Dear [Insert Employers Name] I`m writing with regards to your

Intern Aware
377 Clapham Road
[email protected]
Dear [Insert Employers Name]
I’m writing with regards to your advertisement for an unpaid intern posted on
[insert details of advertisements].
Too many young people are locked out of the opportunities they deserve by
unpaid internships. While those who can afford to live for free are able to gain
experience and get a foot on the career ladder, many more are left behind.
As I’m sure you know, HMRC has started a crackdown on placements like
these. The legal test to see whether an internship needs to be paid the
national minimum wage is whether “real work” is being performed or not. Your
advertisement specifies that you want someone who will:
[Insert duties specified by the advert]
I will therefore be lodging a complaint with the government’s Pay and Work
Rights’ Helpline unless this advert is removed, or the position is changed to
be remunerated at least the National Minimum Wage.
If this advertisement was posted by mistake, please inform me of this as soon
as possible to avoid further action being taken.
Many thanks,