2013 North American handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS)
The ninth annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show, is the world’s number one
custom bicycle show. It moves from city to city each year and showcases the talents of
artisans from around the world who make the most precise and beautiful bicycles on the
planet. NAHBS aims to be a meeting point for frame builders and consumers looking for
handmade custom bicycles, for the sharing of ideas, and the promotion of a special
industry with a rich history dating back to the early Nineteenth Century.
February 22-24, 2013, Denver, Colorado
Colorado Convention Center, Hall D. 700 14th St, Colorado, 80202. tel.303.228.8000
What makes NAHBS special
First there is the astonishing bicycle hardware arrays from the small workshops of the
cycling world's finest artisans. But let's not overlook the wealth of arcane information
shared in the seminar series. However, the secret of keeping NAHBS fresh and interesting
each year is moving the show from one region to the next. Thus NAHBS maintains an
atmosphere of electric enthusiasm. Locals are advised to catch it this year, because it
could be a long time before the show returns!
Entry Fees
Seminar pass (includes 3-day show entrance) $150.00
Friday $18 advance, $22 door
Saturday $18 advance, $22 door
Sunday $15 advance, $19 door
Two Day $33 advance, $38 door
Three Day $46 advance, $58 door
Child (12 and under)
$8 per day, advance and door
How to Register
Register online and receive a discount at
Volunteer at NAHBS!
We cannot run NAHBS without volunteers! Volunteer deeply appreciates the time and
effort volunteers contribute to making the show a success, and we thank you for signing
up. There is a free T-shirt for the first 175 that sign up, and complimentary one-day entry
pass for all volunteers.
Volunteers may register online at
NAHBS Sponsors
Presenting sponsor: SHIMANO
Beer sponsor: Oskar Blues
NAHBS VIP Party sponsor: Alchemy Bicycles
And featuring: The Gates Carbon Drive Contest
Also: Anvil Bikeworks
Exhibitors & Audience
Exhibitors from four continents, eight foreign countries, and more than 20 US states make
up a total expected to be over 170 companies. They will be joined by more than 7,000
attendees, and a media corps of 100 plus.
Foreign exhibitors/countries: Japan (15), UK (4), Canada (3), Italy (3), Czech Republic (1),
Germany (1), Ghana (1), Philippines (1), Uganda (1).
NAHBS has become a "must attend" annual event for bicycle enthusiasts from more than
40 states in the USA, and around the world. These individuals keep coming back , drawn
by the craftsmanship, quality and innovation of bicycles on display at NAHBS, as well as
the opportunity to rub shoulders with the builders and talk bikes. It is no secret that many
mass-producers visit the show looking for good ideas for their bicycle lines! Yet with the
creative advantage as well as smaller, more flexible production processes, NAHBS builders
remain at the cutting edge year in, year out.
Types of non-cycling people commonly attracted to the show include: students, artists,
engineers, designers, metal workers, painters and architects, transportation advocates,
style leaders.
The Bikes
The range of designs and quality of
finishing is astonishing to first-time
show attendees. Most of these
bicycles sell in the $3,000.00 $10,000.00 price range. Some go
for over $50,000. Pictured at right is
the 2012 Best of Show award
winner, by Shin-Ichi Konno of
Japanese manufacturer Cherubim.
The knowledge base of NAHBS. This
seminar series provides information
from some of today’s most
celebrated frame builders, and are
available to general attendees as
well as the frame building
community. These seminars and workshops will be held in confeSeminar topics and
schedulerence rooms adjacent to the main exhibition hall.
Seminar topics and schedule.
In 2012 150 media representatives from 84
media organizations attended the show. Media
coverage included television, radio, newspapers,
magazines, and internet media.
NAHBS was talked about all over the internet.
Google searches for NAHBS and North American
Handmade Bicycle Show search turn up 550,000
references. Discussion is active on dozens of
handmade frame forums and newsgroups. News
stories and features about the show span North
America, South America, Europe, as well as
Russia, India, South Africa, Korea, Japan and
Australia. That's coverage in six continents!
What's Special About the Colorado Show
+ The high number of home-state and foreign
exhibitors taking booths at NAHBS.
+ The NAHBS Awards have been streamlined.
2012: Sacramento, California. Exhibitors – 171.
Attendees – 8,100
2011: Austin, Texas. Exhibitors – 174. Attendees
– 7,300
Richmond, Virginia. Exhibitors – 126. Attendees – 6,000
Indianapolis, Indiana. Exhibitors – 116. Attendees – 6,400
Portland, Oregon. Exhibitors – 150. Attendees – 7,200
San Jose, California. Exhibitors – 99. Attendees – 3,000
San Jose, California. Exhibitors – 71. Attendees – 3,000
Houston, Texas. Exhibitors – 23. Attendees – 700
Biggest Years
2012, Sacramento, California (attendance); 2011, Austin, TX (exhibitors)
Show founder/owner: Don Walker – 317.731.4040 [email protected]
Show director: Lesley Schommer – 502.265.1122 [email protected]
Registration manager: Robin Rinehart – 916.225.0043 [email protected]
Communication director: Paul Skilbeck – 415.516.1444 [email protected]
Sponsorship manager: JC Breslin – 502.439.1724 [email protected]
SCHEDULE OF KEY EVENTS (Seminar schedule listed on NAHBS website)
Friday 22 February:
Show hours: 9-11 a.m. Industry and Media only
11 a.m. - 6 p.m. General admission
Saturday 23 February:
Show hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. General admission
1 p.m. - 3 p.m. NAHBS Awards. At winners' booths
Sunday 24 February:
Show hours:
3 p.m. NAHBS Awards, Main stage. People's Choice; President's Choice; Best of Show
3:15 p.m. Gates Carbon Drive Awards, Main stage.
3:30 p.m. 2014 NAHBS venue announcement, Main stage.