Custom furnishings made in DUMBO

Custom furnishings made in DUMBO
Hand made furniture is a rare experience these days; handcrafted pieces in New York City is even rarer. The
reclaimed furniture line by MARK JUPITER is not only hand made in DUMBO, Brooklyn, but constructed from
materials out of the history of New York itself. Every piece incorporates the beauty of its own mysterious past.
Whether it is old growth Redwood from a 100-year-old New York City water tower, rare spalted Elm from trees
toppled by the Brooklyn tornado of 2011, or extinct Heart Pine from the old Brooklyn sugar refinery of Red Hook.
MARK JUPITER offers a collection of custom hand crafted furnishings at a price accessible to the general
MARK JUPITER is a 4 generation New York City builder best known for being a founding partner of New World
Home, an award winning and internationally recognized line of green prefabricated homes. Inspired by the
craftsman of his family starting with his great grandfather hammering out the original copper roofs of the city’s
first skyscrapers, to the hand carved furniture designed and built by his father, Mark Jupiter is committed to
continuing his family’s long standing tradition with the launch of MARK JUPITER.
Hello, Again Brooklyn 2013
MARK JUPITER is proud to be a featured business in Lincoln's Hello, Again Brooklyn Tour this summer!
The complimentary drive around Brooklyn will explore a side of Brooklyn we've always known existed but few
have ever seen. Guests will discover hidden cultural gems and interact with creative pioneers to envision and
gather inspiration for new ideas.
191 Plymouth Street between Jay and Bridge Street - [email protected] - 718-401-6600
Showroom hours: weekdays 9.30 am – 5 pm - weekends 12 – 6 pm or call for appointment
Press Inquiries
Katharina Goetz - - [email protected] - 917-727-4705
Walnut Media Console
This Walnut media console is made to order for a neighboring loft in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The
piece, which doesn't have any visible hardware or handles, features hydraulic soft close
hinges so one can fully focus on the uninterrupted wood grain cut from a single piece of
wood. Holes in the back provide ventilation and exit for media cables.
Material: Walnut & Iron
Price: $3,200
Dimensions: 60”L x 20”W x 24”H
Heart Pine Platform Bed
This custom platform bed is made from a salvaged 400-year-old Heart Pine beam. Only the
surface boards of the beams were used so that the original saw marks could still be seen.
The wood was reclaimed from the demolished Philipp Morris building in Louisville, KY - a
structure of incredible architectural history. It has found a new home in a Harlem Townhouse
uptown in New York City.
Material: Heart Pine
Price: $5,000
Dimensions: 92”L x 98”W x 42”H
Redwood Media Console
The Redwood used for this media console is sourced from a 20th century water tower found
on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It features adjustable shelves and hydraulic soft close
hinges. Four wholes in the back provide ventilation and exit for media cables. The legs are
made out of hot rolled plate steel.
Material: Redwood & Steel
Price: $4,500
Dimensions: 84”L x 20”W x 24”H
Townhouse Dining Table
The Yellow pine wood used in this reclaimed dining table came from a townhouse recently
demolished in Tribeca. A whitewash stain was applied as the finish giving very clean feel to
an otherwise rough appearance. The legs are cast from recycled aluminum.
Material: Longleaf Yellow Pine & Aluminum
Price: $3,500
Dimensions: 94”L x 38”W x 33” H
Floating Walnut Table
This custom black Walnut dining table is an elegant mix between rustic and mid-century
modern. To give the piece an added dimension we created an inset platform that allows the
top to float off the fabricated steel base.
Material: Walnut & Steel
Price: $ 5,000
Dimensions: 98”L x 40”W x 29”H
Storm Tree Coffee Table
This coffee table is carved from a 400-pound cant of Elm. The 500-year-old tree was found
toppled after hurricane Irene in 2011 in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Elm is approaching extinction in
this country due to the spread of the Dutch Elm disease making this an incredibly rare piece.
Material: Elm
Price: $6,000
Dimensions: 51”L x 23” W x 16”H