class viii - dav public school

Holiday Homework
Class VIII
1. Interdisciplinary Project: (To be done in the Grammar notebook)
You are Anu/Anurag, living at C- 247, Sreshtha Vihar, Delhi- 92. Recently, you read about
the benefits of pasteurization and feel thankful to Louis Pasteur for his invaluable contribution
to the field of health and nutrition. Imagining Louis Pasteur to be alive, write a letter to him,
expressing your gratitude and thanking him for his discovery.
2. Read the novel ‘Treasure Island’ and attempt the following questions in 50-60 words (to
be done on separate A4 sized ruled sheets)
Describe Captain Flint, the pirate.
Who was Ben Gunn? How did he get left behind on the island?
iii. What did the members of the treasure hunt do with their share of the treasure?
Briefly describe your favorite character from the novel.
3. Creative Writing (to be done in the literature notebook):
In the story ‘Three Questions’, after the king returns to his palace after his short
stay at the hermit’s hut, he decides to share his experience with his friend.
Imagine yourself to be the king, write the letter. (Roll No. 1- 13)
When the bearded man reaches his home after his meeting with the king at the
hermit’s hut, he is a changed person. From being an enemy of the king, he is now
grateful to him for saving his life. Imagine yourself to be the bearded man, write
a diary describing the change in your attitude towards the king. (Roll No. 14- 26)
iii. Imagine yourself to be Granny’s son (in the poem ‘Granny’s Tree Climbing’).
You are surprised when your mother asks you to build a tree house for her. As an
obedient son, you cannot refuse her demand. But you are also concerned about
her health and old age. Write a diary expressing your love and concern towards
her and also your anxiety regarding her decision to live in a tree house. (Roll No.
27- 39)
Imagine yourself to be the speaker of the poem ‘Granny’s Tree Climbing’. You
support your Granny’s decision to spend her days in a tree house. You also help
your father build a tree house for her. After she starts living there, you visit her
every day and enjoy your evenings there. Write a letter to your friend sharing
with him/her the excitement you felt while constructing the tree house and also
the fun you have with Granny there. (Roll. No. 40 onwards)
4. Value- based questions (40- 50 words) (to be done in the literature notebook)
‘Learning by doing is better than rote learning’. Discuss. (‘Three Questions’)
(Roll No. 1- 25)
‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. Give your views. (‘Granny’s Tree
Climbing’) (Roll No. 26 onwards)
5. Integrated Grammar Worksheet: ( Worksheet to be pasted in the Grammar notebook)
In the following passage, one word is missing from each line. Write the missing
word along with the word that comes before and that comes after, in the space
Kodaikanal lake an artificial,
(a)_________ _________ _________
roughly star-shaped, 60 acres
lake built 1863. It is recognized
(b)_________ _________ _________
Kodaikanal’s most popular tourist
(c) _________ _________ _________
attraction. Rowboats and ‘pedalos’ can(d) _________ _________ _________
hired at the lake. Horses bicycles
(e) _________ _________ _________
can also be hired short periods.
(f) _________ _________ _________
The 5 km path skirts the periphery
(g) _________ _________ _________
of lovely lake is a favorite walk
(h) _________ _________ _________
for locals and tourists alike.
(i) _________ _________ _________
The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the
incorrect and the correction in the space provided.
Listen to Mozart can significantly
increases your intelligence, according
to researches in America. Fortunately,
the affect is temporary and only
last about 15 minutes. Dr. Frances
Rauscher or two colleagues from
the University of California were
reported a findings in the journal ‘Nature’. (h)__________
Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences:
a) motivate/ tips/ are/ a/ few/ here/ yourself/ to
b) proper/ day/ with/ start/ your/ planning
c) new/ as/ come along/ they/ tricks/ learn
d) the/ courage/ right decision/ moral/ have/ to take
1 +izsepanz ds dgkuh laxzg^ekuljksoj^ ds fdlh ,d Hkkx dh dgkfu;ksa dks i<+dj
fuEufyf[kr vk/kkjksa ij leh{kk dhft,A
 dFkkoLrq dk vk/kkj
 dgkuh ds eq[; ik=
 iqLrd ls izkIr thou&ewY;
2 + ^ufn;ksa esa c<+rk iznq’k.k^ fo’k; ij fp= lfgr ys[k fyf[k,A
3 + fdUgha nks Hkkjrh; varfj{k ;kf=;ksa ds ;ksxnku dk o.kZu fp= lfgr dhft,a
4 + ^nw/k LokLF; ds fy, ykHknk;d gSA nw/k ds u, mRikn dks uke nsdj foKkiu
rS;kj dhft,A
¼ Xkzh’ekodk”k dk;ZZ x`gdk;Z dh dkWih esa dhft,A½
LkqjfHk iqLrd esa vUr esa vifBr x|ka”k i= fp=o.kZu bR;kfn iqLrd esa gh djsa A
Activity : To prepare a life sketch including biographical information and significant contribution of various
Topic : Legends of Science
Scientists covered : Louis Pasteur
(Roll No : 1-17),
James Prescott Joule (Roll No : 18-34),
Antoine Lavoisier
(Roll No : 35 onwards)
Instructions : Use Library/Encyclopedia/Online resources to undertake in-depth research on the life
and significant contribution of the above mentioned scientists.
Prepare their life sketch including the biographical information and their significant contribution to Science
and other subjects in the form of BIOGRAPHY LAPBOOKS.
It should cover the following information of the respective scientist:
Sketch / Portrait of the Scientist
Date and Place of birth and death
Significant Contributions to the Society
Relevance / Application in day to day life
Inspirational Quotes
Activity: To do a Survey of nearby houses of your locality and find the type of fuel commonly used and monthly
consumption of the same.
Note: Use given table for reference (or can use your own creativity to make work presentable and informative)
Name of the
House Address
NO. of Family
Name of the fuel
commonly using
(for cooking)
(in Kg)
Summarize your work in few lines to conclude -Type of fuels common in use, their consumption and Health Hazards
due to burning of fossil fuels.
List characteristics of good fuel (any five).
1. Data collected should be original and adequate.
2. Table should be neat and clearly labeled.
3. Suryey questions should be unbiased and clear.
4. Summarization should be appropriate.
Answer the following questions in brief:
Q1. What is marble cancer?
Q2. Name some gases other then carbon dioxide which contribute to green house effect. Q3. Write any two harmful
effects of air pollution on human beings.
Q4. What is air pollution? Which two diseases are caused due to air pollution?
Q5. Mention any five human activities that cause pollution of air.
Q6. Define the terms – Pollution, Global warming.
Q7.What is smog? What are its harmful effects?
Q8.Which phenomenon is responsible for global warming?
Q9. Name the gas mainly responsible for depletion of Ozone layer.
Q10. Which gas is produced due to incomplete combustion of fuel?
Q11. How does ozone protect our environment?
Q12. What is Greenhouse effect? How does it affect the atmosphere?
Q13. What steps has the Supreme Court taken to save the Taj Mahal from air pollution?
Q14.How does high concentration of nitrogen dioxide in air affect the plants?
Q15. What is acid rain? Which two gases cause acid rain?
Q.1 Name any two components present in the nucleus of the cell.
Q.2 Draw a well-labelled diagram of Euglena.
Q.3 Name the membrane that forms the boundary of nucleus.
Q.4 Why nerve cell has long fiber like structure?
Q.5 Where is nucleus located in hen’s egg?
Q.6 What will happen to the cell if endoplasmic reticulum is not present in the cell?
Q.7 Draw labelled diagram of plant cell and animal cell.
Q.8 Why cytoplasm is an important component of the cell?
Q.9 What decides the shape of the cell? Explain with an example.
Q.10 Who discovered the cell and how?
Q.11 Name the organelles which are –
(a) Store house of the cell.
(b) Kitchen of cell .
Q.12 Explain the structure of nucleus with diagram.
Q.13 Which of the two have large vacuole –a plant cell or an animal cell?
Also mention its function.
Q.14 Why cells remained undiscovered for a long time?
Q.15 Differentiate between vacuole of a plant and animal cell.
Q.16 Define probiotics. What role they perform in maintaining human health?
Q.17 Explain the role performed by biological nitrogen fixers in agriculture?
Q.18 Why does milk taste sweet?
Q.19 Name the cell organelle present in the plant cell but absent in the animal cell.
Q.20 Draw a well labeled diagram of the following – Paramecium, amoeba
TOPIC-Squares and square root, Cubes and cube root, Direct and inverse variation
Answer the following questions:
Q1. Find square root of 1.23
2. 0.00053361
Q2. Find square root of 14400
Hint : √144
= √144 100
Q3. Find square root of 2
correct to 3 decimal places.
Q4. Find the least no. that must be added to 252 to make it a perfect
Q5. Find the least no. that must be subtracted from1989 to make it a perfect square.
Q6. Find the length of largest side of square whose area is 441 m².
Q7. Estimate square root nearest to a whole no. of √80
Q8. Find square root by repeated subtraction
1) 121
Q9. Find square root by prime factorisation method
1) 4096
2) 24336
Q10. Find the smallest square no.(perfect sq.) which is divisible by each of 6,9 and 15
Q11. Find the smallest no. by which 2925 must be divided so as to get a perfect sq. also find the sq. root
of the sq. no. so obtained.
Q12. Look at the digits in one’s place and match the column:
(a) 12167
(i) 44
(b) 54872
(ii) 57
(c) 85184
(iii) 38
(d) 185193
(iv) 23
Q13. The edge of a cube is 4cm, so its volume is _______cm 3
Q14 .The volume of a cube is 8cm3, so Its edge is _______cm long.
Q15. The edge of a cube is increased from X cm to 2X cm , so its volume increases from Y cm 3 to
Q16. The cube of a negative integer is _______(greater/smaller)than the integer.
Q17. Multiply 210125 by the smallest number so that the product is a perfect cube .Also find the cube
root of the product.
Q18. What is the smallest number by which 8192 must be divided so that quotient is a prefect cube?
Also, find the cube root of the quotient so obtained.
Q19. Three numbers are in the ratio 1:2:3.The sum of their cubes is 98784. Find the numbers
Q20. The volume of a cube is 9261000m3.Find the side of the cube.
Q21. 11 men can dig a trench 6
in one day.How many men should be employed to dig a trench
of the same type 27 m long in one day?
Q22.A fish with a mass of 3 kg causes a fishing pole to bend 9 cm, how much will the pole bend for a 2 kg
Q23. A fort had a provision for 150 men for 45 days. After 10 days 25 men left the fort. How long will the
food last at the same rate?
Q24 .A person travelling 72 km/hr can go from Dehradun to Lucknow in 10 hrs.How fast must the man
travel to make the trip in 9 hrs ?
Q25. 18 men can do a work in 10 days.How many less men are required if the work is to be completed in
15 days?
Prepare a life sketch of few Mathematicians cum scientists and their significant contribution to
Make a power point presentation on specific shops in France with their products and add
one song or poem related to this theme at the end of this presentation.
1. Make a game / Quiz using Scratch Software.
2. Make a movie using Moviemaker Software-
To compare features of smart phones of any four leading companies.
To show the use of multimedia in different areas of day to day life.
(Bring both the works in a well-labelled CD)
Group activity
Geography: –Ch. 1- Resource utilization and development –
Newsletter on conservation of resources
Guidelines are hereunder:1. Group of five students according to roll no.
2. Should include articles , photographs, puzzle, poem , advertisement , etc
3. Submit the activity in the first week of July 2015.
(Rubrics – Participation, concept clarity, expression, presentation and team work)