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Membership Levels 2015
Cultural Council of Indian River County
2041 14th Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32960
__Student: $25
__Individual: $75
__Artist Registry: (circle one) Visual, Musician, Author, Performer: $75
__Band, Performing Troupe: $100
__Family: $125
__Gallery, Co-op: $150
__Nonprofit Club, Association or School: $225
__Nonprofit with Operating Budget over $1 Million: $350
__Individual Patron: $500
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Contact Person:______________________________________________
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City: ______________________________ State____ Zip_____________
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Enjoy the Benefits of Membership
Arts & Cultural Event Guide: Our popular 78 page full-color brochure has become
THE trusted reference guide to coordinate and promote our members’ important
cultural happenings each year. Its annual pre-season distribution of 28,000 copies
reaches all corners of our county and its many visitors.
Print Advertising: The Cultural Connection featuring members’ events, sponsored
by Aaron’s Hearing Center, appears every Monday in the Press Journal’ from Indian
River County to Stuart. In addition, the Arts & Cultural Calendar appears online at
Inside Indian River with weekend updates. Our E-mail subscribers receive the events
in our Monday e-mail blast to over 1900 subscribers.
Special Opportunities for Advertising: From time to time the Cultural Council will
place a large ad in a magazine geared toward Florida Tourism. Members will receive
special discounted prices to advertise on these pages.
Website: Find information on classes and workshops, special events, PR and media
services, art resources, Art in Public Places and member listings at Cultural-Council.
The Arts & Cultural Event Calendar is updated with events every 48 hours.
Members’ events are also posted on Facebook and Twitter each week.
Radio Promotion: Local radio programs publicize CCIRC members’ events. The
Rhett Palmer Show (1370 AM) plays the cultural calendar each weekday from
8-10 am and again from 3-5 pm. A preview of upcoming events is featured on Bob
Soos’ Thursday’s weekly Morning Magazine interview. (1490 AM). The Cultural
Connection with Willi Miller offers members an opportunity to promote their events
via an interview on this half hour show every Monday afternoon from 5 to 5:30
p.m. on WAXE 1370 AM, 107.9 FM & 94.7 FM. Highlights of the month’s events are
broadcast daily on WQCS 88.9 FM and Marcia Littlejohn’s Talk of the Town airs on
Saturday and Sunday following the second Wednesday of the month.
Opportunities for Networking: A quarterly Cultural “Art of Networking” happy
hour event provides opportunities to network with other cultural supporters and
Celebrate the Arts Festival: This popular festival in Riverside Park offers free booth
space to members as a “pre-season” event for locals to learn about our members’
events for the upcoming season. This festival is held on a Saturday in the fall with
a special Art of Networking on Friday night to unveil the Arts & Cultural Events
Cultural Information Center: Brochures, flyers & announcements are displayed in
our office in Downtown Vero Beach for residents and visitors seeking information
and ideas on things to do.
Cultural Concierge Service: Members selling tickets will have the added benefit
of the Concierge Service. This service assists tourists, visitors and local residents,
providing the best of arts and cultural event information in Indian River County. The
Service will purchase tickets, when asked, for its clients to events they wish to attend.
Honor Those Who Advance the Arts: Members are eligible to nominate Indian River
County cultural leaders for the annual Laurel Awards program. These awards have
recognized a diverse range of cultural excellence in our county since 1995.