Volvo joins the

Volvo joins the
Volvo of Louisville moves into a new,state-of-the-art sales
and service facility at Swope Discount AutoCenter.
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#5 Swope Discount AutoCenter
I-64 and S.Hurstbourne Parkway
Louisville,KY 40299
(502) 493-3333
approached about purchasing
Volvo of Louisville, they were
eager to have the franchise. “It’s an excellent
automobile, renowned for its safety and
reliability. Volvo made a wonderful addition to
our lineup,” says
Patti Swope, vice
president of Swope
Auto Group.
The former
owner’s facility
needed updating,
however — it was
outdated and too
small. Swope Auto
Group has built a new, state-of-theart facility for Volvo of Louisville —
located at the Swope Discount
AutoCenter, at I-64 and South
Hurstbourne Parkway near Sam Swope BMW and Lexus of
Louisville. According to Swope, the location is more
convenient and customers have a more pleasant experience,
whether they are buying a car or having one serviced.
Shoppers will find 80 to 100 new Volvos on the lot,
along with 30 to 50 used cars. About half the pre-owned
vehicles are certified, having been checked for 130 strict
requirements, says David Alkire, general manager of Volvo of
Louisville. “We invest about $1,200 to $1,600 per car to
bring it up to the certification standard.” Once the car has
met the requirements, the manufacturer extends the
warranty, resulting in one of the most generous warranties in
the industry, he adds.
The service department is much larger and more
modern than at the old facility. With 18 service bays, up
from just 10 in the former location, car owners will have
shorter wait times when their cars need maintenance.
Volvos stay on the road for a long time, so it’s not
unusual to find Volvos around Louisville with more than
300,000 miles on them. Owners tend to develop strong
relationships with the service department. Volvo of
Louisville encourages these strong relationships by assigning
customers to a service advisor, who works with a select
group of technicians. The service advisor acts as the contact
point between automobile owners and technicians, getting
to know the owners and making sure their preferences (call
“Volvo made a wonderful
addition to our lineup,” says
Patti Swope, vice president
of Swope Auto Group.
before you replace a part, wash the car while it’s in for
service, etc.) are followed.
Customers like the system, because they don’t have to
explain their preferences each time they come in, and
because they know whom to ask for when they call to
follow up on a service order. Building relationships like this
helps “take the sting out of bringing your car in for work,”
Alkire adds.
Volvo is renowned for safety, having pioneered the
three-point safety belt, energy-absorbing body structure and
other engineering marvels. The company continues to
exceed the competition in safety and longevity, and that
contributes to the vehicle’s popularity among women with
families, Alkire says.
While Volvo has a reputation for quality, so does Sam
Swope Auto Group. Within the last year, it was named best
new car dealer in the annual LEO Readers Choice Awards,
and best car dealer in the “Best of Louisville” awards from
Louisville Magazine. The family-owned firm was also honored
by the Better Business Bureau with a “Torch Award for
Marketplace Ethics,” given to companies that show a
commitment to ethical practices in all aspects of business.
“We’ve been in the community for 53 years, and we
have a tradition of taking care of our customers,” says
Swope. “We’re owner-operators, and members of the family
are at the dealership every day, talking to customers and
listening to what they want.” Sam Swope Auto Group is also
very supportive of community groups and activities, giving
both financially and by serving on leadership boards. ◆