Front-End Developer

Front-end developer at CrowdSense in The Hague
About CrowdSense
CrowdSense is the leading real-time information company delivering early warning and incident management solutions for clients in the public sector. CrowdSense transforms the public social media stream into actionable alerts and provides
tools to track emerging events in real-time. Using powerful proprietary algorithms, the CrowdSense platform solution instantly analyzes all public communication and delivers the earliest warning for incidents, high risk situations and
real-world events. The CrowdSense platform is unique in its filtering capabilities,
event detection and ease of use. CrowdSense clients have become more informed and proactive, delivering added value to their customers and citizens.
Your role
As the front-end web developer you will be responsible for working on implementing and integrating the front-end design & functionality. In this role you will
work closely with our UX designer and back-end developer in our The Hague
Your responsibilities
Turning designs into fully responsive HTML across all devices;
Working together with our UX/UI designer and Senior back-end developer
to implement and integrate new features;
Implementing cool neat effects together with the UX/UI designer to take
the platform to the next level.
What we are looking for
The ideal candidate:
• Highly proficient in Dutch, or otherwise English (written and spoken)
• Advanced experience with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
• Advanced experience in optimizing websites for speed and usability.
• Experience with coding & architecture design principles.
• A passion for seamless user experience.
Market conform salary
Start date
May 1, 2015
Contact us
Richard Stronkman
[email protected]