Interlock Rules – Minor Baseball – 2011

Interlock Rules – Minor Baseball – 2015
All teams, which play an interlocking schedule, must abide by these rules.
All coaches, managers, and umpires must review the safety rules for Little League Baseball and abide by them.
If a team shows up to the park with less than nine (9) players (or a player is hurt during a game, leaving a team
short,) then the opposing team must lend a player or players as necessary to continue play.
Continuous batting order will be used.
Shorts and open-toed shoes or sandals are not permitted on the field.
All leagues will post their ground rules. These rules cannot over rule the Little League Rules and Regulations.
Pitchers will be allowed a maximum of 2 consecutive innings per game with a maximum of 50 pitches. Consecutive
innings will considered as 6 continuous outs.
Scorekeeping - Must be done from the scorebooth. The umpire needs to have immediate access to the scorekeepers
and not be searching the stands looking for them. The scorekeeper is the official pitch counter of the game therefore
they need to be available to the umpire at all times.
Stealing all bases is allowed.
Umpires' discretion of the fitness of equipment and field conditions (after the game starts) is final.
The home team is responsible for the grounds, supplying umpires, and supplying score sheets.
The mercy rule is in effect. Extra innings may be played at the discretion of the umpiring crew. The results of the
extra innings will not count, but innings pitched will be counted and recorded.
There is a 3 run limit or 3 outs with the exception of the final inning. In the final inning, the visiting team may go
ahead by 3 runs or 3 outs whichever comes first. The home team may catch up and win the game unless they receive
3 outs.
Clarified “if the visiting team is behind, the can catch up and go ahead by 3 runs or if the visiting team is ahead,
they can score 3 runs both only applies if there are not 3 outs as 3 outs ends that half of the inning. The home team
may catch up and go ahead to win the game, unless they receive 3 outs.”
Time limit: no new innings will be started after 1 hour and 45 minutes.
After May Day long weekend: no new innings will be started after 2 hrs
Must be an adult in the dugout with the players at all times.
Only the Manager may approach the umpires on the field.
No 12 year old pitchers.
All games will be played in accordance with the rules of Little League Baseball, except noted above.
March 21 – 2015 – Passed and approved by League Presidents
Al Jansen, District Administrator – 250.727.1206