Summer Holiday Homework

Holiday Homework- Class III
1. “Reading is to mind what exercise is to body and prayer is to soul”.
We learn various aspects of life by reading and it makes us a better person. Read any story book and
pick out twenty proper and common nouns from the stories you have read.
2. This summer help out your mother in grocery shopping and list five countable and five uncountable
items of grocery which your mother buys every month. Also, paste the pictures of these items.
3. Health is wealth and there is no better time than summer holidays to enjoy the bliss of a morning
walk. Write a composition describing your experience of a morning walk.
Maths Homework is categorised into two sections.
Learn tables 2 to 15 (dodging tables)
Do practice of Unit 1, 2 and 3 for FA-1
Activity Based
1. Four 4 wheelers are standing in a garage. Their numbers are as following:a) UK 08 R 3925
b) UP 16 P 0499
c) DL 8C Q 6820
d) HR 26 AE 3462
Q1. Arrange these numbers in ascending order.
Q2. Write the number of DL 8C Q in Expanded Form.
Q3. Write the place value of 9 and 5 from the number of UK four wheeler.
Q4. Write the number names of each number.
Q5. If we add 1256 to the number of UP four wheeler, what will be the new number?
Q6. If we subtract 2358 from the number of DL four wheeler, what will be the new number?
2. Note down the addresses with house number of four houses of your locality.
3. Write down the PIN CODE NUMBER of different areas of your city.
Begum Bridge
Cantt. Area
City Ghantaghar
4. Write the Numbers of following:a.
Any four wheeler if you have.
Your Mobile number if you have.
Any two wheeler if you have.
Landline number if you have.
Science Homework is categorised into two sections:Section-A
Read lesson 1 and 2 carefully and learn all the work done in notebooks and books.
Activity based
1. What precautions should we take to grow more and more trees and to make our city clean.
a. Write 10 do’s and 10 don’ts.
b. Write 5 slogans to make your city clean.
1. Write the names of two cities each which are famous for:
a. Palace
c. Temples
e. Wildlife
b. Beaches
d. Church
2. Write the names of your paternal and maternal grandparents. Write the cities to which they originally
belong to.
3. Write the names of five great personalities whose children are also following the occupations or
professions of their parents. What is the occupation of your father/ mother and do you want to follow
the same. Why?
4. List the people who help us and our family at home to make our life comfortable.
Note - English and Social Studies Home work is not to be done in class work note books. Both
subjects Home Work is to be done in one note book.
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE [This is to be done in Class Work note book]
1. Heavens of Himalayas and country of temples, has recently faced a devastating earthquake.
Thousands of people have died and a famous city of that country has ruined. Write the following
information relating to this calamity:
a) The name of the country and the magnitude of the earthquake.
b) The name of the City suffered the most.
c) Which famous temple remains unaffected by earth quake?
d) Which neighbouring countries extended help and support to save the victims?
e) Paste some pictures related to the devastation due to earthquake.
2. Name the chief guest of this year's Republic day parade in New Delhi.
1. Draw a Keyboard in copy and define its Different Keys.
[Learn all the work done in note books and prepare yourself for FA1 exams commencing in
the first week of July]