W E P R O M O T E A N D D E V E L O P A N Y P R O J E C T, N A T I O N A L A N D I N T E R N A T I O N A L .
Start up of new enterprises, management services, promotion and
development of international business projects.
Start up di nuove iniziative d’impresa, servizi di gestione, promozione
e sviluppo di progetti commerciali internazionali.
Building & Energy
Home & Fashion Design
Cofeal S.r.l. is a stable reference
point in the production of flower
and vegetable greenhouses and
irrigation systems, thanks to the
experience gained in more than
40 years of activity.
Sifa S.r.l. is engaged in the
planning and the production
of steel-structures. Forty years of
experience, coupled with the
capability of constant renewal
make Sifa a reliable company.
Emozioni Italiane S.r.l. has a team
of high class architects, designers
and manufacturers capable
of transforming each idea of
our clients into a product of
incomparable quality.
New Murano Gallery S.r.l. exhibits
handmade chandeliers, created
with century-old basic tools,
remarkably light drinking glasses,
etched and ornamented mirrors
and numerous other objects.
Ferriera Alto Milanese S.p.a.
Fam manufactures hot rolled
profile for wire-drawing in bars
and coils, and top-quality
merchant bars.
Olifer-ACP S.p.A. continuously
improves technology and
integrates the process with the
construction of a rolling mill for
steel and special steel profiles for
the naval sector.
New Style Imbottiti S.n.c.
works in the field of upholstered
hand-made furniture, with the
constant goal of developing and
making beautiful, comfortable and high quality products.
Biancoarancio LTD. provides a
general contract service, which
means to create every kind
of architectural design taking
care of the needs of our clients,
providing a “turnkey service”.
Toffoletto Progetti.
Wooden solutions for any
architecture design, supply and
installation of wooden elements
(roofs and ceilings, wooden
Libra Industriale S.p.A. fabricates
electroforged gratings, fences and
louvred fences for construction
and industrial jobs.
Very interesting the know-how connectid to Oil and Gas.
Venistile / Vice S.r.l.
Through the use of the traditional
technique of Glass fusing, we
create handcrafted products for
both furniture and adornments in
Original Murano Glass (Venice).
Italiana design S.r.l. / Piero
Massaro. Taking inspiration from
the past his collections tell us his
passion for the craftsmanship,
creating and spreading the taste
for hand-made ideas.
Serrametal S.r.l.
Is the point of reference in the
implementation, provision,
installation of doors and windows,
metalwork, technical gratings,
and other products.
Eca Technology S.p.A. research,
select and propose the most
advanced technology available
for comfort domestic, business,
industrial and touristic
Tostini S.r.l. our coffee comes
from a raw material of excellent
quality, but also from the skill and
knowledge in mixing beans from
various sources, to obtain a
high-quality product.
Passion for chocolate,
experience, absolute dedication
and the constant pursuit of
perfection in all our products.
Only italian hand-made.
Olio Pangia S.a.s.
Since 1870 the Pangia family
produces extra virgin olive oil,
revealing itself over time as
ambassador of high quality
Made in Italy products.
Services & Advertising
Food & Beverages
Holbein & Partners S.r.l.
is an italian Web agency skilled
in: graphic design, brand
consulting, advertising, CMS website, social media marketing and
mobile App development.
Ca.Metal S.r.l. matches the
binomial recycling/waste. Thank
to recovery and appraisal of
our life’s goods, we impose the
safeguard of environment that
has been too often abused.
Pastificio Vicidomini S.a.s.
Our pasta is the union between
quality of raw materials and
expert workmanship. The result
is a unique product in taste and
organoleptic properties.
L.A.V. S.r.l. established in 1982,
specialised in analysis and
consultancy in sectors such as
environment, food, workplace
health and safety. Branches in
Italy and Turkey.
EKR S.r.l. is a young company,
part of Ethica Consulting Group.
Logistic solutions for structured
knowledge management.
Catalog & order entry platform
on any devices.
Solea S.r.l.
Italian canned food industry
founded in 1974 with activities
focused on processing tomatoes
(whole, puree and peeled).
AD Holbein & Partners / Italy -
Headquarter in Mirano (Venice / Italy), our team
caters for the global market and finds winning solutions.
Con sede a Mirano (Venezia) il nostro team si rivolge
al mercato globale proponendo Brands e soluzioni vincenti.
Benfatto Rappresentanze s.r.l. - via Castellantico, n. 18 - 30035 Mirano (Venezia), Italy
T. +39 041.5703280 - F. +39 041.5726972 - Skype: mauro.benfatto66 - [email protected] -
Mauro Benfatto (Independent Sales Agent)
Mobile +39 348.2882774 - [email protected]