Visas for exchange students (AFS, Rotary, YFU etc) (PDF

(Rotary, AFS, YFU, Lion’s…)
These visas will not be issued after September 30th of each academic year.
The applicant shall provide the following documents, either on site or by mail (999 de
Maisonneuve Ouest, suite 1600, Montréal, Qc, H3A 3L4).
1. Proof of payment of the new administrative fee of EUR 215 (if the student is 18
years and older).The article to be mentioned for the money transfer is number 9.
2. The original enrolment or letter giving admission in Belgium to a university or an
institution of higher education, recognized by the Ministry of Education in Belgium
3. Original guarantee form, signed by the applicant, his/her parents, host family and host
club counselor + schooling guarantee;
4. One visa application form, fully completed and signed – please do not forget to
mention your phone number and/or e-mail address;
5. One recent Canadian passport-size photograph (colour);
6. A national passport, valid for at least 15 months;
7. A medical certificate, stating that the applicant has no contagious disease, and issued
by an accredited doctor (see the list in the visa section) or a family physician. Please
check on line whether you family doctor is accredited at the Provincial College of
Physicians, print out the result and include this proof in your file. The certificate
should wear the original signature, full name of the authorized officer and official
8. Notarized parental consent (or legal guardian’s) for minors to travel (under 18);
9. !! for students over 18 years of age: a police certificate or criminal record issued by
the RCMP or Provincial police, within the last 6 months – to be legalized at the
Consulate. This document should bear the original signature, full name and official
stamp of the authorized police officer.
10. Please refer to the list of consular fees for your visa application (D-type visa +
legalisation of the police certificate= CAD 270+ CAD 30) . Only by cash, money order
or bank draft.
11. Also, do include a self-addressed and pre-paid return envelope – e.g. XpressPost,
FedEx, Ups etc (return passport and other official documents).
Registration at the local City Hall
It is important that the student registers himself/herself at the local City Hall within 8 days of
arrival in Belgium. He/She will need for registration his/her temporary residence visa,
enrollment to high school and the original guarantee form, signed by the applicant, his/her
parents, host family and host club counselor.
This temporary residence stay cannot be extended, and is valid only for 1 school year.
Wishing you a wonderful stay in Belgium!
Consulat Général de Belgique - [email protected]
999, de Maisonneuve Ouest #1600 – Montréal, Québec H3A 3L4