Geo ‘Nano Technology’ Fly Rods

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F ly R o d s
Geo ‘Nano Technology’
Fly Rods
Since their launch in 2013, the Geo Fly rods from Snowbee have
exceeded all our expectations and proved themselves
to be a truly ‘class leading’ range of fly rods.
For the past few years, the big news in
fly rod development has been ‘Nano’.
However, a number of brands have
‘jumped on the bandwagon’, offering
what is purported to be ‘nano technology’,
at very low prices. Beware…true Nano
Resin Technology does not come cheap
and having found the right material
supplier, our range of Geo rods really
does represent a giant leap forward
for the brand, in terms of technological
The carbon fibre ‘pre-preg’ materials
utilise the very latest Japanese Nano
resin technology, using a unique SiC
Reinforced Resin System. The smaller,
‘round profile’ SiC ‘nano’ molecules are
able to penetrate every void within
the carbon fibre mat, far better than
long-chain epoxy resin molecules.
This innovative use of Silicon Carbide
to reinforce resin, creates a pre-preg
material, which has a flexural strength
and modulus around 11% stronger than
those of typical, standard resin systems,
resulting in fly rod blanks that are lighter,
crisper and more precise in action than
anything previously achievable and a
blank as close to ‘unbreakable’ in normal
use, as it is possible to
achieve. Built to our
exacting standards
and incorporating
our time-proven ‘TriModulus technology’,
where various
modulus carbon fibres
are used throughout
the length of the blank,
to achieve the exact
action required…and this
is where we differ from
many on the market, as the
Geo Nano simply feels so light
in the hand and are not ‘poker
style’ tournament casters. These
are elite fishing rods, built using
the very latest design and materials
available today, that will extend ones cast
to new limits with effortless ease as well
as importantly ‘play’ your fish, after all
the hard work has been done and bring it
safely to the net.
Fitted with the very latest, lightweight
aluminium reel seats from ALPS, with
carbon fibre inserts for weight reduction,
these high-tech rods really are at the
cutting-edge of fly rod development.
Combi Outfits
See p23 for perfectly matched
fly rod, reel and line outfits.
Guaranteed value for money
offering a saving of 20% on
individual item prices.
10066 Geo Nano
9ft 6ins #7
4-piece ultra-lightweight nano-carbon blanks Snowbee tri-modulus
carbon technology Fast action with high lift snakes for extreme
distance casting Gunmetal Grey finish with matching whippings
ALPS anodised aluminium reel seat with carbon-fibre inserts
Matching cotton drill rod bag Cordura rod tube Snowbee
Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee
Geo Nano 9ft #8,
9ft #9 and NEW 9ft #10 4-pce
Aimed squarely at the saltwater or predator fly fisher, these 3 models feature our
double stripper rings, first introduced on the Deep Blue Saltwater fly rods. This provides
better line control and ‘tames’ the coils in fly lines faster for effortless, increased distance.
Powerful blanks that will find favour with all saltwater and pike anglers especially.
10069 Geo Nano 9ft #10
Geo Nano 9ft #5 & 9ft #6 4-pce
Aimed at the river & small Stillwater angler, who appreciates precision, effortless
casting and delicate presentation. Ample reserves of power for distance casting
when needed and perfect for those anglers who prefer to fish lighter lines.
10070 Geo Nano 14ft #9/10
High-lift snake
guides and SiC
lined stripper rings
Geo Nano 14ft
#9/10 4-pce Salmon Rod
ALPS anodised aluminium reel seat
Geo Nano 10ft #6 4-pce
10063 Geo Nano 9ft #6
This 10ft model makes an ideal loch style rod but
works equally well from the bank on rivers or stillwaters.
Designed for those anglers who prefer long leaders and like
to fish with touch and finesse but will still throw a long line when needed.
Geo NANO 4-pce Fly Rods
Geo Nano 9ft 6ins #7 & 10ft #7
These two Stillwater/reservoir models, will be favoured by the majority of fly fishers.
Powerful rods, offering huge reserves of power, but not so fast in the tip as to ‘bump’ fish
off. Effortless distance, wonderful flex and simply a joy to cast and use all day long.
Snowbee Geo Nano Techonology fly rods use the very
lastest in Japanese nano technology... all at the right price.
Tackle For The Real World // +44 (0) 1752 334933
This superb new addition to the range, now offers Salmon fisherman the
unparalleled performance of ‘Nano Technology’ at a surprisingly affordable price.
With effortless elegance, this deceptively light and powerful 4-pce rod is a dream to
cast and holds huge reserves of power, right down through the blank. Catch and play the
hardest running fish, in the fastest flows of the world’s great rivers, with every confidence.
See full terms and
conditions on page 115
Length Line Wt.
Rod Wt.
Geo Nano Fly Rod
Geo Nano Fly Rod
Geo Nano Fly Rod
Geo Nano Fly Rod
Geo Nano Fly Rod
Geo Nano Fly Rod
Geo Nano Fly Rod
Geo Nano Fly Rod
Geo Nano Fly Rod
9’ 9’ 9’ 9’ 9’ NEW
9’6” 10’ 10’ 14’ NEW #5
£499 // Tackle For The Real World