Kenworth T680 Named ATD Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year 4

Introducing the Kenworth T880
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Kenworth T680 Named ATD Heavy Duty
Commercial Truck of the Year
Raleigh, NC LAT/350
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Control – no matter how steep
the learning curve.
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The Eaton® UltraShift® PLUS gives your fleet the
ultimate in low-speed maneuverability.
Eaton UltraShift PLUS
The Eaton UltraShift PLUS is built on the industry’s
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gear logic and safety features, it can precisely select when
to skip gears, hold a grade, use the engine brake, or creep
at low speeds. The UltraShift PLUS also eliminates the urge
to move found in torque converter automatics. That means
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T680 ATD Truck of The Year
Kenworth Celebrates 90 Years of Achievement
This year, Kenworth is celebrating 90 years of industry
leadership through quality, innovation and technology.
Today, this leadership is exemplified by the Kenworth
T680 with PACCAR MX-13 engine receiving the 2013
Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year award from the
American Truck Dealers (p.7). The Kenworth T680 establishes a new standard of excellence with its superior fuel
efficiency, aerodynamic styling and premium interior.
The T680, which has a 2.1-meter-wide cab, has earned
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay®
Designation and is the most aerodynamic truck in
Kenworth’s 90-year history.
The PACCAR MX-13 engine provides a lightweight,
fuel-efficient power plant designed to meet the demands
of heavy duty vocational applications.
The new T880 vocational truck is the latest evolution of
Kenworth’s quality truck line. The T880 offers the reliability and durability you expect from Kenworth. The
T880, which will be available for production later this
summer, provides modern styling, increased visibility, a
rugged stamped aluminum cab, excellent maneuverability, and the PACCAR MX-13 engine. The T880 with the
PACCAR MX-13 engine provides a wide range of horsepower ratings up to our newest rating of 500 hp with
1,850 lb-ft of torque.
For 90 years — and with more than 900,000 trucks
produced — Kenworth has played an essential role in the
development of trucks that are more reliable, fuel efficient, productive and economical to operate.
The goal has always been to build the right Kenworth
truck for each customer’s application to get the job
done…and build that truck to last. That holds true
today with featured customers Retif Oil & Fuel
Co. (p.10), Zimmerman Truck Lines (p.11), and
Valley Farm Transport (p.13).
Kenworth takes great pride in its
long history of achievement and
excellence. Our core values of
quality, innovation and technology will remain steadfast as we
continue to build The World’s
Best® trucks for our customers.
Gary Moore
Kenworth General Manager
and PACCAR Vice President
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New Kenworth T880
Awards and PACCAR Engines
Exceptional performance, visibility and comfort
T680 is ATD Heavy Duty Commercial
Truck of the Year
Kenworth Celebrates 90 Years 9
Commemorating a heritage of quality, innovation
Ready to Roll
Long Distance Reliability 11
Regional Advantage 13
Kenworth Green
Vocational Trucks
Medium Duty Trucks
Kenworth News
Kenworth Dealer News
T880, PACCAR MX-13 engine put to test
Low cost of ownership, driver comfort with T680
Fuel-efficient T440s boost bottom line
Kenworth hybrids, CNG trucks lower fuel costs
K500s moving oil rigs in West Africa;
mixer trucks
T370s stand up to snow, ice and salt
Kenworth merchandise collection expands;
2013 calendar available
Dealers expand facilities
PacLease and PACCAR Financial news
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World’s Best 3
New Kenworth T880
Kenworth Launches New T880 Vocational Truck
Kenworth Truck Company launched
the new Kenworth T880™ at the
2013 Mid-America Trucking Show
in Louisville, Ky.
“Skillfully designed and robustly
engineered, the new Kenworth
T880 builds upon Kenworth’s
distinguished 90-year heritage of
quality, innovation and technology
to produce industry-leading, rugged and reliable vocational trucks,”
says Gary Moore, Kenworth general
manager and PACCAR vice president.
“As we celebrate Kenworth’s 90th
anniversary, the T880 represents
our heritage very well as the latest evolution of our quality product line, while also reinforcing
Kenworth’s leadership in vocational
truck performance. Vocational customers and drivers really demand a
tough and durable truck in today’s
challenging work environments,
and we are confident the
Kenworth T880 will surpass
customer expectations,”
says Kevin Baney, Kenworth
chief engineer.
“For example, the T880
features a panoramic windshield for enhanced visibility, quiet cab with its triplesealed and robust doors,
5-piece hood for easier and
faster repairs, air-assisted
hydraulic clutch, complex
reflector headlamps, excellent maneuverability, and
new lightweight, factory-installed lift axles that vocational customers will especially appreciate,” says Baney. “On
top of all that, we designed the T880 with distinctively
sculpted lines that form an evolutionary, but uniquely
Kenworth look.”
The new T880 is for vocational applications, including
dump, mixer, refuse and heavy haul. Its addition will
complement Kenworth’s current vocational line-up that
includes the T800, T440, W900S and C500. The T880
4 World’s Best
will be available for production later this summer.
The Kenworth T880 is
standard with the 12.9liter PACCAR MX-13
engine. With its high-end
ratings of 500 hp and
1,850 lb-ft of torque, the
PACCAR MX-13 engine
provides a lightweight,
fuel-efficient engine option
for vocational applications, including dumps and
heavy haul applications
over 100,000 lbs. The T880 also is available with the
Cummins ISX15 engine with up to 600 hp and 2,050
lb-ft of torque.
The T880 uses Kenworth’s 2.1-meter wide, stamped aluminum cab, which is robotically assembled. The cab has
a comfortable 23 inches of room between the seats. The
T880 offers the premium Diamond VIT and Vantage trim
levels and two interior color options of Sandstone Tan and
Slate Gray.
Kenworth T880 Features
Stamped Aluminum Cab: The lightweight cab is new for
vocational applications. First introduced with the T680
in 2012, the cab’s extensive durability testing regimen
focused on achieving the highest, demanding requirements for vocational trucks. Robotically assembled, the
stamped aluminum panels are connected by Henrob™
self-penetrating fasteners to produce an extremely
durable cab with enhanced resistance to noise, vibration
and corrosion. The cab also utilizes Kenworth’s signature cowl-mounted mirrors for better visibility, increased
durability and reduced adjustment.
Panoramic Windshield: The T880 is standard with a
panoramic one-piece, bonded-in windshield with superior visibility. The T880 windshield has excellent thickness
to minimize the effect of rock incidents,
offers efficient replacement time, and
is much larger in size compared to the
T800 windshield.
Robust Door: The lightweight,
stamped aluminum door is extremely
durable and robust enough to support up to 400 lbs. The door provides
smooth airflow around the cab and
minimizes noise-inducing turbulence.
A pressure relief valve equalizes interior and exterior air
pressure to make the door easy to open and close. The
door is triple sealed against the elements and road noise.
Hood and Bumper: The new vocational hood is made
of Metton®, which is a lightweight, durable composite
material with excellent impact resistance and finished
surface. The hood, which offers easier and faster repair,
is offered in two configurations, both with bolt-on fenders. The T880 is available in a 116.5-inch BBC. It also
is available in a 122.5-inch BBC standard length. Both
include a 5-piece Metton hood. The stylish, signature
Kenworth grille is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum wire mesh for superior protection of cooling system
components. The grille’s surround is made of polished
stainless steel. With the advanced hood assist system,
lifting the hood requires just 35 lbs. of opening force. To
aid in easy serviceability and replacements, the T880 is
available with all the current T800 metal bumpers.
Lighting: The T880 is standard with dual lamp complex
reflector headlamps
which offer best in
industry performance at
a lower cost and more
durable package. All
standard exterior lights
utilize LED technology
that provides a 20,000-
hour life, which
equates to about 15
years of truck life. LED
lights are also used
extensively in the cab
and sleeper.
T880 Vocational
Options: The T880 is
available with five new, factory-installed and lightweight
Watson & Chalin lift axles, including a 10K offering for
the first time and a 20K version with a 200-lb weight
savings. Also offered are new steering gears for improved
steering feedback and increased wheelcut for greater
Driver Performance Center: The
Driver Performance Center uses a
full-color, high-resolution, 5-inch
Thin Film Transistor display screen,
which includes current truck information, diagnostic data, and pop-up
alerts. The Center also displays situational-specific recommendations to
the driver which help improve vehicle
HVAC System: With industry-leading standard Automatic
Temperature Control, simply set the desired temperature
and the system maintains it. A one-touch feature provides
maximum defrost. These features keep drivers comfortable while maintaining their focus on driving.
Seats: The Kenworth proprietary seats offer an advanced
air suspension system that automatically adjusts to various driver weights. A full range of seat comfort is available to meet driver-specific preferences. For the T880,
Kenworth offers the DuraSupreme® heavy duty seat fabric
in charcoal, gray and tan.
Kenworth Dash: The dash cluster has an easy-to-read layout with nine standard gauges and 12 additional gauges
available. The switches utilize the toggling feature that
drivers prefer, while maintaining rocker switch functionality. The T880 uses new electric-over-air dash switches
introduced on the T680, and offers additional options to
aid with vocational and body builder requirements. The
Kenworth dash includes
Kenworth NavPlus®
– with hands-free cell
phone capability via
Bluetooth connections
and voice commands.
NavPlus is standard with
premium interior trim.
World’s Best 5
Teaming up for better fuel economy
Now when you buy a Kenworth,* you’ll get
Delo® 400 XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30 in your engine.
Their aerodynamic design makes Kenworth* trucks more efficient on the
outside. And now, Delo 400 XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30 oil in the engine
can give them greater efficiency inside as well. Delo 400 XLE Synblend
SAE 10W-30 has been shown to boost fuel economy up to 1%** over
SAE 15W-40 oil while providing strong, low-temperature performance plus
excellent soot dispersal and wear control.
Chevron Delo and Kenworth have been teaming up for over 20 years. It’s a
partnership dedicated to improving economy and durability to help your fleet
go further.
Find Delo products at your local Kenworth Dealership.
*Class 8 diesel trucks **SAE J1321 Fuel Consumption Tests of Delo XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30 show up to 3.6% fuel economy improvement with short haul trucks (Class 6) and
1% with long haul trucks (Class 8) when compared to SAE 15W-40 oil. Your actual fuel economy will vary depending on vehicle type, load and other driving conditions.
A Chevron company product © 2013 Chevron U.S.A. Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property owned by Chevron Intellectual Property LLC.
Kenworth T680 Named ATD
Heavy Duty Commercial
Truck of the Year
The aerodynamic Kenworth T680 with the
PACCAR MX-13 engine was named the 2013
Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year by the
American Truck Dealers (ATD) at the annual ATD
Convention and Expo in Orlando, Florida.
“The Kenworth T680, with its 2.1-meter-wide cab,
establishes a new standard of excellence in the industry
with its superior fuel efficiency, exceptional aerodynamic
styling, and premium automotive interior,” says Gary
Moore, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice
The Kenworth T680 is available in 76” sleeper and day
cab configurations and is standard with the PACCAR
MX-13 engine rated up to 500 hp and 1850 lb.-ft. of torque.
The stamped aluminum cab is robotically assembled at
Kenworth factories and has been eagerly embraced by
customers and dealers. The Kenworth T680 has earned
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay®
Kenworth Adds Next Generation of
PACCAR Proprietary Engines for 2013
Kenworth is enhancing its engine line-up for 2013 with the
addition of the next generation of PACCAR proprietary
engines, which are designed to deliver industry-leading
performance, reliability and fuel efficiency.
Kenworth customers can now specify the new PACCAR
MX-13, PACCAR PX-9 and PACCAR PX-7 engines on new
Kenworth truck orders placed through Kenworth dealers in
the United States and Canada for delivery in 2013.
The 12.9-liter PACCAR MX-13 engine
is designed to meet the demands
of heavy duty truck applications.
The engine is available for
Kenworth Class 8 models,
including the Kenworth T660,
T680, T700, T800, T880 and
W900, and offers a wide range of
horsepower and torque ratings to meet customer power
requirements. Also an ideal choice for vocational applications, including logging, dumps and hauling applications
over 100,000 lbs., the engine’s horsepower and torque
up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft, respectively.
Designation and is the most aerodynamic truck in
Kenworth’s 90-year history. Kenworth earned the 2011
ATD Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year for its
T700 model.
The T680 was selected for the award by a panel of leading
truck magazine journalists. The T680 received excellent
reviews following test drives to evaluate each entry in key
categories, including innovation and design, safety and
driver satisfaction.
The 8.9-liter PACCAR PX-9 engine
is available for Kenworth medium
and heavy duty trucks, including
the Kenworth T270, T370, T440,
T470 and W900S. The PX-9
possesses one of the highest
power-to-weight ratios in its class.
The PACCAR PX-9 offers ratings
from 260 to 380 hp and provides
up to 1,250 lb-ft of torque.
The 6.7-liter PACCAR PX-7 engine is
available for Kenworth’s medium
duty conventional and cabover
line-up. The engine offers ratings of 200 to 325-hp and up
to 750 lb-ft of torque for the
Kenworth T170, T270 and T370.
For the Kenworth K270 and K370
cabovers, PACCAR PX-7 ratings
are 220-hp /520 lb-ft, 240-hp/560 lb-ft
and 250-hp/660 lb-ft.
World’s Best 7
Our nation’s roadways are increasingly busy, and the need has
never been greater for solutions to help commercial vehicle
drivers respond to the situations they encounter every
day – especially in today’s CSA (Compliance, Safety,
Accountability) environment. Bendix is leading the way
to improved highway safety with an ever-increasing
portfolio of road-tested, advanced commercial
vehicle technologies that are affordable
and effective.
We offer robust active and supportive safety
technologies that help fleets:
» reduce collisions
» increase stopping power
» strengthen driver performance
with actionable data
Our solutions are driving
in a new era of safety.
Learn more.
Call 1.800.247.2725 or visit today. Follow us on Twitter @Bendix_CVS.
©Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, a member of the Knorr-Bremse Group. All Rights Reserved. 07/12
» improve stability
Kenworth Celebrates 90th Anniversary in 2013
Commemorating a Heritage of Quality, Innovation and Technology
Kenworth is celebrating its milestone 90th anniversary during 2013. With an excellent heritage of quality, innovation
and technology, Kenworth has provided thousands of customers with The World’s Best® trucks over the decades.
It all began in 1923 when Harry W. Kent and Edgar K.
Worthington incorporated the Gersix Motor Company as
“Kenworth”. The company name was formed from a combination of letters from the founders’ last names.
That first year, the small Seattle truck manufacturer produced 78 six-cylinder, gasoline-powered trucks. Since then,
Kenworth has produced more than 900,000 trucks.
Early Kenworth Logging Truck
Durable working trucks
Kenworth’s success and staying power in a competitive
business can be traced back
to a philosophy established
First Kenworth Diesel Truck in 1933
early in the firm’s history. The
goal was to build the right
Kenworth truck for each
customer’s application to get the job
done… and build
Kenworth Sleeper Cab from 1936
that truck to last.
That philosophy, which continues to be true to this day,
resulted in Kenworth establishing a solid reputation for
its quality, innovative and durable trucks that are driven by
state-of-the-art technology.
Kenworth was the first truck manufacturer to
install diesel engines as standard equipment in
1933, and also sold its first sleeper cab the same year. The
Kenworth T600A transformed the industry as the first truly
aerodynamic Class 8 truck in 1985. A year later, the
Kenworth T800 was introduced and is widely recognized
for serving productively in applications such as dump
truck, mixer, logger, and extreme heavy haul. The milestone
250,000th T800 was produced and celebrated last year.
Kenworth T600
Kenworth T800 Transports SR-71 Blackbird in 1991
Early Kenworth Assembly Process
Kenworth Fleet in 1920s
Aerodynamic fuel efficiency
At the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show, Kenworth significantly pushed aerodynamics ahead again with the introduction of the all-new Kenworth T680, the company’s
most aerodynamic truck in its history.
“Over the past 90 years, Kenworth has played an
essential role in the development of trucks that
are more fuel efficient, productive and economical to
operate. It’s the foundation that began with Kent and
Worthington delivering trucks that provide exceptional
performance,” says Gary Moore, Kenworth’s general
manager and PACCAR vice president.
“As we go forward, Kenworth’s core values of
quality, innovation and technology will remain steadfast
as we provide customers with The World’s Best trucks,”
says Moore.
In 2013, Kenworth will host many customer events to
commemorate the company’s 90th anniversary milestone
and showcase its exciting
new trucks. Stay tuned for
more announcements.
Kenworth T680
World’s Best 9
Retif Oil & Fuel
Ready To Roll
New Kenworth T880 with PACCAR MX-13 engine is put to the
test by Gulf Coast petroleum distributor
Retif Oil & Fuel is a petroleum products distributor
serving New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region since
1964. With a fleet of more than 70 trucks, about half
Kenworths, the company delivers bulk petroleum and
retail packaged products, and provides on- and off-site
refueling services to commercial and industrial customers.
“In our fleet, Kenworths are outperforming all other
trucks,” says Operations and Fleet Manager Chad Harris.
“We’re moving toward an all-Kenworth fleet.”
The fuel distributor depends on Kenworth T800 and
W900 tractors to haul full-load, 80,000 lb. tankers
everyday, running routes up to 350 miles radius.
Kenworth T800 “box trucks” distribute packaged
petroleum products around the Gulf Coast region,
while single axle Kenworth T370s with tankers handle
localized deliveries.
President and Owner Kenny Retif, left, and Operations and Fleet Manager Chad Harris
“The T370s are powered with PACCAR PX-8 engines,”
says Harris. “They do a nice job for us.”
“Kenworth equipped the T880 for us with an Eaton
UltraShift® PLUS transmission and lightweight components — aluminum fuel tanks, rims, bumper — anything
that will save a few pounds. If I can cut 1,000 lbs. off the
weight of the truck, that’s 1,000 lbs. more fuel I can
New Kenworth T880 with PACCAR MX-13 engine
Wider cab, better visibility
Past experience with PACCAR engines made it an easy
decision for the company last year to join the Kenworth
test program running a new Kenworth T880 Day Cab
with the new PACCAR MX-13 engine.
“The new T880 with
PACCAR MX-13 engine has
performed quite well.”
— Chad Harris
“The new T880 with PACCAR MX-13 engine has performed
quite well,” says Harris, who worked with Kenworth of
South Louisiana to spec horsepower and torque at 485
hp and 1,650 lb-ft, respectively. The PACCAR MX-13
significantly enhances fuel efficiency and performance
utilizing the latest common rail, fuel-delivery system,
which uses controls to regulate the fuel in a central
manifold, compressing only the amount of fuel mixture
needed to ensure the lowest possible fuel consumption,
emission and noise levels.
10 World’s Best
Inside, the T880’s wider aluminum cab delivers additional
weight savings while providing more roomy comfort for
drivers. “Whatever creature comforts our drivers want
inside their trucks, we’ll get it for them,” says Harris, who
appreciates the Driver Performance Center, sleek new
dash, comfortable seats and advanced interior lighting
that come standard in the T880 Day Cab. “Every driver
here who runs a Kenworth loves it.”
Outside, the sleek new design and lower hood provide
better driver visibility and fuel efficiency. The new fivepiece hood reduces repair costs, while the stainless steel
grille helps protect critical cooling components, improve
performance and lower maintenance costs. Overall,
the new T880 offers enhanced aerodynamic efficiency
over the T800.
“It’s critical that we maintain reliable trucks that are
always ready to go,” says Harris, who relies on Kenworth
PremierCare® Connect to help manage and control the
fleet’s operating costs. “We don’t have an excess amount
of equipment, so I need every truck. Our PremierCare
software lets us capture our costs, so we know what we
really need to spend our money on. From my point of view,
I can save $100,000 in annual fuel costs by trading some
of our other trucks for aerodynamic Kenworth trucks.”
Zimmerman Truck Lines
Long Distance Reliability
Pennsylvania fleet likes fuel-efficient T680 with PACCAR MX-13
engine for driver comfort and lower cost of ownership
We’re fortunate that we don’t have much turnover. Our
trucks play an important part in driver retention.”
When it came time to put long-term reliability to the test for
the Kenworth T680 with the new PACCAR MX-13 engine,
Kenworth turned to Zimmerman Truck Lines. Driver teams
here can easily log 250,000 miles on a truck each year.
“Don’t believe us?” asks the Zimmerman website. “Talk to
any driver from ZTL and they will tell you it is true!”
In addition to the new T680 with PACCAR MX-13 engine
and Eaton UltraShift® PLUS transmission, Zimmerman took
delivery of five new T660s in 2012. Going forward, he
expects to purchase more T680s, which take Kenworth’s
long tradition of superior aerodynamics and fuel economy
to a new level of achievement.
“Kenworth has always
proven to cost less per mile
over the life of the truck.”
Lower cost of ownership
— Mark Zimmerman
From coast to coast, across mountains and deserts, week
after week, through all kinds of weather, “the T680 with
PACCAR MX-13 engine has been reliable and is performing
very well,” says Chief Operating Officer Mark Zimmerman.
“The power’s there, the torque’s there, the speed’s there.
And it’s nice and quiet. Drivers are quite pleased with it.”
Dependability and driver comfort
Between its two trucking divisions — vans and flatbeds —
Zimmerman Truck Lines could easily grind through trucks
quickly. With 175 trucks, mostly Kenworths, Zimmerman
feels he’s found the right truck for life-cycle durability and
cost of ownership, especially for demanding coast-to-coast
“Along with driver satisfaction, the actual cost-per-mile is
what drives our purchasing decision,” says Zimmerman.
“Sale price, fuel mileage and resale value all play a factor,
but the one thing we’ve always looked at and use as a gauge
when purchasing trucks is what it costs us, per mile, for the
life of the truck. Maintenance costs of Kenworth trucks are
lower than other brands we’ve had, and the quality workmanship is much higher. Kenworth has always proven to
cost less per mile over the life of the truck.”
As for service after sale, says Zimmerman: “The service we
get from Kenworth of Pennsylvania is exemplary. They are
definitely a first class operation. It’s true that you get what
you pay for. Kenworth has always treated us very well.”
“The T600 series has been a workhorse in our fleet since
the 1980s,” says Zimmerman, who admits running other
trucks over the years. “The T680 is the newest
evolution of that. It’s roomier and
more fuel efficient, consistently running between 6.6 and 7.0 mpg. The
steering, visibility, and everything that
goes with it, is a plus. Drivers appreciate the comfort and ride.”
Teams especially like the extra-roomy,
76-inch integrated sleeper with 60
cubic feet of storage and full-height
wardrobe cabinet. “Our drivers are
our number one resource,” says
Zimmerman. “Team drivers spend a
majority of their time in their trucks.
The most important thing we can provide them is a quality Kenworth truck.
World’s Best 11
Where It Counts.
Better is taking the industry-leading ISX15 and increasing fuel economy
by up to 2 percent. Better is being the first to receive EPA 2013 certification
and meeting 2014 greenhouse gas and fuel-efficiency standards a year
ahead of schedule. Better is continuously improving the components
of our totally integrated system, for better fuel economy and reliability. At
Cummins, we know that being better where it counts means being better
in every way. See for details.
©2013 Cummins Inc., Box 3005, Columbus, IN 47202-3005 U.S.A.
12 World’s Best
Valley Farm Transport
Regional Advantage
California agricultural hauler prefers aerodynamic,
fuel-efficient T440s to help boost its bottom line while
improving driver productivity and comfort
Inside a conference room at Valley Farm Transport is a
retired 1928 Kenworth truck. It stands as a testament to
an appreciation of Kenworths throughout Kenworth’s
90-year history, which comes from a company with its
own 50-year history of providing reliable service hauling
agricultural products throughout Northern California.
“I always liked Kenworth trucks,” said the late company
founder, Bob Nickum, who was quoted in a 2005
World’s Best article. “I liked the looks, the durability,
resale and weight.”
“With Kenworth, our
operating costs are lower,
product reliability is higher
and we get excellent
— David Nickum
resale value.”
Bob’s son, David Nickum, is president and CEO of Valley
Farm now. Like his father, David works with Tom Bertolino,
dealer principle at NorCal Kenworth-Sacramento, to spec
the most reliable, cost-effective trucks available for regional
bulk transport
Lightweight and durable
“A few years back, we sat down with Tom and Kenworth
engineers and asked, ‘Is there a way to make a lighter T800,
or a beefier T300?’ recalls David Nickum. “We didn’t need a
lot of horsepower, a big transmission or sleeper. We wanted
something that could be operated in city or country
environments, and most importantly, is lightweight and
durable. The goal was that it would be a regional truck —
about 85 percent of hauls are within 100 miles.”
“Running a fleet of durable, lighter weight trucks is
a big deal for us,” says Nickum. “Hauling bulk products
like tomatoes, rice and almonds — that’s money that
goes right to our bottom line.”
According to Kristian Damkier at the Sacramento
Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, “Valley
Farm Transport, through its fleet modernization program,
has reduced NOx emissions by 45 tons per year, the equivalent of removing 12,000 cars from the Sacramento region.”
“In California, due to CARB regulations, this is a time of
intensive capital spending among fleet operators,” says
Nickum. “Kenworth turned that into a positive for us. We’re
able to buy new T440s that are not only lighter weight but
offer significant capital advantages.”
Reliable trucks, low-cost operation
Reliable equipment is key to Valley Farms’ success, particularly during harvest season, which runs 24 hours a day,
seven days a week. “We can’t afford to have trucks break
down,” says Nickum. Out on the road, Kenworth trucks
present a quality image that has helped shape the company’s reputation for reliable service.
“Our drivers are paid by the load, so they appreciate the lightweight aspect, as well as the comfortable, quiet, spacious
cab. And the aerodynamic, sloped hood gives them better
visibility when they’re going down dirt roads, through fields,
and maneuvering around ditches and culverts,” he said.
“With Kenworth, our operating costs are lower, product
reliability is higher and we get excellent resale value,” says
Nickum. “That’s a testament to the kind of partnership
we’ve enjoyed over the past 50 years, where we can sit
down with Kenworth engineers and stakeholders, and find
solutions that benefit both companies.”
By 2010, Kenworth engineers introduced the versatile
T440, perfectly suited for regional operations. That’s
when Nickum began replacing some of the older
T800s and W900s in his 150-truck fleet with
T440 Day Cabs. Last year, alone, the company
added 16 T440 Day Cabs with Cummins ISL9
engines and lightweight aluminum wheels on
the front and drive axle. By the end of 2014,
Nickum says, the company will have
50 T440s in the fleet.
World’s Best 13
Kenworth Green
New York City Turns Others
Green with Envy
Kenworth Hybrids Help Lower
Emissions and Save Fuel
New York City’s Department of Sanitation, Parks
Department, and DOT, have all been early adopters in the
use of hybrid vehicles since their inception.
The city’s sanitation department began running hybrid
Kenworth T370s in 2009, and currently has nine in use as
rack trucks, delivering parts to five borough repair shops.
Five other Kenworth T370 hybrids are used as delivery trucks
– shuttling tires to different service locations.
The Kenworth T370 hybrids, purchased through Gabrielli
Kenworth, feature the PACCAR PX-6 engine rated at 240 hp
and 560 lb-ft of torque. “We’re seeing up to a 30 percent
improvement in fuel economy over non-hybrid delivery
trucks,” said Spiro Kattan, supervisor of mechanics for the
New York City Department of Sanitation.
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NYC Parks
Department operates 17 Kenworth
T370 hybrids –
eight have rack
bodies with lift gates, and the rest feature 5-yard dump
bodies. The hybrid dump trucks haul dirt, sand and clay
to ball fields, and are used for general assignment work.
Nine Kenworth T270 hybrid “bucket trucks” are in service
for the New York City Department of Transportation. All
but one of the Kenworth hybrids are configured as
35-foot working height bucket trucks – five are used to
hang signs around the city, while the others are used for
painting overpasses, inspecting small bridges, and for
electrical repairs. “We’re expecting our hybrid trucks to
pass 30 percent in fuel savings over our non-hybrids,”
said Dan Malone, with the city’s DOT Fleet Services
Administrative Office. The Kenworth hybrids join 54
other T370 non-hybrids in the field for the department.
Kenworth Green
Monarch Beverage
Commits To CNG
Kenworth T440s
“Every year, our fleet of trucks consumes nearly 1 million gallons of
diesel, but in 2015, we’ll be using
less than 100,000 gallons,” says
Fred Dufour, senior vice president
for Monarch Beverage in
Indianapolis, Ind. With Monarch
Beverage’s decision to convert its
fuel source to compressed natural
gas (CNG) for 85 percent of its
fleet, the company expects to save
60 percent in its overall fuel costs
each year. “That translates to a twoto three-million dollar savings in
fuel per year,” says Dufour.
Indiana’s largest beer and wine distributor, Monarch delivers 15.5 million cases of beer each year and
another 1 million cases of wine.
“Two years ago we purchased two
Kenworth T440s with the Cummins
Westport ISL G engine, and a preproduction Kenworth T660 with the
new 12-liter Cummins ISX12 G
engine,” he says. “We ran the
trucks hard, amassing more than
100,000 miles on each. Since the
CNG cost was just 30 percent that
of diesel, the money we saved on
fuel was substantial. We figured the
payback for the up-cost on CNG
equipment to be 2.3 years.”
That’s when Dufour moved forward
with additional Kenworth T440s
with CNG. “We have been running
27 of the T440s since June of 2012
and they’re doing great,” he says.
“Our drivers have been very excited
about the Kenworth T440s – they’re
great trucks to drive. We have
placed additional orders for
Kenworth T440s, and by 2015, 90
of our 105 trucks will be CNGpowered.
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Introducing Ecopia™ — Bridgestone’s most
fuel-efficient tire solution.
Easier on your budget. And our planet. Learn why smart
fleets are turning this money saver into an eco-competitive
advantage at
Maximize your Ecopia investment —
retread with Bandag FuelTech and save
up to 29% on your total tire wear costs.
*Based on rolling resistance and field mileage tests, Bridgestone Ecopia and Bandag
FuelTech are our most fuel-efficient and lowest total cost of ownership tire and retread
solution. Combining proprietary low rolling resistance technology with the industry’s
most retreadable casing, Ecopia and FuelTech can help reduce fuel use and extend tire
life for lower costs and greener returns, when compared to other Bridgestone tires.
Bridgestone Commercial Solutions
For your nearest Bridgestone authorized dealer, visit our website.
©2013 Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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World’s Best 15
Vocational Trucks
Kenworth K500s
Moving Oil Well Rigs
in West African Oilfields
Kenworth produces a wide range of trucks
from Class 5 up to large, off-highway trucks
used in demanding oil field applications
around the world. Kenworth’s plant in
Renton, Wash., recently produced two large
Kenworth K500 COEs (cab over engine) –
a winch tractor and an oilfield bed truck –
to move oil well rigs for Shell Gabon in
western Africa. These trucks both utilize
136,000-lb planetary rear axles, the largest
ever placed on a K500. Customers, such as
Shell, select the K500 for its shorter wheelbase and excellent maneuverability. This
allows for smaller turning radius surrounding
each wellhead, and minimizes the ecological
effects on the jungle environment.
With 100% off-road approval, PRIMAAX® EX
heavy-duty air suspension is ideal for a variety
of grueling vocational applications:
• EXtreme Strength – Extensively proven in some
of the most severe terrains
• EXtreme Stability – Over 2× the roll stability of
competitive air suspensions
• EXtreme Reliability – Rugged components
designed specifically for severe-duty challenges
For uncompromising performance, spec
For more information
download the free
mobile app at – and
scan the tag.
At Hendrickson — Innovation Never Rests.
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Vocational Trucks
Kenworth Showcases New 2013
PACCAR MX-13 Engine, Mixer Trucks
at World of Concrete
The new 2013 PACCAR MX-13 engine made its trade
show debut this year at the World of Concrete Show,
Feb. 4-8, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The new
12.9-liter engine offers a range of 380 to 500-hp and
1,450 to 1,850 lb-ft of torque. The high end horsepower
and torque ratings are an increase over those previously
offered for the 2010 PACCAR MX engine, which the
PACCAR MX-13 replaces in 2013.
The new engine is available for the Kenworth T800, T880
and W900 typically selected by vocational customers, in
addition to Kenworth T660, T680 and T700 aerodynamic trucks for over-the-road applications. At the show, the
PACCAR MX-13 was displayed in a Kenworth W900S
mixer rated at 380 hp and 1,450 lb-ft of torque and
equipped with an Allison 4500RDS 6-speed transmission
and Con-Tech mixer body.
Also on display were Kenworth’s latest vocational product
line for ready mix operators and construction businesses.
Five Kenworth mixer trucks were exhibited, including two
natural gas vehicles — a T440 and W900S. Both natural
gas vehicles were specified with the Cummins Westport
8.9-liter ISL G engine rated at 320 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of
torque, Allison 4500RDS 6-speed automatic transmission
and McNeilus mixer body.
Other Kenworth mixers included a T800 short hood with
PACCAR MX engine, Allison 4500RDS 6-speed transmission
and Beck Industrial mixer body, and a W900S California
lightweight spec mixer with a Cummins ISL9 engine rated
at 380-hp and 1,300 lb-ft of torque, an Eaton
RTO14909ALL 11-speed transmission and McNeilus
mixer body.
All backed by worldclass Dana Spicer ®
service and support.
Kenworth trucks deserve quality drivetrains. That’s why we feature the Pro-40 in
the Kenworth databook. Get a closer look at
At Dana, we believe in engineering that will help you increase your bottom line.
Our Spicer® Pro-40™ tandem axle does just that - dramatically decreased weight
improves fuel efficiency while a rugged design increases payload ability. And our
nationwide support team is always ready to keeping your business running strong.
Delivering ROI for the long haul.
© 2013 Dana Limited
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World’s Best 17
Medium Duty Trucks
Kenworth T370s Salt of Earth For
Clintar Landscape Management
From November through April, each of Clintar
Landscape Management’s 40 Kenworth T370s
faces not only brutal snow and ice conditions, but
the corrosive environment that comes from working with salt.
As the company’s mainstay truck in its snow removal business, the Kenworth T370 in single- and tandem-axle configurations, spread salt and a salt liquid mixture (when temperatures drop
below -8 degrees Celsius) in government and private sector parking lots
throughout southern Ontario and
the Maritime provinces.
Fifth wheels
made right.
55,000 lbs.
Capacity Models
150,000 lbs.
Max. Drawbar Pull
600,000 miles
Performance Guarantee
The durable cast steel HOLLAND FW35 fifth wheel
will always have your back.
Known by fleets as the most proven and
versatile fifth wheel in the industry, the
durable cast steel FW35 sets the benchmark for
reliability. The series includes the FW31 NoLube™,
the world’s only completely grease-free fifth wheel.
And, with the industry’s only Performance Guarantee of
6 Years/600,000 miles– why would you spec anything else?
© 2013 SAF-HOLLAND, Inc. All rights reserved.
18 World’s Best
Equipped with 6.7-liter PACCAR
PX-6 engines rated at 260 hp on the
single axle, and 8.3-liter PACCAR
PX-8 engines rated at 330 hp on the
tandem axles, each truck is run
through Allison 3000 series automatic transmissions. The single-axle
T370s have 11-foot dump bodies
with 5.5 cubic yard V-Box salt
spreaders mounted inside the dump
bodies. The tandem-axle Kenworths
host 11.2 cubic yard salt spreaders.
FW35 with ILS
or call 1-888-396-6501
FW35-HalfPgIsl-KW WB.indd 1
“You couldn’t find a more corrosive
environment for a truck to operate,”
said John O’Leary, Clintar’s vice president of operations. “We look at it as
emergency service – when our customers need salt and an ice-free lot,
they need it now and we must deliver
with equipment that’s reliable. With
its aluminum cab and the way we
spec the truck with as much aluminum as possible, along with undercoating for added protection, it’s
proved to be very reliable and a great
truck at resisting the ill effects of salt
and salt spray.”
2/5/13 2:28 PM
“Employees are our greatest asset.
We want to give them the best equipment and we feel we’re doing that
with the Kenworth T370,” he said.
Medium Duty Trucks
Kenworth Medium Duty Cabovers
Add New Options
Kenworth T370 Adds Front Frame
Assembly Option
Kenworth now offers a 22.5-inch tire and wheel package, as
well as expanded wheelbase choices for the Kenworth K270
and K370 medium duty cabovers.
Kenworth offers a new, heavy-duty front frame assembly option for Kenworth T370 medium duty trucks that
makes it easy for body builders to install specialty winch
bumpers for customers such as utilities and municipalities that operate medium duty winch trucks.
“These significant enhancements for the Kenworth K270
and K370 cabovers provide customers with more choices to
better fit with more medium duty applications,” says Doug
Powell, Kenworth medium duty marketing manager. “Both
vehicles provide customers with excellent maneuverability,
ease of service, durability, exceptional visibility, and styling.”
When it comes to fuel-efficient drive tires, the MICHELIN ®
X ® Line ™ Energy D tire is a game-changer. Traditional drive tires
offer fuel efficiency, yet the MICHELIN X Line Energy D tire features
an aggressive tread pattern and Dual Energy Compound Tread that
delivers strong fuel efficiency, long life and traction drivers can trust.
For more information on our MICHELIN X Line Energy D tire, visit
3358_13MTT6318_XLED_WBFC.indd 1
Kenworth also expanded the total
wheelbase configurations available for
the Kenworth K270 and K370. The
new 22.5-inch tire and wheel package introduces a wheelbase range of
146 inches to 242 inches in 12-inch
increments. The new longer wheelbase
allows for up to a 28-foot van body
installation, while the shorter wheelbase can accommodate a van body
length down to 16 feet. The cab-toaxle dimension now starts at 120 inches with variations up to 217 inches at
a 242-inch wheelbase. The K270 with
19-1/2-inch tires and wheels receives
four new wheelbase sizes, covering a
range of 142 inches to 238 inches, also
in 12-inch increments.
Copyright ©2012 Michelin North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Michelin Man is a registered trademark of Michelin North America, Inc.
With Kenworth’s 22.5-inch tire and
wheel package, the K270 Class 6 and
K370 Class 7 cabovers match up to
standard dock heights at pickup and
delivery locations in several applications. Depending on van body installation practices, the cab floor will be
approximately 50 inches from the
ground with an 11R22.5-inch package.
The K270 will also retain the 19.5-inch
tire and wheel package as an alternative for customers that require a lowerstep height and entry.
The new Kenworth T370 option includes durable
Austempered ductile iron (ADI) cast front drive brackets,
3/8-inch thick steel front adapters, enhanced radiator
crossmember assembly brackets, and C-channel front
frame sections that can accept a winch bumper.
1/22/13 10:01 AM
World’s Best 19
Kenworth News
Glider Kits Now Available
from Kenworth
Kenworth Offers New Dual
LNG Tank Configuration
Gliders are a great alternative for fleets and owner operators with the tools and service technicians to bring a solid
and existing powertrain back to life in a ‘brand new truck’.
The Kenworth glider models feature the latest amenities
and updates in each of the three models (T660, T800 split
fender and W900L). The truck model year of the glider will
be determined by the donor chassis, as long as two of the
three major powertrain components (engine, transmission,
and drive axle) are utilized from the donor chassis. See
your Kenworth dealer for more details about Kenworth
glider kits.
By equipping a Kenworth T800 with dual LNG fuel tanks,
operators now have the option of running the truck up to
700 miles on a single fueling. This option doubles the operating range of a typical LNG-powered Kenworth T800
equipped with a single LNG tank, making the truck a better
choice for long haulers with slip-seat or drop-and-hook operations, and for regional haulers whose drivers travel long distances, but still return home at the end of their shifts. The
Kenworth T800, when equipped with the Westport GX, can
be ordered in a gross combination weight (GCW) of up to
80,000 lbs. for over-the-road operation, with additional ratings exceeding 100,000 lbs. available for certain applications.
For the T800, the GX engine is available in power ratings from
400 to 475 hp and torque ratings from 1,450 to 1,750 lb-ft.
For fleets and owner operators who want to make
old trucks ‘new’ again,
Kenworth is now offering
glider kits for the T660,
T800 (split fender configuration) and W900L models. All sleeper sizes are available. The gliders are designed
to be mated with customer-supplied EPA 2004 engines
and matching transmissions, and the gliders can be spec’d
from Kenworth to best meet the fleet or driver application.
Kenworth is expanding its
extensive line of industry-leading green products by offering
factory-installed, dual liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel
tanks on Kenworth T800s
powered by the 15-liter
Westport GX engine.
Watson & Chalin offers an excellent product line of its popular,
steerable Tru-Track Alumilite family through Kenworth.
• SSR (Super Short Rail) is now available through Kenworth Truck
Company in our SL0893 (8K), SL1093 (10K) and SL1190 (13.5K) suspensions
• A new 20K steerable with all of the benefits of our SL2089 and SL2055
combined into ONE model: SL2065
These new pusher axles are initially available with the Kenworth T880 and T680.
With all of the benefits of our Tru-Track Alumilite family, SSR is now available at
Kenworth. Our super-short rail design allows for more compact packaging when
frame space is limited. You can expect to receive the same superior performance and
warranty support in these new offerings. The Watson & Chalin-Kenworth team has
listened to your needs and we’re pleased to make this new model available.
The new SL2065 raises the bar for a high capacity steerable lift axle. Utilizing
proven bushing, arm and torque rod designs, the SL2065 is our most high roll
and laterally resistant steerable suspension. And when it comes to weight
savings, the SL2065 is over 200 lbs lighter than the SL2089 and more than
60 lbs lighter than the SL2055. Tough, durable and ready to work!
800.445.0736 • 972.547.6020 •
20 World’s Best
Whatever your needs are in an auxiliary steerable suspension,
Watson & Chalin has the right one for you!
Kenworth Dealer News
Kenworth Names 2013 Councils
The Kenworth Dealer, Service and Parts Councils are
comprised of leading Kenworth dealer principals, and
service and parts managers from throughout the
United States and Canada. The councils work to help
enhance the trucking industry’s strongest dealer
network of nearly 340 locations throughout the United
States and Canada in a continuing effort to provide
superior customer support.
Dealer Council
The 2013 Kenworth Dealer Council members are:
Chairman – Jim Moeller, Wisconsin Kenworth, Madison,
Wis.; Tom Bertolino, NorCal Kenworth, Sacramento,
Calif.; Bill Currie, Inland Kenworth, Burnaby, B.C.;
Carl Herzog, Central Illinois Trucks, Normal, Ill.;
Bob Mitchell, Truckworx Kenworth, Birmingham, Ala.;
Mike Murphy, MHC Kenworth, Leawood, Kan.; and
Vince Tarola, Kenworth Truck Centres, Concord, Ont.
Jim Hartman of Truck Enterprises in Harrisonburg, Va.,
serves as the Kenworth American Truck Dealers (ATD)
line representative. Mitchell and Herzog represent the
Southeast / Great Lakes; Tarola and Currie represent
the Northeast / Canada; and Murphy and Bertolino
represent the Central / West.
Service Council
The 2013 Kenworth Service Council members are:
Chairman – Michael Donnelly, MHC Kenworth, Little
Rock, Ark.; Wayne Beal, Kenworth Sales, Spokane, Wash.;
Chad Little, GreatWest Kenworth, Clairmont, Alb.;
Tim Crist, Kenworth Northeast Group, Buffalo, N.Y.;
Grant Easton, Kenworth Truck Centres, Concord, Ont.;
Kyle Platt, Fort Wayne Truck Center, Fort Wayne, Ind.;
Richard Williamson, Truckworx Kenworth, Birmingham,
Ala.; Mike Yow, Kenworth of South Texas, San Antonio,
Texas; and Kenworth Dealer Council representative
Vince Tarola, Kenworth Truck Centres, Concord, Ont.
Parts Council
The 2013 Kenworth Parts Council members are:
Chairwoman – Jo Frost, Edmonton Kenworth,
Edmonton, Alb.; Ken Ables, Performance Kenworth,
Cleveland, Texas; Paul Baker, Wallwork Kenworth, Fargo,
N.D.; Gaetan Lalonde, Kenworth Maska, St. Mathieu-deLaprairie, Que.; Lisa Nichols, Kenworth of Columbus,
Hilliard, Ohio; Vic Stiller, Inland Kenworth, Phoenix,
Ariz.; Jeff Weaver, Truckworx Kenworth, Birmingham,
Ala.; Clayton Zuchotzki, GreatWest Kenworth, Calgary
Alb.; and Kenworth Dealer Council representative
Mike Murphy, MHC Kenworth, Leawood, Kan.
Save $800* on fuel with Kenworth FE gear oil
Fuel Efficiency
Kenworth Fuel Efficient gear oil —
Provides 1% improvement in fuel efficiency
Meets or exceeds all OEM component
Extended drain interval up to 500,000 miles
Ultimate gear and bearing protection
Excellent seal compatibility to ensure long life
Better resistance to extreme temperatures
To order, contact your local Kenworth Dealer
or visit for more information
*Based on fuel costs of $3.92/gallon national average on January 1, 2013;
Average miles per truck per year: 120,000 at 6mpg
World’s Best 21
Kenworth Dealer News
Kenworth expanded to a record 338 dealer locations in the U.S. and
Canada in 2012, along with a record net gain of 20 new locations,
including these latest additions
Kenworth of Buffalo acquired a dealership in the Boston
area and changed the organization name to Kenworth
Northeast Group.
Wallwork Kenworth added a Parts and Service location
in Dickinson, North Dakota to support oilfield and agricultural businesses.
Papé Kenworth - Eugene relocated a full-service facility to
Coburg, Oregon.
CIT Group Inc. has opened a new branch in southern
Illinois in Troy, expanding the Kenworth Dealer Network.
CIT Kenworth Chicago opened a full-service facility in
Mokena, Illinois.
C-B Kenworth expanded its customer support with a
Parts and Service facility in Auburn, Maine.
Custom Truck Sales opened a new Parts and Service location in Brandon, Manitoba.
NorCal Kenworth relocated a full-service facility to
Morgan Hill, California.
Central Illinois Trucks Named 2011 Kenworth Parts and Service
Dealer of the Year for the United States and Canada.
Gabrielli Kenworth celebrated a Grand Opening of its
New Jersey dealership in Dayton, N.J.
22 World’s Best
The award was presented to Central Illinois Trucks in
recognition of outstanding parts and service support.
JFC Takes Delivery of First PacLease
Cabover Unit
Mississauga warehouse manager for JFC. “We’re pleased
with the performance of the Kenworth K370 and the visibility and maneuverability it offers our drivers. By leasing trucks, we get the latest in Kenworth and PACCAR
engine technology, and the benefit of having PacLease
handle the maintenance.”
JFC International,
North America’s
leading importer
and exporter
of Asian foods,
recently became
the first PacLease
customer to take
delivery of the new
Kenworth K370 Class 7 cabover.
PACCAR Financial Offers Extended
Warranty Programs
Kenworth and PACCAR Financial are offering an
Extended Warranty Program for customers who purchase
new Kenworth Class 8 trucks financed through PACCAR
JFC, which leases under a full-service lease contract from
PacLease’s company-owned location in Toronto, operates the cabover from its branch location in Mississauga,
Ontario. JFC delivers frozen foods and dry goods to
Asian supermarkets, corner grocery stores and restaurants in downtown Toronto. The K370 is equipped with
a 220-hp PACCAR PX-6 engine, an Allison 5-Speed automatic transmission and a 24-foot refrigerated van body.
“Driving in downtown Toronto with its narrow streets
and busy intersections with pedestrians crossing can
be difficult and nerve-wracking,” says Steve Ritchie,
Under the program, Kenworth customers may receive a
3-year/300,000-mile basic vehicle extended warranty by
choosing PACCAR Financial to finance purchases of new
Kenworth Class 8 trucks with a standard highway warranty.
This is two additional years and 200,000 miles above the
standard vehicle warranty with a value of $3,200.
Customers who purchase new Kenworth Class 5-7 trucks
may receive a 2-year/200,000 mile basic vehicle warranty
when financing with PACCAR Financial which is one
additional year and 50,000 miles over the standard
factory warranty.
Both offers are available in the U.S. and Canada for
qualifying units ordered by December 31, 2013 and
financed through PACCAR Financial no later than March
31, 2014. Contact your local Kenworth dealer
( or nearest PACCAR Financial
office ( for program terms
and conditions.*
*PACCAR Financial reserves the right to amend, supersede, or terminate these
Licensed Merchandise 2013
programs at any time.
A Fleet of Reasons to Choose TRP Parts
Whether you’re managing 10 trucks or 1000, TRP parts
provide quality and value across your fleet.
Get Into Gear
See the New 2013 Kenworth Merchandise Collection
Visit or call 1.877.705.3314 to order new items
Flames License Plate
Big Logo T-Shirt
Tri-Color Mesh Cap
TRP offers a single supplier for a comprehensive line of
all-makes aftermarket parts, available from a nationwide
network of retailers, including Kenworth dealers. “We
recommend TRP for the fleets we support,” says Matt
Treadwell, PACCAR Parts director of fleet sales. “Their
quality, value and nationwide availability simply make
sense for fleet managers.”
Keeping track of your fleet’s trusted parts brands is
much easier when there’s just one: find TRP parts at a
dealer near you, or go to
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