The Summit

The Summit
Neighboring U
Pastor Matt Manning
Sermon Series Study Notes mat t. m a nni ng
April 25 & 26, 2015
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Luke 10 :1-7
Preparing for the Hike
1. God promises that
come when we are living
in our design.
2. Back to school with
101: Move from the
backyard to the FRONT
201: Find a PARTNER.
301: Pray for your
neighbors – EVEN THE
401: Neighbor in
501: Eyes open for the
601: Don't get
In this series we have discussed knowing the names of our neighbors
and developing enough knowledge about them to go beyond a smile
and “hello.” As a child I knew the names of most of the families on
my block. Why do you think our neighborhoods today are different
than these friendly, neighborly places where many of us used to live?
Below the Tree Line
1. Luke 9:1-6 says the Lord
sent the 12 disciples out into
the villages on a serving
mission. By repeating the
assignment for 72 more
followers, the Lord proved
that the lessons learned by a
small fraction of the people He
had been teaching had a
bigger application.
2. This was a temporary
serving assignment. It was
designed to teach several
lifetime lessons. It had a
definite beginning and a
definite end (Luke 10:17).
3. We too can have temporary
assignments. But they can
have huge learning lessons
when we are “thrown into the
fire” of a task that takes us out
of our comfort zone. If I had
been one of these 72, I
probably would have been
uncomfortable with the
4. Lessons we can learn from
their assignment:
They were to accept
hospitality. The lesson to
us is that we should give
hospitality – to friends and
even to strangers. My
mother had a plaque on
her wall that talked about
entertaining strangers
which quoted Heb. 13:2.
“Greet no one” was not an
instruction to be aloof. We
greet by saying “hello” or
just smiling. To the middle
eastern person of Jesus’
day, greeting someone
might consist of a series of
prostrations followed by
embracing, kissing the
hands, cheek or beard
perhaps ten times or more.
An hour or two later you
could move on. The issue
was that the task was so
urgent that they were not
to dawdle and loiter or
participate in tedious
ceremonies of etiquette.
The Summit
Neighboring U
Above the Tree Line
4. What are the signs that the 72
were sent into a hostile
environment? Are we Christians in
a hostile environment? Discuss
what makes our situation hostile in
today’s world. How do you relate
to the metaphor “lambs in the
midst of wolves?” How can this
2. The Lord will give us important
assignments, but there is always a need make us more dependent on God?
for more workers. Is the labor force for
5. Personal comfort articles were
Gods work ever saturated? Why?
left behind. Why were they to
3. What details in this passage convey a travel light? Is poverty always a
sense of urgency? Why was this matter good thing? Are riches always a bad
thing? Do you struggle to find the
presented as urgent? Is the message
still urgent? Why or why not? What are right balance between giving /
keeping money and possessions?
the implications for us?
Discuss your experiences and ways
to improve that balance.
3. What qualifications did the people
who Jesus sent out possess? Higher
6. Take a moment to look back on
education? Preaching, teaching or
the issues you have just discussed.
missionary experience? Business
management? What does your answer What one or two issues seem to be
suggest about the kinds of people Jesus the most important to you? Which
issues can you adopt first?
wants to work for Him?
1. What part should prayer play in our
assignments? What followed their
prayers for laborers? Are we to just
wait for others to do the work? Discuss
what can happen when we wait for
someone else to do God’s work.
Back at the Trailhead
“…Take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be
rewarded.” (2 Chronicles 15:7) One thing I learned raising teenagers was,
“Just do what is right.” Sometimes I felt helpless because “they” were not
doing what was right. I wanted to respond harshly, but knew that would be
wrong. That is a message that can be applied to school, work, personal
relationships—and being a good neighbor. Sometimes you see results right
away. Sometimes the results come days, weeks, or even years later.
But you’ll never see results unless you take productive action. My challenge
is to put the practical steps from the sermon and this Bible study into
action. Just do it, and if it is right, the Lord will bless your efforts.
Next week we start the
final sub-set of the
Strange Love series – to
love the “other” others.
That starts by knowing
who we are in Christ
Jesus. See 1 Pet. 2:9-10.
After this the Lord
appointed seventy-two
others and sent them on
ahead of him, two by
two, into every town
and place where he
himself was about to
go. And he said to
them, “The harvest is
plentiful, but the
laborers are few.
Therefore pray earnestly
to the Lord of the
harvest to send out
laborers into his
(Luke 10:1-2)
This week’s Summit was
written by Ken McGhee.
If you have any
questions regarding this
Summit, you can reach
him at … [email protected]