Class V - shaheed rajpal dav public school ,dayanand vihar, delhi

Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School, Dayanand Vihar
Holidays Homework
Class V
Make a folder using cartridge sheet. Decorate the cover page with your own imaginative
painting .All the work should be done on A4 sheets and filed in the folder.
• Make a laminated table mat using A3 sheet.
• Use both the sides of sheet
• On one side draw any five food items rich in roughage.
• On the other side draw or paste any five pictures of uses of solar energy.
Project Activity- “Save Endangered Animals”
Prepare a project report on animals mentioned in the list.
Roll No.
One horned rhino
Giant Panda
31- Rest of the students
Give information in reference to their Habitat, Body features and Feeding habit.
Why they are hunted(reason for getting endangered)
Areas where they are protected(National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary)
Steps to be taken for their conservation.
• Use A4 size sheet
• Paste/ draw pictures /collage
• You can also add a suitable slogan on the topic.
• Any other information can also be added.
Social Science
“A disaster in no time leads to many person’s
demise –to escape such risk we have to take
an early rise”. Keeping this in mind make a
colourful poster with a message on how to
protect ourselves in any emergency such as –
fire, flood , earthquake etc.
Guidelines – Use A4 sheet to make the poster.
Your poster would be assessed under the
following heads1. Relevance of the given topic
2. Efforts and originality
3. Presentation
4. Message
Note- Before starting your work you can take help from internet, clip art etc.
Paste pictures of the things required in a Disaster Safety kit.
You have just read “Tale of a tail” a story by famous writer R.K.Narayan of “Malgudi Days”.
Read any one of the famous stories by R.K.Narayan & write its synopsis. Also depict the
character of the story through pictures and write their qualities. Also change the qualities
into abstract nouns.
Watch “Malgudi Days” series on You Tube.
Prepare your Birth Certificate
Form Number
Government of __________________
Birth Certificate
This is to certify that this information is taken from the original record of birth which is in
the register for the year __________________ of _________________ .
Date of birth
Place of Birth
Name of Father
Name of Mother
Date of Registration
Registration Number
Signature of issuing authority
Tan – O – Chain
Tangram – colour sheet of ( 10 X 10 cm)
Cut into 7 pieces
Each picture should consist of all the seven pieces.
For example : Hut , Tree , Elephant etc.
Prepare 10 pictures