Rowing with GoPro ® Video footage of your rowing Video-rigging a sweep boat

Video footage of your rowing
Capturing video footage of your rowing can give you (or
your crew) immediate and direct feedback. Used in conjunction with quality coaching, video footage gives you
the edge. GoPro® cameras offer an affordable and simple
solution to capturing video during your next row. Using
a GoPro® camera is simple. Outfitting your kit with the
right camera(s) and mount(s) will allow you to capture up
to 56 minutes of video on a 2GB SD card. Transfer this to
your computer and you immediately have the best view
in the house.
How it works
Rowing with GoPro
Video-rigging a sweep boat
Front view rigging: To capture video of the blade entry
and exit, and the general motion of the crew, simply hand
your coxswain a GoPro® HERO Wide camera attached
to the headlamp-style headstrap, teach them how to turn
the camera on and off and you’re done. The camera will
capture up to 56 minutes of video on the 2GB SD card
that comes standard with the camera.
Side view rigging: To capture an angled shot of the rowers
in a sweep boat, use a rigger mount that fits the backstay
of the riggers of both stroke- and seven-seat. Point the
cameras back toward the bow six of the boat and
you will be able to see their body motion as well
as the blade entry and release.
A GoPro® 5 megapixel Helmet HERO
Wide video camera is about the size of
Speedcoach® device. The camera has a
Video-rigging for scullers
waterproof housing. The housing alFront view rigging: A single suction cup mount
lows sound to be recorded through it
will attach the camera to the deck of your shell.
and provides an attachment point so
Attach a “keeper cord” from the suction cup to
the camera can be attached to various
your rigger for peace of mind. The suction cup
has proven safe for all hard-decked boats, leaving
• The suction-cup mount allows
no marks or residue.
a camera to be attached to the
Side view rigging: Use the mount that fits either
deck of a shell, capturing the
a backstay or your wing rigger. The 170 degree
full 170 degree arc of blade GoPro® camera mounted with a camera likes to be close to its subject, so pointing
entry and release, rower swing,
suction cup on a double
it right at the rower is a good thing.
and slide movement.
• The headlamp-style headstrap
allows your coxswain to wear the camera along Video-rigging for head race course
with their microphone, capturing the movement preview
of the rowers and their blade placement.
The simplest way to capture a head race course is to use a
• The seatpost mount allows a camera to be attached suction cup to mount a camera to the bow deck of your
to a rigger which is small in diameter (0.75-1.4” boat, pointed over the bow. As you pre-row the course, the
diameter), capturing a side view of the rowers mo- camera will capture the nuances of the head race course.
tion, from catch to release.
Using this footage for visualization and practice runs is
• The rollbar mount allows the camera to be attached not only effective, but gives you the edge of seeing the
to a larger rigger (1.4-2.5” diameter).
course you typically have your back to.
• The helmet mount can be used to attach the camera to a wide wing-rigger. You may need to extend
the webbing to fit completely around your rigger.
For more info on rowing with video visit:
Most outdoor stores will have flat webbing that
will easily extend the reach of the helmet mount.
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