- dav hzl senior secondary school

Holiday Home Work
Class VIII
1. Learn chapter -1 for FA-1.
2. On behalf of the king, write a notice inviting people to respond to his three questions. Mention the three
questions also.
3. Write in about 80 words “how I spent my summer vacation. On an A4 size paper.
Social Sciences
1. List out five resources you use in your home and five you use in your classroom.
2. Make a list of five man made resources that you can observe around you.
3. Activity:- Pick up a stone, a leaf and a straw. Think of how you can use these as resources.
1. Find the squre root of the following numbers by long division method:i). 9801
ii) 363609
iii) 1471369
iv) 64432729
v) 9653449
2. Find the least number which must be subtracted by the following numbers to obtain a perfect
square:i). 6503
ii) 6303
iii) 5928
3. Find the least number which must be added to following numbers to obtain a perfect square.
ii) 2963
iii) 7205
4. By which smallest number the following number be multiplied to obtain a perfect cube:i)
ii) 910
5. Find the smallest number by which the following numbers be divided to obtain a perfect cube:i)
2548 ii) 15436
iii) 399
Section – A
(a) Project workMake a model or draw on chart paper, any one diagram of following and label it properly(i)
Plant cell
Animal cell
(iii) Different types of micro organisms.
Endemic , endangered and extinct species of plants and animals.
(b) Activity on paper (A-4) :(i) Visit a nearby hospital , contact with doctor and write a report by making the list of diseases with their
symptoms in which vaccination is given.
(ii) How zoo, sanctuary and national park are differ from each other ? Also write a list of above present in
our state Rajasthan.
Section – B
Answer the following questions
1. An object experiences a net non-zero force. Is it possible for the object to travel with a constant
speed in a straight line?
2. ‘Snow shoes’ are more effective for walking on snow than ordinary shoes. Why?
3. When we throw a ball upwards, what happens to its speed while it is going up? Give reason for your
4. Give two examples, from daily life, where a force may change the shape of an object.
5. Explain why porters’ place a round piece of cloth on their heads when they carry heavy loads.
6. Define force. Is it necessary for the two bodies to be in direct contact, for a force to exit between
7. In the following situations, identify the agent exerting the force. Also state the effect the force in
each case.
(a) Squeezing a piece of lemon between the fingers to extract its juice.
(b) A person diving into a swimming pool.
(c) A labourer, moving a loaded cart.
(d) A car coming to rest once its engine is switched off.
(e) An athelete, making a high jump, to clear the bar at a certain height.
8. State the forces acting on a school bag held above the ground level in your hand. Discuss why the
forces, acting on the bag, do not bring a change in its state of motion.
9. State some applications where we reduce the pressure by increasing the surface area over which the
force is exerted.