Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010

Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010
Don /Phyllis Johnk &
Bernie/Bobbie Reising
Des Moines, IA
Convention Site:
Wildwood Lodge
September 17 and 18
Thursday, September 16
About 20 of the attendees came in on
Thursday evening and went out to dinner at
Chiles – just a very short walk from the lodge.
After dinner, several cribbage games were
played in the lodge gathering room. Ed
McLaughlin had a 24 hand, fair and square
we believe.
Friday, September 17
The room was opened at 8:00 and attendees began to set up selections from their collections to display
during the convention.
Dave called the convention to order at 9:00 and the fun really begins with the presentations by
Wilson Gartner began the presentation with the explanation of ivory boards made in Japan. Of interest
is the fact they are of the same size and many have 2 gods carved in the ivory on the top surface of the
board. Each also has a signature of the maker. He carries them in a Bass Pro Shop case. Wilson spent
many of his early years in Japan with his parents and learned a great deal about ivory at that time. Note:
real ivory has a definite uneven grain and it is against the law to sell ivory unless it is 100 years old or if
you are an Indian. EBay will not broker ivory products.
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Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010
Terry Coons followed Wilson with a presentation of her magnetic boards. We found that her interest
was in cribbage boards that are of an unusual nature and NOT made of wood. A couple of her boards
were the Kingsway 55 and 66M. In addition she had several others that are not noted here. One of
particular interest was made with wood grain paper. Terry also brought some of her bakelite boards and
cellulite boards. These are vintage plastic cribbage boards. Cellulite was used to simulate ivory. We
learned that there is a particular soap like smell if you rub a genuine Bakelite board. She also brought a
beautiful triangle 181 board that she believes is English and is from the 1880’s.
Ed McLaughlin came to the convention with all handmade cribbage boards. These were boards that Ed
and his son Jeff have made in their “shed”. (My understanding is this is some shed – bathroom,
television, heating, cooling, and all the niceties). One of the boards would allow 6 players to play 60 hole
games, 3 players to play 120 hole games, or 2 players to play 180 game holes. In the 180 hole game, the
perfect hand is 46, whereas in normal play the perfect hand is 29.
Keith Dwire came with a number of boards and started out with “I am not focused yet” on any
particular collecting scheme. His show and tell, however, contained several interesting pieces, all the
way from a mystery book centered around cribbage, to a picture of two cribbage board players from
the 1800’s, to a different kind of game board called “Showdown”. Additional highlights of his collection
was a cowboy boot (reminds him of his brother) that opens in two to reveal the playing surfaces. It was
a numbered board, 61/100. He also had an unused Snap on Tool board that was quite popular on the
bid table.
Elinor Lamb presented her first cribbage board, a Drueke number 2. She purchased the board in 1949
for $.49. She did not want to spend too much since she did not know how well she would like the game.
Here she is in 2010 at the CBCS convention! Another of her prize boards is one made with one half of a
bowling pin given to her by her bowling partner. In addition to several other boards, she showed us a
beautiful board made of curly maple.
Cec Bradshaw came with a number of boards in two categories. The first was a selection of boards that
came from ancestors and, secondly, a few Drueke boards that were not identified in the collector book,
authored by Bette Bemis. It just shows the immensity of the job Bette did on the book and the
overwhelming number of different cribbage boards in circulation. He finally obtained the Drueke
number 1 round. WOW! In the show and tell, he also showed his step father’s first board, believed to be
made during the Civil War, one made by his uncle in the 60’s, his own first board, as well as unique
boards given to him by friends.
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Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010
Saturday, September 18
Jim Herzog brought out of his large collection along a number of souvenir boards he has collected along
the way. One was a very nice board in the shape of Michigan, another of the United States. What may
have been the least aesthetically pleasing board in the convention was his Hillbilly board. This was a
meaningful board in that it was given to him in love. But; a piece of 2x4, inscribed Hillbilly board with a
back marker, holes or at least what resembled holes and a hidden pouch (recloseable bag taped to the
bottom) with the toothpick pegs. You see everything at the show and tell.
Terry Coons came with another presentation. In this presentation, Terry brought out her folding travel
cribbage boards. (Her strategy for this year was to pack compactly and light). In this presentation she
had boards from WW1 and WW2. She had metal ones, leather ones, plastic and OOPs – some wooden
ones. She traced these boards with examples of pocket boards through the years on to vest pocket
boards up to those too large for pockets.
Arlen Miller collects boards that just appeal to him and Kathy. If they like it, they get it. They may be
new, they may be old, but, regardless, they certainly are interesting and aesthetically pleasing. In his
show and tell, there was a water theme. Four of his boards are made by a company called
Inside/Outside. Featured this year were a kayak, a canoe, a toboggan, and a larger theme board. He also
showed us a Lacount board he bought from the person painting his deck. How much? Would you believe
George Catt came to the convention with his infamous travel board. He has taken it with him
everywhere for the last 22 years. It is almost like a favorite stuffed animal? From his several boards he
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Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010
brought, one of great interest was a board made of the petrified vertebrae of a whale. That was very
unusual. He also had a really neat 1993 tournament board which was used in the tournaments this year.
Wilson Gartner was up again with some pieces from his collection. The main theme was that these
boards were purchased on EBay. One of the boards had 3 tiers of play. Every 60 holes, you need to
reverse direction of play and head up a slope – 3 times. He showed us a nice leather board and a nice
box furniture piece; a Bombay board. In addition we were able to see a very old Japanese mother of
pearl board.
Bernie Reising, after much pleading, got up to show us some of his and Bobbies’ boards. He had quite a
large assortment of boards but the most impressive to me were the folding boards. They were displayed
in a great case with a glass cover. These boards ranged in size, like Terry had shown us, and were
extremely interesting in their construction and aesthetics.
Ted Johnk, encouraged by his fellow collectors finally gave his show and tell. I think he was joking, but
his focus is what he can steal! That may mean buy cheap? In reality that just is not true. He showed us a
number of boards that were purchased on various trips he and Phyllis have made. One in particular was
the one that he bought at the shop going up the hill. Where was that Phyllis? Oh yeah – Branson! And –
pictured in this document is the 1961 “Teddy” bear cribbage board.
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Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010
2010 Officers and Board of Directors
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Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010
Vice President – Dave Shroeder
President – Ed McLaughlin
Secretary – Gail Schroeder
Treasurer – Jim Herzog
Director – Wilson Gartner
Director – George Catt
Director – Phyllis Johnk
Not Pictured: Director Don St Johns
New members 2010
Merle and Mary Dwire
Gertrude Cousins - Willer
Convention History – Year, Location, Host, Convention Boards
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Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010
Roseville, MN
Peter Leach
Omaha, NE
Ted/Phyllis Johnk & Bernie/Bobbie Reising
Riverside, CA
Dave/Gail Shroeder
Warwick, RI
Bette Bemis
Branson, MO
Ed/Jane McLaughlin & Bernie/Bobbi Reising & Ted/Phyllis Johnk
Monroe, MI
Arlen/Kathy Miller& Jim/Janette Herzog & Don St. Johns
2006 Port Lookout, MO
Ed/Jane McLaughlin
Ted/Phyllis Johnk & Bernie/Bobbie Reising & Dave/Gail Schroeder &
Terry Coons
Portland, OR
2008 Carbondale, IL
Ed/Jane McLaughlin
Ted/Phyllis Johnk & Bernie/Bobbie Reising & Dave/Gail Schroeder &
Monroe, MI
Arlen/Kathy Miller & Jim/ Janette Herzog & Don St. John
Des Moines, IA
Ted/Phyllis Johnk & Bernie/Bobbie Reising
Grand Haven, MI
Cecil Bradshaw
Raleigh, NC
Ed/Jane McLauglhin
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Cribbage Board Collector Society Convention 2010
Tournament Winners
4nd Place - Gail
3nd Place - Dave
2nd Place - Gertrude
Winner - Ed
Attendees – 2010 Convention – Des Moines, Iowa
Bernie & Bobbi Reising
Ed & Jane McLaughlin
Dave & Gail Schroeder
Jim & Jeanette Herzog
Arlen & Kathy Miller
Cecil & Betty Bradshaw
Dale & Cheryl Hunt
John & Marilyn Lewis
Keith & Dianne Dwire
Merle & Mary Dwire
Terry Coons
Elinor Lamb
Gertrude Cousins-Willer
Wilson Gartner
Bill Jones
Ted & Phyllis Johnk
Branson MO
Murphysboro IL
Branson MO
Rockwood MI
Manitou Beach MI
Grand Haven MI
Hamilton IL
Lansing MI
Algona IA
St.Louis Park MN
Portland OR
Stewartville MN
Thunder Bay, Ont, Canada
Chesapeake City MD
East Hampton NY
Oakland IA
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