President’s Message

District 8
President’s Message
2012 - 2013
Michele Small
[email protected]
Jolie Frankfurth
[email protected]
Vice PresidentMembership
Ginger Lampi
[email protected]
Debbie Ferri
[email protected]
Club Address
GFWC Woman's Club of
New Tampa
PO Box 46043
Tampa Fl 33646
Hi Ladies,
At our March meeting we will have a hands on project for the charity “Traveling
Tutus”. Here is the charity information:
After studying dance for 16 years, Founder Jenna Johnston realized how dance had
changed her life. Dance brings self-confidence, joy and self-expression. There is
healing in dance. Jenna than began teaching dance to children at churches and children’s homes.
The change she saw in the hearts of these little ones through dance was beautiful.
The idea to change children throughout the world was birthed in her heart and thus
Traveling Tutus began.
Over the past 2 years, Traveling Tutus has sent hundreds of costumes all around the
world. The outpouring of generosity from dance studios, companies, and individual
dancers has been
enormous. Everyday either donations arrive or interested donors are contacting Traveling Tutus.
Through the giving of used dance attire kindness and love has been shared with orphans around the world. Every child has been handed a personalized dance bag.
Each bag contains their very own dance shoes, tights, and a beautiful costume. Some
bags have included teddy bears wearing handmade tutus. The joy on these children’s
faces is indescribable.
We will be making hair accessories to send for the kits that are distributed to these
young girls, please bring good cutting scissors to the meeting. The elastic and tule
will be provided to make these hair accessories.
I look forward to seeing you at the March meeting. Please check out the rest of the
information in this newsletter about GFWC events coming up- Florida Convention in
Orlando in April and International Convention in June in Arizona.
We, as a club will also be hosting our first District 8 meeting on April 30th. For this
we will need the clubs help. Jolie and I were approached about this in the late part of
2013 and it is already here. This should be a fun experience and a great way to show
off our great club.
See you Wednesday March 19th at St. Andrews.
Newsletter Editor
Eleanor Oliver
[email protected]
Living the Volunteer Spirit,
Michele Small, Co-President
March Meeting
March General Meeting: March 19, Noon-1 pm St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Primrose Lane, Behind USAA
Membership VP
Bring a friend to our meeting in March! As always, new members are welcomed!
Your Membership VP
Ginger Lampi
Laundry Project
.The Laundry Project event that we did Saturday,
March 1st was a great experience. The clientele of the Laundromat were so appreciative of
our efforts and very responsive of the entire
concept. Jason, the CEO and founder of the
Project, was great to work with as well. He
will send us news of future projects for our
continued support. Thanks to our members of the
GFWC WCNT, Vicki Dunbar, Debbie Ferri, Ginger
"Sharon" Lampi, Kay Lehmer and Carol Marmon;
and friends Linda Evins and Pat Lafaro.
Your Committee Chairman,
Carol Marmon
Check it out!!
2014 –2015
As our 2013-2014 year comes to an end, it is time to elect our new leaders for 2014-2015. Your Club is need of members to fill the following
Vice President
Here are the officer duties:
Section 5. Duties
A. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, shall appoint all chairmen and the Parliamentarian. She shall be a member of the Executive Board and
ex-officio member of all committees, except the nominating committee.
B. The 1st Vice President of Membership shall maintain records of dues paying
members, construct club calendar and programs with the Executive Board, and
assist in the retention and recruitment of members.
B. The Recording Secretary shall record the minutes of all Business Meetings, Executive Board Meetings, and any Special Meetings. She shall prepare for the
President a copy of the meeting minutes at least ten days after said meeting. She
shall take attendance at each Club meeting.
C. The Treasurer shall collect all monies of the Club, keeping an accurate record
thereof. She shall pay bills by check or electronic means. The Treasurer’s records
shall be submitted for auditing by July 31st of each year and a report will be submitted to the membership at the next general meeting.
First off we need to elect a nominating committee which is one outgoing board member and 2 members. Here are the bylaws for the nominating committee:
Section 3. Elections
A. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members: one Board member,
who shall serve as Chairman, and two additional members of the committee
elected by the club.
B. The Nominating Committee shall ascertain the willingness of a member to serve
for each office, and that the candidates are members in good standing.
C. A member of the Nominating Committee may be a candidate for office.
D. At the time of the election, nominations may be made from the floor, with the
consent of the nominee. If there is more than one (1) candidate for an office, election shall be held by written ballot. If there is only one candidate for each office,
election may be made by voice vote.
Please consider becoming a leader of your club to take it into the 2014-2015 year!
Fill out the attached Willingness to Serve form and give to Michele Small or Email
at [email protected] These forms will be given to the Nominating committee chairman.
District 8 Spring Workshop
Living the
GFWC Woman's Club of New Tampa, Inc. will be the hostess club
for the District 8 Spring Workshop on April, 30, 2014, at our
own St. Andrews Church. This event, which begins with a 9:00
Registration, brings over 120 club women from clubs throughout
District 8 to the New Tampa area. Plan to be there as attendees, as well as volunteers for decorations/set up, hostesses,
serving (if needed), and clean up.
We have secured a caterer for the luncheon meal but our members
will be asked to bring in desserts, plates/napkins, etc. Ginger
will be chairman of decorations and desserts. Please come to
the March meeting where a sign up sheet will be available. Once
the Call is available, we will also provide that to see how
many of you are available to attend as well.
We will need as many members as possible there, to show District 8 that their "newest" women's club can get this done with
GFWC Florida Convention
Please check your calendars to see if you are available to drive over to GFWC
Florida Convention in Orlando. Registration is $30 and allows for you to attend all of the workshops/award sessions. Deadline for registration (which we
will do as a club) is due by the March Club meeting. Meal functions are extra.
Please see the attached GFWC Florida Convention Call for $ amounts.
If you are considering coming for one day, look at the workshops that are
scheduled for Saturday and/or Sunday and see which ones interest you the
Please bring a check to the March meeting for any of the meals/registration
you wish to attend. Make the check out to GFWC Woman's Club of New
Tampa. We will send our registration in as a club. Whether you come for the
day or spend the weekend, it is a great time to meet other club women from
around Florida.
2014 GFWC Convention - Chandler AZ June 18-26
Join your Federation friends June 18-26 in Chandler, Arizona at the
Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa in the heart of the beautiful
Sonoran Desert.
Conveniently located just 15 miles from downtown
Phoenix and 11 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Owned by the Pima and Maricopa tribes, experience a taste of authentic Arizona
with the Gila River Indian Community. for all the fun
and excitement.
Box Tops For Educaion-Donna Regan
Bring in any Box Tops for Education that you have been saving for the
club, If you have not begun saving them, you can start now and bring them
in at the April Meeting. This website:
Box Tops For
Will take you to a list of items that you can find the label on. There are
items from clothing to food to office and school supplies. They are fun
and easy to collect. Thanks Donna Regan
Internation Outreach-Ginger Lampi
Dear members of the GFWC Women’s Club of New Tampa,
Hola, my name is Catherine Lampi and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer
currently serving in El Salvador. In my rural site basic education is lacking, and
extracurricular activities for the youth are non-existent. In order to inspire leadership and create opportunities for the youth here in San Nicolas I created a
youth group, which hosts different activities along with educational “charlas”
for members each month. The goal of this group is to encourage participation
and to provide a safe space for learning and fun.
I am asking for your support in a Mothers Day arts and craft project. This project will take place during the first week of May and will be an arts and craft
themed camp where the youth will learn how to make different Mother’s Day
gifts, including paper flowers, flowers out of used plastic bottles and picture
frames. This activity will help to guide the discussion on why mothers and
women are important to the community and the kids will learn how much work
their moms actually do. Volunteers from the newly formed women’s group will
help with this activity by managing the paper flowers and picture frame table.
In order to put this event together, I am asking for funds to purchase the art
supplies, including:
 Paper Flowers o Tissue paper in various colors o Wire o Pipe cleaners
 Plastic bottle flowers o Paint o Paint brushes  Picture frames oFoamie paper- foam craft paper in various colors o Stickers o Sequins  ETC. o 2 x Hot
glue gun and glue sticks o 4 x scissors Your support is greatly appreciated
and without the help of the GFWC this project will not be able to come to fruition. I will be able to provide receipts for all purchases along with photos of the
activity. Thank you for your consideration, Catherine Lampi, Peace Corps
Volunteer El Salvador