Homemade Paste Baits

Homemade Paste Baits
Ideal for cold water conditions - (and for all year-round catches too!)
It is well known that during the cold months of October through to late April bait selection is crucially important
to carp fishing success. Not only is bait performance vitally important in ‘denser’ water conditions where the
dispersal of many bait substances may be much more limited, but nutrient digestion and other aspects of bait need
to be absolutely right to maximise the chance of success.
As I write this in early February, the weather is ideal for homemade paste making!
Please note that pastes in this article exclude liquid egg!
Results of testing baits in the small lake
outside my kitchen window tells me it is a
perfect time for paste baits - as they will
perform very favourably against the vast
majority of other carp baits in such cold
CC Moore’s balanced complete food baits
such as Odyssey XXX, Live System, Meteor
and N-Gage have been designed for and are
very well proven as effective fish catching
products during even the coldest months of
the year. The wide range of pellets available
today is simply amazing, with the pellets
matching the CC Moore boilie range being
extremely successful. All the proprietary CC
Moore pellets are used and completely trusted
by many of the leading anglers in UK, Europe
etc because their levels of natural nutritional
attraction and digestibility are optimised to
maximise their performance in various
conditions (often by very complex design).
Boilies without egg:
I’ve found you can make great homemade boilies using the following base mix combination:
40% Meteor, 40% Live System, 20% Odyssey XXX. (Such boilies are beautifully soluble and easily digested!)
A quickly-made homemade mixture of CC Moore
pellets and liquids, combined with a variety of
powdered ingredients.
Such unique mixtures form highly successful
naturally instant-acting cold water pastes. These can
include liquid liver, yeast, betaine, molasses, kelp
complex and Red Venom.
(Cyprivit supplement is excellent; cold carp really
benefit from its energy-enhancing properties)
CC Moore have so many outstanding pellets it is very difficult to choose between them; examples you could use
in your pastes include N-Gage, Odyssey XXX, Meteor, Live System, Betaine HNV and Betaine Ultramix, Spice
Amino, HDE, Milkimin, Cantax Red, Amino Green 365, Boosted Belechan, Boosted Mussel, Shrimp, Boosted
Bloodworm, CSL, Hemp and the brand new Elips pellets! You might go for any of these mixed with the superb
Liquid N-Gage! I recommend even using your own homemade pellets that may not even look like pellets (i.e. not
extruded, compressed, cut or shaped by machine.) Using pellets with a 10 minute or even 1 - 2 hour break down
time in pastes plus homemade pellets that may even break down over 5-6 hours in cold water produces a range of
different impacts and effects - something new for warier fish!
Pastes have many advantages over boilies especially in cold water conditions. This aspect of carp fishing is
something I have always been very keen to exploit! The use of pastes need not be limited to hookbait wraps, rig
wraps or method mixes for instance. In the cold when using pastes as free baits and hook baits, you have the
potential for getting even more bites than when using conventional boilies.
Instead of just using boilies, using
homemade and readymade boilie base
mixes and pellet pastes etc (all combined
for example,) can be exploited to greatest
effect in very cold conditions, by making
pastes in a myriad of formats and designs;
applied in various different ways.
How many anglers actually fish using a
paste bait on its own, or use a boilie or popup bait plus a paste bait attached to a hook I
It might not be the fashionable thing to
wrap a tiger nut, a chick pea or black eye, or
a string of hemp seeds or a couple of
balanced pop-up baits, or even a salted
mussel or shrimp in paste but I know it
really works. Such things are the kinds of
alternative things that trick wary carp;
it just takes a bit of lateral thinking.
Here are just some of the liquid ingredients
(plus additional powdered additives) used to
make some homemade pellet soaks for
producing seriously potent homemade pastes
for cold water (or warm water) fishing. In this
example liquid molasses and raw molasses
meal make an extremely significant portion
in the paste baits made.
Many anglers worry about hook baits being
taken off or whittled down by smaller fish which is one reason why boilies came about
of course. But remember that small species
take boilies and pellets off rigs and many
smaller species get hooked on boilies all the
time including roach, crucian carp, eels,
tench, bream etc, in fact so much so that these
species are often fished for using boilies to
select the biggest specimens!
Here is an example of a paste that contains softened ‘intact’ pellets; such bait can be cut into cubes for really
different baits! When it breaks down the intact pellet pieces will prolong the attraction, and pellets used in this
unique way can even be pre-soaked in whatever liquids you wish in order to further boost their appeal and
manipulate how long they last before breaking down.
E.g.: You could pre-soak them in liquid molasses or Liquid Betaine and Liquid Super Slop, or in Hemp oil and
Talin, or in Salmon oil and Trout/Halibut Pellet oil for example.
Be aware that you can manipulate pastes in many ways to make them more or less resilient, and make their
characteristics such as their textures, densities, solubilities, smell, tastes, buoyancies, shape and nutritional profile
totally unique. You can make them suit whatever specific fishing situation you face, even to the point of putting
off the attentions of less desirable species.
(Fish taste preferences can be very specific and this can be exploited in various ways!)
You can make pastes that are extra hard and resilient, extra heavy and able to be launched at great range. You can
make them to last for hours and hours, or dissolve in seconds; or make them hang in different levels of the water
in various balanced forms. You can make paste baits resemble natural creatures in both feel and appearance as
well as the natural nutritional food signals the give off using suitable ingredients, liquids, extracts etc.
To make things easy as a starting point on this subject I have prepared a bait that anyone can make using CC
Moore pellets although you can of course use additional pellets, ingredients and additives including your own
homemade pellets as part of the mix!
In my own fishing I have proven the kinds of paste baits described here are ideal for year-round use, but these
baits are especially outstanding as a highly digestible, highly water soluble and extremely stimulating unique baits
for cold water conditions - when bites are often hard won! Theses baits can be made as hook baits, however I
know many of you will prefer to use your own choice of hook baits. Therefore why not give these ideas a go for
unique free baits. Use them just like boilies, particles, pellets and so on in PVA nets and bags, spods etc, and as
mass free baits or even as ‘method-style baits.’
Here is a mixture of unique
homemade pellets and boilies that
have received an additional oily
liquid mix of salmon oil, hemp oil
and other liquids to boost their
attraction! You might try mixing
in other things to enhance their
taste, smell and durability, such as
sweeteners like Talin, Ultrasweet
or Fructose concentrate, while
using combinations of
Trout/Halibut pellet oil, Hemp oil
and Salmon oil for example.
Part of the benefit of unique paste
baits is how different they can be
to anything fish have experienced
previously; thus giving fish that
vital extra bit of confidence!
Paste baits are fast acting on fish
senses and tempt them into
feeding mode much faster than boilies and many other baits that essentially need to absorb a percentage of water
to truly release the bulk of their attraction (and this takes time which is in effect wasted fishing time!)
You can also make pastes in numerous random shapes (en masse) in just a few minutes without using a machine.
Such baits obviously will have a great edge over conventional round pellets and boilies that fish have been used to
dealing with for years and become increasingly wary of feeding on.
CC Moore’s very economical liquid molasses and molasses meal are fantastic nutritional stimulants and attractors
to use as bulk ingredients and additives in bait making; and are especially suitable for cold water fishing with
their high level of residual sugars (although they are also really effective all year round!)
Although pellets are used in this example, the secret to the kind of paste baits described here is what they are
based on, i.e. highly nutritional water-soluble molasses in raw meal and liquid form (mixed for maximum two
stage attraction!) Before being warmed and added to pellets to form paste other additions can include betaine,
Feedstim XP, Lactose concentrate, Fructose concentrate, Talin, flavours, Hemp oil, Enzyme-treated yeast,
essential oils and various other additives too. Also adding a small proportion of water helps mixing and
absorption into the pellets.
Liquid Molasses and Molasses Meal:
You might think that boilies, pellets and paste baits are all
very similar in how they stimulate fish internally and
externally, but by adding certain additives and nutrients to
your mix you can dramatically increase the speed to which
fish positively react to your bait in comparison to others – in
any conditions.
In addition to the homemade version of baits given here you
can form your own paste baits from the CC Moore freezer
bait pastes, which match their readymade boilies and
matching pellets.
These readymade base mixes and matching pellets (plus the new N-Gage range) are ideal for inclusion in highly
digestible pellet-based cold water pastes. In fact the packet at the front here contains a mixture of 3 base mixes for
paste making use!
If you base your homemade pastes on products higher in bulk marine or vegetable oils (inc. Hemp) you will find
that they take longer to break down. In winter this factor is a vital point to consider as fast breakdown often
indicates more efficient digestion of a paste too!
For instance the molasses-based pellet paste ideas here included a significant level of hemp oil and this slows
down breakdown, but the plus side is that this oils is viscous and disperses very well in even winter water
temperatures – and really entices carp to feed while not significantly reducing bait digestion and fish appetite (that
lower your chances of bites!)
You could well say that the more suitable your pellets are that you use for pastes, the faster your bait will be
digested- and the more opportunity for getting bites will be reflected in you catching more fish!
The only reason I am limiting my pellets in this
example to the ones used here is simply due to not
having others available right now - so please be
Pictured left are (dry) mixed pellets before soaking
in warmed liquids.
Use those pellets most suitable for low temperatures
for winter and spring use and avoid those pellets not
specifically designed for carp such as the high oil
halibut, trout and salmon pellets. The much smaller
sized versions of these (Mini Halibut) are more
suitable as they will break down more quickly, but I
would mix these with the even more potent
specially-designed CC Moore Coarse fish pellets!
Incidentally, if you want your readymade or homemade pastes to break down differently, releasing different
nutrients into your swim, why not mold into them any of a range of products, from Fermented Shrimp Powder,
Soluble Fish Protein, Enzyme-Treated Yeast and Liver, Calcium Caseinate, Lamlac, Vitamealo and other milk
powders. Breadcrumbs, Dried Bread Flake, Crushed Hemp, Fine Oyster Shell, Instant Spod and method mixes all
add an extra dimension that will stimulate fish, as will small 2 hour-dissolving pellets and crushed particles too!
You could add CC Moore’s own ready-prepared
mixture of pellets (Betaine Ultramix, Mini
Ultramix, Pellet Ultramix) with incremental
breakdown rates too or mix and match whichever
ones you favour – but do experiment as you may
be close to discovering a huge new edge that you
can use and monopolise with great success?!
Do not neglect flavours and essential oils in the
cold of winter and spring as they really can make
all the difference – even on waters where fish
may normally be cautious of more commonly
used concentrated flavours! Why not try CC
Moore’s Ultra Belachan or Green Lipped Mussel
Essences for a smooth savoury fish flavour…
Dry mixed pellets with liquids added at the start of soaking.
A pan full of mixed pellets beginning to soak.
In this example pellets were added to three quarters of the
height of this pan and liquid soak was added to a level 1
centimetre below the top of the container. The pan was
warmed on the stove on minimal heat to improve the
soaking process; this pellet soak contained a high
percentage of molasses.
See all pellets are coated…
Here is a pan full of mixed pellets after soaking –
in this case for 48 hours.
The firmer, intact pellets at the top are incorporated
into the paste baits to prolong impacts and duration
of paste for a double whammy effect!
Examples of additives for pastes (in any
combinations) may be some of the following:
CSL powder, soluble fish protein, Hydrolysed
Poultry Protein, spirulina, green-lipped mussel
extract, lactose concentrate B+, Feedstim XP
powder, pure betaine, concentrated yeast powder,
enzyme-treated liver, enzyme-treated yeast,
fructose concentrate, CC Moore Ultra Sweet and
CC Moore Cyprivit.
Try experimenting with these kinds of potent powdered additives in whatever combinations you like using the
recommended rates (or where they are unlimited try really high inclusion levels!)
You can use various base mix ingredients
for various practical and nutritional effects
in colder water; once you understand the
functional, nutritional and attraction
properties of an ingredient you will
understand how best to use it at any time of
the year. Density, solubility, taste, colour,
texture and nutrients can all play a vital
The soaked pellets at the top of the
container are soft but still intact. Such baits
make excellent instant-acting hook baits for
many fishing situations!
These fully softened pellets having absorbed the
liquids completely are ready to squeeze together to
form unique homemade paste or ground bait! If your
pellets are too wet at this point simply add some base
mix powders or additional ingredients etc.
Above: A newly-made ball of unique pellet paste (it does not have to be round at all!)
Not all the pellets have absorbed the liquids to the same degree another feature, which I think, can be a real plus
in making unusual and unique homemade baits with textures different to those in standard baits!
Groundbait ingredients that are extremely successful in colder conditions include:
Molasses Meal, Crushed Hemp, Breadcrumbs, Dried Insect Meal and the new Dried Bread Flake.
Any of the readymade method, spod and stick mixes can be used in pastes, as can all kinds of particles in various
Note: Although I realise many of you will go for things like Red Pepper Plus, Sweet Nut Cloud, Active Feast,
Tiger Nut Mix, CSL Groundbait or Long Range Method mix, do not forget that the Fish Frenzy XP Spod mix,
that although fish in fish proteins, is highly digestible and ideal for cold conditions!
So many particles can be utilised in different ways. Used directly you might include crushed and whole hemp,
crushed tiger nuts, flaked maize, buckwheat, particle mix + aniseed or crushed peanuts for instance. Crushing up
Steeped Black Tiger Nuts and White Haze particle mix for use in paste is just one idea for a very alternative cold
-water winner!
The choice of liquids to use in cold-water pastes is extremely varied and includes:
Liquid foods: the matching liquids usually used with the readymade boilie base mixes, Feedstim XP, Liquid
Super Slop, Red Venom, Hemp Oil and any of the CC Moore essential oils used individually or in combination or
with flavours (essences).
Talin, Liquid Kelp Complex, Liquid Liver Extract, Corn Steep Liquor, Corn Sweet Syrup, Salmon and krill
Extract, Tiger Nut Extract, Meat Amino Compound, Super Cherry amino, Belachan Extract, Liquid Yeast, Liver
Amino Compound, Liquid Betaine, Shrimp Extract, Bloodworm Extract, Minamino, Shellfish Extract and Sweet
Fruit Enhancer also make great additions alone or in combinations.
These and the other liquid foods in the CCM range give you a multitude of options that can really improve the
effect of your bait.
All the CC Moore flavours (Ultra Essences) can help personalise your bait and natural products such as Super
Slop, Frozen Bloodworm and Belachan block (finely chopped or dissolved in liquids of your choice) make great
year-round additions that tie your bait in to natural foods, which fish pick up readily.
Above: Testing paste in cold water (4 degrees - reflecting the cold water conditions of winter/spring)
Above: Note the breakdown of the paste after 1 hour’s immersion;
After 2 hours immersion this paste is breaking down quickly from within, dissolving highly attractive bait
substances and liquids into the water!
At 3 hours immersion:
Above: After 4 hour’s immersion this paste bait is a pile of extremely attractive sediment ready to waft up and
disperse while the more intact but highly digestible pellets from within the paste are still breaking down and
prolonging the constant stream of attraction!
Above: At 4.5 hours the bait has fully broken down without any help of water currents or fish attention, but its
effects to catch fish would have been working hard long before this time!
Above: If a fish entered the baited zone between 1 and 5 hours+, the effect would have been this highly attractive
cloud of stimulation to trigger feeding – with no solid free baits present the chances of more bites on hook baits is
maximised in the cold!
Above: Highly soluble molasses-based paste baits are ideal for cold-water conditions and can be used alone as
fresh or air-dried free feeds or with pellets, boilies, ground baits or particles in any kinds of mixtures.
This is a mixture of air-dried homemade pastes:
Above: This special molassed paste bait works on even pressured circuit carp waters where fish gorge on protein
and other key nutrients. It even works on giant wild virgin waters that have never seen a boilie before, where carp
are well-fed grazers always on the move.
This paste bait format presents highly concentrated natural feeding triggers to carp senses that they instantly find
Above: This big Essex carp caught circa 1989 was hooked on a homemade bait used for the first time ever that
very morning (it was the third biggest fish in the lake.) Captures like this have made me very keen to create
countless different homemade baits over the years, as well as doing my own thing with many readymade baits and
readymade boilie bases mixes and ground baits etc too.
Above: Satisfaction is not all about the fish!
Above: A 21st birthday fish, from February 1987, caught by hitting a single beep (on a double hair; sinking bait
and pop-up bait hook rig,) when using homemade baits.
Why not try versions of this double hair rig idea instead of a conventional snowman rig; it really works in the
A March 1990s 25lber after a night of sleet and
northerly winds caught with 2 other good fish.
This carp was hooked on a homemade
‘molassed’ boilie hookbait used with molassed
free baits and ground baits fed in on a little and
often basis.
For similar effect homemade molassed pellet
paste baits (and ground baits) today, why not
include any of the following:
Dried Insect Meal, Meggablend Sweet (or
Meggablend Red etc,) Supernaturals, Ultra
Sweet intense sweetener, Fructose Concentrate,
Robin Red, betaine, Red Venom, Ultra Honey
Essence, Clove Essential Oil - and the new CC
Moore Liquid Shellfish Concentrate!
Note: Dried insect meal may seem a strange ingredient to use, but you can use it dry or pre-soaked in liquids of
course. Maybe we are more familiar with bloodworms, snails or mussels, but if you look into the amino acid
profiles for example of insects that carp eat naturally, you can understand immediately just how stimulating,
attractive (and easily detected) they really are to carp! If you have ever witnessed how much carp can get tunnelvisioned when there is a hatch of caddis flies occurring for instance, you will appreciate what I mean! In a way all
we are doing with bait is harnessing the intrinsic power of nature itself to make catching fish a lot easier...
The unique buzz of doing your own thing and
being different brings its own rewards for more
innovative and creative anglers (even when
fishing against better anglers!) It brings into
your fishing an incredibly enriching dimension.
It brings the kind of fishing satisfaction that
many anglers these days do not realise exists having never experienced it by making
successful homemade baits or even by adapting
or using readymade baits in much more
imaginative ways so give it a try with focused
intent and you’ll be uniquely
By Tim Richardson