Custom Skis Handmade with Swiss Precision

Custom Skis
Handmade with Swiss Precision
A dream comes true!
After three years in the making, a custom made ski from the Swiss Alps has arrived.
Core Skis
Core Skis embody top quality, custom made skis incorporating technological
advancements, exclusivity, reflecting lifestyle and riding features without compromise.
The distinctive feature of all Core Skis is the handmade quality and design precision.
- Custom made by experts for the hard core skier.
- Designed in Klosters, Switzerland and produced in northern Italy in a small
factory where they are all milled by hand with the great passion and know-how
gained from decades of experience in the Ski World Cup and success in the
manufacturing of Swiss skis.
- For each single component of our skis, there is no compromise;
only the best materials are used.
- All Core Skis are custom made using our proprietary technology.
- Less hyperbole, more technical know how.
- Sustainability is an essential part of the approach of the Core brand.
- Unlike many other ski manufacturers, Core Skis only make a limited range of
tailor made skis.
Core Skis are quick to react to a skier’s needs in a
variety of mountain conditions.
The main feature of all Core Skis is their superb riding experience. Our customized
product provides the most incredible running smoothness, responsiveness and the
perfect stability, whether you are a skier who likes the chutes, the powder, the glades or
the groomers. The “wobbling” or “planing” typical of conventional skis is reduced to
the minimum.
For further information on our ski options, including models, customized colors,
fabrications and finishes including personalizations, please visit our homepage, contact us by phone 347-325-1275, or e-mail
[email protected]
Customized Construction Materials
There is a reason why high performance sports
equipment (e.g. racing bikes, tennis rackets, golf
clubs) and sports cars are constructed out of
the most durable yet light weight materials. We
think your skis should be constructed this way.
You choose the model, the material, the finish, the
color and the personalization for the ski.
Vibration Absorption
Durability and Torsion Strength
A Lightweight Polymer Base with High Resilience
Fabrication Options: Polyamide,Titanium or Carbon
This cross-carver promises top performance on groomed slopes.
From tight to wide turns, the Muscle Car offers smooth running
and optimal grip - whatever your speed.
The slalom ski for skiers who like
shorter radius aggresive turns,
and demand responsiveness and
maximum stability.
Looking for unlimited action? A versatile allmountain ski and a feel of absolute freedom
on powder. It also has perfect carving
characteristics for skiing on groomed slopes.
For all round skiing predominantly
“off-piste”: Backcountry. Be it
powder or in the packed snow; a
jump here, a trick there or just
enjoying cruising along... also
ideal for touring or as a Telemark
Powder Fats
(Wang Ost)
“Powder Fats” is an exclusive
handmade freeride ski with
an ash wooden core and subtle
tip and tail rocker, designed
specifically for powder skiing.
The soft tip and wider
dimension provides floatation
in deep powder and the tail
offers excellent balance and
A stunning ski design specifically
for ladies, incorporating the
characteristic of a lady’s slalom
carver with plenty of flexibility,
easy-to-turn, excellent grip on hard
slopes; yet runs smoothly and quickly.
For tight turns and responsive skiing.
The giant slalom ski for skiers who
embrace downhill, demand precise
edging, carve extended turns and
demand maximum snow performance and
stability even at top speed.
Custom Made For The Hard Core Skier
Core Skis USA
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