Single Process Permanent Color (for virgin hair) Tools and Materials

Single Process Permanent Color (for virgin hair)
Tools and Materials:
 Waterproof cape
 Plastic clips
 Plastic cap
 Shampoo
 Towels
 Color chart
 Protective gloves
 Client record card
 Selected haircolor
 Applicator brush or bottle
 Comb
 Conditioner
 Protective cream
 Cotton
 Timer
 Nonmetallic bowl and applicator brush
 Selected permanent haircolor
 Hydrogen peroxide
1. Perform a patch test.
2. Client consultation.
3. Ask client to remove and store jewelry.
4. Drape client.
5. Perform strand test. Record results.
1. Part dry hair into four sections; ear to ear and from front center of forehead to center nape of neck.
2. Put on gloves.
3. Apply protective cream around your client’s hairline and ears.
4. Prepare color formula for brush or bottle.
5. Apply color beginning where color change will be the greatest or where hair is most resistant, usually
along the hairline and temple areas.
6. Take a ¼ subsection with the applicator and apply color mid strand. Stay ½ inch away from scalp and do
not apply to porous ends. Repeat over entire head.
7. Process according to strand test.
8. Apply color to the hair at the scalp.
9. Pull color through to the porous ends of the hair.
10. Lightly rinse with warm water. Massage color into a lather and rinse thoroughly.
11. Remove stains around hairline with shampoo or stain remover.
12. Shampoo and condition if needed.
13. Towel dry and style the hair.
14. Complete and file record card for future use.
Clean up:
1. Discard disposable items.
2. Close containers, wipe and store them.
3. Sanitize cape, tools and workstation.
4. Wash your hands with soap and water.
5. Rinse plastic bottles, bowls, and brushes, disinfect according to state chemical disposal regulations.