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Erbaviva was born to bring to the world a collection of the purest,
most natural, organic skincare products available. Beginning with
our exclusive line of pure products for Baby and Mommy-to-be,
we now also offer a full range of Bath & Body products for everyone else. In our commitment to you, and to the environment, we
use only the highest quality organic ingredients and essential oils,
uniquely packaged and brought to you in a sophisticated form
that honors the way nature created them.
Luxury Organic
Support to the environment
Erbaviva’s commitment to the environment and to the
We carefully make all of our own products by hand in our own Southern
global community extends to the sourcing of our
California renewable energy powered facility. Most of our bottled
packaging as well as our organic raw ingredients.
products are packaged in recyclable amber glass, protecting the
essential oils from ambient light and preserving their therapeutic
Since the founding of our company in 1996 we have
integrity. When we do use plastic bottles or tubes, we use recyclable
been part of a project that helps fund the Pwo Karen
environmentally friendly PET or MDPE.
hill tribe of Northern Thailand and Burma. The project
runs a health clinic for the hill tribe children and assists
villagers to transition from ‘slash and burn’ agricultural
practices to growing permanent, sustainable farms.
We purchase all of our fabric packaging and basketry
[email protected]
Toll Free: (877) 372-2848
Tel: (818) 998-7773
Fax: (818) 998-7112
through this project, having a direct financial benefit to
We use 100% renewable energy
the tribe.
USDA Certified Organic Bath & Body • Baby • Mommy • Aromatherapy • Spa
Luxury Organic
About Us
Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis started Erbaviva in 1996 as a way to offer mommies-tobe and babies luxury organic products completely free of harsh detergents, chemical
fragrances, and other unhealthy additives.
Following the success of our original baby line, Erbaviva created an organic pregnancy
collection that included everything a mommy-to-be could wish for during the nine
months of pre-natal body care. Today we offer a wide range of products for the entire
family with bath, body and true aromatherapy. Using the highest quality organic
essential oils, our products are freshly made with loving care through all stages of
production at our own renewable energy powered facility in Southern California.
Why Choose “Organic”? Why Is It Better Than “Natural”?
Erbaviva has been making organic products since inception. Being a far higher standard than “natural”,
organic means being free from risky pesticide residues, genetically modified ingredients, hormones and
antibiotics. Supporting organic also enourages sustainable farming practices, where pesticides and
pollutants are not introduced into the eco-system. Because our skin absorbs what we put on it,
choosing organic is choosing a healthier life for you, your baby and the planet.
Why Choose USDA Certified Organic? What Does the USDA Seal Mean?
USDA Organic certification is one of the strictest and most difficult-to-obtain certifications available. Erbaviva is proud to be
one of the few organic personal care brands to carry the USDA Certified Organic seal. This means our ingredients, the
facility, and processing meet the stringent National Organic Program standards. Because there is no organic standard for
skin care products in the USA, they must currently meet the same organic requirements as food products. Products with
the USDA label contain at least 95% certified organic ingredients. The Erbaviva products that do not bear the USDA seal
are still made with as many organic ingredients as possible but are not able to be produced with the solely food-grade
organic ingredients required to bear the seal.
Toll Free: (877) 372-2848 or (818) 998-7773
Fax: (818) 998-7112
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erbaviva baby
Organic Baby Washbag
Unique to Erbaviva, the Baby Washbag contains 20
unbleached muslin sachets filled solely with organic
herbal ingredients. Organic oats, milk & lavender make
it the gentlest way to clean baby’s skin. Simply use as
a washcloth for the ultimate in gentle, soapless washing. Ideal for the first bath or for sensitive skin.
Baby Lotion
The Erbaviva baby line was created to be the purest, most
Soothe and protect baby’s delicate skin with our super
light and natural Baby Lotion. Lightly scented with our
popular organic mandarin and chamomile blend as
used in our Baby Oil.
organic and natural baby line available. We offer truly
unique products to nurture and protect baby’s delicate
skin. Each of our products is made with care using the
purest botanical and organic ingredients that are both
gentle and beneficial for baby, or adults with sensitive skin.
Organic Baby Soap
Probably the mildest soap you will find, made with
love and care to delicately nurture you or your baby's
tender skin. Pure milk, honey and essential oils of
lavender are blended together to enhance the
creamy rich lather. Non-drying to the skin, extra mild.
Organic Baby Oil
Indispensable in caring for baby's skin. Use it after the
bath for hydration and protection, apply to the diaper
area to keep skin clean and balanced, or use on
baby's tender cheeks in cold weather. Delicately
scented with organic mandarin and chamomile.
All natural sunscreen with the highest possible SPF (15)
that is free from all synthetic ingredients. Knowing it
will offer full spectrum protection against UVA and
UVB rays, feel complete confidence in applying it
freely to you or your children's skin without the worry
of harmful chemicals.
Diaper Cream
Baby Cream
Completely natural cream base with echinacea, in
active proportions, to heal and protect. Sure to put a
smile back on baby's face with its soothing organic
oils of lavender and chamomile.
Our light and natural Baby Cream is super-clean and
nourishing to the most tender baby’s skin. Lightly
scented with Erbaviva's blend of organic lavender and
chamomile essential oils it will leave your baby’s skin
fresh and moisturized.
Baby Shampoo
A uniquely mild and natural shampoo. Scented with
Erbaviva's blend of organic lavender and chamomile.
Gentle enough for newborns, ideal for sensitive skin.
No harsh detergents and no sodium laurel sulphates
of any kind.
Baby Gift Set
Burmese Basket
Baby Gift Box
erbaviva mommy
Organic Stretch Mark Oil
Nurture and care for mommy-to-be’s skin as her
belly begins to grow with this rich blend of organic
oils combined with rose, sandalwood, lavender and
mandarin. Recommended for use at night time; use
in conjunction with Stretch Mark Cream.
Stretch Mark Cream
Erbaviva presents an entirely natural approach to skincare
designed specifically for mommy and mommy-to-be. Our
Based on Erbaviva’s best seller, our new Stretch
Mark Cream has shea butter and sea buckthorn
extracts added for increased performance in a
rich emollient cream. Packaged in a convenient
tube for those on the go. Use in conjunction
with Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil for best results.
pregnancy line offers distinctive items to pamper and support
Organic Back Rub Oil
both the physical and emotional well-being of expectant
The calming organic essential oils of geranium,
lavender and roman chamomile work together
to help relax tired muscles and minds. Pamper
anyone you love with this wonderful nurturing
mothers. Each product is uniquely beneficial and utilizes truly
pure, natural ingredients.
Organic Mommy-to-be Milk Bath
(Pouch or Jar)
Organic Balance Bath Salt
An effective bath salt designed to help smooth
out the emotional rough spots of one’s life.
Organic essential oils of bergamot, lavender,
clary sage, geranium, and rose. Lock the door
and savor this luxurious experience for yourself!
The luxuriously skin-soothing properties of
organic milk combined with organic oils of lavender, lemon and sandalwood create the divine
bathing moment every mother-to-be deserves.
Designed to relieve itching and tummy dryness
in a heavenly scented and relaxing bath.
Available either in our original fabric pouch or in
our unique square jar.
Pregnancy Gift Set
Mommy Gift Box
Organic Balance Bath Oil
For a balancing influence during PMS, or other
hormonal changes. Use as a massage oil in or
after the bath or combine with Balance Salts to
make a soothing scrub. NOT FOR USE DURING
Balance Gift Set
erbaviva bath & body
Our most popular blend will calm & soothe your senses.
With our wonderful blend of organic lavender, rose, and
neroli, we have found the perfect formula for you to relax,
recover & unwind.
Revive mind and body with our deliciously invigorating
blend of melissa, rose and lemongrass. Revitalize & rejuvenate while feeling good & smelling great at the same time.
Treat yourself or a loved one to our sensual mix of organic
grapefruit, orange and jasmine. Enjoy the delicate and stimulating effects of this wonderful blend. Can also be used to
combat the appearance of new cellulite.
Clear the air and while you're at it your sinuses too! With
organic eucalyptus, cedar and spruce combined for a tranquil and pleasant smelling, anti-viral blend.
Treat body and soul to the ultimate in natural Bath &
Body care. Choose from our selection of four
popular and delicious blends; Relax, Awaken,
Embrace or Breathe. Available in Body Lotion, Body
Wash, Room & Body Spray, Bath Salt or Bath Oil. Also
available in our many beautiful Gift Box options.
Body Washes
Organic Bath Salts
Start off your morning ritual using the mildest
most natural body wash available. This SLS free
shower gel containing only pure and natural
extracts is designed to lather nicely in the shower or tub. Enjoy fresh, gentle cleansing in the
blend of your choice.
Erbaviva has created a luxurious selection of
bath salts, containing sea salt, hydrating oils
and our expertly crafted blends of organic
essential oils. Add to warm water, mix, soak and
let the stress melt away.
Body Lotions
Organic almond oil, organic essential oils, and
natural emulsifiers create the ultimate in
nourishing and moisturizing potions. Indulge
daily with our light and easily absorbed
hydrating formula. Your skin will thank you.
Organic Bath & Body Oils
Use our organic multi-use bath oils to moisturize the body after bath or shower. Use for
massage, add to our bath salts to make a
freshly made scrub or simply add to the bath.
Organic Room & Body Sprays
Pure organic alcohol makes the ideal base for
Erbaviva's high quality essential oil perfumed sprays.
They can be spritzed to freshen the room, or on body,
clothing or upholstery. Versatile and delicious, we
guarantee you will find a favorite of the 4 blends.
Bath Salt & Oil Gift Boxes
Lotion/Wash/Spray Gift Boxes
erbaviva organic deodorant
Probably the purest, cleanest deodorant on the market. We have blended organic essential oils chosen
for their natural bacteria-fighting, odor reducing properties into an organic grain alcohol base. The
result: a delightfully scented and highly effective solution. One of the few deodorants available that will
not clog pores and of course, contains no chemicals, no harmful or toxic substances such as aluminum
or parabens. USDA certified organic. Try it and never go back.
Lemon Sage
By blending organic essential oils of sage, lemon, patchouli, and tea tree with organic grain alcohol, we've created a bold,
earthy aroma that is pleasing to the senses.
Jasmine Grapefruit:
Sweet smelling organic essential oils of jasmine and ginger combined with the fresh citrus scent of grapefruit, result in a soft,
feminine, and subtle fragrance.
Available in 2 convenient sizes. Our 3.4 oz full size deodorants are generously sized and long lasting. Great for those on the go,
we offer 1oz travel size deodorants – perfect for a purse, gym bag, or suitcase. Loved by men and women alike, Erbaviva USDA
certified organic deodorants are available in two distinctive scents.
erbaviva aromatherapy & essential oils
In keeping with our commitment to the environment and to making products of the highest integrity, we have sourced from
the best distillers and farmers from around the world. Whether you choose from our wide selection of pure essential oils,
or from our extensive range of finished products in our Aromatherapy, Bath & Body, Mommy or Baby lines, you can feel
assured that Erbaviva has gone to great lengths to bring you the finest quality certified organic or wild-crafted essential oils
available. The uncompromised integrity of the essential oils we use have a special connection to nature and the earth,
resulting in significant additional benefits in enhancing both the physical and emotional sense of well-being.
Essential Oils: We offer a full range of thirty five pure Essential Oils, all cold pressed, or steam distilled. Having developed our own color code system, we
make it easy for you to select and blend the oils for home and professional use. 100% pure and of the finest quality.
Basil, Bergamot, Cedar, Chamomile Roman, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincesnse, Geranium, Grapefruit, Immortelle, Jasmine, Lavender,
Lemongrass., Mandarin (Red), Neroli, Orange (Sweet), Patchouli, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary Verbenon, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Verbena, Thyme, Ylang Ylang,
Balsam Fir, Grand Fir, Scotch Pine, Sea Pine, Silver Fir, Swiss Pine and Coast Douglas Fir.
Synergies: Pure essential oil blends for use in a diffuser or for mixing in with our Organic Carrier Oil.
Relax, Awaken, Embrace and Breathe.
Bath Essences: Simply place a few drops into a fully drawn tub and experience the delights and healthful benefits of these bath concentrates.
Relaxation, Sunset, Sensuality, Joyful, Winter, Rejuvenation and Mommy & Daddy ... or for children: Nighty Night, Happy and Sniffles.