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Ontario Early Years Centre
Licensed Home Child Care
June 10, 2015
Press release
CROW Licensed Home Child Care celebrates Licensed Home Child Care Providers
Children’s Resources on Wheels (CROW) Licensed Home Child Care providers received a special gift at a
story and music workshop on May 20, 2015. The providers were entertained by Kathy Boelsma (Early
Literacy Specialist for Lanark County), who shared techniques for using puppets and simple musical
instruments with the children in their care. “The music workshop was amazing. I loved every minutes of
it! I love learning new things that will benefit the children and make them happy. I am so grateful for
the bag of working supplies, I truly appreciate that! Thank you.” S.A. (provider)
CROW providers have chosen to work in their own homes. They view child care as their profession and
are committed to providing quality child care for families in Lanark County. The providers receive
regular visits from a CROW Home Visitor, a Registered Early Childhood Educator. The providers develop
strong bonds with the parents and children in their care and have, in some cases, become a part of their
extended families. “I chose CROW to work for before I moved to Smiths Falls from Ottawa, and I am
happy to say they took me on soon after we moved in. I had worked for an agency ever since I decided
to become a provider… The quality of care offered through both of these agencies are caring for both
the children and the provider. The support from the staff is always positive and we are offered
workshops to keep us up to date. I have been a providers for over 40 years. Love my job, it is by far the
very best, rewarding career.” B.C. (provider)
CROW works together with parents and providers to ensure the best possible care for children. For
more information on becoming a CROW provider or a parent seeking home based child care in a
regulated setting contact us at 613 283 0095 ext 301, [email protected]
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