World’s Largest Selling Maintenance Aerosol Spray WD-40 Partners Press Release

Press Release
World’s Largest Selling Maintenance Aerosol Spray WD-40 Partners
with Atul Ltd in India
Mumbai September 20: World’s largest selling Maintenance Aerosol Brand WD-40 has
announced its exclusive alliance with Atul Ltd for sales and distribution in India. Mr. Philip
Tweed, Regional Director – WD-40 Asia, is travelling through Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai to
facilitate a smooth transition of the relationship in these markets. The maintenance aerosol
spray market is estimated at Rs. 20-25 crore and growing at 20% per annum, WD-40 is the
clear market leader in India with around 50% market share. WD-40 aerosol spray is not only
used for rust prevention / water displacement / lubrication / protection / maintenance
applications within industries but is also used in DIY / household markets for applications such
as loosening of jammed hinges lubricating locks, cleaning of spark plugs, car maintenance, etc;
in fact, the product has a list of more than 2000 applications.
Rajesh Bhasin, President-Polymer Division of Atul said, “WD-40 is the undisputed market leader
in the aerosol maintenance category in India and in the immediate future we plan to consolidate
this position by utilizing our sales infrastructure including our sales team and countrywide
distribution network. There exists a great fit and synergy between WD-40 and Lapox and we
shall clearly focus on leveraging the strengths of both these brands to expand the market share
and market size in India.”
Philip Tweed emphasising on the wide array of usage for WD-40 said, “It has revolutionised
industry ever since it was introduced in the 60’s in the USA and it is amazing that end users
have recorded over 2000 uses for the product across industry, automotive and household. In
the USA virtually every household uses this product and in future we would introduce WD-40
into the household segment in India”.
Within India, the product is available in the retail and hardware markets which are serviced by
around 200 distributors located across the country, however WD-40 is currently available
primarily in A and B class cities. It is a well accepted and known brand within the market and
has extremely high level of demand pull in retail outlets.
About Atul Ltd
Atul Ltd is a member of Lalbhai Group, one of the oldest business houses of India. The
Company provides innovative chemistry and manufacturing solutions to Agriculture, Automobile,
Construction, Cosmetic, Food & Beverage, Fragrance, Marine, Packaging, Paper,
Pharmaceutical, Textile and other industries.
Atul Ltd - incorporated in 1947 is spread over 1400 acres of land. Its registered office is in
Ahmedabad and its corporate headquarters is located in Atul, Gujarat. It has seven businesses Aromatics, Bulk Chemicals & Intermediates, Colors, Crop Protection, Floras, Pharmaceuticals &
Intermediates, and Polymers.
The Company is listed on the bourses (NSE: ATUL, BSE Code: 500027) in India and has over
35,000 shareholders. It also has offices in the USA, the UK, Germany, China and Vietnam that
service its international customers.
The Group is also strongly committed to serve the society in the fields of education, health as
well as culture.
About WD-40
WD-40 is available in over 160 Countries globally and the company has sales of over $300
million per year. Currently, WD-40 Company is working with over 60 Marketing Distributor
Partners globally, with over 50% of the company’s sales now generated outside its US domestic
WD-40 is present in over 80% of USA households and was ranked as one of the “Top 100
Inventions of All-Time” by UK Consumers in a 2010 Tesco Survey.
WD-40 is used across industries such as Manufacturing, Textiles, Automotive, Marine, Utilities,
Construction, Aviation, HVAC, and Trucking already established as a market leader in India with
50% market share in multi-purpose market. Established in 1953, it is already a market leader in
several countries across Asia, Europe and South America.
Atul-WD-40 Alliance in Pictures
Rajesh Bhasin & Philip Tweed’s press interviews
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