Templates 1. Slide your “Forms” folder to your desktop 2. Open SITE

1. Slide your “Forms” folder to your desktop
2. Open SITE – point at your Forms
3. File – New – Page - General – Dynamic Web Template
a. Make sure it is in HTML5 mode (top two lines of HTML)
4. Save as –Template.dwt
a. Take a look at what is has created, it has create
“editable” regions, this is what your default,
education page will use
b. We will move the header/footer/nav segments to the
master template so we can use on all pages.
5. Open your default.html file
a. What items should be moved to the template page?
6. Before the <!-- #BeginEditable "doctitle" -->
a. Copy the two stylesheet links to the template page,
make sure the print.css is the 2nd stylesheet, and save
7. Before the <!-- #BeginEditable "body" --> tag
a. Copy the header and nav segments to the template
8. Before the </body> tag, copy the footer segment to the
9. Save!
Now we need to tell the ‘child pages’ (default/education) that
they are part of the new template
Start a new HTML page one from scratch
a. File – New – Create from Dynamic Web Template
b. Point to the template you created
c. Save as temp.html
Let’s look at the yellow highlighted items, items in
yellow you cannot change on the ‘child page’ but can be
changed on the template page.
Copy your title tag from the default.html page to this
new temp page, replacing the <title> Untitled1 </title> tag
a. Copy your meta tags to the new page
Replace the <div></div> after the <!-- #BeginEditable
"body" --> tag with your Section, Asides, Articles etc code
from your default.html page
a. Save
Print up your temp.html page in a brower; does it
look the same as the original default?
Delete your original default.html page
Rename your temp.html page as default.html