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Properties of DOS-A (RP79) Oil Coating
on Cold Rolled Steel Sheet
Subject: Properties of DOS-A coating on Cold Rolled steel Sheet
= . Type: DOS-A is an organic ester type which is formulated by
dioctyl sebacate and special additives. This formulation developed
by R&D research group can provide highly rust preventive and
direct painting properties.
= . The specification of DOS-A coating:
appearance: low viscosity and colorless liquid on CR sheet
Specific gravity(25°C): 0.948--0.952
electric resistance: 0.5-- 1.0 MQ
Flash point: > 220°C
Boiling point: -- 250°C
rzg. Optimum coating amount on cold steel sheet: 50-- 100mg/m2
Ii . Evaporation rates:
1.volatile loss: < 0.1% at 125°C, 3hrs
2.complete evaporation for pure DOS-A coating: about 250°C
3.evaporation temperature for DOS-A coating on CR sheet:
depend on solvent type of direct painting compounds
. Note:
The components of DOS-A oil (RP79) are the positive list of FDA
approval according to the following title number, and are
registered at the title 21 on Code of Federal Regulation published
by U.S. government.
RP79 DOS and Additive components: FDA Sec 177,1210, 178.3910,
178.3130, 178.3400, 178.3910, 172.886, 172.888