Microsoft Office Publisher Practice Lesson Plan Information Name: Date:

Microsoft Office Publisher Practice
Lesson Plan Information
Aysun Coban
Mon, 04/09/2012
Grade Levels:
Grade 9
Content Area:
Technology Applications
What is MS Publisher?
Publisher is a desktop publishing program that you can use to create lots of
publications, such as newsletters, brochures, business cards, invitations, and
restaurant menus.
Publisher contains hundreds of predesigned layouts called templates that
you can use as the basis for professional-looking projects.
In this lesson students will use Microsoft Office Publisher to create their birthday
invitation papers. With practicing Publisher toolbars and menus, they will create their
own birthday invitations and therefore they will learn how these tools work.
Timeline: 2 class period
State: Texas
Review Content Area Standards
§126.24. Desktop Publishing (One Credit).
(a) General requirements. The prerequisite for this course is proficiency in the
knowledge and skills described in §126.12(c) of this title (relating to Technology
Applications (Computer Literacy), Grades 6-8). This course is recommended for
students in Grades 9-12.
(c) Knowledge and skills.
(1) Foundations. The student demonstrates knowledge and appropriate use of
hardware components, software programs, and their connections. The student is
expected to:
(C) make decisions regarding the selection, acquisition, and use of software taking
under consideration its quality, appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency;
Lesson Objectives
At the end of the class students will be able to;
choose appropriate template.
type text, insert picture, choose appropriate font, color, and page options.
recognize functions of the Insert and Format menus' buttons.
Instructional Objectives:
Start Publisher.
Choose a template.
Understand the Publisher window.
Create information.
Save a publication.
Modify a publication.
Change the font and color scheme.
Insert a building block.
Print a publication.
Close a publication.
Planning the Lesson Introduction
The Lesson Introduction:
Bring and show some sample brochures, flyers and magazines to the class.
Mention briefly what is publishing and how creative job it is.
Ask students that did they publish anything before with computer such as
birthday card or postcard.
Plan for and Sequence Lesson Activities and Procedure
Instructional Activities and Procedures:
Monitor each student and answer their questions
Help when they need
At the end of the class allow students to print their birthday invitation.
Require them to prepare a handmade flyer at home and announce that the
flyer will be the publishing project for next class.
Differentiate Instruction To Meet All Students' Needs
Activities or Strategies for Differentiating Instruction:
decreased workload
peer tutoring
increased time
teacher assistance
use of a timer
different mode of response
visual aid
Engage in Formative Assessment Throughout the Lesson
Formative Assessment:
Ask some questions to check students' attention and capabilities
Give students a short quiz (5 questions).
Give them a sample printed publisher document and request them
to make same practice.
Sample Quiz
Which publication type is suitable for birthday cards?
How can you find easily convenient template?
How can you insert picture from your own folders?
How can you change the color scheme?
Which option allows you to change the font scheme?
Choose and List/Lesson Materials and Resources
Materials and Resources:
Microsoft Office 2007 installed on all machines
Text book
PowerPoint presentation
A magazine, flyer, printed postcard, or birthday card
Prepare Summative Assessment
Summative Assessment:
At the end of the week, assign to all students a quiz which covers whole chapter.
Also require them to make a project such as, a poster or a restaurant menu.
Layered Assessments
Layer C Total 250 pts. 1.
Participate in daily lecture. 10 pt. Listen to lecture, take notes. 10 pt. Read the chapter from your computer text book. 10 pt. Write notes on the chapter. 10 pt. Answer the questions at the end of the chapter. 15 pt. Watch at least 2 you tube videos about desktop publishing. 20 pt. Summerize the videos. 10 pt. Create a hand made birthday card and color it with color pencils. 20 pt. Find at least 10 different birthday card examples and analyze them. 20 pt. Make a poster with these examples. 20 pt. Read some articles about Microsoft Office Publisher. 15 pt. Write a description about how to create a birthday cart with using software. 20 pt. Use Microsoft Office Publisher to create your own birthday card. 25 pt. Make a power point presentation and show how to use Microsoft Office Publisher to create a birthday card. 20 pt. 15. Print your card. 10 pt. 16. Present your card and demonstrate how did you make it. 15 pt. Layer B choose 1 for 50 pts. 1. First of all, design your birthday card and make it with your hands, color it. Later, make it in your computer with using Microsoft Office Publisher. Visit a professional printing house, show your work and take their opinions about it. In the printing house talk with an expert about publishing and have some information about creating an invitation paper. Finally if it is possible print your work in the professional printing house. 2. Find various flyers in the internet and analyze them. Choose one topic and create your own flyer in the Microsoft Office Publisher, use appropriate tools and options while you are doing it. Layer A choose 1 for 50 pts. 1. Create your blog on the web. Prepare tutorials about how to create your invitations, flyers, or bussiness cards in the Microsoft Office Publisher. Publish your tutorials and creations online in your blog. 2. Explore another web tool to create a poster. Choose a topic, create your own poster. Show your poster in the classroom and demonstrate the tool that you used. Develop Rubrics
Layer C: 65%
Layer B: 25%
Layer A: 10%