Corrosion & Metallurgical Degradation of Refinery Equipment Training

Corrosion & Metallurgical Degradation
of Refinery Equipment Training
28 May, 9am to 5pm | 29 May, 9am to 7pm
Golden Landmark
Event Synopsis
Networking Night
This 2 day training consists of an interactive talk with live case
studies and video presentation covering an in-depth industry
topic. The speaker will cover from the overview of basic corrosion
& degradation damage mechanism of equipment to proactive &
dynamic approach for optimizing inspection with caution.
Our Notable Speaker – Mr Mahendra Kumar Rastogi
As an industry leader with over 30 years of experience in the field of inspection and
corrosion management of static equipment and NDT technologies, Mr Rastogi had been
involved in numerous leading conferences and seminars all over the world from Hungary
to Abu Dhabi. Currently, he is the Vice President (Inspection & Reliability) of Bharat
Oman Refineries Limited (BORL) with the responsibility of ensuring integrity &
reliability management of static equipment of BORL Refinery in Bina, India. With his
combined expertise and experience in the industry, he had presented numerous papers on
international platforms with varied focus from corrosion to ageing asset.
Event Objectives
To highlight it’s monitoring &
mitigation in Petroleum Refineries &
petroleum Industries in Oil & Gas
sector in Singapore.
To create awareness & improving
work knowledge among all discipline
Oil & Gas Personnel including
management since Integrity of
equipment is every one’s concern and
it is a combined team responsibility.
Ticket Price
Early Bird Registration | SGD$900
Standard Rate | SGD$1000
Group Registration of 3 pax & above |
SGD$750 each
*Early Bird discounted rates available till 15 May 2015
We welcome you to a
networking session
specially for our
participants! Enjoy a
selection of canapés
and drinks as you:
Expand your
connections in the
Use this platform to
understand market
Driving word of
Complement your
outreach efforts
For registration or enquiries, please contact
Rashidah at [email protected] or call +65 9785 5300
Who Should Attend
Design Engineers | Fabrication Contractors
Material Manufacturers | Project Engineers
QA / QC Engineers/Managers
Project Management Consultants Engineers
& Managers
Licensor Technical Staff
Corrosion / NDT / Inspection Engineers
Metallurgist & Mechanical Engineers
Process Engineers | Failure Analysts
Reliability / RBI Engineers | Maintenance Engineers
Procurement & Material Engineers
Middle & Higher Level Management Personnel
All inspection / NDT/ RBI Experts &
Head of Department
Fresh Engineers, Students, Scientists & Researchers in
Material Science & Engineering.
| [email protected]
| +65 9785 5300
Corrosion & Metallurgical Degradation
of Refinery Equipment Training
28 May, 9am to 5pm | 29 May, 9am to 7pm
Golden Landmark
Training Course Content
 Integrity of Static of Equipment: Globally a serious concern in Upstream / Plant / Downstream
industries of Oil & Gas Sector.
 Real Root Causes of Poor Reliability of Static Equipment
 Poor Reliability of Ageing Equipment : Globally a threat to Oil & Gas Industry & what is the way
 Overview of Basic Corrosion & Degradation Damage Mechanism of Equipment in Oil & Gas Sector
 Understanding of Behavior of various Materials in Inservice Equipment used in Oil & Gas Sector
 Fundamentals of Metallurgy / Materials & Corrosion & others Degradation Damage Mechanisms
 Corrosion & Corrosivity of Crude Oil | How to Control Corrosion By Improving Design
 Understanding of Unitwise Processes in Refinery & Area of Concern from Corrosion & Metallurgical
Degradation Point of View
 Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) | Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) | Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)
 Delayed Coking Unit (DCU) | Hydrocracker Unit (HCU) |De- hydro Treating Unit (DHTU)
 Hydrogen Gas Unit (HGU- Reformer) | Naphtha Hydro Treater ( NHTU)
 Sour Water Stripper & Amine Treating Unit | Sulphur Recovery Unit
 Corrosion problems of Pipelines & Offsite Plant Equipment
 Corrosion Monitoring Intrusive & nonintrusive Techniques & its Challenges
 Measures for Corrosion Control & Mitigation through Chemicals Injections, Coating & lining, Material
Selection, Risk based Design & Control of Operating Parameters
 Remaining Life Assessment Study : A tool for Management of Ageing Equipment
 RBI : Proactive & Dynamic Approach for optimizing Inspection But with Caution
: Many Exception to RBI norms
 Live case studies of Equipment Failure Due to Corrosion & Metallurgical Degradation.
 World Major Disasters of Equipment Failures ( Through Videos)
 Way forward : Maintaining the Reliability & Integrity of Equipment in Oil & Gas Sectors
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Early Bird Rate: SGD$900*
Standard Rate: SGD$1000
Group Registration of 3 pax & above: SGD$750 each
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