NEWS Greetings everyone Feminine Cardigan with delicate cables – HANDMADE CUSTOM KNIT

all rights reserved by Christel Seyfarth.
Greetings everyone
Feminine Cardigan with delicate cables – HANDMADE CUSTOM KNIT
The first tender signs of spring are a reality. The light across
the sea has changed; buds on trees and bushes are awakening and the warmer temperatures automatically create joy
and optimism that spring and summer is before us and,
reaching across to the other side, a delightful knit festival.
I am a little busy at the moment! The exciting program for
the knit festival has just hit the online newsstands.
My book is coming along beautifully, and I only need to
design a few more models before I am ready to start writing
the accompanying texts. When you receive this newsletter,
we have engaged our manager for the new store in Skagen
and, so, while I have many tasks securely in hand, there are
still many tasks that require my attention.
and immerse yourself…
Feminine Cardigan with delicate cables
For my timeless line CHRISTEL SEYFARTH CLASSIC I have designed a real herald of spring: a feminine, well-fitting cardigan
with many delicate and finely made cables. The cardigan is
knitted in my lambswool, which is available in a 100 gorgeous
colours. It is close fitting and the cables provide ‘give’ in the
right places so it hugs the body becomingly.
The many delicate cables take time to knit, but the finished
cardigan is beautiful and well worth the time.
Available in size: S/M/L/XL
Price: DKK 625.00 (S/M) and DKK 675.00 (L/XL)
Before you place your order, please look at the many colours
of lambswool and then chose the colours you want for your
cardigan. You will need 300/300/350/350 grams of the base
colour and 50 grams for the edges, plus a sheet of buttons please see below. Write down the names of the colours in the
field with the header “Comments” when you add purchases
to the basket. We will wrap and send you your favorite
colours together with the pattern.
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all rights reserved by Christel Seyfarth.
Have you noticed the gorgeous handmade buttons on this
cardigan? They can be purchased in sheets with ten buttons
on each sheet. The buttons have different colours and each
sheet is distinctive. The buttons are washable and available as
either round or square and both shapes fit the cardigan.
The buttons are also perfect for spiffing up an old sweater
etc. Sheet with ten handmade buttons (diameter 15mm)
Price: DKK 160.00
Colour TRENDS for spring
Spring is full of optimism that creates wonderful energy in
time with the power of the sun and its warming rays. We
clean, we prepare the garden, and we clear shelves and closets and take long bicycle trips to the beach or the plantation.
We plan holidays for the summer and we feel JOY at the
thought of the long and light-filled days ahead.
And we become even more creative as we look at everything
with fresh eyes while reading about what is moving ‘out
there’ and the latest trends. May I add my own modest input?
Please look at colour chart with my trend colours. Dream a project into life
using one of my trend colours and knit your own model.
Or select one of the colours used for the hand-knitted
cardigan. Use it as it…
DISCONTINUED MODEL – new loose pattern
The poncho has a very feminine cut and is made from the top
down on size 5 and 6 circular needles so it is quick to knit.
Loose sleeves complete the look. The poncho is knitted in my
Loose pattern:
Printed version (sent via snail mail): DKK 100.00
PDF: DKK 75.00
If you are a VIP-member then you can advantage of this
month’s offer to purchase the BOLERO jacket in both colour
combinations for a terrifically reduced price.
The little bolero jacket is super becoming
and fun to knit…
It is available in two variants: black/lime/pink or black/
turquoise/purple. The black base colour is knitted in alpaca
and the watermelons in lambswool.
The bolero is available in size: S/M/L/XL
Price for non-members: DKK 1,075.00
Price for VIP-members: DKK 775.00
This offer is valid to April 15, 2013
I send you oodles of spring
atmosphere! Best regards,
Christel Seyfarth
When ordering, please remember to mention your membership number and when you shop in my store on Fanø;
you must present your membership card.
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