RULES AND WAIVER Rules and Waiver Form must be signed in

Rules and Waiver Form must be signed in order to compete. The form will be available at Coyote
Crossing on the day of the event at the registration table.
Cost to enter the Giant Ultimate Burrito Challenge is $20, which you must pay in cash the day
of the event at the registration table. All proceeds go towards Beats For Bella.
You must be 18 years of age or older and be able to prove this by identification (drivers
license or State Issued ID).
You must read, agree to and sign the Rules and Waiver Form before participating. Your
signature under these forms means that you read, understand, and agree to what it says.
You won’t be allowed to take the challenge if you are visibly intoxicated.
You may not touch your plate until the starting signal is given and you must not put any
other food in your mouth when the ending signal is given; you must swallow any bite already
in your mouth when the ending signal is given to avoid disqualification.
You will be disqualified if anyone assists you in any cutting, serving or eating of your burrito.
No one is allowed to touch your Giant Ultimate Burrito meal but you – This is YOUR
You will be required to sit at a designated table that Coyote Crossing assigns to you. If you
leave the table for any reason (i.e., to go the bathroom) you will be disqualified.
The entire burrito must be consumed within 30 minutes. If any of the meal is not consumed
(swallowed), you will lose the challenge. The Coyote Crossing representative monitoring the
challenge is the judge and their decision is final!
Should you become ill, you will be disqualified. You must use the container provided (If you
don’t, it will be your responsibility to clean up after yourself). Coyote Crossing is not
responsible for any illness or injury associated with the challenge (see waiver below). Visible
signs of sickness will result in disqualification.
If you do not finish the Giant Ultimate Burrito Challenge, you are welcome to take the
leftovers with you.
Whether you finish the Giant Ultimate Burrito or not you are still a winner because your
participation will help Beats for Bella and the children and families they contribute to.
By taking the Giant Ultimate Burrito Challenge and signing below, I authorize Coyote
Crossing to use my name, information, and picture within the restaurant, on its website and
advertising materials and any related publicity without any payment, benefit or notice to me.
Unruly, gross, disruptive or other conduct by you or your party, which Coyote Crossing
considers inappropriate for a restaurant setting will result in your disqualification.
I ____________________________ wish to take Coyote Crossing’s Giant Ultimate Burrito Challenge. I
voluntarily sign this waiver in exchange for being able to participate in the Giant Ultimate Burrito
Challenge. I acknowledge that there are risks of personal injury, illness and possible death, and risks
of damage to loss of personal property, which may result from me participating in this challenge. I am
doing this voluntarily and I indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Coyote Crossing, their vendors,
their advertising, promotion and public relations agencies, any co-sponsoring companies or affiliates
and all officers, directors, employees, and agents of any of the entities stated and their successors,
from responsibility, liability, and all claims and costs, including attorney’s fees, for injuries or
damages of any kind relating to, arising from, or in connection with my participation in this challenge
or the receipt of use of any prize. In no event shall Coyote Crossing be liable for negligence or for any
acts or omissions arising out of or related to the challenge or my participation in the challenge. I
understand and agree that Coyote Crossing is not responsible for anything that may happen to me as
a result of me taking this challenge and by signing this I am waiving any claims I might later have as a
result of me taking the Giant Ultimate Burrito Challenge. It is my express intent that my signature
shall bind the members of my family and spouse (if any), my estate, heirs, administrators, assigns and
personal representatives.
I, the Challenger, am 18 years old or older and of sound mind. I have read, understand and
agree to the above rules and the “Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Risks and Release of Liability”
above as evidenced by my knowing and voluntary signature below:
Signature of Challenger
Date of Birth