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Volum e 1, Issue 3
1 May – 15 May, 2015
Striving for the Law of Allah, on the Land of Allah
Point to Ponder
The Best Military Strategist –
Part I
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Pakistan’s Geo-strategic
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The Fortnightly Newsletter of Tanzeem e Islami
Hafiz Aakif Saeed
Chief Editor: Dr. Absar Ahmad
Raza ul Haq
From The Qur’an:
"O people, save yourselves
from the wrath of your Lord:
earthquake of The Hour is a
terrible thing." (Al-Hajj; 01)
Selected Hadith:
"The Hour (Last Day) will not
be established until ...
earthquakes will be very
Point to Ponder:
Earthquakes, as predicted in
the hadiths, are among the
most important signs of the
Last Days.
All praise is due to Allah (SWT), The Omnipotent, The Omniscient, The Omnipresent; and peace
& blessing on his noble Messengers (AS), in particular, on the last of them all the blessed
Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
The status quo has proven itself once again! We do not have to go further than taking a glimpse
of the Karachi by-election and the country-wide Cantonment board elections. The only piece of
advice we can reiterate to our brothers who want change from within the same system is
this…Has the time still not arrived for us all to pause, reflect and then devise an alternative
strategy for change? A stratagem with the realization that for genuine change to occur, the
existing systems must be discarded once and for all!That requires both patience and peaceful
means. Kindly halt the adrenaline pumps for a while and work with persistence, resilience and
fortitude towards one and one goal alone: Restoring the Law of Allah on the Land of Allah.
Elsewhere, the wrath of Allah (SWT) and the predictions made by the Prophet (SAW) regarding
the times that we now live in can vividly be seen. Earthquakes, floods, cyclones, erupting
volcanoes; at an all-time high. It is High Time for us to open both eyes and seek His (SWT)
forgiveness, individually and collectively, before all hell breaks loose. The Ummah needs revival
and efforts to s ew it back together in unison. The Ummah in turn has to understand the need for
individual and collection work towards the restoration of the Deen to its prime, which, certainly,
would include the political, economic and social domains. Dr. Absar Ahmad (Chief Editor)
The Best Military Strategist
Aim : The aim of this treatise is to highlight Prophet Mohammad (SAW) as the best military strategist of all.
The Stage of Passive Resistance: Initially w hen the message of Islam w as preached only few influential
and independent persons from Makkah accepted it. Most of the believers hailed from dow ntrodden
background or w ere slaves. The latter group of believers w as subjected to utter humiliation, persecution and
w orst torchers. At times even f ormer group w as not spared. Command from Prophet (SAW) w as not to react,
no raising of hands even in self-defense. This strategy know n as Passive Resistance has been hallmark of
all revolutions in the w orld since then, from Marx to Mao, Che Guevara to Nelson Mandela all brought
revolution once they adopted strategy of passive resistance in initial stages of their respective campaign.
Secure an Alternate Base: A secure base of operations is required for military campaigns. A vast majority
of the Makkans rejected the message of Islam and w ere bent on murdering Prophet (SAW). The decision to
migrate to Madinah w as then taken. It w as to serve as a new base of operations to invite a new ideological
group of believers. Secure base has been one of the principles of Napoleonic w arfare.
Econom ic Blockade : Quraysh enjoyed monopoly over the trade in the Arabian Peninsula and being
custodians of Kaba, their caravans w ere alw ays safe and spared from looting. Prior to battle of Badr, eight
skirmishes on the trade caravans of Qureysh w ere launched from Madinah. The main aim of these
skirmishes w as to threaten caravan routes. This move show ed that now the lifeline of Makkans w as
threatened and they felt that if decisive action w as not taken it w ould lead to the crippling of their economy.
The economic blockade has been source of many w ars, including both w orld wars and the Arab – Israel w ar
of 1967.
Dim inish the Zone of Political Influence of the Enem y: The eight skirmishes prior to battle of Badr w ere
very important in another w ay and the Prophet (SAW) participated in a few of these himself. During the
course of these campaigns, the Prophet (SAW) interacted w ith tribal chiefs of those area. The chiefs either
became allies or proclaimed neutrality in case of any conflict w ith the Quraysh. Thus the zone of political
influence of Quraysh w as diminished. Diplomatic corrosion of one’s adversary is considered a modern
phenomenon and almost all states use it as a tool of w ar against their enemy.
Joint Defense Pacts & Agreem ents: On his arrival at Madinah, the Prophet (SAW) tied all Jew ish tribes
around Madinah in an agreement to ‘Jointly Defend’ Madinah from alien armies (Meesaq e Madinah). The
option has been exercised many times in history since, especially by w eaker states or those w hich have
expansionist aims. NATO is one such example.
Bring the Enem y to Unfavorable Ground: Skirmishes before Badr paved w ay for this aspect of military
strategy too. Out of sense of insecurity to their valuable caravan Quraysh formed an army to protect them
and, if need be, take decisive action against the believers. The Quraysh army w as forced to come to Badr
w here the first real battle w as fought.
War as Instrument of Policy: Prophet (SAW) never considered w ar the ultimate objective, neither did his
polices sought w ar. It w as alw ays seen as one of the w ays of establishing Islam comprehensively as the
Supreme Law of the Land. Battles w ere fought and at times reverses were suffered but total victory w as not
proclaimed until Hunaian. Once the w hole of Arabia had been conquered, the ‘new ’ Law of the Land w as
proclaimed as Supreme. This strategy is now the corner stone of all state polices.
(To be concluded…)
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Press Releases issued by Tanzeem e Islami
Dated: 24 th April 2015
Lahore (PR): “The agreements made with China are a welcome sign as long as we keep our direction right as a
nation; else they would become a hard pill for us to swallow.”
This was stated by the Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami, Hafiz Aakif Saeed, during the Khitab e Jumu’ah at Qur’an
Academy Lahore. The Ameer said that it was true that due to the shortage of electricity and the la ck of infrastructure
our own businesses were relocating abroad, not to mention the dearth in direct foreign investment in Pakistan. He
remarked that no doubt with an upsurge in trade, investment and business ventures of all kind, the majority of
Pakistanis, who are living below the poverty line in acute, miserable paucity would get opportunities of employment
and get a chance to stand on their feet, yet we must never forget that ours is a nation build on ideology and if we keep
rebelling from it, fail to fulfill the promises made with Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW) and do not work
towards making Pakistan a genuine Islamic Welfare State, then the benefits accrued from these agreements would
circulate among the hands of the elite only and these very agreements may well become a source of headache for us.
The Ameer also remarked that for investment to thrive; peace and security are a prerequisite and these cannot be
achieved unless a just system is in place. He said that being an ideological state our position in the world is unique;
one that can neither be reckoned on the basis of the methods adopted by the West or any country of the East.
He concluded by stating that a Pakistan firmly based on the principles of an Islamic Welfare State would nurture peace
and brotherhood within the nation; a requisite for all kinds of successful economic and political activities, thus giving
us success in this world and in the Hereafter.
Dated: 17 th April 2015
Lahore (PR): “The Flames of Fire erupting in Yemen can engulf the whole region!”
This was stated by the Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami, Hafiz Aakif Saeed, during the Khitab e Jumu’ah at Qur’an
Academy Lahore. The Ameer noted that the Houthi rebels had caused mayhem in the land by toppling a legitimate
government. He stated that in light of the Qur’an, Pakistan should explore ways to bring both parties to the table for a
negotiated settlement to resolve the issue, but if that effort fails, provide full cooperation and support to the one whose
claim is justified and right in its battle against the perpetrator.
The Ameer unequivocally supported the narrative of Saudi Arabia that the legitimate government of President Mansur
Al Hadi should immediately be restored, followed by fresh elections in Yemen and consequently whichever party wins
the polls be given the opportunity to form government in Yemen without and ifs and buts. He said that Saudi Arabia is
our all-weather, trustworthy friend which has helped Pakistan at every critical moment in her history. He remarked that
following our nuclear tests when the U.S. and its allies had imposed all kinds of economic sanctions on Pakistan, the
state of Pakistan could well have become bankrupt and defaulted had the government of Saudi Arabia not come
forward to our rescue.
The Ameer also voiced strong support for General Raheel Shareef’s recent statement in which the C.O.A.S. had said
that countries neighboring Pakistan and foreign intelligence agencies ought to halt all activities sabotaging our country
or else be prepared for a robust and befitting response. He said that Pakistan will not tolerate any violation of its
territorial integrity through insurgency. He concluded by lamenting that only alien states and the enemies of Islam
were benefitting from chaos among our ranks and our internal rifts.
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News Headlines of the last Fortnight
 Judicial Commission grants one week to submit rigging evidence
 CNG prices likely to be cut down by 23 %
 Islamabad High Court reopens assets reference against Zardari
 SC suspends execution of six militants awarded by military courts
 A new group named Baluchistan Sub-Nationalist Movement has been formed for sabotage and terrorism inside the
province: sources
 China’s Xi meets PM Sharif: 20-point joint statement including a $46bn investment plan in energy and infrastructure
fields issued
 ASF foils attack on Pasni airport radar in Baluchistan
 Army’s special security division to guard Pak-China economic projects operational
 Sindh governor Ishrat ul Ibad does not represent MQM: Altaf
 PM Nawaz Sharif denies receiving any Saudi ‘wish-list’
 2013 elections were fair, ECP tells Judicial Commission
 Altaf demands new provinces in Pakistan
 Imran dissolves PTI election tribunal for malfunctioning in providing rigging proofs
 Severe Earthquake hits Nepal. 2500 feared dead. Jolts felt on Mount Everest. Earthquake jolts felt in Peshawar and other
parts of Pakistan too
 PML-N secures landslide victory in Cantonment LG polls, PTI comes 2 nd
 Imam-e-Kaaba stresses on Muslim unity for problems resolution
 At least 45 dead as rainstorm and mini-cyclone hits KP
 Pak-Army teams take on relief works in Peshawar
 Pakistan sends another rescue teams to quake-hit Nepal
 EOBI pensioners to get 46pc hike
 PPP won’t let Karachi become a separate province: CM Shah
 Baloch nationalist leader Talal Akbar Bugti passes away
 Jordanian Air Chief calls on Gen Sharif
 KP cyclone third deadliest in Pakistan’s history: Met office
 Canada sells uranium to India in breakthrough deal
 Russia blames U.S. for security crises, turmoil in Ukraine
 Iran says it will use influence to broker peace in Yemen. Yemen government rejects Iranian peace plan
 U.S. Congresses Iran bill makes nuclear deal harder, but not impossible
 Egypt´s ousted president Morsi jailed for 20 years
 Egypt Brotherhood trial relied on single testimony: Human Rights Watch
 US starts training Ukraine forces to fight pro-Russian militants
 Hurriyat leader Ali Geelani placed under house arrest after leading protest rally in occupied Kashmir
 Twitter out to crack down on abusive tweets
 Yemen rebels free defence minister, president brother
 U.S. concerned Iranian ships may carry arms to Yemen – Pentagon chief
 Strong 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocks New Zealand
 Israeli tanks strike Gaza after rocket fired
 Ex-CIA chief Petraeus fined $100,000, gets two years’ probation for info leak
 Deadly avalanche on Mount Everest after Nepal earthquake. Quake toll rises to 4,310
 More fighting, air strikes in Yemen, death toll exceeds 550
 Chile volcano ash cloud reaches Brazil; some flights canceled
 Iran general slams ‘declining’ Saudi Arabia over Yemen strikes
 US to soften hostage ransom policy after drone killing fiasco: report
 US, Japan widen defense ties in historic sea change near Chinese waters
 Baltimore riots after black man killed: US deploys National Guard, declares curfew
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Pakistan’s Geo-strategic Position and Military Hardware - A Summary
A strategic profile of the region
An Overview of Pakistan’s Military Infrastructure
Payload Delivery Systems (Missiles)
Range of Payload Delivery Systems
Hadith: "Beware this (real) power (of war) is Rami! Beware this
power is Rami! Beware this power is Rami!"
Note: In the Arabic language, the word "Rami" means to throw, hurl or strike. All these
weapons are thrown at the enemies f rom a distance and these could well be the ‘real
power’ of war (and deterrence).
(…and Allah SWT knows Best)
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