older generation with new responsibilities and tasks. Our efforts in this direction center on our
esteem for the entire workforce and its ongoing employabili-
ty. It is also for this reason that many employees of ABB
Switzerland have been working in our company for over
20 years, thus ensuring the best possible transfer of knowledge. Employees with experience are particularly important
for a modern technology company engaged in complex
­a ctivities.
ABB Switzerland relies on various approaches. Employees
between 45 and 55 years of age who want to continue actively planning their career development are well prepared
in our Route 45 workshop for typical and atypical career options. The three-day seminar helps them to reflect on their
personal and professional competencies and potential, and
to plan key milestones for the future.
The 57plus assessment caters to employees aged 55 and
over. Together with their spouses or partners they are briefed
on the subject of age in professional life, society and family.
The four-day seminar is an ideal preparation for consciously
and actively planning this third phase in life, and is greatly
appreciated by the employees. During economic downturns
we also offer a good social safety net for older staff.
> Careers at Consenec
Consenec is a unique alternative career model developed
by ABB Switzerland back in 1993. It brings together members of upper management who are over 60. With the Consenec Ltd pool of experts we ensure that the wealth of ex­
perience gained by former managers is not lost, while at the
same time reducing the average age of senior management
at ABB Switzerland. Consenec Ltd is a consultancy that
is esteemed in Swiss business circles. ABB draws on Consenec expertise to fill temporary management vacancies,
coach new managers, assist major projects and develop new
corporate strategies, markets and restructuring plans. The
Consenec Ltd consultants also offer their services to other
ABB Switzerland | Safety & Responsibility_17
“ABB does a lot to motivate employees. New vistas opened up
for me, and I was shown how to make best use of the time remaining until I retire.”
companies and are largely independent in their professional
commitment. With this forward-looking HR and labor policy,
ABB Switzerland makes best use of the experience of older
managers and at the same time paves the way for a modern
deployment of human resources appropriate for employees
of all age groups.
> A secure future
The older an employee becomes, the more important is the
company pension plan. In order to take into account the individual needs of all employees, ABB Switzerland applies flexible models for planning retirement from active working life.
The occupational benefit plan at ABB comprises the pension
fund together with various types of supplementary insurance.
It is earnings-related and is based upon the basic concept
of covering employees for the financial burdens of old age,
disability and death. The ABB pension fund is considered to
be a very progressive benefit plan and soon made a name
for itself by extending the range of benefits and introducing
new personalized options.
Avadis Asset Growth, founded more than 35 years ago, is
­a lso a key component of our benefit plan. This is an ideal
platform for private investment, being flexible, independent
and beneficial, and offers various investment strategies. In
addition to receiving a good rate of interest, ABB gives employees an additional 3 percent on the first 15,000 Swiss
francs. Employees can also convert the hours accumulated
in a long-term flextime account into cash savings.
Wilfried Vogelbacher (58): An electrical engineer with
32 years’ experience in various positions at ABB Switzerland, both at home and abroad, Wilfried is in charge of
the communications systems service, installation and
commissioning department at Power Systems in Baden.
He recently a
­ ttended the 57plus seminar for employees
approaching retirement.
18_Safety & Responsibility | ABB Switzerland
Contributing to efficient
energy use and automation
Facts & Figures
>An international network
>Power engineering
ABB Switzerland is an attractive
­e mployer, as surveys of Swiss graduates have demonstrated. Its international orientation, its innovative
environment and exciting activities
are key factors, as is the opportunity
to work for the efficient use of
­e nergy.
The business activities of ABB are
summed up in our slogan – “Power and
productivity for a better world”. As a
leading global technology company in
power and automation engineering we
are committed, with our products, systems and services, to improving the
­r eliability of power supplies and boosting industrial productivity. At the same
time we want to help make energy users more efficient and reduce environmental impact.
> An international network
The ABB Group is active in about
100 countries and has a worldwide
workforce of over 120,000 people.
The Swiss national company ABB
­S witzerland, with some 6000 employees of about 80 different nationalities,
is part of this global network with its
market penetration, customer relations
and technical expertise. As a key member of the Group, ABB Switzerland
bears global responsibility for various
products and systems. Some 160 employees from over 25 nations work in
one of the 7 group research centers in
Baden-Dätt­w il. In addition to its ongoing research work, the center is also responsible for coordinating power technology throughout the ABB Group.
The largest manufacturing sites of
ABB Switzerland are Baden, Turgi,
­L enzburg, Dättwil, Wettingen, Zurich,
Schaffhausen and Geneva. Production here is mainly for export, with over
80 percent of our products and systems going to other countries.
> Power engineering
Power Engineering supplies customers
in the electricity, gas and water utilities
industries. ABB covers the entire range
of products, from power plant components right down to domestic sockets.
Switchgear, power semiconductors,
transformers and substations all play a
role in the efficient transmission, conversion and distribution of electrical energy. Extensive solutions that allow us
to monitor power supply optimize transmission as well as network utilization.
> Automation
In automation engineering we supply
not only the metals, mining and printing
industries but also the producers of
chemicals and food products, machinery manufacturers and shipbuilders. All
the ABB drives in operation worldwide
reduce annual emissions of CO 2 by over
100 million tons. ABB robots increase
productivity in manufacturing, and its
sophisticated control systems do the
same for the cement and paper industries. Our protective devices ensure
­e fficient power distribution in hospitals,
rapid transit systems and wind farms.
A multicultural environment (in %)
Rest of Europe
An attractive employer*
1. Attractive activities
2. Attractive products
3. Ingenuity
4. International jobs
5. Market success
6. Opportunities for promotion
* Reasons for choosing ABB – results of
the Trendence study (2008)
ABB Switzerland | Facts & Figures_19
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