Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali, is Outstanding Scientist & Associate

Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali, is Outstanding Scientist & Associate Director, Corrosion Science and Technology Group, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam. He is also Head, Reprocessing Research and Development Division & Convener, IGCAR‐Patents & Technology Transfer Cell, at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. He has joined Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research in 1984 after completing M.Tech (Corrosion Sci. & Engg.) at IIT Bombay, and subsequently did Ph.D (Metallurgy‐Corrosion) at IGCAR from Madras University. He is a Senior Professor of Homi Bhabha National Institute University of DAE at Kalpakkam and an Adjunct Professor of PSG Institute of Advanced Studies & PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. Dr. Mudali is internationally well known for his excellent contributions in the following areas: (i) Localised corrosion behaviour of Nitrogen alloyed and other stainless steels and their weld metals, (ii) Development of innovative corrosion protection, super‐hydrophobic, anti‐fouling, self‐healing, high temperature corrosion resistant coatings, (iii) Surface modification and engineering using chemical, laser, ion, plasma sources to enhance corrosion protection, (iv) Long term corrosion evaluation using engineering loops and facilities, corrosion monitoring, testing and evaluation of materials, and (v) Corrosion consultancy, materials selection, failure analysis in nuclear and allied industries, and societal applications of materials. Dr. Mudali has intense R&D collaboration and academic interactions with leading institutions in India and abroad, completed 14 collaborative R&D projects and guided and coordinated 142 project works of UG, PG and Ph.D students from leading institutions in India and abroad. Dr. Mudali has published 355 papers in journals, 310 in proceedings, books and internal reports, 1 encyclopedia article, 210 plenary, keynote and invited lectures, 14 co‐edited books and proceedings, and has 3 patents to his credit. He has average citation of 8.1 per paper and the h‐index is 26 without self‐citation. Dr. Mudali has won prestigious awards in recognition of his excellent R&D contributions, including: Tamil Nadu Scientist Award (1997), National MASCOT Corrosion Award (2000), NIGIS‐ONGC Excellence in Corrosion Award (2003), Homi Bhabha Science and Technology Award of Department of Atomic Energy (2004), National Metallurgists Day Award of Ministry of Steel and IIM (2005), Indian Nuclear Society Medal (2005), Distinguished Alumni of PSG College of Technology (2005), 19th Prof. T.L. Rama Char Memorial Lecture of ECSI, Bangalore, (2008), NIGIS Meritorious Contribution in Corrosion Award (2009), Vocational Excellence Award (2012), DAE Group Achievement Award (2011, 2012, 2013), G.D. Birla Award of IIM (2014), and VASVIK Award from VASVIK Foundation (2014). Dr. Mudali is Honorary Fellow of Electrochemical Society of India, Bangalore, Fellow of NACE International, USA; ASM International, USA; Academician (Fellow) of Asia Pacific Academy of Materials; and a Fellow of Indian Institute of Metals, Indian National Academy of Engineering, Institution of Engineers and The Academy of Sciences. He has been a Visiting Scientist at : (i) Max‐Planck Institute for Iron Research, Dusseldorf, Germany; (ii) Muroran Institute of Technology, Muroran, Japan; (iii) National Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan; (iv) Advanced Materials Research Institute of University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; (v) Institute for Metallic Materials (IFW), Dresden, Germany, (v) ENSMA, Futuroscope, France, (vi) Tel Aviv University, Israel, and (vii) Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria. Dr. Mudali is currently Chairman of Corrosion Protection and Finishes Committee (MTD‐24) of Bureau of Indian Standards, Secretary of NACE International Gateway India Section, Mumbai, Vice Chairman of ASM International, Chennai Chapter, Vice President of Electrochemical Society of India, Bangalore, Member‐
Secretary of IIM‐Universities Press Book Series, and Convener of IIM HRDC Kalpakkam‐Chennai. He is Chairman of Faraday Corrosion Council of Confederation of Indian Industry, and Chairman of Engineering Heritage‐Metallurgy of Indian National Academy of Engineering. Dr. Mudali was Associate Editor of Journal of Electrochemical Society of India till 2014, Key Reader for Metallurgical and Materials Transactions‐A since 2010, and Member of Editorial Board of :(i) Surface Engineering Journal, (ii) J. of Corrosion Reviews, (iii) J. of Materials Science & Technology, (iv) Open Corrosion Science Journal, (v) Transactions of Indian Institute of Metals, (vi) Journal of Frontiers in Materials, and (vii) Journal of Electrochemical Society of India.