P The Winston-Salem Air and Auto Museum A Technology Education Center -

The Winston-Salem
Air and Auto Museum
- A Technology Education Center -
A Project of
The Winston-Salem Technology Educational Group, Inc.
A 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation
Mission Statement
To create a regionally important educational center with attendant
aviation and automobile museum that will not only preserve the great technical
achievements of the past, but also serve as a center of learning, skills training,
and community outreach for future generations.
1.) Business Model
The Board of Directors intends to
establish an education center to teach hands-on
technical skills to school aged students in a fun
and friendly environment. The center will also
feature a high interest aviation and auto
museum patterned on that of the Auto und
Technik Museum of Sinsheim, Germany.
Funding for the education center will
come largely through educational grants, while the museum will follow the Sinsheim model
and be established by aviation, automobile, and history enthusiasts using the minimum of
government funding and professional curatorial staffing. The exhibits are nearly 100% given, or
loaned, by local enthusiasts, and often rotated in and out of the collection. The ever-changing
exhibitions serve to promote frequent visitor returns, and also dramatically reduces curatorial
expenses (owners maintain their own exhibits.)
An education center and museum are a natural pairing as one helps feed the other. The
Board of Directors of this group has a very strong background in education, and notably, in
creating effective and successful “hands on” educational opportunities that students enjoy.
The goal of the Board of Directors is to acquire a suitable building, and then seek
long term loans of aircraft, automobiles, military artifacts, and other items of historical interest.
The museum will largely be run by volunteers who will be guided by the smallest possible paid
administrative staff.
The funding for the museum will be marginally from the gate receipts, but the goal is to
build a sufficient endowment so as not to be dependent on ticket sales.
2.) Education Center
Education will be a key component of the museum/education center. Members of the
Board have a nearly 50 year combined background in public education, with an emphasis on
aviation career training, including running the secondary education programs in Forsyth and
Guilford Counties, and the ACE Academy at the Smith-Reynolds Airport.
The Board proposes to create a permanent AIR and SPACE
CAMP which will give students from across Forsyth County the
opportunity to learn about aviation and the many career
opportunities available in the aerospace industry. Elementary,
middle and high school students will be eligible to participate.
Another offering will be the WONDER OF FLIGHT AfterSchool Enrichment Program. This will give students the
opportunity to learn about the wonderful world of flight and the many career opportunities
available in the aerospace industry. Students will learn about aerodynamics, aviation history,
airspace, air traffic control, navigation, aircraft maintenance, aeronautical charts, aviation
weather, professional piloting, aerospace engineering, aircraft sells, aircraft design and
production, flight dispatch, military aviation and much more. This enrichment program provides
an atmosphere where students become totally immersed in the world of flight.
Other educational programs and events are also anticipated in addition to aviation
themed ones, including:
1. Biofuel Technology training (In association with Wake Forest Univ.)
2. Electric Vehicle Car Shows and technology exhibits (In association with NC State.)
3. Winston-Salem’s role in America’s technological evolution. (WS-Hist. Soc.)
4. Minorities-Technology-And the Future (In association with Winston-Salem State.)
5. The Go-Green Go Kart Competition (In association with the Career Center High
School, WS/FC Schools.)
3.) The Air and Auto Museum
The museum will be a home to a variety of military, civilian, and commercial
aircraft spanning the history of flight from the Wright Brothers in 1903, to the jets
produced in the Piedmont region in 2011. The Board of Directors is already discussing
aircraft acquisition with the Department of Defense, as well as local aircraft enthusiasts
and car collectors. Importantly, owners will not be required to donate their aircraft,
automobiles, or other historical artifacts to the museum, they will merely be asked to
loan them for an agreed upon time period. Donations will be accepted, however.
Using Sinsheim as the model, the Board expects the collection to change
frequently, yet become larger and larger each year due to the advantages the museum
offers owners: i.e. storage of valuable aircraft and automobiles free of charge.
Expected categories of museum displays include:
Aircraft (military, civil,
Automobiles (Foreign,
domestic, race, & historical)
Military vehicles (tanks, trucks,
personnel carriers, etc.)
Agricultural implements
including Age of Steam
Regional History items
4.) Community Outreach
The Education Center/Museum is also envisaged as the locus of many other community
related activities including:
School Tours during the school year – students from around the area will experience a
tour of the airport, museum, hands on activities with flight simulators, aircraft engines
and many other exciting opportunities.
NC Wings Weekend - Fly-In, hosted by the NCDOT Aviation Division and the local
FAA/FSDO office, including educational seminars, flight training, vendors, guest
speakers, safety briefings and much more.
Revolving exhibitions and seminars concerning Winston-Salem history.
Evening and weekend lectures, seminars, and hands-on workshops involving
technology education for everyone.
A Board of Directors dedicated to the rehabilitation and improvement of the Liberty
Street corridor with an emphasis on industry recruitment, neighborhood beautification,
and enhancing tourism.
A symbiotic relationship with the Smith Reynolds Airport to promote the reputation of
this important regional traffic hub and increase awareness of it amongst the General
Aviation community.
5.) Proposed Site and Development:
The Board proposes acquiring a suitable building near Smith Reynolds Airport, WinstonSalem, North Carolina and repurposing the building for dual use as an education center, but
also a Phase I museum for the display of aircraft and automobiles. Phase II of the project would
be the future acquisition of a larger building on or near Smith Reynolds Airport that would be
used to display larger aircraft.
With sufficient backing, the Board proposes employing Calloway, Johnson, Moore &
West, an award winning architectural firm based in Winston-Salem, that has an international
reputation for building, or repurposing buildings, as museums. The Board is already in contact
with this firm, and they have expressed an interest in proceeding with the project.
6.) Board of Directors
Steven Flippin - Chairman
Currently the director of the highly acclaimed Winston-Salem Air
Show, Steve is a career educator who most recently was hired by the
Guildford County School System to create, and manage, its Aviation
Technologies Training program. Steve is a licensed pilot who currently owns
an ex-Swedish Air Force airplane.
The Winston-Salem Air Show is the largest annual civilian air show
in North Carolina and the show has experienced close to a 35% increase in attendance as well as
financial success under Steve’s leadership. In 2004 he founded the Air & Space Camp and has
taught many local students the fundamentals of flying through this program. Steve is the
Principle and Founder of FlipAero LLC, an Aviation & Event Management Consultation Company.
Clarence Lambe, Jr. - Vice Chairman – Treasurer
Clarence is the owner of Cameron Commercial Corp
and Twin City Properties, Corp., which consists of more than two
million square feet of industrial, warehouse and commercial office
real estate in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. Prior to this,
Lambe was in a private law practice focusing on real estate, commercial
transactions and taxation. Lambe’s other affiliations and appointments include being a board
member on the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Planning Board; chairman, Government Affairs
Committee of the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce; an executive committee member of the
N.C. Baptist Retirement Homes; and a member of the N.C. Bar Association.
William Longyard - Secretary
Historian, author, and educator, Bill has literally “written the book”
on transportation topics ranging from aircraft, to automobiles, to balloons,
and maritime history. His books are sold internationally as are his boat plans.
He has taught secondary education for twenty-five years, lectured
at the Air Force Academy, and been involved as an officer for several antique car clubs, and a
local Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter. A strong advocate of “hands on” education, Bill
created educational programs that helped students learn the fundamentals of such skills as
boat-building, metal-working, film production, environmental engineering, and much more. His
Go Green education initiative earned his school the largest grant in its 35 year history.
7.) Advisory Council
John Hauser - A partner of the Thomasville law firm Mills & Hauser, John was raised in
Germany and will serve as the liaison with the Sinsheim Auto und Technik Museum. John
has a vast experience in the collector car hobby, and has contacts across the United States
as well as Europe.
William D. (Mike) Lucas - An Airbus A-320 captain with over 23,000 hours, Mike has
championed youth education in aviation topics by serving as a volunteer public speaker for
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Known as the “Solar System Ambassador”, he lectures
on subjects such as human and robotic space exploration missions.
Dr. Thor Mirchandani - The founder and CEO of Presens Technologies, Ltd., an engineering
firm with a wide array of business contacts around the world, Thor is also an avid antique
car collector.
David Morse - Formerly Regional Vice President of Human Resources for Sealy, David has
extensive experience in training and development. He has over 45 years experience in
private aviation, is a certificated flight instructor, an aircraft owner, and a check pilot for the
Civil Air Patrol.
Richard Murdoch - After twenty five years at Wake Forest University in the Z. Smith
Reynolds Library as Rare Books and Special Collections Librarian, Richard became the
archivist for Reynolda House where he led the Centennial of Flight Celebration in 2003. He
was instrumental in the purchase by Reynolda House of a rare Savoia Marchetti S56, the
type aircraft Z. Smith Reynolds used on his flight from London to China.
Dr. Susan L. Polinsky - Susan is the founder and president of TechTriad, Inc., a Greensborobased full-service virtual technology firm that specializes in supporting and growing
technology and online activity of small businesses. She is also the Chair of ConvergeSouth
the Triad’s first technology and innovation conference that draws a national attendance and
is the most diverse tech conference in the United States.
Marty Tharpe - The founder and CEO of the nationally renowned company SPEVCO Inc.
(Special Events Vehicles and Creative Operations) Marty now has a fleet of about 25 trucks
traveling the nation at any one time promoting the nation's most prestigious brands
including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, General Motors, Sony, Burger King, Audi, Canon and the US
Army. Marty is an aircraft owner, pilot, and a regular performer at the Winston-Salem Air
Show in his Beech T-34 military trainer.
Summer 2011-
Site Acquisition.
Formally begin fundraising.
Creation of an endowment fund: Ten year goal- $5 million.
Fall 2011-
Submission of architectural proposal from CJMW.
Spring 2012-
Commission site renovations.
Begin acquiring aircraft and automobiles.
Hire professional staff (Director and asst. director)
July 4, 2012-
Museum Opens
September 2012-
Educational programs begin during the Winston-Salem Air Show
9.) Permanent & Temporary Aircraft collection ideas - rotated on and off exhibit
Piedmont Airlines exhibit
Z. Smith Reynolds - Wings of Adventure exhibit
Tom Davis exhibit
George Preddy exhibit – Greensboro native, leading Mustang ACE of WWII
General Steve Richie- Reidsville native, the only USAir Force Ace of the Vietnam War
Winston-Salem Aviation events exhibit – Charles Lindbergh visit, 1929 National Air Tour,
Air Shows over the past 100 years etc…
Lafayette Escadrille – Kiffin Rockwell of Asheville NC was an early aviator who was the
first American to ever shoot down an enemy aircraft in combat.
Air Power of NC – Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, 82nd Airborne, Marine Corps Air
Station Cherry Point, Marine Corps Air Station New River exhibits
B-25 Pilots Squadrons of the Doolittle Raid and their connection to Winston-Salem.
World War I Ace Robert Lindsay of Rockingham County
Wright Brothers Flights at Kitty Hawk
James R. McConnell of Carthage NC flew with the Lafayette Escadrille
Possible Planes on Exhibit
 Savoia Marchetti S-56 – Smith Reynolds flight from London to China
 DC-3 – Piedmont Airlines
 Taylor E-2 Cub – Tom Davis
 P-51 Mustang – George Preddy
 Model – 1903 Wright Flyer – Mans first powered flight at Kitty Hawk NC
 1910 Curtiss – Lincoln Beachey’s flight demonstration aircraft
 Boeing 737 – Piedmont Airlines livery
 B-25 Bomber – WWII training at Smith Reynolds Exhibit
 F-4 Phantom – General Steve Richie Exhibit
 AV-8 Harrier
 A-10 Warthog
 F-18 Hornet
 F-15 Eagle
We believe that our representatives in Congress will help us get support to procure retired
or soon to be retired military aircraft that can be flown to Winston upon retiring from service, or
procured from the aircraft maintenance and regeneration center (AMARC) in Arizona.
The Board has already contacted leading figures in North Carolina’s antique and rare car
community and they have expressed strong support in helping create a Sinsheim-like museum.
10. Contact
All Contact regarding this prospectus should be made to:
Steve Flippin
[email protected]
The Winston-Salem Technology Educational Group, Inc
450 West Hanes Mill Road : Suite 202
Winston-Salem NC 27105
- 10 -