GQ’s guide to the 65 suits, shoes, people, stores, labels,... and style secrets that a man needs to know right...

GQ’s guide to the 65 suits, shoes, people, stores, labels, accessories
and style secrets that a man needs to know right now
There’s never
been a better
time to be a
man who cares
about style.
New labels, sick shops, bespoke socks…
The options are astounding.
But that also
means there
are too many
options. There’s a lot
of clutter out there. Think of this as
your road map to an awesomely stylish
(but often overwhelming) new world.
Let’s start
with the
colors you’re
Think about updating them. Designers are
all about a new palette of dusty pastels
right now. In fact, men are embracing all
kinds of things we once ignored.
L e t ’ s n o t c a ll i t “ e c r u . ”
3 In addition to red pants, we dig these
jeans, which are so off-white they’re almost
khaki. Like white jeans without the glare.
from front
G ild e d A g e $ 2 3 9 u r b a n d a d d y. c o m
L e v i ’ s M ad e & C r a f t e d $ 1 9 8
Ral p h L a u r e n B lac k L ab e l D e nim $ 3 5 0
J . C r e w $ 1 0 8 j c r e w. c o m
You can say
the word
3 The biggest
trend in scent is
These are our
favorites for
body and home.
1 D.S. & D. Bowmakers
A Brooklyn-made
fragrance that
smells woody and
expensive, like
the inside of a
concert violin. $110,
2 Cire Trudon
Ernesto candle
Leather scented.
The same kind
Marie Antoinette
lit up during the
most debauched
ragers of the 1700s.
3 Santa Maria
Novella Incensi
Even this legendary
Italian brand knows
to have the Japanese
make its incense.
4 Juniper Ridge
Siskiyou cedar sachet
Totally idiotproof.
Stick one in your gym
bag, closet, desk.
5 In Fiore Fumée
D’Ambre Parfum
Smells ancient,
like it was discovered
in a reliquary in a
fallen cathedral.
Swipe on your wrists
and neck if you’re
not into “spritzing”
cologne. $65,
Even your key chain
has gone fetishistic.
3 We asked Michael
Williams of the website
A Continuous Lean to empty
his (ver y curated) pockets.
• The people at Klhip completely
reengineered the nail clipper
using surgical-grade metal. Think
of it as overkill—glorious overkill.
There’s a new shoe
t h at d o e s p r e t t y
much everythinG.
3 We have no idea what to call
this—deser t sneak? sneak-a-boot?—
and don’t care. Wear them with
a cotton suit, with shor ts (no
socks), maybe even naked around
the house. (Okay, maybe not.)
Pi e r r e Ha r d y $ 4 5 0 p i e r r e h a r d y. c o m
nail cli p p e r $ 5 0 k LH i p. c o m
• A flash drive that looks like a
pocketknife says, “I seem rugged,
but really I just need the entire
first season of Game of Thrones on
me at all times.”
• Carrying a comb was de rigueur
in the 1950s. Well, it’s back, now that
leather-goods geniuses Billykirk
got all artisanal on your coif with
this handstitched case.
3 2 G b f la s h d r i v e $ 1 5 0
s w i s s k n i f e s h o p. c o m
c o mb ca s e $ 4 5 b i l l y k i r k . c o m
• Love the pry bar, screwdrivers,
and tweezers. But it’s the lighter
that’s most handy, whether for a
bottle rocket or a campfire.
• This pen is made in Nevada for
NASA. I use it to scribble in this
Japanese reporter’s notebook,
even when I’m not on the moon.
e v e r y day ca r r y k it $ 4 4
n o t e b o o k $ 1 9 p o s ta l c o . n e t
P e n $ 3 0 s pa c e p e n . c o m
gq endorses
tom schierlitz
A piece of ageless advice from
b u r ber ry ’ s
• When not being used to make
jet engines, titanium is the perfect
material for the di∞cult task of
keeping your cash organized.
• A flask of booze is an easy way
to make friends. An English
pewter flask by Wentworth adds
top notes of envy.
m o n e y cli p $ 3 0
s u p e r i o r t i ta n i u m . c o m
f la s k $ 6 8
“It’s good to be rather unsentimental
about your grooming. I use one spray of
fragrance and that’s it. Don’t think too
much about it; just get on with it.”
i l lu s t r at i o n by Zo h a r L a z a r
s t i ll l i f e s
d av i d r i n e l l a
Of course, sometimes
you don’t need to
buy a damn thing.
A wat c h
h av e t o b e
to be
a s tat u s
3 Just upgrade the gear
you’ve already got.
Switch out
the laces on
your bucks
for colored
ones to get
that Mark
3 In the great
timepiece arms
race, win by
not competing.
Uniform Wares
pairs inexpensive
materials with
smar t, minimal
design. This watch
says: Fuck money.
I’ve got style.
Sleep in your
suit (yes,
really) till it
molds to
your shape.
Uni f o r m Wa r e s
u n i f o r m wa r e s . c o m
Take a
black tee
and yank
it till it
gets that
With a
cheap suit,
switch out
the crappy
for genuine
“It’s simple: Everyone
should have a black
blazer.” —domenico dolce
“ The best style advice
came from my
parents: Be honest.
Just be yourself.”
—stefano gabbana
A piece of ageless advice from
dolce &
i l lu s t r at i o n by Zo h a r L a z a r
Your do-rag is
the new pocket
3 A simple plan: Go to your
army-navy store with $25.
Buy a handful of bandannas.
Take them home and wash
them. Then stick one in the
breast pocket of your jacket
before you walk out the door.
R T H $ 2 5 (blue & red)
r t h s h o p. c o m
Ka u f man ’ s A r m y & N av y $ 3
k a u f m a n s a r m y n av y. c o m
M a r k M c N ai r y N e w A m s t e r dam $ 4 2 5
m a r k m c n a i r y. c o m
G u cci $ 5 7 5 g u c c i . c o m
T o m F o r d $ 5 5 0 2 1 2 - 3 5 9 - 0 3 0 0
O ’ K e e f f e $ 4 7 5
Sid M a s h b u r n
T o mm y Hil f ig e r $ 2 9 8 t o m m y. c o m
E s q u i v e l $ 7 5 0 e s q u i v e l s h o e s . c o m
A ll e n Edm o nd s $ 3 3 5 a l l e n e d m o n d s . c o m
C o l e Haan $ 1 7 8 c o l e h a a n . c o m
r . B ’ s f o r ald o
$150 gentlemens
S p e r r y T o p - Sid e r $ 9 0 s p e r r y t o p s i d e r . c o m
M a r k M c N ai r y
N e w A m s t e r dam
m a r k m c n a i r y. c o m
Fl o r s h e im b y D u c k i e B r o w n $ 2 7 0
Your dress shoes just
copped an attitude.
3 Walk into any shoe
depar tment wor th its suede
and you’re bound to find
blue soles, camo prints, and
sneakerized brogues that
simply did not exist a few
years ago. Remember when
shoes were just black or
brown? Yeah, neither do we.
J o h n L o bb $ 1 , 6 4 0
T h o m B r o w n e N e w Y o r k $ 9 5 0
G r e n s o n $ 2 4 0
Hit the most stylish party in America.
(Sorry, Miami and L.A.—it’s in Nashville.)
3 Don’t believe us? Show up at East Nashville’s The 5 Spot on Mondays around
midnight. The guys dress like Buddy Holly, the girls dress like Bobbie Gentr y,
the Black Keys mill about, and ever yone sweats out the booze dancing to oldschool southern soul.
I t ’ s o k ay i f y o u d o n ’ t k n o w h o w
to pronounce the word “foulard.”
3 Actually, we’ll teach you right now: foo-lard. Say it with
us. It’s the fashion-world term for these resurgent silk ties
with colorful micro-patterns that make a narrow tie pop.
P r ada $ 2 1 5 p r a d a . c o m
The polo just
got a skainspired trim.
3 The Fred Perr y polo
seemed unimprovable. (Just
ask tennis dudes and ska
punks.) Then they designed
this version with a minicollar. Even if it ain’t broke,
you can still make it better.
F r e d P e r r y $ 8 0 f r e d p e r r y. c o m
N o.
Time to put
away that
Style goes in cycles.
This is a snapshot
of where we stand
right now.
Back From
the Dead
It’s all about
the accessories.
In a field suddenly
crammed with
brands, these are
our favorites.
1 Stitch hats
No-b.s. handmade
bucket hats. $65
2 GarreT t
By the son of the
guy behind Oliver
Peoples. $340
T ruc k e r Hat s
Cargo Pa nt s
3 hamilton
They say, “I’m a
baller, but I’m not a
dick.” $875
Fad e d J e a n s
Do ub leB reast ed
Suit s
dead for now
They get the job
done; couldn’t be
any cheaper. $15
5 Alexander
Olch ties
Cut from old-man
fabrics at punk-rock
widths. $140
peaked Pocket
S q ua re s
F edo ras
6 Sid Mashburn
Frayed edges for
bonus style. $55
7 BillyKirk
hipst er
dead forever
Take years to wear
in and a lifetime to
wear out. $115
8 Miansai
Nautical vibe thanks
to nylon cord and a
brass anchor. $60
9 happy socks
D e s i g n e rL o g o B e lt s
Mo ck
T urt leneck s
Bright mercerized
cotton that won’t
fade. $12
10 Ernest
Alexander bag
The new Filson or
Jack Spade. $195
11 Grenson shoes
L e at h e r Car
C o at s
S q uare- To e
Sho es
Around since the
1800s; still in style.
W h e r e t o b u y i t ? G o t o g q . c o m / g o / fa s h i o n d i r e c t o r i e s
e r i c r ay d av i d s o n
Ra l p h La u r e n ’ s Ra n c h at
the Beach
east hampton, ny
Only Ralph could lasso a store
this perfect—a weatherbeaten barn set off a road…
that happens to be the
toniest shopping street in the
Hamptons. Inside, new plaid
shirts wrestle with old boots
and other collectible odes
to a bygone America.
The 25 Best Men’s Stores in America
Some are great because they have impossibly hard-to-find brands
or salesmen who know way too much about suits. And some are
just beautiful rooms you never want to leave. These are GQ’s picks
for the best of the very best.
t h e n e x t- l e v e l g i f t s h o p
boston, ma
los angeles, ca
Hidden in the back of a
bodega, this world-famous
streetwear spot is as hard
to find as the sneakers
sold inside. The only place
where you can buy an
ice-cold Yoo-hoo and a
clean pair of Jordans.
g e t s o m e c o w h i d e f o r y o u r i PA D
RTH Shop
los angeles, ca
René Holguin has channeled
his family’s boot-making
legacy into a new shop on
La Cienega with a radical
homemade vibe. And it’s
become the spot in SoCal for
far-out leather goods: bags,
wallets, and Native American
necklaces, mostly made
in the workshop out back.
The Edgiest Spot West of Tokyo
Nepenthes New York
manhattan, ny
This Garment District
outpost, by the same guys
behind hipster workwear
label Engineered Garments,
is so edgy it hurts. The staff
look ripped from the pages
of Japanese fashion rags,
and the racks are full of stuff
that’s about 10 percent more
out-there than what you’re
used to pulling off—but
you’ll still be inspired to try.
where sneaker geeks rule
The Best Place to Buy Jeans.
kansas city, mo
The world’s best barbecue,
jazz, and…jeans? You pretty
much can’t eff it up at
Baldwin: They make only a
handful of gimmick-free cuts
from primo selvage (and
can customize from there).
the best outlet mall in america
Cabazon Outlets
cabazon, ca
Dolce in the desert? Cucinelli
in Cabazon? A mohair suit
might seem out of place
surrounded by a casino and an
automated sprinkler system,
but these outlets near Palm
Springs are the most stocked
in the country.
South Willard
Buying a birthday present for
the Most Interesting Man in
the World? Start here. It’s
as easy to snag a desk
sculpture as a sweater at this
West 3rd Street standby.
austin, tx
The best store in what’s
becoming one of the
country’s freshest cities.
Stag offers antiques, apparel,
and an apothecary; in
fact, everything is for sale.
Dangerous after they loosen
your purse strings with a
couple of Shiner Bocks.
manhattan, ny
T h e P r e s i d e n t ’ s Ta i l o r
With a Nolita spot for men
and a new unisex Chelsea
location, this is the place to
snatch up castoffs from the
Barneys brigade. The clothes
are “previously owned,” but
you know how shopaholics
are: Bought it, wore it once,
flipped it.
brooklyn, ny
America’s greatest living
tailor may not have an actual
store, but he’s been churning
out handmade suits by
appointment for sixty-five
years. Yes, this is the guy who
makes the suits for Band of
Outsiders and Rag & Bone
(plus Boardwalk Empire and
Bill Clinton).
Find Surf Trunks...And Your
Future Wife
Martin Greenfield
H i g h Fa s h i o n f o r t h e
Bottle-Service Set
The Webster Miami
miami, fl
Milan Vukmirovic’s swanky
South Beach shop sells
$1,300 Lanvin swim shorts
and a Balmain duffel for
$3,800. The good news: In
early May, Target releases
a Webster collab in which
everything in the collection is
under fifty bucks.
F i n a l ly, a S t o r e W o r t h y
of Austin
A Sa lvat i o n A r m y f o r
Saturdays NYC
manhattan, ny
They sell Sex Wax, but you
don’t have to hang ten to
hang here. The real action
at this coffee-and-surf shop
is in the courtyard, where
hot downtowny people
drink cortados and peck at
their MacBooks.
A slice of Milan in New Orleans
George Bass
new orleans, la
This gentlemen’s shop has
been here a quarter century,
but don’t call it a nostalgia
trip. Bass’s Nawlins-via-Italy
aesthetic (suits by Isaia,
Kiton) has become the thing
in menswear right now.
The Wilderness Comes to Soho
T h e Ma l l’ s S t y l i n ’ e s t
D e pa r t m e n t S t o r e
manhattan, ny
seattle, wa
We’ve noticed a lot more folks
wearing Patagonia puffers
in SoHo since REI opened a
tri-level beast this fall. An
outdoors superstore a block
from Prada? It works.
Little-known secret: Any
given Nordstrom moves more
high fashion than all your
favorite boutiques combined.
The Seattle location is hard
to beat—proximity to the
company’s HQ helps. But any
style-head stuck at his local
mall should make a beeline.
T r e n d y H e a d s N o rt h
Where Trends don’t exist
portland, me
manhattan, ny
Portland Dry Goods Co.
Portland Dry Goods is the
newest opening in a trio
of interconnected (and utterly
anomalous) menswear shops
in Maine. Without getting
rained on, you can plunk
down for a To Ki To jacket at
Barbour, a custom Oxxford
suit at David Wood, and a pair
of McNairys at PDG.
A piece of ageless advice from
tom ford
Paul Stuart
“My grandfather and father
both shopped here, and I
still always find something
totally fresh. Bring anyone—
large, small, short, tall—and
they’ll find an amazingly cut
suit right off the rack.”—
paul sevigny, dj and
The South’s Big Three
T h e M o s t C u r at e d S p o t i n
B r o o k ly n
“Keep your jacket buttoned. Always.
It’s just really flattering—it will take
pounds o≠ you.”
i l lu s t r at i o n by Zo h a r L a z a r
Home of the
Well-Heeled Outlaw
brooklyn, ny
On the beach, trade
u n d e r s tat e d t r u n k s f o r
something brash.
3 Nobody does swim tr unks like Orlebar
Brown. Yet even they borrow from the late
British designer David Hicks, the inspiration
for this dizzyingly radical print.
No. 54
Hickoree’s Floor Two
The Hill-side guys are known
for making ties and scarves.
Now they’ve created a
clubhouse in Williamsburg for
grown-up kids: Buy a vintagey
backpack and fill it with Mast
Brothers chocolate, a Leather
Head football, Kapital jeans,
and a tie-dye.
b i l ly r e i d
florence, al
O r l e ba r B r o w n $ 2 4 0 m r p o r t e r . c o m
No. 5 5
Replace Those
Ridiculous Skinny Jeans
Imogene + Willie
nashville, tn
No. 56
Where Suits Are
a Religion
Sid Mashburn
atlanta, ga
Steal Tom Ford’s Interior
Tom Ford
los angeles, ca
“Every time I think Tom Ford
has better taste than anyone,
he proves me right. Go soak
it in. Then copy what you can
at home. If you can afford to
knock off his marble walls for
a renovation, why not?
Or just get the same glasses
they serve Perrier in.”
—jim moore, gq creative
T h e Ca p i ta l o f A m e r i c a n - Ma d e
san francisco, ca
This go-to stop for “made in
the U.S.A.” was a favorite
before its expansion. Now
there’s room for an Alden
shop-in-shop, a smart edit
of coffee-table books,
and an apothecary
with products by Aesop
and Baxter of California.
because grooming is style, too
seattle, wa
Blackbird has a lot going
for it. Great clothes. Cool
hood (Ballard). And the best
grooming shop around. We
asked founder Nicole Miller
her most popular product:
“Ursa Major face wash,” she
said. “Wakes you right up.”
The Best e-Commerce on the Web
Need Supply Co.
richmond, va
This store in Virginia’s quiet
capital has a website that’s
a menswear blogger’s wet
dream: Yuketen mocs and
Garrett Leight shades. Shop
for new pants from home…
while not wearing any pants.
e Ba y T h e s e
More than just
your trunks should
be David Hicks–ian.
The man was a
master of interiors.
Steal from him.
Say “Hey,
y’all” to your
inner southern
3 Three rockin’ Dir ty South designers with
thriving stores—plus musicians like Justin
Townes Earle (right)—are defining a new
southern aesthetic. “We’re not so uniform
down here,” says Big Boi of OutKast.
“There’s a flamboyance to how we do things.”
Billy Reid
Sid Mashburn
Imogene + Willie
A piece of ageless advice from
• No pattern is more
southern than gingham.
No designer does it better.
• It’s too hot down here for
superskinny jeans. These strike
the middle ground.
• These days, it’s more rebellious
to dress up. So kick shit in boots too
finely made to be called shitkickers.
s h i r t $ 1 4 5 ti e $ 9 5
s h i r t $ 2 2 5 j e an s $ 2 7 5
B OO T S $ 4 2 5 b i l l y r e i d . c o m
“I believe one can
live many lives
through personal
style. Every day
is an occasion to
reinvent yourself.”
i l lu s t r at i o n by Zo h a r L a z a r
A piece of ageless advice from
michael kors
“People shouldn’t
notice what
you’re wearing
before they
notice you. You
want people to
register you
first. ‘Oh, what
a nice jacket’
should be an
afterthought if
you’re doing
it right.”
i l lu s t r at i o n by Zo h a r L a z a r
The jacket
of the
year is a
p u ll o v e r .
3 Get an anorak
and you’ll end
up reaching for
it three times a
week. Sure, you
can wear it to
the gym, but we
suggest throwing
one over an
oxford, with a
tie and chinos.
F r o m l e f t: A . P. C . $ 2 6 5 a p c . f r Wa r r i o r s o f Radn e s s $ 1 4 0
wa r r i o r s o f r a d n e s s . c o m G ant b y M ic h a e l B a s tian $ 3 2 5 g a n t. c o m
The Whole World Is Going
Made-in-the-U.S.A. crazy.
An illustrated map of homegrown brands that
are back in style here and abroad
4 Alden
middleboroUGH, ma
E s t. 1 8 8 4
l a n c a s t e r C o. , pa
E s t. 1 9 9 9
e l pa s o, t x
E s t. 1 9 1 1
Best known for its vibrant
blankets, but no slouches in the
way of plaid shirts, either.
Stalwart of respectable brogues
and loafers; rare company
with legit claim to having never
gone out of style.
Amish-made leather
shoulder bags, wallets,
and key fobs.
Because you don’t want
cowboy boots that
were stitched anywhere
but the Wild West.
2 Filson
s e at t l e , w a
E s t. 1 8 9 7
lewiston, me
E s t. 1 9 0 9
These outdoorsy goods
are a staple of urban
woodsmen nationwide.
Its handmade moccasins are
so popular that they’re often
on back order.
Some of the most solid
(and, uh, patterned) ties
around, made in a county
known for its quarries.
Woolen Mills
pendleton, or
E s t. 1 9 0 9
Red Wing
G i t ma n B r o s .
p i l o t m o u n ta i n , n c
E s t. 1 9 7 8
H am i l t o n
red wing, mn
E s t. 1 9 0 5
brunswick, me
E s t. 1 9 1 2
houston, tx
E s t. 1 8 8 3
Iconic producers of resurgent,
Rust Belt–ready work boots.
The iconic mail-order
outfitter’s duck boots
are ubiquitous, and with
good reason.
The dress shirts are from
the Lone Star State, but
they’re classy enough for
o∞ces on the coasts.
T o n y Lama
los angeles, ca
E s t. 1 8 7 3
If you’re an authenticity junkie,
you’re after Levi’s Cali-born,
archive-based Made & Crafted line.