Alaskan Mill The standard bed length is 16ft but,

Some old, some new, and all very mobile. We
take a look at what’s currently available.
Alaskan Mill
The Alaskan Mk III chainsaw mill
is a method of converting timber
into valuable planks and beams
using an ordinary chainsaw. The
lightweight aluminium frame fits
around all makes and models of
chainsaw quickly and easily and
allows the user to break down a log
into planks. There is no need to drill
or adapt the bar.
Correct chain sharpening and
depth gauge setting is essential
(whether you use ripping chain
or not). A well sharpened chain
and well conditioned bar will give
smooth and easy progress. A ladder or straight piece of timber is
used to square the top of the log.
Subsequent cuts are then made
using this flat surface.
The main advantage of chainsaw
mills is that timber can be milled on
site. The system is very portable and
there is only a small outlay involved
in getting started. The disadvantages are that it is physically demanding work, cutting speed is slow and
a lot of sawdust is produced.
01590 681259
Davies Implements Ltd
Davies Implements Ltd have been
distributing the LumberMate sawmills, manufactured by Norwood
of Canada, since August 2006, and
have recently been appointed as
importers for the UK and Ireland.
Currently, Norwood manufacture
two models of LumberMate sawmill,
each with various engine options.
The LumberLite 24 is a static unit
with a 24” maximum capacity and
a board width of 17”. The more
popular model, LumberMate 2000,
offers a 31” maximum capacity with
a maximum board width of 24”.
The standard bed length is 16ft but,
with extensions that are available
as an extra, this can be increased
to 40ft. Available with three engine
options from 13hp to 23hp, it can
very quickly be transformed from
a static unit to a road legal, mobile
sawmill. Additional options include
toe boards, lapside and shingle kit,
log loader and rotator, sharpener
and setter and a fast tow trailer kit.
Available soon, the LumberMate
Pro MX34 has a larger capacity of
34” diameter and 28” board width;
again with several engine options.
Additional information should be
available in the spring.
The sawmills are delivered to
the end-user in a kit format, allowing the user to become familiar
with the machine prior to use. The
LumberMate can also be purchased
built at an additional charge. The
Lumberlite prices start at £2,750
plus VAT and the LumberMate 2000
prices start at £4,475 plus VAT.
A free DVD and brochure pack is
01267 237726
Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd
The saw frame of the Lucas Mill from
Fuelwood assembles around the log
very quickly, no tools required, and
is adjusted easily to suit both timber
and site location.
Until recently just two models
were available – the 614 model with
6” cut, powered by a 14hp petrol
engine, which is very light to move
around and the more popular, and
the 830 model with an 8” cut, powered by a 30hp Kohler electric start
petrol engine.
The recent addition of the Model
1030 to the range, giving a 10” cut,
should ensure that there is a model
to suit all applications.
Setup of the Autotrek mobile sawmill is possible in less than 15 minutes.
Demonstrations can be arranged
and a free demonstration DVD is
available. 01926 484673
Just Saws
Just Saws, a division of Charterhouse
Turf Machinery, are the European
importer of the Hud-son Oscar sawmills. They currently import four
models that between them meet
virtually all foresters’ requirements,
being able to handle logs between
18 and 36 inches (45 to 90cm).
“We are seeing particularly
strong demand for the 30in-capacity (75cm) Oscar 230,” said Just
Saws Product Manager, Curtis Allen.
“It lends itself to use both as a
portable unit and as a static installation. Power on the standard version
comes from a 16hp V-Twin engine,
and the machine is supplied with
two 2.1m (7ft) tracks.”
All four Oscar machines feature a
four-post design for maximum head
stability and they can be supplied as
a towable trailer package that enables them to be towed virtually anywhere. Prices start at just £2,700.
Just Saws also imports a range
of accessories to complement its
sawmills. These include Wood-Mizer
DoubleHard blades, blade sharpeners, tooth setters, log ramps and
cant hooks.
01428 661222
The Loglogic Autotrek Mobile
Sawmill has been used in many
diverse applications, and has been in
use with the British Army throughout the world.
Powered by a 65hp diesel engine
driving a hydrostatic transmission
to the saw head, the Autotrek is
equipped with 101mm (4”) wide
blades with optional stellite tips to
allow all timbers, including greenheart, to be cut accurately and efficiently up to 1,000mm wide.
Setup is possible in less than 15
minutes and the integral loading
forks and handling systems allow
logs up to 3½ tonnes to be selfloaded, turned and clamped, all
from one operator position. The
heavy-duty, adjustable log decks
mean that even larger logs can be
loaded without worry. A simple to
operate, digital measuring system is
fitted with an LCD display of board
thickness (with integral kerf allowance) and absolute height from log
bed for both ends of the saw bench.
The mobile version of the Autotrek
comes equipped with twin braked
axles with Land Rover wheels and
Loglogic also supply a range of
Peterson swing sawmills from the 8”
(Left) The Big Mill Pro from Logosol offers a complete system for cutting valuable, over-sized and hard-to-move logs. (Centre) The LumberMate 2000 from Davies
Implements Ltd. (Right) The Oscar 230 with 30” capacity.
Forestry Journal 2/10
(Left) The Peterson 8” cut 24hp WPF from Loglogic. (Right) Pezzolato’s Timber Queen range can handle a maximum log diameter of 900mm.
cut 24hp WPF to the 10” cut 27hp
ASM automated sawmill. These circular saw based swing saws can
cut logs up to 1.8m diameter, and
with additional track can cut logs
of unlimited length (6m standard).
Quarter sawing and weatherboards
(with optional attachment) are no
problem and board widths up to
10” or double cutting to 20” wide
(without turning the mill) are easily
Peterson refined blade and tip
technology gives faster, easier cutting and accuracy to 1mm. Single
depth adjustment allows for faster
sizing and together they enable the
operator to get the most out of a
milling day. Outputs range from 4
to 8 cubic metres a day on the manual mills, and up to 2 cubic metres
an hour on the automated mills.
With extensive use of stainless
steel and aluminium components,
the mills are virtually rust free and
are fitted, as standard, with Honda
engines with Kohler petrol and
Lombardini diesel options. The mills
have the option of upgradeable
cut sizes and motors to suit most
requirements and budgets.
01884 839999
Made from anodised aluminium, the
M7 portable sawmill from Swedish
company Logosol is lightweight and
easily handled by one man. Logs are
rolled onto the mill from a log table
with the working height of 55cm
and lifted up to saw height by turning the hand-operated crank.
The M7 utilises a thinner guide
bar and chain, which means that
the cut taken is only slightly wider
than the one taken by a circular saw.
The sawmill is run with an ordinary
power saw of a minimum capacity of 60cc. The saw can cut at 5
metres per minute on a 6 inch thick
beam. If the chainsaw is replaced by
a Logosol bandsaw, up to 16 metres
per minute can be achieved. The
standard length cut is 5.5 metres
and recommended log diameter
is up to 60cm. The cut is accurate
and the surface remarkably smooth.
Logosol estimates that one sharp
chain will saw approximately five
normal sized logs before it needs
The M5 model is a refined version of the original Logosol sawmill,
first introduced in 1988, and the
most sold model of all Logosol sawmills. Although the M5 lacks some
of the features of the M7, it is an
ideal choice where output is small.
Logosol also offer a complete system for cutting valuable, over-sized
and hard-to-move logs with their
Big Mill Pro package.
The system includes a Big Mill
LSG with two Timberjigs, mounts
from the Big Mill Basic, extended
arms that hold the two guide rails
on either side of the log, and two
extra, sturdier fixing plates for the
log ends. The aluminium guide rails
can be fitted together and extended
when required and are available in
lengths of 0.5m, 1m, and 2.75m
(1’ 8”, 3’ 3”, and 9’).
01361 840 251
Marshall Agricultural Engineering
Serra have recently launched a new,
competitively priced sawmill, the
Alpina KE90, aimed at the smaller
professional user or cooperative
groups who require a fast and accurate cutting whether in small or
large quantities.
Available in static or mobile configuration it has a 4.8m cutting
capacity which can be extended if
The main frame is anodised with
powder coated log supports. The
shortest distance between the log
supports is 25cm, allowing short
logs from 0.6m in length to be cut.
The Alpina comes with a lot
of useful features as standard and
additional equipment can be fitted
at a later stage as required.
The Montana is also available in
mobile or static configuration, with
two standard lengths, 7 or 9 metres,
and a 90cm cutting capacity. Two
power options are available – electric or with a Kubota diesel engine.
The Bavaria SL range, models
110i and 130i, are high capacity machines. Angled sawheads,
hydraulic tensioning of the saw, and
the ability to use shorter saw bands
all help to produce a fast and strong
cutting action. A fully automated
cutting system is available along
with digitally programmable saw
positions and joystick control.
The Africa SL 130S and 160S sawmills are heavily built mills designed
to handle and process large diameter hardwoods. The award winning
SL 130 sawhead is now used on the
Africa range. A full range of hydraulic accessories for the safe loading
and handling of logs on the mill are
available through to unloading and
sending on for further processing.
(Left) The Supermill from Mahoe uses ‘Cut to Taper’ to maximise full length board recovery by cutting the second grade core wood out in a tapered board. (Right)
The Alaskan mill from Granberg fits around all makes and models of chainsaw quickly and easily.
Forestry Journal 2/10
(Left) The Lucas Mill range from Fuelwood has just been extended to three models. (Right) The new Serra Alpina KE90 from Marshall Agricultural Engineering is
aimed at the smaller professional user who requires a fast and accurate cutting ability.
All mills are ergonomically
designed for operator comfort and
the cabins can be either a basic
enclosure to keep the worst of the
weather off or fully air conditioned.
01892 770788
M Large Tree Services Ltd
M Large have bucked the trend
and started manufacturing in the
UK. Their first project, the LMS
680 portable sawmill, is available
with a 9hp or 13hp Honda engine,
and can handle logs up to 680mm
diameter (27”) by 4m (13’) long.
Each mill is supplied with the new
32mm Ripper37 bandsaw blade,
manufactured in the UK by DakinFlathers (see
The cutting depth is easily set
(in 1mm increments) with a simple
hand operated ratchet locking system. Blade lubrication is standard,
using fluid metered from a removable container. Sawdust exits away
from the operator through a duct
to which a bag or collection box
can be fitted.
Most of the sawhead and track
are galvanised or electroplated for
corrosion resistance.
The LMS 680 is delivered to the
customer completely assembled,
apart from joining the two eight
foot sections of track. This should
take no more than 20 minutes.
A range of extras will be available including track extensions and
blade sharpeners etc along with
a chainsaw mounted debarker for
cleaning logs prior to cutting.
The big brother of the 680 will
be launched this spring. This model,
the LMS 860, will be available with
a 13hp or 20hp electric start Honda
petrol engine, and, using 38mm
blades, will have a cutting capacity
of 860mm diameter by 4m long
(34” x 13’).
028 9034 2838
Mahoe (pronounced Ma-ho-ee)
Forestry Journal 2/10
sawmills operate using a twin circular blade system. The blades run at
right angles to one another simultaneously cutting two faces of the
timber with each pass. The powerfed head passes along a high tensile
single triangular boom which allows
easy loading and clearing.
The Mahoe range of sawmills
includes the Minimax, which can
handle a 6.2m x 1.8m log, runs
on a 35hp Daihatsu-made Briggs
and Stratton petrol engine, and has
a manually operated rise and fall
The Supermill can handle a
slightly wider log, has hydraulic
rise and fall and runs with a 42hp
Kubota diesel engine.
Both cut a maximum 12” x 8”
beam and return each timber to
the operator as it is cut. There is
no need for a resaw. What would
normally be taken out as falling
boards on a bandsaw mill can be
sized and square edged for stock as
they are removed from the edges of
the sawlog.
The mills have taper adjustment
to maximise quality boards from the
log and cut out any shake or poor
quality core wood.
Both mills can be supplied fully
mobile with bogie-style trailers
which run under the single boom,
and accessories include a slabbing
attachment, also power-fed, which
can cut 1.5m wide slabs should one
have particularly special trees.
Saw doctoring costs are kept to a
minimum with either inserted tooth
blades or standard tungsten carbide
tipped (TCT) blades. Sharpening
is by a supplied jig system and is
Both the Minimax and Supermill
models will hopefully be available
direct in the UK by early spring –
keep an eye out at the shows this
07849 975363
Saws UK
Saws (UK) Ltd have been the agents
for Forestor Sawmills in the UK for
more than four years now. During
this time, they say, there has been a
lack of mobile sawmills in the range
and they have also been limited to
narrow band sawmills. From 2010,
both of these issues have been
resolved with the addition of the
Pezzolato range of machines.
The cheapest totally hydraulic
short-blade sawmills in the range,
the Timber Queen HD6, HD7 or
HD8, can handle a maximum log
diameter of 900 mm and cut up to
6.1 metres in length. They can be
powered by a 2-cylinder petrol or
4-cylinder diesel engine. All functions of the head and handling of
logs such as log grip, log turner and
log leveller are hydraulic and included in the standard equipment. All
the machines are equipped with
a two-armed loader, and trailers
for towing up to 50 mph can be
The Mini Profi range, including
the 800, 900 and 1000 series, have
a horizontal cutting head with a
maximum log diameter of 1 metre
and a cutting length of 6.1 metres.
Powered by either an electric or diesel motor, they are equipped with a
hydraulic flywheel, brake, blade tensioning and blade protection and
two-chain head forwarding system.
Accessories include a computer,
debarking device, plank removing
arm and hydraulic log loader.
Both the Mini Profi 900 and
1000 models have been improved
to satisfy the demands of professional users. Modifications have
been made to the framework to
make log handling much easier and
increase production capacity.
01435 862229
The LT10, smallest in the range
from Wood-Mizer, is an electrically
driven, manually fed mill capable of
sawing a log up to 70cm diameter.
The slightly larger LT15 is of similar capacity but of stronger build,
partially manual and partly automated. It has a powered up/down
and hand crank feed system. It is
available in diesel, petrol or electric
versions and suits mobile operation.
The LT15 can be palletised or towed
with an optional trailer package.
The small-to-medium LT20 series
has the traditional style bedframe
and the recognisable cantilevered
sawing head. A ‘chunkier’ version,
the LT20B, was developed during
the 2009 credit crunch for sawyers
who needed something stronger
without the capital outlay of the
The trailer package on the LT20
series includes adjustable outriggers which comply with trailer
specifications. Both LT20 versions
are equipped with SW Setworks as
The LT40 series can be used
either as a mobile or a stationary
mill and has been operated in all
sorts of environments. The LT40 has
a 90cm log diameter capacity and
can be driven by a variety of power
sources including diesel, petrol and
electricity. It also has standard SW
Setworks and is easily towed by
virtually any vehicle.
The semi-industrial LT70 series is
heavier and stronger than the others. It has computerised Setworks
plus other benefits, and again is
easy to tow.
Various accessories and options
are available including ‘Accuset’
pre-programming systems, an
‘Auto Clutch’ system, bed extensions which can add 1.8, 3.6 or 7.2
metres to standard bed sections,
‘LubeMizer’, which helps melt away
sap, and a debarker.
01622 813201