We`re ready, convinced of the opportunities, and can`t wait to work

Dear journalist, editor, art director, curator,
graphic designer, writer, psychologist, farmer,
builder, brother, Mr. President,
Have we met you before? If not, we’d love to.
How does the 4th of July 2015 sound?
Let’s meet at the graduation exhibition of the
Photography Department, at the Royal of Art
Academy in the Hague. There’s something
we’d like to show you. Photographs, audiovisual productions, interactive media, publications; projects from over forty photographers
that vary in form from fashion editorials, to
socially engaged documentaries. Our choice
of subjects is even more diverse, and is guaranteed to offer you a mix of contemporary
and authentic views of young photographers, who are more determined than ever
to connect. We’ve completed our study as
photographers in a time where visual media
are incredibly accessible, affordable and omnipresent. But this so-called ‘image culture’
doesn’t just facilitate endless possibilities.
It’s also created a necessity for tireless motivation, inventiveness and most of all, specialization: from us, the next generation of creative professionals. By combining personal
fascinations with a specific and unique visual
handwriting, we all aim to stand out from the
crowd. We’ve all got something to say, but
we are not expecting to be heard by everyone. We want to start a dialogue with you,
to combine strengths, skills and interests, to
create messages, campaigns, or stories that
need to be shared. Let’s find similarities, discuss differences, and explore possible realities of these hopeful ideals. Our campaign
‘DEAR..’ represents our intentions: we believe
in engagement and more specifically, in collaborations, however unlikely they may seem
at first. Imagine a moving-company working
with a documentary photographer to capture memories of their clients’ interiors, or a
commercial photographer collaborating with
the municipality to create togetherness in a
problem area through the subject of fashion.
We’re ready, convinced of the opportunities,
and can’t wait to work with you to make it
happen. So. Now that we’re not complete
strangers anymore, can we count on your
presence at the KABK, anywhere between
the 4th and 9th of July?
We promise we’ll be there. However, if you
can not wait that long - like us! - we would
love to see you at ‘Introducing ‘DEAR..’:
The Print Factory’. At Melkweg Expo on
17/18/19th of April, visit our pop-up printsale for an exciting chance to see and buy our
work for only 49,99 per print.
To get in touch, or for more information:
Graduation exhibition ‘DEAR..’, Photography department KABK:
4 -9 July 2015
Prinsessegracht 4 - Den Haag
‘Introducing ‘DEAR..’: The Print Factory’, pop-up printsale
by KABK Photography graduate students:
17 -19 april 2015
Marnixstraat 409 - Amsterdam
Graduation exhibition preview: 3rd of July
Website launch: 17th of April
[email protected]
Contact: Merel Verspuij, 06- 81418548
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